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How to Write a Letter to the Editor

When people have strong opinions about issues, they often like to share their thoughts. Writing a letter to the editor of a paper or magazine is one way to make your voice heard. To increase your chances of having your letter published, learn to write a powerful and effective letter.

The Purpose of Letters to Editors

Letters to editors are the public’s vehicle for sharing opinions and potentially influencing others to take action or change their viewpoints. When you write a letter to the editor, you are communicating to the editor of a publication. The editor has the option of taking your letter and publishing it on the editorial page of the publication, which is typically a newspaper or magazine.

What Does a Good Letter to the Editor Contain?

Letters to editors can be short; you might try to keep yours under 300 words, unless the publication has another word limit. The letter presents your opinion about an issue or a situation. The opening sentence of the letter should grab readers and make them want to read on. Keep the letter concise, outlining key points and explaining the importance of the issue. Share evidence and facts when possible. An effective letter can state a specific opinion about a solution or an action. It’s also crucial that authors of letters to editors be signed with your basic contact information to enable an editor to contact you if necessary.

What Elements to Leave Out

As you craft a letter to the editor, be careful to leave out elements that may get it rejected. Always write your letter using your own words without plagiarizing other people’s writing. Editors need to publish original text. Make sure that any facts you present are accurate, citing your sources if possible. Resist the urge to include too much information. Letters need to be concise, or they may get heavily edited or even rejected.

Read Samples and Templates

It may help you to write your letter if you read samples of other effective letters to the editor. Many websites offer samples and templates of various types of letters, including letters to the editor and other types of correspondence such as recommendation letter examples. Check the letters to the editor in the publication you’ll be submitting to; you might notice certain writing styles or topics the editor prefers to publish.

Additional Tips

If you’re writing a letter to the editor in response to a recent article, write it as soon as possible after the article was published. Ideally, you should write and send your letter within three days if it’s an article rebuttal.

If you’re calling out a company or an individual, include names in your letter. In the case of companies, many monitor the media to know when the company gets a mention. If printed, your letter could lead to personal correspondence regarding the issue — and even a resolution.


writing for tes magazine

Fancy writing for The TES?

Teachers who see themselves as a classroom Julie Burchill, a staffroom Melanie Phillips or the next Ted Wragg are being invited to enter a competition to find a new TES columnist.

The TES is launching its second search for new teacher columnists, offering school staff a chance to vent their frustrations beyond the staffroom water-cooler.

Entrants are asked to match their sample columns to one of the existing slots in the paper. Would-be Ted Wraggs might compile a wry Last Word piece, while those with comic ambitions might write a Give Us A Break column.

Louisa Leaman won the first competition two years ago, for a column about her work with children with behavioural difficulties. “It’s a dirty, dirty job,” she wrote. “But someone’s got to be stupid enough to do it.”

She has since published three books on classroom management. “Writing has always been a pet ambition of mine,” she said. “And teaching is such a stressful, diverse, unusual job, there’s always something to write about.”

Catherine Paver has written almost 20 columns for The TES, since her article about teaching Shakespeare to the mobile-phone generation was awarded runner-up prize in 2004. “Teaching can be like an absurdist play,”

she said. “You couldn’t make up some of the dialogue you hear. Most newspapers tend to cover only the big, political picture. So it’s nice to be able to tell classroom stories, too.”

Writing can be therapeutic, she said: “It’s a way of dealing with stress. I think if I didn’t write these things down, I’d be sitting on a park bench muttering angrily to myself.”

Entries are invited from all staff, from headteachers to teaching assistants. The winner will be given a cash prize of pound;500, and five runners-up will receive pound;100 each.

Jeremy Sutcliffe, TES opinion editor, said: “Our winner might be deadly serious, wildly funny or both. We’re looking for someone who can articulate the joy and frustration of working in real schools and colleges.”

Closing date for entries is May 2. To enter and for tips on column-writing, go to

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The language disorder we need to talk about

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writing for tes magazine

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  • TES Awards featured in TES Magazine February 2019

TES Awards featured in TES Magazine February 2019

The TES Magazine has published a write up of the TES Awards ceremony which took place in early February 2019. At the ceremony, Norwich School was awarded the prize for Whole School Community Initiative of the Year.

writing for tes magazine

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writing for tes magazine

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TES magazine

Tes is a magazine for all education professionals, featuring news, opinion articles, developments, and advice. It is great for teachers or anyone who works in education, to find and employ the best teaching methods that suit your teaching style and your students learning style.

TES is no longer available for purchase from Unique Magazines. Please find some alternative suggestions below.

About TES Magazine

TES (Times Educational Supplement) is a great resource for anyone that works in teaching and education.

It is published weekly and contains news on the sector, from laws and policy to statistics and stories.

Inside each issue you can expect to find great resources you can use in the classroom, new teaching methods and activities to try, all well researched, proven, and justified.

Tes is one of the longest running and most respected publication for education. It contains resources for everyone in education and teaching, it is also interesting and entertaining.

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writing for tes magazine

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Still charging £15 every three months

Still charging £15 every three months, there is no way to unsubscribe, had to cancel it from the bank

Date of experience : 22 June 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Terrible refund policy.

Bought some resources with only a preview and no ratings for almost £20, and when I opened it the document was of terrible quality. I then tried to get my money back but unless it's offensive or copyright they won't help you. Really unhappy since i've spent over £100 on Tes.

Date of experience : 15 June 2023

Tes Australia is dodgy

Tes Australia is posting specific jobs and when you apply you receive generic emails trying to potentially push you towards other jobs. Hence they are using job ads for bait.

Date of experience : 13 April 2023

Downhill and no security

Gone downhill and now seems to have lost ciber essentials, do want them to keep child information with no ciber certificate???

Date of experience : 13 June 2023

Server Error

Can’t even sign up…gives a server error every time I try

Date of experience : 14 June 2023

The fall of a once good company

TES was once a decent company with education and teachers at its heart. Those days are long gone, sealed by the transfer of ownership in 2018 to Providence Equity Partners L.L.C. The constant stream of paid low-research articles and the closure of its community forums that left thousands bereft of support mid-pandemic make a mockery of the weasel words in its 'mission' to connect and support teachers. Don't use, don't encourage.

Date of experience : 21 January 2021

Had an awful experience

Had an awful experience. Purchased a card game expecting it to be the physical item, but actually received a PDF file. The item was not clearly described as a PDF file within the listing. The Customer Service was a joke. They wouldn't refund me £2.99, so had to request a chargeback, which has been successful. Just a simple refund was needed instead of unnecessary hassle.

Date of experience : 14 June 2022

Always been a leader for classroom…

Always been a leader for classroom resources and advice, but they seem to have brought in quite a few new services recently. The online parent evenings have saved hours.

Date of experience : 29 September 2021

Badly done TES. You should be ashamed.

At a time when TES itself was promoting the importance of mental health and loneliness during the pandemic, it was extremely cruel of them to close down their community pages without warning. Many people relied on the TES Community for advice and companionship and friendships have been forged in real life. Even a brief warning would have enabled posters to gather contact details or to save information. TES has paid little regard for the human beings behind the usernames. I can only assume we generated little income for them. Badly done TES, badly done.

Date of experience : 20 January 2021

Extremely angry and disappointed with…

Extremely angry and disappointed with Beware of free trial subscriptions, can't even remember if I took it out. A total amount of £150 taken from my bank account without my knowledge over a period of 5 years. Found only one email in my deleted folder to say subscription had started in 2016. No reminders given to renew. Checked spam, and deleted emails back to 2016. I haven't even used the iboard materials, which was the subscription, then it changed to TES Elements with no notification. Awaiting this year's refund. TES refusing to refund any of the previous years.

Date of experience : 04 August 2020

Paid for a resource once that was poorly described and a complete rip off. It was five paltry PPT slides that looked awful to say the least and certainly weren’t what the description stated. When I contacted them about getting a refund they blamed it on ‘different teaching styles’ and refused to refund me. They still haven’t responded to my recent email. Useless.

Fantastic, speedy customer service!

I am particularly impressed with the customer service received at TES. Despite not having a live chat function, I received a response to my email and my issue was resolved within the hour. Thanks TES team!

Date of experience : 07 August 2018

Reply from Tes

Thanks for your feedback, it's great to hear that we were able to help you so quickly! We do have a chat feature - although it's only available during office hours when our customer help team are in. You can find a direct link to it in the menu bar at the top of the page between the menu and your profile icon.

Taking down the Community forum with no…

Taking down the Community forum with no notice just before a Christmas where many of your members were likely to be alone was a disgraceful way to treat people who had been loyal supporters. Luckily our community was indeed that and we will commune elsewhere. I won’t be buying a copy of the TES again or endorsing the site in any way.

Cruel, callous and dishonest

How appalling to close down the Community forum after more than 20 years without notice at a time when many posters were vulnerable and struggling with isolation and illness, leaving them unable to get contact details. Equally poor to claim this was for essential maintenance and be obstructive in communication when asked about it. Moderation inconsistent for past few years. No understanding that a community of humans were behind the screens. Now the decision to close has been taken and they seem unaccountable. No responses on the Facebook page. You should be ashamed. Very ashamed.

Cowardly and unreasonable actions.

Many teachers and people associated with education, have, over the years used the Community section of TES to ask advice, seek support and exchange views. In the midst of global chaos, with many people being isolated and alone, a decision was taken to arbitrarily remove that source of support, with no warning or care for those vulnerable contributors. It was done at a time that could not have been worse. It’s shameful and cowardly to behave in this callous manner, with so little regard for people.

TES is disgusting

TES got rid of Community without warning. Many teaching professionals around the world used Community to ask questions, receive information and socialise. TES got rid of 20 years of contributions to forums in a blink. The timing was particularly bad. Teachers around the world were/are teaching online and encountering stress like never before. Community was a place to share ideas and to sympathise with colleagues. I am disgusted by what TES did.

Date of experience : 22 January 2021

If I could give 0 I would

If I could give 0 I would. I never write reviews but think what TES did was completely disgraceful. They just shut down a community that talk to people without warning - literally stopping people who would have passed their details to each other if they had known and copied information they needed. Then they stopped us being able to access articles unless we pay. Plus the new layout is worse. The ironic thing is clearly the agenda was to stop people talking as worried about the impact it was having on teaching. But some people used it as a vent so they could cope with the ever increasing stressful job. All you do when you take away the opportunity to vent is create further crisis. The shortage of teachers is just getting worse. What a stupid selfish decision that shows what teachers are having to face.

Date of experience : 30 January 2022

A saviour for busy teachers!

Love TES for providing so many fantastic resources - saving hours of time. Good articles about teaching too!

Date of experience : 10 March 2021

No rigorous human resources criteria

I have advertised myself as a secondary Spanish teacher since 2018 there. Their matching algorithms are absurd as they have nothing to do with my speciality. I have been matched in such absurd positions as English and primary school teacher in Fenghua or high school drama teacher in Hangzhou. I have never found it to be a serious company in terms of job search and now that I see the general use that was made of it (for discussions in forums) even less so.

Date of experience : 11 January 2022

It would not have killed TES to have…

It would not have killed TES to have given even 24hrs notice of taking the community forums down, so members had the opportunity of getting contact details from posters likely to be alone or unwell over Christmas. The fact that this was not even considered does not sound like an oversight, more a calculated and callous decision, showing utter contempt for community members. Disgusting.


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    writing for tes magazine

  2. Gordon Marsden: the government is putting disadvantaged students in

    writing for tes magazine

  3. TES Magazine

    writing for tes magazine

  4. TES Magazine

    writing for tes magazine

  5. Tes Magazine

    writing for tes magazine

  6. Tes Magazine

    writing for tes magazine


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  5. Fancy writing for The TES?

    Teachers who see themselves as a classroom Julie Burchill, a staffroom Melanie Phillips or the next Ted Wragg are being invited to enter a

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    to use toilets for the opposite sex is possibly indirect discrimination against other children,' writes lawyer.

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    Brief description: Tes magazine provides the latest analysis, teacher-led innovation, leading academics and education research. Resource type: Magazine. Tes

  11. TES Awards featured in TES Magazine February 2019

    The TES Magazine has published a write up of the TES Awards ceremony which took place in early February 2019. At the ceremony, Norwich School

  12. Tes Magazine Subscription

    Save 79% on Tes Magazine Subscription at isubscribe. TES has been the trusted voice in education for nearly 100 years and continues to provide the agenda in

  13. Times Educational Supplement Magazine Subscription

    Buy a TES magazine subscription including delivery. Education is the most important aspect in every community and TES tries to bring the community together

  14. Tes Reviews

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