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‘(re)phrase’ with authors marwa helal and roger reeves, meet michael ian black: author, comedian, podcaster, learn the art of the personal pitch with emmy-nominated moth storyteller jon goode, celebrate women of vision at arnold hall.

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October 19, 2022 | Leave a Comment

scad creative writing

Join us for a screening of Dennis Hopper’s  Easy Rider, and speak with Mark Rozzo, author of Everybody Thought We Were Crazy (Harper Collins, 2022), a book that chronicles Hopper’s and Brooke Hayward’s art-collecting exploits in 1960s Hollywood.

Vogue Magazine describes the book as “a rare thing: a thrilling read that brings us inside a scandalously under-reported time and place.” Town and Country describes it as “beautifully written and endlessly fascinating,” while Publisher’s Weekly calls it a “scintillating…luminous debut.”

Mark Rozzo is also a contributing editor at Vanity Fair, who has written for the Los Angeles Times, the New Yorker , the New York Times , Esquire , Vogue , the Wall Street Journal , the Oxford American , the Washington Post , and many others.

Arnold Hall Auditorium, Savannah.

Wednesday, October 26

April 13, 2022 | Leave a Comment

scad creative writing

Join award-winning authors Marwa Helal and Roger Reeves for an immersive poetry reading presented by SCAD MOA’s Evans Center for African American Studies. In this latest installment of the Evans Center’s literary series  (re)Phrase , Helal and Reeves engage modes of expressions that augment themes — such as racial violence, exile, colonization, and the “ante-body” — explored in current exhibitions.

Helal’s poetics of unrest trace the psychological impacts of migration and complexities of trauma that manifest as autoimmune disease, connecting with motifs in Hayv Kahraman’s exhibition  The Touch of Otherness .

Probing the apocalypses and raptures of humanity, Reeves urgently addresses crises of racial violence and climate change. These articulations issue a call and response with Barthélémy Toguo’s exhibition  Urban Requiem .

SCAD Museum of Art 601 Turner Blvd. Savannah ,  Georgia

This event is free and open the public. To RSVP, email Joël Díaz at  [email protected] .

About the authors Born in Al Mansurah, Egypt, Marwa Helal is the author of  Ante body  (Nightboat Books, 2022);  Invasive species  (Nightboat Books, 2019); and the chapbook  I AM MADE TO LEAVE I AM MADE TO RETURN  (No, Dear, 2017). She received a 2021 Whiting Award and has been honored with fellowships from the Jerome Foundation, NYFA/NYSCA, Poets House, and Cave Canem, among others.

Based in Austin, Texas, Roger Reeves is the author of  King Me  and the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, a Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellowship from the Poetry Foundation, and a 2015 Whiting Award, among other honors. His work has appeared in Poetry Magazine, The New Yorker, the Paris Review, and elsewhere.

About ‘(re)Phrase’ (re)Phrase  celebrates contemporary Black literature through readings and conversations with resonant authors and poets. The series is programmed by SCAD MOA’s Evans Center for African American Studies.

February 15, 2022 | Leave a Comment

(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic)

In his latest book, A Better Man: a (Mostly Serious) Letter to My Son , the author and father offers advice to his college-bound son while exploring the complexities of sex, gender, race, family, and violence–ultimately addressing the question: How can we be, and raise, better men?

Date : Friday, February 18

Time : 4:00pm ET

Location : Gutstein Gallery, Savannah

This event is free and open to all SCAD Writing students and their guests.

Michael Ian Black  is an actor, comedian, and writer who started his career with the sketch comedy show The State , on MTV, and has created and starred in many other television shows. Movie appearances include Wet Hot American Summer , The Baxter , and Sextuplets .

Black is the author of several books for children, including the award-winning trio I’m Bored, I’m Sad , and I’m Worried , and the parody A Child’s First Book of Trump . His books for adults include the memoirs You’re Not Doing It Right and Navel Gazing and the essay collection My Custom Van . Black also co-authored with Meghan McCain America , You Sexy Bitch .

As a stand-up comedian, Michael regularly tours the country, and he has released several comedy albums. His podcasts include Mike & Tom Eat Snacks , with Tom Cavanagh; Topics , with Michael Showalter; How to Be Amazing ; and Obscure .

February 12, 2022 | Leave a Comment

scad creative writing

In this masterclass, author, poet, playwright, and Emmy nominee Jon Goode helps you craft a powerful response to the inevitable employer prompt “Tell me about yourself.” Jon shares his dynamic perspective on how storytelling builds rapport and empowers you to distinguish yourself with employers who want to know a bit about you, your unique qualities, and the excellence you can bring to their company.

JON GOODE is an author, poet, and playwright who has been a featured performer on HBO’s Def Poetry, TVOne’s Verses & Flow and BET’s Lyric Café. Jon’s work with Nick @ Nite has earned him an Emmy nomination alongside the Promax Gold for best copyright in North America. Jon is the host of The Moth StorySLAM in Atlanta, GA, and has hosted and performed with The Moth domestically and abroad.

February 7, 2022 | Leave a Comment

Connect with SCADPro

February 4, 2022 | Leave a Comment

scad creative writing

Earn course credit while training with professionals and building relationships with employers.

In one week, the Spring 2022 SCADPro Unveiling goes live , and you’ll get everything you need to level-up your professional experience next quarter:

  • – a walkthrough of the   SCADpro   recruitment and application process
  • – a live Q&A with SCADpro professors and students
  • – early access to partner project briefs.

SCADpro Application and Unveiling Week – Here’s what you can expect:

Thursday, Feb. 10 The   Unveiling website   goes live!

Check your inbox that morning to grab the special password that unlocks your access to the virtual experience. Once there, review all SCADpro course options listed on the site.  

Friday, Feb. 11 Attend the Unveiling Q&A to learn more about upcoming courses and ask SCADpro professors and students your pressing questions.  

Saturday, Feb. 12 The Spring/Summer 2022 SCADpro application is open for submissions.  

Sunday, Feb. 13 Spring 2022 SCADpro applications are due by   midnight .  

Friday, Feb. 18 In-Person Interviews! By Wednesday, February 15 th , you will have been contacted by professors to take part in an interview, in regard to your SCADpro application!

Remember to bring your portfolio and prepare, just as you would a job interview!

Questions, check out the SCADpro Unveiling website on February 10.

SCADextra Workshop with WRIT Alum Alex Durand

January 6, 2022 | Leave a Comment

scad creative writing

Alex is the founder of Frable . He works with his clients to help them intentionally design challenging, meaningful, and confident professional chapters.  Alex received his Executive Coaching certification from Columbia University’s Teachers College and his undergraduate degree from The George Washington University School of Business. He has a Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Savannah College of Art & Design.

To register and for more details, please visit the SCADextra registration page.

Talk with Acclaimed Writer Kathleen McGhee-Anderson After She Reads from a Work-In-Progress

October 27, 2021 | Leave a Comment

scad creative writing

Kathleen McGhee-Anderson is an American television and film writer, producer, playwright and poet. Among the first African Americans to write for the screen, she has contributed to some of the most renowned shows of the last few decades, including Soul Food ,  Greenleaf , and  Lincoln Heights .

After the reading, McGhee-Anderson joins Dr. Walter Evans for a conversation about the lives and letters that inspired the play. The conversation is moderated by Joël Díaz, director of the SCAD Museum of Art’s Evans Center for African American Studies. Established in 2011, the Evans Center celebrates the imaginative breadth and expressive legacy of African American art and culture.

DATE : Wednesday, Nov. 3

TIME : 5 p.m. EDT

LOCATION : Arnold Hall Theater, 1810 Bull St., Savannah, GA

ADMISSION : This event is free and open to the public. To RSVP, email [email protected]

Attend Master Class with Legendary Playwright Robert Wilson

October 6, 2021 | Leave a Comment

scad creative writing

Attend a master class with legendary playwright and artist Robert Wilson on the stage of Arnold Hall Theater.

Date : Friday, October, 8 Time : 12 p.m. EST Location : Arnold Hall Theater, Savannah

To reserve a seat, email Chris Millis , Chair of the Writing Department: [email protected]

Mr. Wilson will be discussing his writing and creative process, his approach to avant garde theater adaptation of classic works, and his iconic stage collaborations.

For more information about Robert Wilson, click here.

Learn Best Practices of Landing and Working a Writing Internship

October 1, 2021 | Leave a Comment

scad creative writing

Join Assistant Director of Career Success Joseph Schwartzburt and Coordinator of Student Success and Advising Tiffany Udvadia for a virtual presentation about finding, landing, and getting the most out of your Writing internship.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the process of devising an internship search strategy that best serves your needs. You’ll also get tips and insights into how make the most of your internship experience.

WRIT Department Internship Best Practices Workshop

Date : Wednesday, October 6

Time : 5pm – 6pm EDT

Register Here

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    Time: 4:00pm ET. Location: Gutstein Gallery, Savannah. This event is free and open to all SCAD Writing students and their guests. Michael Ian Black is an actor, comedian, and writer who started his career with the sketch comedy show The State, on MTV, and has created and starred in many other television shows.