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Common Sound Card Problems and How to Solve Them

If you’re experiencing sound issues with your computer, it can be a frustrating experience. You might be trying to listen to music, watch a video or even attend an important virtual meeting, but your computer’s audio isn’t working. The first thing you should check is whether your sound card is properly installed and functioning. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common sound card problems and how you can solve them.

No Sound at All

If you’re not hearing any sound whatsoever from your computer, the first thing you should check is whether your speakers are properly plugged in. If they are, then the issue might be with your sound card drivers. Drivers are software that allow devices like your sound card to communicate with your computer’s operating system.

To fix this problem, check if there are any updates available for your sound card drivers. You can usually do this through the manufacturer’s website or through Windows Update. If there are no updates available or updating the drivers doesn’t work, you may need to uninstall and reinstall them.

Distorted Sound

Another issue that people often experience is distorted audio coming from their speakers or headphones. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways such as crackling noises or static sounds.

The most common cause of distorted audio is outdated drivers or incorrect settings on your computer. Start by checking if there are any updates available for your drivers and make sure that all settings related to audio output are correctly configured.

If updating the drivers doesn’t work, try using different speakers or headphones to see if the issue persists. It could be that the problem lies with your hardware rather than software.

Audio Cutting Out

If you’re experiencing frequent interruptions in audio playback such as sudden cutouts or skips in music tracks, it could be due to an unstable connection between your computer and speakers/headphones.

Try plugging in your audio device to a different USB port or trying a different audio cable. If the problem persists, there could be an issue with your sound card’s hardware or drivers.

No Audio on External Devices

If you’re using external speakers or headphones and there’s no audio coming through them, it could be due to incorrect output settings. Make sure that your computer is set to output audio through the correct device by going into your sound settings and selecting the appropriate device.

If you’re still experiencing issues, try updating your drivers or checking for any available firmware updates for the external device.

In conclusion, sound issues on your computer can be frustrating but they are usually easily solved. By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to identify and fix most common sound card problems. If none of these solutions work, it might be time to seek professional help from a computer technician.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


problem solving software for computers


Business problem solving softwares – 4 examples of software solutions that allows to handle business problems

There is no denying the fact that software is an incredibly powerful tool that shapes the world we know. It doesn't just support business—it transforms it. Through custom software development, solutions can be crafted and tailored precisely to unique needs, far surpassing the capabilities of off-the-shelf products. However, the number of possibilities may lead to creating over-extensive solutions with several unnecessary functions.


Understanding the business problems you are trying to solve is every bit as vital as the tech employed to tackle them. The key lies in finding that golden equilibrium between the objectives of a project and the technology deployed.

An ideal development team marries tech expertise—think developers, QA, and tech leads—with the strategic prowess of business-focused roles like product owners or managers.

To achieve the product-problem fit, it is crucial to identify particular points of a process and evaluate which ones should and can be improved by business software solutions. Luckily, there are a  number of methodologies  that  help to identify and design the problem-solving software for the core problem .

Delve into the list below to uncover four common business problems, possible to address through both bespoke and ready-made software solutions.

Business management software as a tool for managing operations in a scaling organization

The dynamic organization growth entails all sorts of challenges  – from imbalanced culture (increasing number of employees), through inefficient business operation systems to overgrown organizational structure.

The truth is that an organization can grow as fast as its weakest link. At the early stage of the company’s life, it is super challenging to predict where business problems can occur. As we know, no two companies in the world are the same – thousands of processes and specific conditions affect the organization’s situation. Because of this, the usage of problem-solution software often requires remodelling of the company’s operations or structure to its particular conditioning.

Problem The rapidly growing number of clients in the accounting company followed significant scaling challenges in operational processes. The reason is that the cost of service per single client was significantly higher compared to online accounting services. Conducted in-depth process analysis revealed that the primary source of problems were an inefficient external communication system and highly time-consuming document processing procedures.

Solution Custom software development  allowed to create business management software that precisely addressed each of the identified bottlenecks.

  • Integrated solution for quick scanning of high volume of documents, paired with OCR and automatic document classification and semi-automatic verification.
  • Back office application streamlining the process of document handling. Document workflow integrated with main accounting software, allowing to integrate both documents at the accounting office and uploaded by the customers.
  • Desktop application resembling dropbox – allowing upload of all accounting documents by customers, often eliminating the need to send physical documents.
  • Web application allowing customers to create invoices and have a live preview of their financial data and events or payments (including taxes) due in the given period of time.

Results Applying the created business management software solution resulted in a significant increase in overall company efficiency. The automated system of scanning and processing documentation decreased time needed to proceed invoice. From now on, the accountant was approving automatically processed documents, instead of manual implementation to the system. Automation and increased workflow decreased manual labor, which in turn reduced costs. The overall performance resulted in:

  • 9x lower cost of processing a single document / invoice
  • 300% increase in number of customers that can be handled by the same team of accountants
  • Introduction of non-accounting roles responsible for scanning and document handling


If you are interested in developing your own software, learn how to do it step by step with the software house:

Show me how

Team collaboration software – key to resolve business problems with inefficient information exchange

Exchange of information is one of the biggest challenges in fast-scaling company. Organization’s growth often translates into an increase in the number of employees. Each new person onboard is an additional set of skills, talents, and information. Depending on organizational structure, people work together in departments, project groups, etc. Because of the universal problem characteristic, individual company conditions don’t affect overall communication problem. That is why – in most cases, off-the-shelf collaboration software will pass the test.

Problem Most of the operational activities are grounded in the processes of gathering, proceeding, and exchanging information. Exchange of information is one of the most challenging and universal processes most of the companies have to face. To name a few issues related to storage, access, and knowledge flow:

  • Materials often scattered between departments, project groups, devices, etc.
  • Chaotic communication divided between emails, chats, calls, etc.
  • Lack of access to communication history for all the stakeholders.
  • Lack of unified systems to verify employee’s performance or work progress.

Solution Some of the SaaS product solutions can address each of the named problems:

  • Google Drive/Dropbox –  cloud systems of data storage, make information easily shareable and accessible for all the company members, or chosen groups. Such solutions enable teams for online collaboration space to work on particular projects, including documents such as presentations or spreadsheets.
  • Slack  – internal communication software. The app creates collaboration space for common work, communication, and file exchange. The whole chat, organized around channels – enables employees to communicate instantly and transparently. All the stakeholders have access to information without unnecessary mailbox overloading.
  • Asana – a solution designed to assign, manage task-oriented projects. The project collaboration software includes features such as creating roadmaps, task boards or structuring processes.
  • Dropbox  – with over 72 offices in the world, thanks to Dropbox Expedia is able to collaborate on multiple projects in real-time. Find more in the  video .
  • Slack  – for Intuit, Slack became the number one tool to collaborate between teams, departments, and headquarters around the globe.  App reached an uncomparable high satisfaction rate among the Intuit’s employees.
  • Asana  – Helped Sony Music to  increase creative production capacity by 4x  and reduce campaign production time by 75%.


ERP software is a solution for excessive use of resources

Spending too many resources on processes that could be done with way smaller costs is where no company wants to be. Saving resources by improved efficiency or well-structured processes is what we aim for. By resources, we mean all the things involved in the process to achieve desired results. To name a few employee’s time, money and materials. Depending on industry, condition, department, and process – the problem is extremely specific, often unique for a particular organization. In this case, we have two software solutions – custom enterprise resource planning software or off-the-shelf ERP software. Let me introduce you to the story of one of our clients.

Problem Decathlon faced a problem with store safety audits. The foregoing execution of the procedure combined with a growing number of stores was time-consuming and dispersed. The reports were in a printable form; the audit proceeded with the use of paper documentation and excel spreadsheets. This form was generating vast paper use and required time to print and manage the physical documentation. What is more, the end results were scattered, which made it difficult to control the process from one place.

Solution A web application with built-in guidelines about the store safety audit. Thanks to the interactive interface, the use of paper, and related activities weren’t necessary anymore. Additionally, the ERP software is connected with a database, which enables to update the same safety standards or audit tasks simultaneously for all the stores. What is more, the app enables employees to send audit results, report accidents, and day-to-day changes about the particular store. It enables managers to control and maintain the same standards across all the stores and warehouses.

Results The new system reduced the time required to conduct a store audit by 40% and paper use by 95%, compared to the previous system. The app is being used in over 60 Decathlon stores and warehouses now. Real-time reporting system greatly improved safety and reaction times in case of emergency. Last but not least, the reporting system enabled managers to plan future improvements based on the built-in reporting tool supported by the user-friendly dashboard.


Use culture software to foster company’s values

If we could name one thing that outdates rarely and should remain unchanged along with the organization growth – hands down for values. The fact that culture is difficult to measure, keeping this aspect under control seems to be quite tricky. In a small organization, you can deal with this by maintaining old school human relations (1-1 conversation) or providing a comprehensive onboarding process. However, this approach is nearly impossible to scale along with the organization’s growth. Preservation of initial vision becomes more and more challenging with each new employee on board. This problem is especially visible in a fast-growing organization. Because fostering the culture is quite a specific process – it requires both universal technology and highly specific communication. The business solution software to these problems can be solved by both – simple off-the-shelf culture software and more comprehensive company culture software.

Problem Along with extreme organization growth (160% year to year), Airbnb faced difficulties in maintaining their culture. The growing number of new employees each month, entering with their own habits and culture, was bringing completely new DNA into the organization. Additionally, the dynamic environment made it difficult to proceed with the long-lasting, detailed onboarding process.

In Decathlon, dynamic growth and hundreds of physical locations may cause difficulties in maintaining high-standard company culture. Under such conditions, it is easy to lose inclusivity among employees. Despite comprehensive onboarding, it was challenging to foster the values ​​and update employees on the company’s mission on a daily basis. Decathlon took a step ahead and decided to reach for custom software development with a solution that would deliver comprehensive information and the latest news about the company.

Solutions Airbnb  CEO executes a “hands-on” strategy. One of the most significant elements is a weekly newsletter written by the CEO to every employee. In the letter, Brian Chesky covers all the most important events of a particular week, future plans, and all the additional thoughts. Each employee can reply to the email and discuss it with the CEO. This solution can be made with the use of any newsletter tool – such as MailChimp or Freshmail. In  this video , you can find more about Chesky’s culture-building philosophy.

Decathlon designed an dedicated company culture software for maintaining employee’s inclusivity. The mobile app makes the business software solution easily accessible to all the employees – also those working in the stores. The app includes articles, the latest news, and the company’s plans. The main advantage of this culture software over emailing approaches is gathering all the company’s internal information in one place. Even a new employee can easily reach the full knowledge base. Apart from sharing the information, employees have access to tools and valuable content to enrich their knowledge. In addition, the management board receives exact information about published content performance which helps to produce better quality content in the future.

Result It is hard to evaluate the culture in numbers. However, it is worth to mention that AirBnB can boast of one of the strongest organization’s culture in the world. Decathlon’s culture reflects in  very high ratings on job portals . The culture software is actively used by employees, noting over 5000 launches each month with over 500+ active installations.

Problem-solving software wrap up

Despite diversified processes and industries, all the examples above share one common ground. The business software solutions were designed based on real core business problems existing inside the organization. It is undeniably the first critical factor in the result-oriented custom software development approach. As you noticed, some problems may be solved with off-the-shelf software solutions, while others require custom software. The approach depends on the specific company’s situation; that’s why it is important to precede the design-solution phase with equally important process mapping and business analysis process.

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August 2 2022

5 scenarios where IT outsourcing services can help you get your software project out of a tight spot

Sometimes, it’s best to call in the cavalry – an outsourced IT team – to help you overcome your organization’s technological challenges. Here, we have selected five significant cases where IT outsourcing becomes a powerful tool at your disposal.


Ela Mazurkiewicz

July 7 2022

10 Examples of Business Processes You Can Optimize with Software

Today, the right software can help you make your company run smoothly and efficiently while minimizing costs and labor. So, what are some examples of optimizing business processes with software? In which areas, improvement can bring the most tangible results?


Agata Solnica

June 15 2022

3 reasons to choose IT outsourcing services

When you decide about outsourcing some of your software development work, many options emerge as you’ve done your research. Different services may be appropriate depending on your deadlines are and how much dev work still needs completion. This article should help you to make an optimal decision.



Problem Solver Software

Corrective and preventive action capa.

Problem solver solutions

Effectively tracking issues, concerns, and knowledge are part of an organization's continual improvement strategy. When an issue is raised by a customer, management will want to receive status updates on whether the concerned team has started working towards resolving it on priority. Omnex’s Problem Solver aids as a common tool and knowledge bank to track, manage, and resolve problems. Problem Solver is designed to be a single repository of all internal and external problems. Acknowledging Integrated Management Systems, we have developed our software to handle a variety of quality assurance (external and internal), environmental, and health and Safety issues.

Problem Solver software is compliant with the following standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Aerospace AS9145

Request for Demo

Features & Benefits (Problem Solver Software)

Manage problems and incidents.

  • One comprehensive, integrated tool for all problems and incidents.

Track Closure of Investigations

  • Define timelines and metrics for problem resolution, from the problem itself, to: containment, correction, corrective action, reporting, all the way to closure.

Problem Solving Approaches

  • Respond to customers in preferred formats, including: 8D, 7D, PRR, CAR, LO, Advanced CAR, or “Just-do-it” formats defined by the customer.

Problem Solving Tools

  • Utilize 5Why, Is/Is Not, 5W2H, Cause and Effect Diagram (Ishikawa/Fishbone) seamlessly.

Linkage to FMEA

  • Connect 8D/Problem Solving to FMEA, linking detection to prevention.

Supplier Corrective Action

  • Empower suppliers to complete supplier corrective action.

Escalation to Closure

  • Ensure escalation to ensure effective closure.

Problem solver solutions

Case Study & White papers

Digitalization of FMEA, Control Plan, and other APQP/PPAP documents using EwQIMS - Enterprise FMEA Solution

Digitalization of FMEA, Control Plan, and other APQP/PPAP documents using EwQIMS - Enterprise FMEA Solution

A global leader in the development and production of high-precision bearings for aerospace, defense, medical, dental, and high-tech...

Best Auditing Practices using Software

White Paper: Best Auditing Practices using Software

Enterprise today is juggling many standards. An audit tells an organization whether it is adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements and established objectives.

APQP PPAP Documentation Software

Focus on APQP/PPAP Documentation

The global growth objectives of the customer were hampered by the spreadsheets and silo-based client-server applications that lacked standardization as it is with 75% of the automotive supply base.

Enterprise Quality Management System Software

Digital Transformation of Enterprise Quality

This Automotive Tier-1 wiring harness company was established in 1941 and is one of the world’s leading independent automotive component manufacturers.

PPAP Software

Digitalization of PPAP Documentation Solution Case Study

A global Aerospace organization with several plants in product and process development had challenges with centrally managing all design/process artifacts that were created


The New AIAG-VDA FMEA First Edition White Paper

The AIAG-VDA FMEA Handbook , released in June 2019 has begun to gain popularity in the Automotive Industry globally. Both US and European OEMs have started to require the use

Supplier Quality Management Software

Virtual Supplier Quality Management Solution powered by AI

Managing suppliers virtually with an Enterprise supplier quality solution is a requirement in today’s environment. A “new normal” is emerging where the ability

Who We Work With

100,000+ globally has embraced Digitalization of Quality

  • Caterpillar
  • Cooper-Standard
  • TI Automotive

From Percent Rejects to Parts Per Billion Moving Towards Zero Defects

Quality improvement and defect prevention start with a disciplined, new-product development process that includes phase gates...

Empower Your Team With Enterprise APQP Solution

APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) is a proven methodology used to develop products in a variety of industries.

Develop AIAG & VDA FMEAs with 50% Effort

Watch the webinar recording to understand all about AIAG-VDA-FMEA and how to develop with-50-percent-Effort...

Implementing A Zero Defects Program

This webinar is dedicated to exploring the ways in which APQP incorporates and uses lessons from the past, using break-through product and process design...

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Problem Solving Using Computer (Steps)

Computer based problem solving is a systematic process of designing, implementing and using programming tools during the problem solving stage. This method enables the computer system to be more intuitive with human logic than machine logic. Final outcome of this process is software tools which is dedicated to solve the problem under consideration. Software is just a collection of computer programs and programs are a set of instructions which guides computer’s hardware. These instructions need to be well specified for solving the problem. After its creation, the software should be error free and well documented. Software development is the process of creating such software, which satisfies end user’s requirements and needs.

The following six steps must be followed to solve a problem using computer.

  • Problem Analysis
  • Program Design - Algorithm, Flowchart and Pseudocode
  • Compilation and Execution
  • Debugging and Testing
  • Program Documentation

problem solving software for computers

  • Business & Money
  • Management & Leadership

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Product details

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Faulkner Press; Edition Unstated (January 1, 2007)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 254 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1932602038
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1932602036
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problem solving software for computers


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