U.S. Presidential Election Results 2020: Biden wins

Joe Biden became president-elect Nov. 7 after winning Pennsylvania, NBC News projected. His running mate, Kamala Harris, made history as the first woman and first Black and South Asian American elected vice president.

Biden will become the 46th president on Jan. 20.

99 % of Expected Vote

Races to Watch

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Early voting nationally

National numbers only include states where there is some type of early voting and data is available. It does not represent all registered voters. In 2016, 40.8% of all voters nationwide voted early (17.7% absentee, 5.9% by mail, 17.2% early in-person).

Mail-in and early in-person ballots returned 101,270,431 Nationally

Mail-in ballots requested 89,147,572, more to the story in 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic and devastating economic fallout are two major issues impacting the election this year as voters assess which candidate is best suited to handle and combat the crisis. NBC News is tracking and updating daily the number of coronavirus related deaths in each state and U.S. territory, as well as tracking the jobless claims as reported weekly by the Department of Labor.

Coronavirus Cases

US Coronavirus Map

Ongoing Jobless Claims

Voting trends.

Hillary Clinton Clinton

Donald Trump Trump Winner

2016 Exit Polls

Summary of 2016 Exit Poll data that shows the proportion of how different groups voted.

Barack Obama Obama Winner

Mitt Romney Romney

2012 Exit Polls

Summary of 2012 Exit Poll data that shows the proportion of how different groups voted.

The expected vote is the total number of votes that are expected in a given race once all votes are counted. This number is an estimate and is based on several different factors, including information on the number of votes cast early as well as information provided to our vote reporters on Election Day from county election officials. The figure can change as NBC News gathers new information.

Source : TargetSmart provides individual-level voterfile data state-by-state, including ballot requests and early in-person/mail in-voting absentee early vote data. The NBC News Decision Desk independently analyzes and aggregates the data.

Source : National Election Pool (NEP)

2020 State election results

  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Mississippi
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • West Virginia

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Latest 2020 stories, ex-trump aide peter navarro ordered to turn over hundreds of emails to the national archives, trump-backed candidate pleads guilty to accepting illegal campaign contribution, trump can be sued by police over jan. 6, justice department says, special counsel investigating trump asks federal judge to compel mike pence to give jan. 6 testimony, judge rejects media outlet requests to unseal trump jan. 6 probe documents, steve bannon sued for nearly $500,000 in alleged unpaid legal bills, georgia grand jury foreperson speaks out on trump investigation, georgia grand jury recommended indictments for more than a dozen people in trump probe, foreperson says, fox news stars and staffers privately blasted election fraud claims as bogus, court filing shows, georgia grand jury report on trump election probe says 'one or more witnesses' may have committed perjury, jan. 6 rioter accused of attacking officer michael fanone pleads guilty, pence plans to resist special counsel subpoena in jan. 6 probe, ex-national security adviser robert o'brien is subpoenaed by special counsel in trump probes, trump splits with ally mccarthy over ashli babbitt shooting on jan. 6, judge considers release of grand jury report on trump georgia election probe, far-right internet personality gets 60 days for taking part in capitol riot, grand jury in georgia trump election probe completes final report, judge says, gop rep. scott perry, subject of jan. 6 probes, declines to recuse himself from looking into those investigations, biden and lawmakers mark jan. 6 anniversary with ceremonies at white house and capitol, biden to mark jan. 6 anniversary with presidential medals for election officials and police.

Presidential Results

Joe Biden wins election to be the 46th US President

prestatyn elections

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Presidential election process

Learn about the presidential election process, including the Electoral College, caucuses and primaries, and the national conventions.

Overview of the presidential election process

The process to elect a president takes almost two years. Learn the steps that result in the election of a U.S. president.

Constitutional requirements for presidential candidates

Candidates for president of the United States must meet basic requirements. Learn about the criteria to run for president.

Presidential primaries and caucuses

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Just 27 Percent of Russians Prepared to Vote for Putin's Party in Upcoming Election

Only 27 percent of Russians are prepared to vote for the political party of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the upcoming election, according to a poll conducted by the Levada Center.

The data comes days before the country's parliamentary election is set to take place on Sunday, a vote considered to be essential in securing the power of Putin's United Russia party in the country, the Associated Press reported.

United Russia currently holds 334 of the 450 seats in the country's State Duma, or parliament. Opposition politicians and political analysts said that the Kremlin is seeking total control over the Duma because the one chosen Sunday will still be in office when Putin's current office term is set to expire and he faces the decision of seeking reelection or pursuing other ways to maintain power, AP reported.

Russian authorities commenced a crackdown on potential opposition in the months leading up to the September 19 election, enacting new laws that blocked some from running for office and even jailing others.

Abbas Gallyamov, a political analyst and former speechwriter for the Kremlin, said that administrative efforts to overpower the opposition may be the only way United Russia can pursue control with the small percentage of votes expected to go to the party.

For more reporting from the Associated Press, see below.

Russian Duma Election Posters

"We still want to take a lot of seats away from the United Russia so that a lot of сandidates not approved [by the authorities] become State Duma deputies and members of regional legislatures," Leonid Volkov, top ally of imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny , told AP.

Navalny, Putin's biggest critic who dented United Russia's dominance in regional legislatures in recent years, is serving a 2½-year prison sentence for violating parole for a conviction he says was politically motivated. That followed his return to Russia from Germany, where he was treated for a poisoning by a nerve agent that he blamed on the Kremlin, which denies it.

Navalny's top allies were slapped with criminal charges, and his Foundation for Fighting Corruption and a network of regional offices have been outlawed as extremist organizations.

That has exposed hundreds of people associated with the groups to prosecution. The parliament also quickly rubber-stamped a law barring those with ties to extremist organizations from seeking office.

As a result, no one from Navalny's team is running, and many have left the country. About 50 websites run by Navalny and his associates have been blocked, and dozens of regional offices are closed. Several other opposition activists were not allowed to run because they supported Navalny.

Another prominent Kremlin critic, former lawmaker Dmitry Gudkov, was briefly arrested in June along with his aunt on fraud charges. Gudkov said he had planned to run in a Moscow district against a less-popular United Russia candidate, but authorities pushed him out of the race.

"They took my aunt, found some alleged 6-year-old debt she owed for a rented basement, added me to the case, arrested the two of us for two days, and made it clear that if I don't drop out of the election and don't leave the country, they will imprison me and my aunt," Gudkov told AP. He then left the country.

Authorities also jailed Andrei Pivovarov of the Open Russia opposition group financed by Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Putin critic who moved to London after spending 10 years in prison on charges widely seen as political revenge.

Pivovarov, who had planned run for the Duma, was removed from a Warsaw-bound plane just before takeoff from St. Petersburg and taken to the southern city of Krasnodar. He was accused of supporting a local candidate last year on behalf of an "undesirable" organization and jailed pending an investigation.

Open Russia shut down several days before Pivovarov's arrest. In a twist, Pivovarov was allowed on the ballot of the liberal Yabloko party even though he will remain behind bars through election day. Allies said it will be next to impossible for him to win.

  • Putin Goes into Isolation After Entourage Members Test Positive for COVID
  • Pressed on 'Chinese Aggression,' Antony Blinken Calls Taiwan Country Again
  • Fact Check: Did Elder Site Link to 'Fraud' Page Saying Newsom Already Won?
  • 'Fatally Flawed': GOP Congressman Tells Blinken to Resign
  • 'Havana Syndrome' Becomes 'UHI' As U.S. Backs Down on Blaming Cuba

"They destroyed everyone, who was at least somehow visible, as potential political players," said Marina Litvinovich, a human rights activist and one of the few Kremlin critics running.

Litvinovich was a longtime member of the state Public Monitoring Commission that observes the treatment of prisoners and detainees but was removed after exposing abuses of jailed Navalny supporters. She decided to run in a Moscow district in place of Yulia Galyamina, a prominent politician who was convicted in a criminal case last year and barred from running.

Litvinovich told AP it's difficult knowing that at any moment, "you could be barred from the race, or targeted with a raid tomorrow, or become implicated in a criminal probe."

"But we're trying to overcome that feeling and move forward," she said.

Despite the crackdown, Navalny's team still plans to deploy its Smart Voting strategy—a project to support candidates who are most likely to defeat those from United Russia. In 2019, Smart Voting helped opposition candidates win 20 of 45 seats on Moscow's city council, and regional elections last year saw United Russia lose its majority in legislatures in three cities.

Volkov said it's been harder to promote Smart Voting, with dozens of websites blocked and people intimidated by the crackdown: Online registrations for the project soared a year ago after Navalny's poisoning, but there are fewer this year.

There have been record downloads, however, for the team's smartphone app, which is much harder for the authorities to block.

Others plan to continue advocating against voting for United Russia. Pivovarov's allies decided to proceed with his campaign even though he jailed. Last month, they opened campaign offices in Moscow and Krasnodar, using cardboard cutouts of Pivovarov to greet supporters.

"For us, this campaign is a megaphone," Pivovarov's top ally Tatyana Usmanova told AP at the Moscow office opening last month.

"What Andrei was striving for is that as many people as possible understood that they shouldn't vote for United Russia, that the elections are unfair....Now we have a legitimate opportunity to talk to people about it all."

Putin Delivers Speech

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prestatyn elections

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prestatyn elections

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Prestatyn pronunciation prestatyn, here are all the possible pronunciations of the word prestatyn ., pick your prefered accent:, popularity rank by frequency of use, discuss these prestatyn pronunciations with the community:.


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The institute of local government studies, university of birmingham, prestatyn north election, prestatyn’s election farce and the busted petition process.

Remember the 2000 US Presidential election, the seemingly endless Florida recounts, and how we mocked an electoral system that took 35 days to produce a winner?  Well, it’s now over eight times as long – 287 days and counting – since last May’s Welsh local elections. Yet, with a tad less riding on the result, one of the winning candidates in Denbighshire County Council’s Prestatyn North ward has still to take his seat. And if that doesn’t signify a busted system, utterly unfit for purpose, it’s hard to imagine what might.

It’s a story that started as mildly amusing, passed through farcical around October, and is now just an all-round total embarrassment. It’s most easily understood by seeing the election result as announced by the Returning Officer (RO), from which you may also be able to guess the problem.

prestatyn table

Source: Denbighshire County Council

Yes, one of the Conservative candidates and one of Labour’s have quite similar surnames, and, while many electors certainly will have split their three votes between candidates of different parties, a Labour-Conservative split result of these dimensions looks, to say the least, odd. It was. Without getting too nerdy, Pennington (Con) had been credited with a share of the votes of those who voted en bloc for all three Labour candidates, and Penlington (remember: L for Labour) with the rather smaller share of the ‘straight slate’ Conservative ballots. In electoral administration jargon, there was a screw-up.

At which point, I would say two things. First, such inept-but-innocent counting screw-ups happen more often, and with more significant consequences, than you might think. In Broxtowe (Notts) last year, the names of a Lib Dem husband and wife were transposed in copying them from the corresponding numbers list to the count summary sheet, and the wife was officially declared elected, despite polling 21 fewer votes than her now officially defeated husband.

Waltham Forest in 2010 managed a mix of Broxtowe and Prestatyn. In copying Labour’s en bloc votes, Labour’s three candidates each received 2,451 instead of 1,451 – sufficient to enable the party’s third-placed candidate to be elected, rather than the leading Lib Dem. And in a much publicised case in Birmingham’s Kingstanding ward in 2006, a BNP candidate was elected, having been gifted an extra 981 votes in a double-counting of all those ballot papers on which electors split their two votes between candidates of different parties.

With these Waltham Forest and Birmingham cases in mind, my second point is that the numbers of votes involved in these screw-ups can be not only large, but beyond the bounds of arithmetical possibility. The combined votes of all candidates – announced, it’s worth emphasising, by the ROs, after recounts rigorously scrutinised by candidates and agents of all parties – totalled respectively 1,397 and 2,367 more than would have been possible, even if every voter completing a ballot paper had used every vote available to them.

This is the bit that, to me anyway, passeth all understanding. Can candidates have so little idea of how the election’s gone that they’re not curious about why their vote is 50% higher than they might have expected? And how come none of these key actors involved in the counts could do even simple addition?

Whatever the explanation, once a candidate is declared elected, these essentially innocent administrative errors immediately become seriously costly. It might seem convenient, if an embarrassed RO were able publicly to admit that “Oops, I made a boo-boo. Can we all go back five minutes?”  Sadly, election law and convention decree that this is not on. In the UK the only way to challenge a declared result is legally, and expensively, for a miffed candidate or elector to issue an election petition within three weeks of the election, pay the £465 fee, and also ‘give security’ for all relevant costs arising – up to £5,000 in a parliamentary election, £2,500 in a local. No security, no petition.

Here’s where the trouble starts and where fundamental reform is decades overdue.  A robust procedure for challenging the result, whether on the grounds of innocent administrative error or deliberate fraudulent practice, is a vital part of any sound electoral system. It should have the attributes of ARTESSA, being accessible, rational, transparent, efficient, straightforward, swift and affordable. Our petition procedure today, little changed from that set out in the 1868 Parliamentary Elections Act to deal with bribery, treating, personation, undue influence and other corrupt practices, is none of these, as Prestatyn North’s hapless Paul Penlington is still discovering the hard way.

That there had been a substantial counting error was first realised apparently by the RO and Council Chief Executive. Labour, both candidate and party, were slow to protest – one suggested reason being that, without knowing the exact number of wrongly assigned votes, there was the real possibility of a correction letting in not Penlington, but the fourth-placed Mike German, a one-time Labour councillor before he defected to help form the Democratic Alliance of Wales – than whom even a usurping Conservative might be marginally preferable. Eventually, however, a petition was issued, to have the votes recounted and the result overturned.

Despite the Council having admitted from the outset its “fundamental error”, it still took until late July for the jury-less High Court to authorise a recount, and a further three months for that count to take place in, for some reason, London.  Unhurried, certainly, but only now does the tale become truly incredible.

The result of a recount can only be officially announced and accepted by a special two-judge election court, which took nearly a further three months to convene – again in London. Only on January 23rd, therefore, were the correct figures finally declared – Penlington 606, Pennington 341 – and the original result overturned.

You wouldn’t, by now, expect the ruling to come into effect immediately, and of course it didn’t.  The duly elected Councillor Penlington should, though, have taken his seat a week later – had former-Councillor Pennington not decided that the loss of his allowances would put his “livelihood at stake”, refused to give up his seat, and objected in writing to the court’s decision.  Incidentally, legal costs, awarded against the Returning Officer, were estimated at this point to have passed £20,000, with the clock presumably still ticking.

There is so much wrong here that, even given the space, it would be hard to know where to start: the time, the cost, the arcane and detrimental procedures, the irrationality and inflexibility? Why the great rush to issue a petition, when the judicial process meanders as it pleases? Why can one elector challenge a parliamentary election, while four are required for a local election? Why can’t a Returning Officer or a political party initiate a petition?  And so much more – most now thankfully documented in the Electoral Commission’s excellent report, Challenging Elections in the UK .

Prestatyn North may be just a quirky contemporary footnote, but it does illustrate one key aspect of the problem. The petition procedure was designed to deal with 19th Century corrupt practices in parliamentary elections. Its requirement today is to deal with 21st Century corrupt practices, and more frequently with innocent errors and administrative misjudgements, in local government elections – for which it is hopelessly ill-equipped.

There were 52 parliamentary petitions tried in 1868 alone, all dealing with alleged malpractice. Since 1929, however, there have been just 11, including six from Northern Ireland and three from the single constituency of Fermanagh & South Tyrone. They sometimes make headlines – the then Anthony Wedgwood Benn’s disqualification as a Peer in 1961, ex-Labour minister Phil Woolas’s disqualification in 2010 for making false statements about his Lib Dem opponent – but they’re rare.

Local government election petitions are not rare. Since 1997, at least 44 from principal councils have gone to trial, plenty more from town and parish councils, and still more have been withdrawn before trial, usually due to lack of funds. Of the 16 in the past five years, two (both subsequently withdrawn) claimed a candidate was disqualified to stand, and three alleged corrupt or illegal practices committed by or on behalf of a candidate.

The remaining 11 concerned actions by electoral officials: either administrative Prestatyn-type errors or process decisions causing the election not to have been conducted ‘substantially in accordance’ with the rules – actions, in short, wholly different from those with which petitions were designed to deal.  

The Law Commission has embarked on a comprehensive review of electoral law, aimed ambitiously at collating and reforming the existing morass of primary and secondary legislation into something more coherent, and conceivably even a single modular UK Electoral Act. It’s still in its early stages, and its members may hope that when they eventually reach ‘Challenging the election result’, they’ll be almost there. The sorry saga of Prestatyn should remind them that they won’t be.


Chris  is a Visiting Lecturer at INLOGOV interested in the politics of local government; local elections, electoral reform and other electoral behaviour; party politics; political  leadership and management; member-officer relations; central-local relations; use of consumer and opinion research in local government; the modernisation agenda and the implementation of executive local government.

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    Only 27 percent of Russians are prepared to vote for the political party of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the upcoming election, according to a poll conducted by the Levada Center. The data ...

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    This isn't a popularity contest™. It will take 270 electoral votes to win the 2024 presidential election. Click states on this interactive map to create your own 2024 election forecast. Create a specific match-up by clicking the party and/or names near the electoral vote counter. Use the buttons below the map to share your forecast or embed ...

  20. How to pronounce PRESTATYN

    Rate the pronunciation difficulty of PRESTATYN. 1 /5. (1 Vote) Very easy. Easy. Moderate. Difficult. Very difficult. Pronunciation of PRESTATYN with 4 audio pronunciations.

  21. How to pronounce PRESTATYN in Welsh

    Rate the pronunciation difficulty of PRESTATYN. 2 /5. (1 Vote) Very easy. Easy. Moderate. Difficult. Very difficult. Pronunciation of PRESTATYN with 1 audio pronunciations.

  22. How to pronounce Prestatyn

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  23. Prestatyn North election

    Our petition procedure today, little changed from that set out in the 1868 Parliamentary Elections Act to deal with bribery, treating, personation, undue influence and other corrupt practices, is none of these, as Prestatyn North's hapless Paul Penlington is still discovering the hard way.