5 Best Notebooks for Writing Poetry (Buyer’s Guide)

Published by ol james on 18/08/2022 18/08/2022.

Poetry is the most romanticized form of writing . Though poets can write in any exam pad or notebook, writing in a dedicated poetry journal would fit their chosen art form much more. 

The best poetry journal available on Amazon is the EvZ Classic Key Bound Retro Vintage Notebook . This stunning, leather-bound journal is the perfect size to take along anywhere to be ready when inspiration strikes and for a steal. 

Others are of excellent quality for a reasonable price, including:

  • The sturdy, functional YeeATZ Thick Hardcover Notebook/Journal is an excellent choice for a poet on the go.
  • The Huhuhero Notebook Journal, Lined Hard Cover is of exceptional paper quality and is convenient to store and transport. 
  • The most aesthetically beautiful journal is the Inc. Peter Pauper Press Persian Grove Journal , with exquisite cover design and gold end pages while still being practical. 
  • If you want something simple but fine quality on a budget, The Mount Pleasant Publishing Blank Lined Poetry Notebook is for you. 

This article will detail the ideal qualities of a poetry notebook and which journals fit the brief. We will also explore why the EvZ Retro Vintage Notebook comes out as the best notebook for writing poetry .

This post contains affiliate links which means Letter Review may be paid a small amount at no extra cost to you if you buy after clicking a link.

poetry writing notebook

The Best Poetry Notebook: EvZ Classic Key Bound Retro Vintage Notebook

This leather-bound journal is the ideal notebook for any poet, available in A5 and A7 ( pocket size ) to take with you everywhere you go. This is a great journal not only for its gorgeous binding and cover but also because this journal is both sturdy and flexible. 

The notebook has 320 blank and unlined pages , meaning there is ample space for you to let your inner creativity out with writing and accompanying sketches. The thick, smooth paper is excellent for any writing medium, including ballpoint and fountain pens, as there is no risk of them bleeding through the page.

The signature engraving on the cover and key pendant makes it a must-have birthday gift for the writer in your life. The strong bind and material mean it will also last longer than a typical notebook, allowing it to be cherished even after it’s been filled. 

The EvZ Classic Key Bound Retro Vintage Notebook has all of this. 

The cherry on top is that it’s highly affordable. In contrast, most other notebooks of this quality or less are more expensive. 

  • Sturdy: The leather cover and binding paired with the thick parchment paper means this notebook was made to last. 
  • Beautiful: The book’s overall aesthetic is stunning with its antique look, engraving, and unique pendants. 
  • Unlined pages: Poets have 320 pages to write and sketch on all they like, with no restraints. 
  • Convenient: The small size and flexible covers mean you can take this journal anywhere without much risk of damage. 
  • Affordable: Compared to other journals on the market, this one is relatively cheap, especially considering all of its perks. 
  • Relatively small: Some customers included in their reviews that this journal is smaller than expected, which, though possibly inconvenient, shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. 
  • Heavier than the average notebook: Its small size means it isn’t too heavy. Still, some prefer a lighter, slimmer notebook with thinner pages. 
  • Not refillable: The most significant disadvantage to this journal is that it’s not refillable, meaning that when you’ve used up all the pages, you can’t insert new ones. But it keeps your poetry safe for many years. 

Looking at these specifications, we can say that several factors determine how good a notebook is:

  • Practicality 
  • Paper quality
  • Aesthetic value
  • Affordability 

Let’s look at these factors and determine which notebook fits into each category the best .

Practicality: YeeATZ Thick Hardcover Notebook/Journal

The YeeATZ Thick Hardcover Notebook is pocket-sized and has a built-in pen or pencil holder on the cover for added convenience. The leather cover protects this beautiful notebook on the go. 

It also comes with a built-in bookmark and elastic closing band. The pages are lined, and there are eight perforated tear-off pages. The sturdy bind, hardcover, and thick paper mean this journal will withstand a fair amount of wear and tear. 

The cream pages are aesthetically pleasing, smooth to write on, and substantial enough to avoid bleeding or ghosting, regardless of what you use to write with. 

poetry writing notebook

With eight different cover colors, there’s nobody that this notebook wouldn’t suit on a flight, a hike, or in your own home. The black leather is the most attractive due to its sophisticated look. 

  • Strong: The leather-bound hardcover journal is equipped for traveling and won’t get damaged easily.
  • Practical: The journal has a new holder, bookmark, and perforated pages, making it useful and convenient. 
  • Portable: The notebook is rigid yet small and light enough to fit into a pocket or a bag for use anywhere. 
  • Lined pages: Depending on who you ask, lined pages are great for poets . They add convenience and order.
  • Beautiful: The notebook is simple yet stunning with its leather cover and thick ivory pages. 
  • Not refillable: Unfortunately, the beautiful paper finishes at some point. You cannot insert more pages once they’ve run out, which is the case with most notebooks, unfortunately. 
  • Plain covers: The notebook has a simple sophistication and several color options, but it’s pretty basic in appearance. Some might prefer a more decorative journal. 
  • Affordable : Unlike other journals, this one is affordable, which means you can buy 2 or 3 at one time. 

Paper Quality: Huhuhero Notebook Journal

The Huhuhero journal has a soft yet firm faux leather cover, with 12 colors to choose from. This travel-sized notebook is light and convenient but has a strong bind and a protective hard outer covering.

The 128 pages in this notebook are the main event. 

The 120 gsm premium thick, lined paper is 35% thicker than the paper in your average notebook, with no risk of ghosting or bleeding. The paper is more resistant to light and air damage, meaning it can be stored for a long time.

The cream color of the pages means less light is reflected off them, meaning less eye strain for the poet. This 5” by 8.25” (13 by 21 cm)  journal is the perfect carrying size. It has a bookmark, elastic closing band, and expandable inner pocket at the back for added convenience.

  • Paper quality: This notebook has a superior paper look and quality that will allow a poet free reign with writing materials and allow them to keep their writing for years. 
  • Affordable: The price is quite reasonable for the quality of the journal and the care put into assembling it.
  • Portable: This journal is pocket-sized, and while this may deter some, it’s a massive advantage for poets who are always writing on the fly. 
  • Few pages: Despite having superior paper quality, this journal has fewer pages than the others in this article, which means less space to write on. This notebook is not refillable.

Learn more about what makes paper fine quality here . 

Aesthetic Value: Inc. Peter Pauper Press Persian Grove Journal

As far as beauty goes, this Persian Grove Journal is the cream of the crop. The covers and spine are embossed, adding gold foil detail to the almost mythical natural scene. 

The journal includes gold interior end sheets, as well as gold page-edging.

It is 6” by 8”(15 by 20 cm), which is larger than some of the other items on this list, but they are well worth the price you pay. The 160 lined pages are light and have a nostalgic antique look that’s easy on the eyes and the pen. 

Despite the gold detailing, the book remains exceptionally light and portable, so you can show off your impeccable taste everywhere you go. 

Plus, there’s something poetic about writing in such a beautiful journal. 

  • Beautiful: This journal is a sight to behold with embossed gold foil details and would make an excellent gift for a writer .
  • Durable: The hard cover, strong bind, and good quality paper mean this is a notebook that won’t come apart easily. 
  • Portable: This beautiful notebook is easy to carry around and show off. 
  • Paper quality: This notebook has superb paper quality with an antique aesthetic that matches the outside. 
  • Lined pages: This may be a pro or a con. Lined pages can hinder creativity for poets who like to sketch next to their work or don’t like the look of lined pages. 
  • Affordable: This notebook isn’t expensive, but it’s more costly than the others on the list. However, it makes sense considering the details and effort put into making it. 

Affordability: The Mount Pleasant Publishing Blank Lined Poetry Notebook

This budget journal is a solid yet flexible soft cover with a minimalist design. The 120 pages are lined, light, and strong enough to withstand most writing mediums, including fountain pens .

The 6” by 9” (15 by 23 cm) dimensions mean it’s slightly larger than most items on the list but still very portable, light, and easy to store and transport. 

The perfect binding is not likely to give any issues with strength. Despite the soft covers, light build, and thin paper, it’s designed to be carried around and used anywhere. Though not quite as attractive or sturdy as some other journals on the list, it’s still a beautiful gift and very affordable. 

  • Affordable: The Mount Pleasant Publishing Notebook is inexpensive but does not sacrifice quality. 
  • Beautiful: Minimalism is in, and this journal’s minimalist cover design will stay fresh and fashionable for years to come, with proper care.
  • Portable: The small dimensions and flexible build mean it’s so easy to pack, store or transport. 
  • Thin, white paper: The thin paper has a slightly higher risk of bleeding than other notebooks, and the white pages could cause eye strain with prolonged use. 
  • Very light: This journal’s soft cover and lightweight components mean it is at a more significant risk of damage, but this can be avoided if it’s cared for properly. 

If you’re a poet who prioritizes practicality, affordability, quality, and aesthetic value, look no further than the EvZ Classic Key Bound Retro Vintage Notebook. It outshines the others in all aspects and is available now on Amazon .

Letter Review is currently edited by Ol James, who is a PhD candidate in Creative Writing, casual academic, and guest lecturer at the UNSW. Ol has worked as the Reviews Editor at Southerly Literary Journal and an Editorial Assistant / Fiction Reader at Overland. Ol has had short stories published in leading literary journals such as Overland, Southerly, Seizure, and TEXT. Ol has had novels long listed for major awards such as the KYDUMA, has received government funding to produce plays from Create NSW and screenplays from Screen NSW, and has performed / produced self authored original work at major theatrical venues.

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RS Recommends: Tap Into Your Creativity With These Poetry Journals

By Natalli Amato

Natalli Amato

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, Rolling Stone may receive an affiliate commission.

Even in the age of e-books, social media, and ever-portable smart devices, there are some things that can’t be replaced with a technological upgrade – like a poetry journal.

What Is a Poetry Journal?

A simple place to bring forth your ideas with a pen and paper, a poetry journal holds a writer’s first takes, snippets of inspiration, revisions, and scribbles alike. A poetry journal is a type of trusted friend.

Choosing the best notebook to use as your poetry journal is a matter of finding a well-made notebook that inspires you to open it and write. Different people may find different aspects of a notebook inspiring. Some may be drawn to a poetry journal for a quote on its cover or in its pages. Others may choose a notebook for its craftsmanship: think a classic Moleskine hardcover or a leather-bound keepsake. No matter the style, make sure it has an ample amount of pages and high-quality construction because poetry journals are made to be brought with you everywhere for whenever inspiration strikes.

We’ve rounded up four of the best poetry journals available online to support you and your craft.

1. Emily Dickinson Blank Notebook

This beautiful journal brings a bit of Emily Dickinson to your own pages. The front and back covers are adorned with replicas from the poet’s pressed flower collection. Inside, there’s a flower decorating every other page spread. The journal is lined – blank for you to fill with your own writing. Throughout the 160 pages, there are six of Dickinson’s own garden-inspired poems printed for your inspiration.

best notebooks for poetry journals

Buy Emily Dickinson Blank Notebook $18.95

2. Go Confidently Artisan Journal

If you’re a poet in need of motivation, follow the command of Henry David Thoreau and “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” The famous quote is etched onto the cover of this vegan leather notebook. The notebook has 176 thick, smooth-paper pages with gentle grey lines for your writing. The notebook is bound like a book and stitched for reinforcement, so it’s ready for lots of wear.

best notebooks for poetry journals

Buy Go Confidently Artisan Journal $10.99

3. Tree Of Life Journal

The tree of life is one of the best symbols of growth and creativity, making it the perfect visual for you to view every time you sit down to write in your poetry journal. The brown, vegan leather cover gives the notebook an artisan appeal, and its pages are thick and smooth. Whether you write in pen or pencil, your writing will show up nicely on all 176 of the journal’s pages.

best notebooks for poetry journals

Buy Tree Of Life Journal $9.89

4. Moleskine Classic Notebook

Moleskine notebooks are beloved for a reason. Everything about these notebooks is high-quality, from its hardcover exterior to its inner storage folders. An elastic band keeps the notebook compressed, further highlighting its slim, sleek design. Inside, it has 240 thick, ruled, ivory-colored pages. While simple, it has a classic beauty.

best notebooks for poetry journals

Buy Moleskine Classic Notebook $23.47

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How to Grow a Poet’s Notebook

In my 16 years of writing poetry and prose, one of the best writing tips I received was to keep a poet’s notebook and to write in it every day. While I heard that instruction in my first undergraduate creative writing class, you will find that same advice in MFA programs , in workshops , and in poetry craft books. It’s repeated everywhere because it’s great advice, and it’s the most important habit to develop in your poetry vocation.  

Poet’s notebooks are an essential tool to own in your writing station . They are like hands and arms: You need to take them everywhere because you never know when inspiration will arrive. In her Ted Talk on creativity, Elizabeth Gilbert spoke about how poet Ruth Stone “would feel and hear a poem coming at her from over the landscape,” and she would have to run home and find a piece of paper and a pencil to capture it. That is the magic of creativity. It’s not rational; it’s playful. 

While you can’t forget your hands and arms (also essential to your writing practice), you may sometimes forget to carry your poet’s notebook. That’s where napkins and scraps of paper come in handy, because once inspiration arrives, you will need plenty of writing space. Inspiration is like a flood: Once it appears, it will inundate you creatively, and you will need to have your notebook to capture all the lines and ideas that naturally flow toward you.  

At this point in my writing career, I own hundreds of notebooks. There are so many that I’ve lost count, but I store them all, and my bedroom is beginning to look like an office supply room! In my writing experience, I’ve come to love keeping notebooks and finding great ones. Below I’ve compiled great insights and ideas for maintaining your poet’s notebook, so you can get the most out of it and capture all your creativity. 


There are so many different sizes, styles, and types of writing notebooks that the options can become overwhelming. Narrow down your options by asking yourself questions about your taste and preferences: Do you like writing without lines or with lines? Do you prefer hardbound or softbound? You can also narrow your options by price. One of the cheapest options is a Mead composition notebook , but if you have fifteen bucks or more to spare, you can write on some of the best notebooks, such as Moleskine , Rhodia , or Leuchtturm1917 . 

Choose a notebook that you will treasure and enjoy carrying around. If you go for a walk, find a small notebook that will fit in your pocket or purse. If you go to school, you can carry a medium-size notebook that won’t be too heavy to take with you. The trick is to find something that is easily portable and a delight to carry.  


Sometimes life gets in the way, and there are important to-do lists waiting, but in spite of these distractions, it’s important to find time to write every day. It’s not always possible, but we must try to do this activity daily because it creates the space for creativity to flow. It also creates an important habit that improves your writing skills. 

The best book on freewriting and creativity is The Artist’s Way . In the book, Julia Cameron discusses exercises known as “ Morning Pages,” which emphasize stream-of-conscious writing that evokes the musings of the subconscious mind.  


If you freewrite every day, you’ll need to reread what you write on a weekly basis. While you’re reading your musings, look for poetic lines that strike you with lyrical or literary resonance. Look for lines that contain meter, rhythm, assonance, and dissonance.

Once you find these lyrical nuggets, underline them as you’re reading without stopping, so you don’t lose your flow. Later on, you can come back and highlight the best lines and then mark the pages with sticky notes, so you don’t forget them. We don’t always have time to work on our poetry when we feel inspired, so by marking these great lines, you will be able to move forward with your to-do lists and responsibilities for that day and then come back when you have the time and solitude to focus on your poetry. 


Dating your notebooks is essential because once you start growing a collection, it’s hard to keep track of when you started and finished the poems. On the front cover or somewhere inside the cover, mark the date you begin the notebook, as well as the date you finish it. This will help you keep track of how your poems evolve, which will be helpful for revision. When you type the poems on your computer, you can list the different versions of the poems, and that will make you proficient with your edits. You can list the evolutions of your poems with dates or with numbers. Either way, being organized is important because poetry and stories can evolve with time, and you may work on a poem today and not look at it for months. Dates help you remember where you left off and what you still have left to finish. 

Maintaining a notebook brings many benefits to your writing career: It enables you to freewrite, to capture inspiration, and to reflect on your writing. For poets whose identities revolve around their writing and creativity, a notebook is truly an extension of their bodies. They are like the hands or mouths of lovers, and poets treasure them. Inside these paper containers are the timeless lines that spark the imagination of future generations of readers and poets. 

If you’d like to read more about poets and their writing habits, check out this wonderful website that contains unique and insightful musings about well-known poets and their beloved notebooks.


poetry writing notebook

Ada Limón: A Remarkable Journey through Poetry, Podcasting, and Laureateship

poetry writing notebook

5 Poetry Collections to Pair With Hozier’s Unreal Unearth

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5 Poetry Collections For Fans of The Summer I Turned Pretty

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The Poet's World

The poet's life, the poet's words.

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Writing Poetry: Poetry Notebook

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When Holmes began seriously to write poetry during his years as an undergraduate at Tufts, he composed primarily in bound composition notebooks. He continued this practice until he died, though in the 1940s he began to move toward composition on the typewriter, and in the 1950s he wrote almost exclusively on the typewriter.

Holmes saved many, if not all, of these notebooks, and they are preserved in the Holmes collection. The notebooks provide a rich glimpse not only into Holmes' creative process, but also into his daily life. The early notebooks contain to-do lists, registers of books to buy and books loaned to friends, class notes, accounts of expenses, and schedules of appointments alongside drafts of poems and rhyme lists.

The notebook presented here, while from a later period (spanning the years 1938-1947), contains much of the same sort of material, but with drafts of some of his more well-known poems, including "Map of My Country." There are also rhyme lists, notes for preparing examinations for his classes, a register of poems sent to journals for publication, and expenses from one summer's stay in Vermont.

From the cover page your may browse the notebook sequentially, or enter a specific page number. Alternatively, use the index to jump to a page where particular poems or items of interest are found. Blank pages have not been scanned, but placeholders have been put in to hold their places. One page containing student grades was omitted to conform to confidentiality requirements.

You can scroll through the notebook sequentially below, or view it as a individual images. Click on an image below to see more detail about it.

poetry writing notebook

Notebook, front cover

poetry writing notebook

Notebook, bookplate

poetry writing notebook

Notebook, flyleaf

poetry writing notebook

Notebook, page 1

poetry writing notebook

Notebook, page 2

poetry writing notebook

Notebook, page 3

poetry writing notebook

Notebook, page 4

poetry writing notebook

Notebook, page 5

poetry writing notebook

Notebook, page 6

poetry writing notebook

Notebook, page 7

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Poetry Notebook or Binder

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Interactive Poetry Notebook Bundle {48 Weeks of K-2 Poems & Activities}

poetry writing notebook

November Fluency Building Poems { Poetry Notebooks }

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Notebook . DAVID SHRIGLEY . Write Poetry

  • NO:          1216116105
  • DETAIL: 10,5 x 14,8 cm . 96 feint lined pages (48 sheets) . matt laminated cover . printed and manufactured in the UK on high quality paper

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Poem Writing Book

This lovely little notebook is specifically for poem writers! Lined pages throughout give you lots of space for those creative juices to flow.

Product Weight : 180g (A5)

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