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Writing an autobiography planning, example and task - great for distance, home or online learning

Writing an autobiography planning, example and task - great for distance, home or online learning

Subject: English

Age range: 7-11

Resource type: Lesson (complete)

Mrs CB's KS2 Primary Resources

Last updated

30 September 2020

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my autobiography ks2

Writing an autobiography? A great task to set children and encourage them to write, particularly for distance, home or online learning. The powerpoint explains what the children need to write about and includes a planning mind map. There is an example autobiography to help inspire children as well as a document to help structure their autobiography.

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my autobiography ks2

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my autobiography ks2

Features of an autobiography – 6 of the best resources for KS2 English

my autobiography ks2

Getting kids to talk about themselves shouldn't be hard, but getting them to create good autobiographical writing, you might need these activities, ideas, templates and worksheets…


Back before selfies and Instagram feeds the way to tell your own story was to write it.

And sure, your average Key Stage 2 student probably won’t have accumulated enough life experience for the next Long Walk to Freedom , but they can probably do a better job than half the ‘celebrity’ books that hit the shelves in the run-up to Christmas.

And that’s before you’ve even started with these great resources.

1 | Characteristics of an autobiography

my autobiography ks2

This nifty little resource not only includes the great quote in the pic above, it has a good summary of autobiographical writing, explains where the word ‘autobiography’ comes from, and has a few good examples of autobiographical passages to boot.

Check it out here.

2 | Roald Dahl book topic

my autobiography ks2

The Great Mouse Plot was one of the stories from Roald Dahl’s childhood autobiography, Boy , where he and his friends pranked the local sweet shop owner by placing a dead mouse in a jar of sweets.

They were duly caught, and caned by their headmaster.

Carey Fluker Hunt’s book topics explores using memories for engaging creative autobiographical writing.

Get this resource here.

3 | Super hero autobiography example

my autobiography ks2

Head on over to Literacy Wagoll’s Biographies and Autobiographies section for a collection of free example texts, including this superhero autobiography.

No doubt your students are more than familiar with comic book movies and have seen countless origin stories, so they should be able to write one for their own created superhero.

It’s the perfect writing hook, coming up with a character and how they got their superpower.

And if you want to actually watch a superhero movie, the first Spider-Man film (AKA the best one) from Sam Raimi is an excellent example (although it does have a 12A rating, so maybe just show clips or talk about it).

It’s opening line? ‘Who am I?’. It’s closing line? ‘Who am I? I’m Spider-Man’. Perfect.

In the meantime, download superhero autobiography example here.

4 | Autobiography checklist

my autobiography ks2

Once your pupils get to writing an autobiographical piece, this checklist might come in handy.

It has the basics like ‘Is it written in the 1st person?’ and ‘Is it written in the past tense?’ but also things like ‘Are there dates to show when events happened?’ and ‘Is there any emotive language?’.

Plus, there’s a column on the sheet where they can show evidence that they’ve included all of these elements.

This resource also includes a biography checklist should you need that too.

Click here to download.

5 | The life of Nelson Mandela

my autobiography ks2

This Oxfam set of resources for upper KS2 explores the life of Nelson Mandela and the differences between biography and autobiography.

They also provide ideas for discussing the difference between explicit and implicit points of view, and the differences between first and third person narration.

There are five lessons, all of which can be found here.

6 | Newspaper template

my autobiography ks2

One for younger pupils, this newspaper-style template lets them write all about themselves, their likes and dislikes, their heroes and their hobbies.

Download it here.

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Autobiography for Kids: Elementary & Middle School

The picture provides introductory information about autobiography for kids.

Do you agree that kids’ autobiography is not a very common task? However, it is an excellent opportunity to reflect on one’s life. Each human being has something remarkable in their childhood to think about. That’s why we are unique and live unique life stories.

Even if it seems challenging in your situation or you find your life dull, we can assure you of the opposite! Our expert team has prepared a helpful guide that will help write any kind of autobiography for kids.

🤿 How to Write an Autobiography for Kids

🚸 autobiography for kids of different ages.

We’ve prepared this article to show that an inspirational autobiography for kids is what you can easily create yourself.

Let’s see which themes you can add to your kid’s autobiography.

Kids Autobiography Elements

We’re not going to provide you with a strict outline for your autobiography. Instead, we offer fundamental elements to set up your writing.

Start with early childhood – it is a significant period of formative years:

  • Reflect on your background: your origins, ethnicity, family, and region.
  • Share extra activities you were taking up, for example, attending ballet or music classes.
  • Tell about your relationships with people around you: parents, grandparents, your peers in a kindergarten, and neighbors.
  • Your interests and hobbies can be another exciting topic to elaborate on.
  • Speak about any things you liked or disliked doing.

Embrace your culture – it indeed has some interesting details:

  • Tell about everyday rituals typical to your culture.
  • Give an example of traditional food served in your house.
  • Describe your favorite holidays and how you celebrate them.

School experience – no matter if you are in the 3rd or 6th grade:

  • Discuss your first experience with school.
  • Tell how you built up relationships with teachers and fellow students.
  • What were your most and least favorite subjects?
  • Describe your classmates and what were your favorite games.

The picture offers the most engaging topics to start a kids autobiography.

Tips for Writing an Autobiography for Kids

Some fundamental principles for achieving a good kids’ autobiography include:

Indeed, each of us can find something interesting in life to share. However, the younger you are, the less experience you have.

Here are some ideas for kids of different ages to assist them in writing an autobiography.

Autobiography for Elementary Students

This one is meant for kids from 6 to 11. Their autobiographies can focus on the following:

  • Introduce yourself: who are you? What background do you have? Describe your family .
  • You can dive deeper into your past. For example, you can share your experience in kindergarten and how you interacted with peers and teachers.
  • Make a review of your interests: perhaps, you take up some extra activities. That can help reveal your personality .
  • The excellent idea is to share your thoughts on your study at school. Do you consider yourself a good student? What do you find challenging?
  • Concluding your autobiography, share your emotions after completing the task.

Autobiography for Middle School

If juniors write their autobiographies, then it’s even easier for 12-year-olds. If you have already entered middle school, add up the following things to your autobiography:

  • To start your autobiography, introduce yourself and give a nice insight into your personality and origin.
  • Reveal some remarkable details about your childhood and elementary school years .
  • Think of some challenges you were going through in your life. Tell what you have learned from these situations .
  • Some information about your relationships with the family will also fit your autobiography.
  • Elaborate on the idea of how autobiography writing contributes to your understanding of yourself. These reflections were fruitful for you, weren’t they?

Try our exclusive and free essay topics generator if none of these ideas is close to what you want to write. It will help you develop an excellent idea for the autobiography assignment and any other written task. Save in bookmarks!

🧸 Autobiography Examples for Kids

Now we suggest getting acquainted with our short autobiography samples for elementary and middle schoolers. Read them for inspiration, and go for your own story!

#1 Example. 3rd Grade Autobiography

My name is Williams. I was named by my grand grandfather, who fought in Civil War for the Republican Party. I also have two siblings: an elder brother George and a small sister Lilly. I was born on April 26, 2012, in Sparks, Nevada. I’m nine years old now. I like going to school because I have many friends here. My parents tell me I’m a very communicative boy, which is true! I enjoy making new friends around. One of my first memories as a small kid is spending my summers in Texas at my grandmother’s place. She had a lovely farm in Dallas, and it was huge fun to be around her cows and chickens. My brother and I would play there a lot. Since then, I have truly loved animals. I have a dog now. He’s called Dodge, and I walk with him on Sundays in the park by our house. My favorite thing about school is music lessons. And a canteen. I also see my piano teacher twice a week. I reckon I’ll become a world-known pianist once I grow up. Generally, I study well, although I find math challenging for me. But I plan to master it too because I’m used to achieving my goals!

#2 Example. Autobiography for Middle School

I’m Jenny Maria Stevenson, and I am thirteen years old by now. I had my birthday last week, on October 14. I was born to a surgeon and a photographer. My mother takes stunning photos! My family came to Florida from Wisconsin when I was two years old. Living in Orlando, I cannot imagine it any other way, so I am happy my parents moved 11 here eleven years ago. I had a happy childhood because my mom and dad pampered me and cared about me a lot. I’ve been attending ballet classes since five, and I’m not going to quit because I genuinely love it. Ballet fills my life with inspiration and joy. I am also quite competitive. I realized it when I participated in a Miami ballet contest among girls a couple of years ago. When I won the first prize, I felt ultimate bliss. That makes me practice much and set new goals. However, I’m not into active socializing. I’m more like an introvert. I prefer to spend my time hitting on books and working out. Speaking of books, I love to study. I am a fan of literature, and my teacher is fantastic. We get along well, and that motivates me.

What do you think?

Which part of your life is the most interesting to share?

We hope our mini-guide inspired you to write a first-class autobiography for elementary or middle school.

Good luck, and remember, we are always ready to help!

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My real life story

My real life story

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my autobiography ks2

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Autobiography Writing Prompt KS1

KS1 and KS2 Autobiography Writing Prompt

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Features of an Autobiography Text Marking

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Autobiography Worksheets KS2

A Teacher’s Autobiography Worksheets for Proofreading and Editing

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my autobiography ks2

My Memories of WWII (Y5m/Y6s) Guided Reading Pack

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Matilda Autobiography School Resources

Text Marking an Autobiography Model Text – Matilda

Six differentiated activities to identify key features in an autobiography.

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my autobiography ks2

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