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Report Writing is the skill of summarizing data, findings and recommendations into a concise, well-organized and informative report. A professional Report Writer can do the research, analysis and draft of the report for a client. They can quickly break down complex research into more efficient information for easy understanding. The Report Writer can excavate hidden stories from your data, search synthesize data sources, organize complex content from multiple sources, understand highly technical subjects and make sure that data is easy to read, understand and communicate.

Here's some projects that our expert Report Writer made real:

  • Writing text analysis reports
  • Preparing reports on forecasting and quality management
  • Drafting professional and high quality sales reports
  • Short story summarizing for literature studies
  • Rewriting documents and essays quickly
  • Generating reports on price comparation
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for specific areas
  • Analyzing arguments or topics on a timeline
  • Delivering Project Management & consulting reports
  • Developing analogies questions from provided pictures

When considering the quality and accuracy of your report, it's important to hire the right Report Writing expert. Our freelancers have the expertise to craft comprehensive, comprehensive reports with up to date information. They are professionals that combine presentation, storytelling and logic into one package. Whether it’s sales reports, scientific papers or legal advisories, our freelancers have you covered. With years of experience in research, writing and analytics combined with an ongoing dialogue between ourselves and clients ensure quality results every time.

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I am looking for an experienced freelancer to help me create a thesis in the field of Public Health. I have specific research questions for the thesis, however the answers are still to be determined. The total length of the thesis should be around 50-100 pages. I'm looking for someone who can provide thoughtful insight and who has experience with this kind of project. If you think you are the right person for this, I'd love to hear from you!

My goal is to evaluate the market for jute bags from a national perspective. Specifically, I am interested in understanding the demand for jute bags, the current competition in the space, and any potential market trends in play. For this evaluation, I plan to employ a mixed approach, combining quantitative and qualitative analysis. On the quantitative side, my focus will be on gathering relevant data such as insights on consumer behaviour and purchase patterns. This data will help answer questions such as who are the primary consumers, how much do they spend, and so forth. On the qualitative side, the emphasis will be on gathering opinions from industry experts and jute bag customers themselves through interviews. Their valuable input will provide further insights into the demand level...

I am looking to hire a freelancer for a research project on the medical discovery of extensive brain damage recovery in neonates. I am particularly interested in exploring all possible treatments and their potential effectiveness, including neuroplasticity, stem cell therapy, and gene therapy. My specific objectives are to compare these treatments, investigate which type of treatment has seen the most success so far, and compile a guide of promising specific treatment for one specific patient with extensive brain damage visualized via MRI 10 days after birth and 1 week at 33C. The neonate has remained without oxygen for an assumed 20mins. I am looking for a detailed research report that includes multiple and thoroughly evaluated references for each of the aforementioned treatments. The rep...

A literature review is needed, chapter 2 in an undergraduate thesis for the International relations and Development major. Outline will be provided.

I want MA Economics thesis of 30 pages without plagiarism with data analysis and test application. Topic- Solar energy potential and adaptation in Rajasthan

I am looking for a professional writer to help me with my research paper project. Specifics: - The project involves writing a research paper on a specific topic that I have already chosen. - The paper needs to be more than 10 pages in length. Skills and Experience: - The ideal candidate should have experience in academic writing and research. - Strong research and analytical skills are required. - Knowledge in the chosen topic area is preferred. - Excellent writing and communication skills are a must. If you are confident in your research and writing abilities and can deliver a high-quality, well-researched research paper, please submit your proposal.

I am looking for a data scientist who can work on a data science case study using the Near Earth Objects dataset. The goal is to build a comprehensive report with 2000 words, including research references and relevant pictures. Specific Analysis: The project requires conducting statistical and predictive analysis on the Near Earth Objects dataset. Report Format: While I do not have a specific format in mind, I have a rough idea of how I would like the report to be structured. Writing Style: The report should be written in an academic style, ensuring a professional tone throughout. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in data science and statistical analysis - Strong research skills to gather relevant information and references - Experience in writing academic reports - A...

I am looking to do market research in the advertising construction sector, with the focus being on current market share competitor analysis. I am looking for someone who can carry out the research and provide a written report of their findings. I understand that the project might take some time and I am willing to pay to make sure that it is done right.

I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with my CIPD 7 L&D project on Learning and Development Strategy. I need a full report that is 10-20 pages long. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - In-depth knowledge and understanding of CIPD 7 L&D topics and concepts - Strong research and analytical skills to gather relevant information and data - Excellent writing and communication skills to present findings effectively - Previous experience in writing reports on learning and development strategies - Familiarity with CIPD guidelines and standards in L&D If you have the expertise and experience in this field, please submit your proposal.

Write a paper on difference between Project Manager, Technical Program Manager and Product Manager. Look at job descriptions of these positions from different companies (at least 10 job descroptions of each) and based on that job descriptions describe difference in required qualifications, responsibiities etc. FInd distinctions in as many categories as possible. Citations in APA format. All the sources verified.

Review supply chain in Timor Leste

Data Discovery Visualisation 1,500 words report Harvard Referencing Free plagiarism the report will electronically checked for plagiarism and the use of AI software. This task comprises an individual written report. Choose an organisation and produce a report outlining how Digital Data Analytics is being used to positively impact marketing,strategy and profitability. Outcomes to be achieved: 1. Asses the business/organisational value of Digital Data Analytics and how to apply methods to determine value; 2. Justify the idea of and key tenets of methodology to guide professional practice to help ground the discipline of ‘Digital Analytics’. writing Instructions Illustrates an excellent level of understanding of complex issues in the subject. All requirements ...

We are looking for a freelancer to create a Business IT Technical Report. The scope of the report will be focused on the evaluation of software, business solutions. Understand the business and write the technical solution report. . The preferred format for the report is PDF. Requirements: - Excellent in English - Knowledge of Canva - Experience in evaluating software solutions - Strong knowledge of IT infrastructure and security vulnerabilities - Ability to conduct thorough analysis and provide clear and concise recommendations - Proficiency in creating professional and visually appealing PDF reports Deliverables: - A comprehensive report evaluating different Software and Hardware solutions - Clear explanations of the strengths and weaknesses of each software and Hardware - Recommendati...

Need a business plan for work assignment

Project Title: Report for Typing Job in Canada The purpose of this project is to submit a report that includes research analysis, business performance evaluation, and data presentation. Specific data and information that need to be included in the report are sales figures and trends, market research findings, and employee performance metrics. The report should be presented in a written format, with a clear and concise structure. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong research and analytical skills - Proficiency in data analysis and interpretation - Excellent writing and communication skills - Ability to present complex information in a clear and concise manner - Attention to detail and accuracy in data reporting

I am looking for an expert writer to explore the ideas of economists and their potential relevance to organizational performance. The project will require a document of 2,500 words following a logical structure Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in economics, particularly in the chosen aspect (Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, or Behavioral economics) - Strong research and analytical skills - Ability to articulate complex economic concepts in a clear and concise manner - Familiarity with academic writing and referencing styles

THere is a matlab analysis work to do. You have to do it in 1 day. A report and codes have to provide

I am looking for a freelancer who can provide expert assistance with my doctoral research. The specific focus of my research is in the technology and engineering field. I require someone to draft my thesis according to my specifications. My preferred writing style is APA and I am looking for someone with the know-how to produce excellent work. Please get in touch if you have the credentials to help me out with my research.

I am looking for a freelancer to write a report based on CFD analysis of a methane jet flame. The purpose of the report is to analyze the performance of the methane jet flame. Methodology: - The client will provide full analysis of CFD from ANSYS. Your task is to analyse the results and findings Report Length: - The desired length of the report is 10-20 pages. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in CFD analysis - Knowledge of methane jet flame systems - Proficient in report writing and data analysis - Attention to detail and ability to provide clear and concise analysis and recommendations

Assessment Task 3 Guidelines: Based on the identified focus area, target market, digital marketing goal and objectives, select at least two components your digital marketing campaign will be structured around and outline the strategy and deliverables. Your proposal should include the following: 1. The title of the campaign 2. Marketing goal and objectives. Select one of the marketing goals the company should focus on. For example, brand awareness, lead generation, brand differentiation from competitors, etc. Make sure your goal is SMART. Consider campaign objectives, that is, the steps towards your goal (at least 2). They may relate to website traffic, social media reach, conversion rate, etc. 3. Strategy components (at least 2). Choose 2 from the following: • Websit...

Seeking a professional Investigative Journalist or presenter with respected UK or Australian media credentials. Key role is to carry out four interviews with politicians and business persons. Most likely this might be done via zoom and then may be to seek publication. We will need to see that a google search confirms you have been recently published by UK or Australian media for example in business magazines or the Guardian, in areas relevant to business or government. You must be resident in Australia or United Kingdom. The desired timeline for this project is three weeks, and we have specific goals and outcomes in mind that we would like to achieve.

I am looking for a mutual funds expert with expertise in fund research and analysis. The desired outcome of the project is to gain a better understanding of specific mutual funds. I am open to suggestions and do not require any specific mutual funds to be analyzed. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in fund research and analysis - Experience in mutual fund portfolio management - Knowledge of risk assessment and diversification strategies - Familiarity with various mutual funds and investment strategies - Ability to provide recommendations and insights based on analysis

Project Title: Competitor analysis for a new retail enterprise Industry: Retail Level of Detail: Comprehensive Report with Recommendations Skills and Experience: - Experience in conducting competitor analysis in the retail industry - Strong research and analytical skills - Ability to gather and analyze data on competitors' products, pricing, marketing strategies, and customer base - Knowledge of industry trends and market dynamics - Ability to provide actionable recommendations based on the analysis - Strong written and verbal communication skills

I am looking for a freelancer to create a Deformation Surveying Report or static surveying report with precise levelling data for land surveying . The report should be comprehensive and detailed to accurately represent the data and information. As there is only one report needed, the freelancer should ensure that they provide the highest quality surveying to ensure accuracy. This report should cover all data and information necessary for proper construction planning. With these important details, I can achieve the best results and optimize the construction process.

We are looking for a freelancer to help us provide us with a proposal for enhancing and managing guest relations in Old Town and Hegra at Alula. The focus of the project will be on assisting tourists, so the ideal candidate should have experience in customer service and complaint handling. In order to ensure that our guests have a positive experience, we require the freelancer to commit to a period of more than three months. Specifically, the freelancer will be helping with welcoming and accommodating guests upon arrival, arranging any necessary accommodations or activities for them during their stay, as well as addressing any problems or complaints that may arise. Additionally, the freelancer will be tasked proposal for the project , marketing plan, customer excellence This project req...

I have many clients from the public and private sectors. I need to know the social conditions and people's feelings in Latin America, such as the risks and challenges of China's "the belt and road initiative" project in Latin America, and write relevant reports to serve my clients' investment projects. If you have any work experience or research results in this field, please contact me. attention please:I just need partners from Latin America.

Strategic Audit for We are seeking a skilled professional to conduct a strategic audit for our company, The focus areas for the audit will be in Marketing and Sales. Goals: - Our main goal for this strategic audit is to develop new strategies that will enhance our marketing and sales efforts. Audit Results: - We prefer to receive the audit results in the form of a comprehensive Written Report. This will allow us to review the findings and recommendations at our own pace and reference them as needed. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven expertise in strategic analysis and auditing in the field of Marketing and Sales. - Strong analytical and research skills to identify areas of improvement and develop new strategies. - Excellent written communication skills to effecti...

Write a report for 1000 words.

Science Review Paper on a Specific Research Question I am looking for an experienced writer to help me with a science review paper. The paper will focus on a specific research question that I have. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in the field of science and be able to conduct thorough research. Key Requirements: - Expertise in the field of science - Ability to develop a research question or hypothesis - Experience in conducting literature reviews - Strong writing skills and ability to present complex information in a clear and concise manner - Proficiency in conducting research and synthesizing information from various sources Length of the paper: - The review paper should be 20 pages or more in length If you have the necessary skills and experience in scientific r...

Due to a single incident of unprofessional conduct, I am seeking to file a complaint against my therapist. I have documented evidence that can be used to support the complaint. I am looking for assistance in composing a complaint letter so that I can get justice. The letter must be professional, appropriate, and effective in presenting my case. I need to make sure that it represents my views and interests. The letter should clearly explain the incident and its consequences for me in order to support the complaint.

Project Description: Title: 1500 Word Essay I am looking for a freelancer to write a 1500-word essay on a topic of my choosing. Topic: Client's chosen topic Style: Casual Format: Argumentative essay Skills and Experience: - Excellent writing skills - Experience in writing argumentative essays - Ability to conduct thorough research and provide evidence to support arguments - Strong understanding of essay structure and formatting - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines If you have a passion for writing and the ability to craft persuasive arguments, this project is perfect for you. I am looking for a freelancer who can deliver a high-quality essay that is engaging and thought-provoking.

Review paper in civil engineering

I am looking for a competent researcher to help me complete a research project on healthcare. The research requires both qualitative and quantitative methods, and the desired length of the report is less than 10 pages. A deep look into the topic is required, and the researcher should be able to provide timely results, as well as advice. The research must be professional and of the highest quality. The ideal candidate will have significant experience conducting research projects of a similar nature, as well as experience with both qualitative and quantitative methods. They should also have strong writing skills to ensure that the report is comprehensive and easy to understand. If you believe you have the necessary skills and experience for this project, please submit a proposal. I look fo...

Recruiting & HR in India I am looking for a freelancer who can provide recruitment assistance in India for more than 100 positions on a full-time basis. Services Required: - Recruitment assistance: I need help with sourcing, screening, and shortlisting candidates for the available positions. Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of the Indian job market and recruitment practices. - Experience in sourcing and evaluating candidates for various roles. - Knowledge of HR policies and procedures in India. - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with candidates and clients. Ideal Freelancer: - A recruitment professional with prior experience in hiring for diverse positions in India. - Familiarity with different industries and job functions. -...

The 2.9 mile route to our local High School has changed classification and now deemed safe by Cheshire West & Chester School Transport team. In order to support our appeal I’d like to commission a road safety report of the route by an independent Road Safety Officer (or equivalent). Please provide a quote if you’re qualified and have availability to complete by 8th Sept.

I am looking for a freelancer to conduct a literature review of recent advances in the area of Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) glazing systems. The literature review should include a comprehensive investigation into relevant articles and sources already published to identify the current and future trends, advantages, and challenges with this technology. The results of this review are intended for academic research purposes. I am confident that the freelancer selected for this project will be able to identify the most relevant and up-to-date sources to inform the literature. I look forward to receiving a detailed and thorough review that is both comprehensive and thoughtfully composed. I have attached a section heading document to clarify what is to be included in the literature review.

Business Report: Cryptocurrencies

!Cryptology! is a community, company, fund, merchant, school, mentorship, exchange, and other financial services. Our journey began in Ukraine and has now expanded to Asia, America, and Europe! In just 3 years, we have become the largest community in Europe and Asia. We have become so widely recognized that we are known absolutely everywhere! Our mission is to scale and educate people worldwide in every financial direction. We are in search of an intelligent "translation agent" who is willing to dedicate 2-4 hours per day working with investor funds: There are such online banking: CPBank, Postal Bank of Cambodia, Sathapana Bank, Members Bank, No prior experience required. This person must be honest, as they will be handling substantial investor sums. The task is not comp...

Hello, I'm in need of a talented professional to write an academic paper on the topic of privacy, cybersecurity, mental model, organization readiness, Technology. The paper should be thorough and precise, and should exceed 10 pages in length. With sound research, the content of this research paper should be of the highest quality. This research paper will form a crucial part of a larger project, and as such, should be error-free and compelling. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in both research and writing, as well as some knowledge of Technology, though their expertise in this subject can be supplemented with thorough, accurate research. I'm looking for someone who is reliable, and communicative throughout the entirety of this project. As the deadlines are du...

This project will highlight specific diversity metrics with strong writing abilities to craft a concise and well-structured report, adeptly analyse data to extract pertinent insights, demonstrate familiarity with diversity metrics and their workplace implications, and thrive at presenting intricate information in an accessible manner for other stakeholders.

Seeking a skilled freelancer to format a Word document for a project. The purpose of the document is to correctly format the submission. The desired format is plain text, without any specific formatting or styles. The word count for the document is more than 1000 words. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficient in Microsoft Word - Excellent writing and editing skills - Attention to detail and ability to organize information effectively - Strong research skills to gather necessary data for the report - Ability to meet deadlines and work independently

Project Title: Protecting Bird Wildlife Conservation I am looking for a freelancer to work on a project focused on wildlife conservation, specifically on protecting bird species. Project Scope: - The project aims to raise awareness and implement measures to safeguard bird populations and their habitats. - The freelancer will be responsible for conducting research on the challenges faced by bird species, such as habitat loss, climate change, and illegal hunting. - The project will involve developing strategies and recommendations for conservation efforts, including habitat restoration, creating protected areas, and promoting sustainable practices. - Additionally, the freelancer will collaborate with local communities, organizations, and government agencies to implement conservation initi...

I need someone who can do research on the topic "Data protection law in 2 different continents: a comparative study" and write them down in an academic way for my company. The writings should be at least in graduation level. Interested people can contact me.

Project Title: Classification of Emotions (7 different kinds of emotion or 5 different) My project involves the classification of emotions into different categories. I have a rough idea of the emotions I want to include, but I am open to suggestions. Intended Use: - The classification of emotions is for academic research purposes. Methodology and Approach: - I have a specific approach in mind for classifying these emotions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A strong background in psychology or related field. - Experience in emotion classification research. - Knowledge of different methodologies and approaches for classifying emotions. - Ability to work independently and provide expertise in the chosen approach. Please provide your portfolio or examples of previous work related to emotion...

Essential: experience running a CRM system like Donorfy. Understanding development of sustainable long terms partnerships and sponsorship We are looking for an experienced fundraiser for an LGBTQ mental health charity in England. We are aiming to raise £20,000+ by December 2023. To reach this goal, we plan to follow up with existing corporate and community donors, as well as establishing digital campaigns. We believe in the power of both online / digital methods, and have a donor base to build upon. Our end goal is to build on our donor database, get longer term buy-in and support alongside specific campaigns eg, crowdfunder to ensure we can continue delivery of our range of LGBTQ mental health services largely in the South East but some across the UK. Experience of managing ...

I am looking for a writer to create informative content on corruption in our justice system. The specific aspect we want to focus on is coverups and payoffs. We have specific examples and cases of corruption that we would like the content to reference. The tone of the content should be informative. Skills and experience required: - Strong research skills to gather information on corruption in the justice system - Excellent writing skills to create informative content - Knowledge of the legal system and understanding of corruption issues - Ability to present complex information in a clear and concise manner - Attention to detail to ensure accuracy of information presented

Nursing expert needed for Writing

i have to submit memo for both sides councel and defendant

I am looking for an expert empirical research article writer on HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT and the article should get published in a Scopus unpaid journal max of 12 pages.

I am looking for a freelancer who can create a written report based on the diversity data provided. The report should be tailored for external stakeholders and should focus on specific diversity metrics. I will supply copy of past year report which should be used a basis for new data. Skills and Experience: - Strong writing skills to create a well-structured and concise report - Proficiency in analyzing and interpreting data to extract relevant insights - Knowledge of diversity metrics and their significance in the workplace - Ability to present complex information in a clear and understandable manner for external stakeholders.

jobs involving report writing

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14 high-paying jobs for people who love writing

If you've got the writing bug, you don't necessarily have to bank on being a starving writer for the rest of your career.

In fact, there are plenty of well-paid jobs in a range of fields that require excellent writing skills.

We checked out the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) , a US Department of Labor database that compiles detailed information on hundreds of jobs, and looked at salary data on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics' website to find positions with a median annual salary of more than $55,000 that require writing skills.

O*NET ranks how important " the ability to communicate information and ideas in writing so others will understand " is in any job, assigning each a "writing importance level" between 1 and 100, where a higher score indicates more writing skills are required. It also breaks down each occupation's projected growth from 2014 to 2024.

Here are 14 well-paying positions with a writing-importance level of 81 or higher and a projected growth of at least 2%:

14. Historians

jobs involving report writing

Writing importance level: 81

Median salary: $55,110

Projected growth from 2014 to 2024: 2% to 4%

Historians research, analyze, record, and interpret the past as recorded in sources.

13. Copy writers

jobs involving report writing

Median salary: $61,240

Copy writers write advertising copy for use by publication or broadcast media to promote sale of goods and services.

12. Instructional coordinators

jobs involving report writing

Median salary: $62,460

Projected growth from 2014 to 2024: 5% to 8%

Instructional coordinators develop instructional material, coordinate educational content, and incorporate current technology in specialized fields.

11. Archaeologists

jobs involving report writing

Median salary: $63,190

Archaeologists conduct research to reconstruct record of past human life and culture from human remains, artifacts, architectural features, and structures.

10. Postsecondary English language and literature teachers

jobs involving report writing

Median salary: $63,730

Projected growth from 2014 to 2024: 9% to 13%

Postsecondary English language and literature teachers teach courses in English language and literature, including linguistics and comparative literature.

9. Technical writers

jobs involving report writing

Median salary: $69,850

Technical writers write technical materials, such as equipment manuals, appendices, or operating and maintenance instructions.

8. School psychologists

jobs involving report writing

Median salary: $ 73,270

Projected growth from 2014 to 2024: 14% or higher

School psychologists investigate processes of learning and teaching and develop psychological principles and techniques applicable to educational problems.

7. Industrial-organizational psychologists

jobs involving report writing

Median salary: $82,760

Industrial-organizational psychologists apply principles of psychology to human resources, administration, management, sales, and marketing problems.

6. Postsecondary education administrators

jobs involving report writing

Median salary: $90,760

Postsecondary education administrators plan, direct, or coordinate research, instructional, student administration and services, and other educational activities at postsecondary institutions.

5. Atmospheric and space scientists

jobs involving report writing

Median salary: $92,460

Atmospheric and space scientists investigate atmospheric phenomena and interpret meteorological data.

jobs involving report writing

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dinner party guests

There's more to a career in writing than being a journalist or novelist

Don’t limit your career to stereotypes about what writers do. Anelia Varela explores business writing and some lesser-known options open to those who want a career with words

  • Looking to become a writer? Browse and apply for a range of journalist jobs at Guardian Jobs

'So you write novels?'

That's the standard response at dinner parties when I tell people I'm a writer. Either that, or 'Oh, so you're a journalist?' Or, if it's one of those parties with 'creative industry types', they might just assume I'm an advertising copywriter.

But writing for business? Most people at most parties have never even heard of it.

Yet I've been making a living from business writing for years. True, I started off as an advertising copywriter myself. But back in 1998, I'd never heard of business writing either.

Some 13 years later, writing for business is a business in itself and I'm a creative director at The Writer, a language consultancy that specialises purely in words. Business is booming too, as more and more companies are realising the power of words to breathe new life and personality into their brands, and boost their bottom line. (One of our clients saved £500,000 in call-handling time just by making their bills easier to understand.)

Career options for writers

Some companies are taking brand language so seriously, they're creating new jobs in-house. In recent years we've seen clients as diverse as telecoms companies and management consultancies appointing their own heads of brand language: people whose job it is to make sure their company has a recognisable voice, and that whoever writes for them does so in that voice. That might involve working with creative agencies like ours to define the company's language, and in some cases globe-trotting around different offices to train people to write in that language.

Although heads of brand language are a very new thing, most big companies have been employing their own writers for years, especially in areas like internal communications, web writing and new business. Some companies, for example, have teams of bid writers to help them win new contracts. And there are many more people in areas like HR, customer service and PR who wouldn't call themselves 'writers', but do spend most of their days writing at work.

Then of course there are the creative agencies like brand consultancies, web agencies, design agencies and language consultancies that employ both full-time and freelance writers.

Whether you decide to work for an agency, a client or yourself, the choice for business writers has never been bigger. One minute you might be writing a blog for a bank or a poem for a crisp packet, the next you might be interviewing a CEO for an annual report. Or you can specialise, in anything from social media to corporate responsibility to web editing.

Starting out as a specialist in a particular subject can actually be an advantage. So a qualification in IT today could see you writing the manual for the next big smartphone tomorrow. And a law degree could be put to good, creative use if you can translate and rewrite legalese into something that's easier to understand and more fun to read.

Your options aren't limited to writing, either. Even at The Writer, we don't just write. We help companies define the language they use. We train people to be better and more creative writers at work. We even come up with names for companies and products. And our team comes from all sorts of backgrounds, including publishing, human rights and literature, branding, magazines and PR.

How do you get into writing for business?

The bad news is it isn't as straightforward as, say, becoming a journalist where there's an obvious course to study and a well-trodden career path to follow.

There are some courses around: ­Falmouth University College, for example, offers a Business and Editorial Writing module as part of its Professional Writing MA. And you could do worse than starting with a degree in English, journalism or creative writing.

But at the end you'll still be faced with The Graduate's Conundrum: needing experience to get a job, and needing a job to get experience.

The good news is there are a number of ways to add some meat to your CV.

For example, you could volunteer as a mentor at the Ministry of Stories , a creative writing centre in east London that uses storytelling to inspire kids aged 8 – 18.

Or, for just £26 a year, you can join writers' network 26 . As well as hosting talks and events where you can meet business writers, they also run regular creative writing projects for members.

At The Writer we have our own take on work experience, called 'Word Experience'. Instead of the traditional summer-holiday placement, we get 20 undergraduates in for two days of hands-on workshops.

In that time, the students learn practical things like how to improve their CVs and cover letters. But the bigger point is to show them that an English literature degree could lead to a job that's interesting, creative... and pays the bills. Three tips for getting into business writing:

Write. Blog. Tweet. It's all experience. And it's all 'building your brand'. Network. Join online communities or real-life groups. Try 26: . Be imaginative with the job you've got. Every job comes with opportunities to write and be creative. ­Even your out of office auto-reply could get you noticed. Anelia Varela is creative director at The Writer

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Jobs that Involve Writing: A Comprehensive List of Opportunities

Jobs that involve writing are some of the most versatile and fulfilling careers in the world. From crafting marketing copy to writing novels, the opportunities for writers are endless. Writing is a skill that can be applied to various industries, making it a valuable asset in today’s job market.

The art and science of writing involves more than just putting words on paper. Writing requires creativity, critical thinking, and attention to detail. It’s a craft that can be honed through practice and experience. Whether it’s writing for a blog, creating content for social media, or writing technical manuals, the ability to communicate effectively through writing is an essential skill in today’s digital age.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • Writing is a versatile and fulfilling career that can be applied to various industries.
  • Writing requires creativity, critical thinking, and attention to detail.
  • The ability to communicate effectively through writing is an essential skill in today’s digital age.

The Art and Science of Writing

The role of creativity.

Writing is both an art and a science. It requires creativity, imagination, and a deep understanding of language and its nuances. The art of writing involves the ability to use words to create vivid images, convey emotions, and tell compelling stories. It is the writer’s ability to tap into their imagination and bring their ideas to life on the page.

Creativity is an essential element of writing. It is the writer’s ability to think outside the box, to come up with new and innovative ideas, and to approach a topic from a fresh perspective. Without creativity, writing can become dull, repetitive, and uninteresting.

The Importance of Writing Skills

While creativity is important, it is not enough to be a successful writer. Writing skills are equally important. Writing skills involve the ability to use language effectively, to communicate clearly and concisely, and to structure ideas in a logical and coherent way.

Good writing skills are essential for a wide range of careers, including journalism, marketing, public relations, and advertising. In these fields, the ability to write well is often a crucial factor in success.

Writing skills can be developed through practice, education, and experience. It is important for writers to continually work on improving their writing skills, whether through taking writing courses, reading widely, or practicing writing on a regular basis.

In conclusion, the art and science of writing involves both creativity and writing skills. Writers must be able to tap into their imagination to create compelling stories and ideas, while also having the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. With practice and dedication, anyone can develop the skills necessary to become a successful writer.

Career Paths in Writing

Journalism is one of the most popular career paths in writing. Journalists report news and current events for various media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, television, and online platforms. They conduct interviews, research, and write articles that inform the public on a wide range of topics. To become a journalist, one typically needs a degree in journalism or a related field, as well as strong writing, communication, and research skills.


Copywriting involves creating written content for advertising or marketing purposes. Copywriters write content for various media such as print, broadcast, and online platforms. They are responsible for creating headlines, slogans, and other promotional materials that persuade consumers to buy products or services. To become a copywriter, one typically needs a degree in marketing, advertising, or a related field, as well as strong writing and communication skills.

Technical Writing

Technical writing involves creating written content that explains complex technical information in a clear and concise manner. Technical writers create user manuals, instruction guides, and other technical documentation for various industries such as software, engineering, and healthcare. To become a technical writer, one typically needs a degree in technical writing, engineering, or a related field, as well as strong writing, communication, and technical skills.

Content Strategy

Content strategists are responsible for creating and implementing content plans for various media platforms such as websites, social media, and email marketing campaigns. They work closely with writers, designers, and other professionals to create content that aligns with the company’s goals and objectives. To become a content strategist, one typically needs a degree in marketing, communications, or a related field, as well as strong writing, communication, and strategic planning skills.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing involves working as a self-employed writer and providing written content to various clients on a project-by-project basis. Freelance writers can write for various media such as newspapers, magazines, websites, and blogs. They are responsible for finding clients, negotiating rates, and delivering high-quality content on time. To become a freelance writer, one typically needs strong writing, communication, and organizational skills, as well as the ability to market themselves effectively.

In conclusion, writing careers offer a wide range of opportunities for those with strong writing skills. Whether one is interested in journalism, copywriting, technical writing, content strategy, or freelance writing, there are many paths to pursue. With the right education and skills, one can find a fulfilling and rewarding career in writing.

Writing in Different Industries

Writing is a crucial aspect of many industries, and professionals who can write effectively are in high demand. Below are some industries where writing plays a significant role:

Media and Publication

In the media and publication industry, writing is essential for creating engaging content that informs and entertains readers. This industry includes newspapers, magazines, online publications, and broadcast media. Journalists, editors, and content writers are some of the professionals who need to have excellent writing skills to succeed in this industry.

Business and Marketing

Businesses and marketing firms need writers to create content for their websites, social media channels, and marketing materials. Business writers create reports, proposals, and other documents that help businesses communicate effectively with their stakeholders. Marketing writers create content that promotes a product or service and persuades customers to buy it.

In the healthcare industry, medical writers create documents that communicate complex medical information to a variety of audiences. They write research papers, clinical trial reports, and regulatory documents that are essential for getting new drugs and medical devices approved by regulatory agencies.

The technology industry relies heavily on writers to create technical documentation, user manuals, and other materials that help users understand how to use software and hardware products. Technical writers work closely with engineers and product managers to create documents that are accurate, clear, and concise.

Politics and Political Science

In politics and political science, writing plays a crucial role in communicating ideas and persuading others to support a particular cause or candidate. Political speechwriters create speeches and other materials that politicians use to communicate their ideas to the public. Political scientists write research papers and reports that analyze political trends and events.

Overall, writing is a valuable skill that is essential in many industries. Professionals who can write effectively have a significant advantage in the job market and can make a positive impact on their organizations.

Roles and Responsibilities

Writing is a versatile skill that can be applied to many different fields and industries. Here are some of the most common roles and responsibilities for writers:

Editors are responsible for overseeing the content of a publication or website. They work closely with writers to ensure that articles are well-written, informative, and engaging. Editors also manage the editorial calendar, assign stories to writers, and make sure that all content is published on time.

Reporters are responsible for researching, writing, and reporting news stories for print, broadcast, or online media outlets. They must be able to write quickly and accurately, and they must have excellent research skills.

Grant Writer

Grant writers are responsible for writing proposals to secure funding for non-profit organizations, government agencies, or other entities. They must be able to write persuasively and clearly, and they must have a strong understanding of the organization’s mission and goals.

Columnists are responsible for writing opinion pieces on a regular basis. They must be able to express their opinions clearly and persuasively, and they must be able to engage readers with their writing.

Proposal Writer

Proposal writers are responsible for writing proposals to secure business contracts or funding for a company or organization. They must be able to write persuasively and clearly, and they must have a strong understanding of the company’s goals and objectives.

Content Writer

Content writers are responsible for creating content for websites, blogs, and other digital media. They must be able to write in a variety of styles and formats, and they must be able to write for different audiences.


Ghostwriters are responsible for writing books, articles, or other content on behalf of someone else. They must be able to write in the voice of the person they are writing for, and they must be able to keep their work confidential.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for creating and managing content for social media platforms. They must be able to write in a variety of styles and formats, and they must be able to engage with followers and fans.

Public Relations Manager

Public relations managers are responsible for creating and managing content for press releases, speeches, and other public-facing materials. They must be able to write persuasively and clearly, and they must be able to engage with the media and other stakeholders.

Content Marketer

Content marketers are responsible for creating and managing content for marketing materials, such as brochures, websites, and social media posts. They must be able to write in a variety of styles and formats, and they must be able to engage with customers and prospects.


Speechwriters are responsible for writing speeches for politicians, executives, and other public figures. They must be able to write in the voice of the person they are writing for, and they must be able to craft speeches that are engaging and persuasive.


Screenwriters are responsible for writing scripts for movies, television shows, and other productions. They must be able to write in a variety of formats, and they must be able to create engaging and compelling stories.

Translators are responsible for translating written content from one language to another. They must be able to write in both languages, and they must be able to convey the meaning of the original text accurately.

Medical Writer

Medical writers are responsible for writing content for medical journals, websites, and other publications. They must be able to write clearly and accurately, and they must have a strong understanding of medical terminology.

Web Content Writer

Web content writers are responsible for creating content for websites. They must be able to write in a variety of styles and formats, and they must be able to create content that is engaging and informative.

Copy Editor

Copy editors are responsible for reviewing and editing written content for grammar, punctuation, and style. They must be able to write in a variety of styles and formats, and they must be able to ensure that all content is error-free and easy to read.

Writing for Different Formats

Writing is a versatile skill that can be applied to different formats. Professionals who are skilled in writing can create content for various platforms, including press releases, brochures, advertisements, newsletters, billboards, and original social media posts. Each format has its own unique requirements, and writers must be able to adapt their writing style to meet these needs.

Press Releases

Press releases are written communications that are meant to inform the media and the public about a newsworthy event or development. They are usually written in a formal tone and follow a specific format. The first paragraph of a press release should contain the most important information, followed by the details in subsequent paragraphs. Writers must be able to convey the message clearly and concisely.

Brochures are marketing materials that are used to promote a product or service. They are usually printed on glossy paper and contain images and text. The text should be persuasive and informative, and the design should be visually appealing. Writers must be able to create compelling content that will capture the reader’s attention and encourage them to take action.


Advertisements are designed to promote a product or service and are usually placed in print or online media. They can take many forms, including print ads, banner ads, and social media ads. Writers must be able to create attention-grabbing headlines and persuasive copy that will convince the reader to take action.


Newsletters are regular publications that are sent to subscribers. They can be used to provide updates on a company’s activities, promote products or services, or provide educational content. Writers must be able to create engaging content that will keep readers interested and informed.

Billboards are large outdoor advertising displays that are meant to be seen from a distance. They usually contain a short message and an eye-catching image. Writers must be able to create concise and impactful copy that will grab the viewer’s attention.

Original Social Media Posts

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to promote products and services. Writers must be able to create original and engaging content that will resonate with the audience. They must also be able to adapt their writing style to fit the platform and the target audience.

In conclusion, writing for different formats requires a versatile skillset and the ability to adapt to different requirements. Writers must be able to create compelling content that will capture the reader’s attention and deliver the intended message.

The Business of Writing

Writing is not just about putting words on paper or a screen. It’s also a business that requires strategic planning and execution. Here are some key aspects of the business of writing:

Branding Guidelines

Branding is essential for any business, and writing is no exception. Writers need to create a brand that reflects their writing style, tone, and voice. This includes creating a logo, choosing a color scheme, and developing a tagline. Writers should also consider the type of content they write and the audience they want to attract when developing their branding guidelines.

Editorial Guidelines

Editorial guidelines are a set of rules and standards that writers follow to ensure consistency in their writing. This includes grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting. Writers should also consider the tone and voice of their writing when developing their editorial guidelines. These guidelines help writers maintain a consistent style and tone across all their content.

Marketing Plans

Marketing is an essential part of any business, and writing is no exception. Writers need to create a marketing plan that includes strategies for promoting their writing and reaching their target audience. This includes social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. Writers should also consider paid advertising and influencer marketing when developing their marketing plans.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing content to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Writers need to consider SEO when creating content to ensure that their content appears at the top of search results for relevant keywords. This includes using relevant keywords, optimizing meta descriptions and titles, and creating high-quality content.

In conclusion, the business of writing involves much more than just writing. Writers need to develop branding guidelines, editorial guidelines, marketing plans, and SEO strategies to succeed in the competitive world of writing. By following these guidelines, writers can build a successful writing business and reach their target audience.

Employment and Salary

Full-time jobs.

For those who are seeking a full-time job in writing, there are many options available. Some common full-time writing jobs include technical writers, content writers, and copywriters. Technical writers create instructional materials for products and services, while content writers generate articles, blog posts, and other written content for websites. Copywriters create advertising copy for print and digital media.

Part-Time Jobs

Part-time writing jobs can provide flexibility for those who need to balance other commitments. Freelance writing is a popular option for part-time work, as writers can work on a project-by-project basis. Other part-time writing jobs include grant writers, social media writers, and scriptwriters.


Non-profit organizations often have a need for skilled writers to help with grant proposals, marketing materials, and other written content. Non-profit writing jobs can be found at organizations such as charities, educational institutions, and advocacy groups.

Average Salary

The average salary for a writer can vary depending on the type of writing job and the level of experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for technical writers was $74,650 in May 2020, while the median annual wage for writers and authors was $67,120. Freelance writers may earn more or less depending on the type of projects they take on and their level of experience.

Overall, writing jobs can provide a fulfilling career for those who enjoy working with words. Whether seeking full-time or part-time work, there are many opportunities available for writers to use their skills and creativity.

Skills and Qualifications

To succeed in jobs that involve writing, individuals must possess a variety of skills and qualifications. These include strong writing and editing skills, the ability to write engaging and persuasive content, and a keen eye for detail.

One of the most important skills for any writing job is the ability to write clearly and concisely. Writers must be able to convey complex ideas in a way that is easy for readers to understand. This requires a strong grasp of grammar, punctuation, and syntax, as well as the ability to organize information in a logical and coherent manner.

In addition to writing skills, writers must also possess strong editing skills. This involves the ability to proofread and revise content to ensure that it is error-free and meets the highest standards of quality. Writers must also be able to work collaboratively with editors and other team members to ensure that content is accurate, engaging, and on-brand.

Another important skill for writers is the ability to write engaging and persuasive content. This requires a deep understanding of the target audience, as well as the ability to craft content that resonates with them. Writers must be able to use language effectively to create emotional connections with readers and to persuade them to take action.

Overall, jobs that involve writing require a unique combination of skills and qualifications. Individuals who possess strong writing and editing skills, the ability to write engaging and persuasive content, and a keen eye for detail are well-suited for these roles. With the right mix of talent and experience, writers can excel in a variety of fields, from journalism and marketing to technical writing and content creation.

In conclusion, there are a variety of jobs that involve writing, ranging from technical writing to creative writing. Writing is a skill that is in high demand in many industries, and those who possess it can find fulfilling careers.

One of the benefits of writing as a career is the flexibility it offers. Many writing jobs can be done remotely, allowing individuals to work from home or anywhere with an internet connection. This can be especially appealing for those who value work-life balance or have other commitments that make traditional office jobs difficult.

Another advantage of writing as a career is the potential for growth and advancement. As writers gain experience and hone their craft, they may have opportunities to take on more challenging projects or move into leadership roles within their organizations.

Overall, for those who enjoy writing and have a talent for it, pursuing a career in writing can be a rewarding and fulfilling choice. Whether it’s crafting technical documents, writing marketing copy, or creating engaging stories, there are many opportunities for writers to use their skills and make a valuable contribution to their chosen field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some careers that require strong writing and communication skills.

There are many careers that require strong writing and communication skills. Some examples include journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising, technical writing, grant writing, and content creation for social media and blogs.

What are some job options for professional writers?

Professional writers can find work in a variety of fields. Some options include copywriting, editing, content creation, ghostwriting, and freelance writing. Additionally, writers can find work in industries such as healthcare, finance, and technology.

What are some careers for writers and artists?

Writers and artists can find careers in fields such as publishing, advertising, film and television, and graphic design. Additionally, they can work as freelance writers or artists and create their own content.

What is the role of a technical writer?

Technical writers create documentation and instructional materials for complex products and services. They must be able to translate technical jargon into clear and concise language that is easy for the average person to understand.

How much can you earn in a writing job?

Earnings for writing jobs vary widely depending on the field, experience, and location. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for writers and authors was $63,200 in May 2020. However, some writers can earn significantly more than this depending on their expertise and the demand for their skills.

What are some tips for getting high-paying writing jobs?

To increase your chances of getting high-paying writing jobs, it is important to develop your skills and build a strong portfolio. Networking with professionals in your field and staying up-to-date on industry trends can also help. Additionally, consider specializing in a specific area of writing, such as technical writing or grant writing, to increase your earning potential.

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10 writing careers that involve: research

jobs involving report writing

When considering possible career paths that incorporate writing, some obvious options are being an author or editor. But really, there are Tons of options out there.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career that incorporates writing AND research, here are some potential roles to consider:

1. Journalist

Journalists often write articles or scripts that report news stories. But in order to deliver well-rounded pieces, they have to do a fair bit of research, which can entail conducting interviews, analyzing data, finding additional sources and doing outside learning about the subjects they cover.

2. Research Analyst

Whether you’re working in market research analysis, operations research analysis or economic research analysis, research is a given. But, chances are that these roles will require you to write your findings and analyses in weekly, monthly or annual reports too.

3. Literary agent

Literary agents act on behalf of an author to secure a publishing deal and communicate with those involved in publishing and promoting the author’s work. It’s important for literary agents to understand what kind of works different imprints look for and changing trends in publishing, which requires research. And, for unestablished literary agents, the work usually requires more researching to find unsigned writers than sifting through an endless query inbox.

4. Copywriter

A copywriter writes advertising materials for promoting and selling goods and services. As part of the role, copywriters research the goods/services to find the best selling points to highlight, the companies they’re working to find the most complementary tones and language to use for them and the competition.

5. Technical writer

A technical writer translates complex information into written texts like instruction manuals, user manuals and journal articles . Some technical writers also create social media posts, web pages and press releases. In order to write these types of documents, technical writers must often research to be well-versed with the subject matter they’re describing.

6. Attorney

Attorneys (or law clerks which assist attorneys and judges) do extensive legal research for their cases and write letters and professional documents . These may include correspondence, motions, briefs and other documents.

7. Publicist

Publicists write press releases and media alerts to generate more awareness for their clients and their latest achievements and releases. Publicists also create and maintain media lists and media coverage and need to stay up-to-date with their activity and competition, which all requires research.

8. Content marketer

Content marketing is a branch of marketing which, instead of involving explicitly pitching a product or service, relies on generating materials like written blogs and social media posts to create an interest in a company’s product or service. The research comes in understanding which approaches yield the best results and adapting to changing trends.

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite author developed the murderer of a thriller that well, no, they’re not drawing on personal experience… In most cases, at least. What’s more likely is that they spent hours researching to write it well. In order to depict different professions, lifestyles, cultures, settings, etc., well, it’s often standard for authors to research what they haven’t experienced firsthand.

10. Broad research

No matter what kind of research you’re interested in doing, whether it be scientific, academic or some other focus, it’ll probably require writing a report or article that will present and explain your findings. These works also often have the potential to be published traditionally or in a peer-reviewed journal.


October 27, 2020

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'Doing the right thing' was worth $40 million to this Marine veteran and mother of three

jobs involving report writing

Whistleblower shedding light on government contractor fraud involving taxpayer money

After multiple combat tours in Iraq as a U.S. Marine officer, Sarah Feinberg was proud to join the ranks of Booz Allen Hamilton, a prestigious firm headquartered in suburban Washington, D.C., that holds annual contracts valued at $6.5 billion with nearly every U.S. government agency.

Touting itself as one of “the world’s most ethical companies,” Booz Allen has counted former senior U.S. intelligence officials among its corporate officers . Feinberg thought she fit right in, and after taking leave to earn an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, she was promoted to a position tracking internal financial data.

She soon made a discovery that would change her family’s life.

Feinberg uncovered what the Justice Department ultimately declared was a civil fraud scheme under which Booz Allen allegedly was overcharging U.S. taxpayers to subsidize its money-losing private consulting contracts, including with foreign governments such as Saudi Arabia. After a yearslong investigation, Booz Allen last month admitted no wrongdoing while paying a $377 million settlement, what DOJ officials said was the third largest contract fraud settlement in history.

jobs involving report writing

Because she discovered the alleged fraud and filed a complaint under the Civil War-era False Claims Act, Feinberg and her lawyers received an eye-popping $69 million from the settlement. Her share — around $40 million before taxes, hit her family bank account last week, said Feinberg, 39.

“I’ve got three kids, and I tell them, ‘Doing the right thing is the right thing, no matter what the outcome is,’” said Feinberg, a volunteer treasurer at her Capitol Hill church who said she plans to give away at least $12 million of her share. “There’s very few times in this life where you’ll actually be rewarded for doing the right thing, but this is one of those unique situations.”

In 2016, after nine months of failing to convince mostly older male Booz Allen executives to stop what she told them was fraud, Feinberg, then 31 and pregnant with twins, took advantage of the little-understood “ qui tam ” procedure allowing an insider to sue on behalf of the U.S. and recover between 15% and 30% of any settlement or judgment. She said she had no idea she could profit from standing on principle — until after she resigned from Booz Allen and brought her concerns to the Justice Department.

But for Feinberg it’s not entirely a happy ending, because she believes prosecutors should have gotten a larger payment from the company. She said she believes the firm overcharged taxpayers by at least $500 million, as she argued in her lawsuit, and she noted that after Booz Allen paid the settlement, “their stock price went up by 20%.”

Justice Department officials disagree, saying they got the best settlement they could. They noted in a statement to NBC News that Feinberg signed off on it, agreeing in writing that it was “fair, adequate and reasonable.”

“This settlement, which is one of the largest procurement fraud settlements in history, demonstrates that the United States will pursue even the largest companies and the most complex matters where taxpayer funds are alleged to have been pilfered,” D.C. U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves said in a statement.

Sarah Feinberg with her twin boys in 2015.

Booz Allen declined to make an executive available for an interview, but in a statement told NBC News that the company “has always believed it acted lawfully and responsibly — guided by its strong, century-old culture of ethics and accountability — and its position has been consistently grounded in facts.”

The Booz Allen statement noted that the Justice Department dropped a separate criminal inquiry without charges. A separate Securities and Exchange Commission investigation also was closed without action, according to company filings.

Among the lawyers representing Booz Allen, according to court documents, was Lanny Breuer, who headed the Justice Department’s criminal division from 2009 to 2013; and Daniel Suleiman, who was Breuer’s deputy chief of staff at Justice.

Booz Allen spokeswoman Jessica Klenk added that when Feinberg raised her concerns, the company “promptly facilitated meetings for her with third-party experts as well as its financial, compliance and accounting teams to examine her concerns. Over the next year, these experts repeatedly affirmed that the company’s practices were lawful and compliant.”

Feinberg and Justice Department officials countered that the $377 million payment amounts to a stark refutation of the company’s position.

Since the settlement was announced, Feinberg said she’s gotten several messages from current and former Booz Allen employees praising her for her courage.

Her moral compass, she said, was honed in the Marine Corps, when she commanded dangerous transport missions in Iraq as U.S. troops were withdrawing from that country.

“It helped me kind of get a sense of right versus wrong, and to have a clear picture of the service that I wanted to perform for our country,” she said.

She left the Marines in 2010 with the rank of captain and joined Booz Allen. She was attracted to the company’s reputation as a bulwark of U.S. national security.

“I had a great experience working at Booz,” she said. “And I had nothing negative to say about Booz — until I discovered this fraud.”

A detailed description of what happened next is covered in her 37-page lawsuit, which was kept secret under seal for seven years while the Justice Department investigated. Booz Allen declined to respond in detail to the narrative laid out in the complaint.

Sarah Feinberg - Washington, DC

According to the suit, the company allowed her to take leave to earn her MBA, and when she returned, put her on a team under the company’s chief financial officer, tasked with examining how to better track and analyze financial data.

She soon found something that gave her pause. Although the vast majority of its consulting clients were government agencies, Booz Allen had tried to build a business consulting for private and international clients, including the government of Saudi Arabia.

“I discovered that our commercial and international practices were very unprofitable,” she said. “And in order to keep the company profitable, they were passing those costs onto the U.S. government contracts.”

Feinberg at first thought it might have been an oversight.

“I was very naïve at the time, and I thought that the reason people do the wrong thing is because they don’t know that something is happening, or they don’t know what the right thing is. So I went and I talked to the head of finance, and presented what I had found, and asked if he was aware of it.”

According to the lawsuit, that was Warren Kohm , now the chief financial officer at another company. He did not respond to a request for comment.

Kohm closed the door to his office, beckoned Feinberg to have a seat, and made clear he knew exactly what she was talking about, the lawsuit alleges.

The suit says he called it a “gray zone,” but added that Defense Department auditors are “too stupid” to figure it out and demand repayment.

At that moment, Feinberg told NBC News, “I realized that this was a very intentional setup. And it wasn’t just that there was the potential to overcharge the government; the rates were built to overcharge the government. If we should have been charging $100 to the government for an hour of work, we were charging $120 for that hour of work, so that that $20 could go to subsidize the international business.”

Sarah Feinberg, right, with her family on Halloween in 2018.

Feinberg then began a nine-month campaign to convince her bosses to put a stop to a practice that she argues in her lawsuit she was instructed to call something other than fraud.

“So in our private conversations, I was presenting this as fraud — something that the government will catch and we’ll be penalized for it.” But, she said, “I was told to call it a compliance risk.”

Feinberg said the situation made her "very upset as a taxpayer. It made me very upset as a Marine officer. I saw how limited our resources were. And the idea that Booz was overcharging the U.S. Marine Corps for things that could be related to international contracts was absurd.”

After dozens of meetings and phone calls, she attended a meeting in the Washington, D.C., office of the company’s chief financial officer, Lloyd Howell, who is now director of the NFL Players Association. He did not respond to a request for comment.

She planned for the meeting as a final push to get the company to stop allegedly bilking U.S. taxpayers to subsidize its money-losing private contracts. But she said that what had been a 90-minute meeting was shortened to an hour. At the outset, Howell announced that he only had 30 minutes.

Of the eight people present, she said “they were mostly older men. There were, I think, two women in the meeting. And I was definitely the youngest person in the room.”

Feinberg said she began her presentation, but Howell soon cut her off.

She quoted him as saying, “I appreciate the work that you’ve done on this … But we are not going to make it a priority.”

She was devastated.

“I walked out of that meeting. And I called my husband right afterwards and told him I was quitting my job,” she said.

In her resignation letter, she warned that Booz Allen was engaged in “risky subsidization of failing businesses.”

Feinberg said she feels relatively lucky, as whistleblowers go. After quitting Booz Allen, she left the defense consulting business for a series of lower-paying finance jobs at media organizations. But she said she was never threatened or made to suffer for her efforts to flag alleged misconduct at a Fortune 500 company.

After she resigned, she said, two company lawyers instructed her to turn over or destroy the documents she had prepared describing the accounting scheme that allegedly defrauded the government.

She ignored them, and instead got her own lawyer — William Pittard of KaiserDillon.

Despite the tens of millions of dollars at her disposal, Feinberg said she doesn’t envision her life changing all that much. A runner with an affection for caffeinated energy drinks, she aims to stay in her tidy, older Northern Virginia home with her husband, Evan, who runs an anti-poverty nonprofit organization. They say their young children will remain in the public schools they love.

There are plans for a lake house and a trip to Italy.

But, she said, “I’m going to give a lot of it to charity, and to causes I believe in.”

As for Booz Allen, “I wish they had listened to me. It would have saved them a lot of pain.”

jobs involving report writing

Ken Dilanian is the justice and intelligence correspondent for NBC News, based in Washington.

Laura Strickler is a senior investigative producer and reporter for NBC News. She is based in Washington.

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Friday is last day for Facebook users to file a claim in $725 million settlement. Here's how.

By Aimee Picchi

Updated on: August 25, 2023 / 8:19 AM / MoneyWatch

Today is the last day for anyone in the U.S. who used Facebook in the last 16 years to get a piece of a $725 million settlement by parent company Meta tied to privacy violations. 

The settlement stems from multiple lawsuits that were brought against Facebook by users who claimed that the company improperly shared their information with third-party sources such as advertisers and data brokers. The litigation began after Facebook was embroiled in a privacy scandal in 2018 with Cambridge Analytica, which  scraped user data from the site as part of an effort to profile voters.

Meta denied any liability or wrongdoing under the settlement, according to the recently created class-action website, set up to pay out money to the social network's users. 

However, the agreement means that U.S. residents who used Facebook between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022, can file an online monetary claim as long as they do so before Friday, August 25, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time. People who send in a claim via U.S. mail must have their letter postmarked by August 25.

How do I claim money under the Facebook settlement?

Go to the claim website  to fill out your claim, or else print out the claim and mail it to this address: Facebook Consumer Privacy User Profile Litigation, c/o Settlement Administrator, 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210, Philadelphia, PA 19103. 

What information do I need to provide?

The claim asks for basic information:

  • Your address
  • If you lived in the U.S. between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022
  • If you were a Facebook user between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022
  • If you deleted your account in that period, the date range when you were a Facebook user
  • Your Facebook user name
  • The payment service you prefer, such as PayPal, Venmo or a prepaid Mastercard

How long does it take to fill out the form?

It should take only a few minutes. 

How do I find my Facebook name?

You can find it on Facebook's website by going to "Account" and then clicking on "Settings and Privacy." From there, click on "Settings," where you should see "Username."

On the mobile app, go to the menu and then click on your display name on top of the screen. Then select the "..." next to "Edit Profile" and your user name appears under "Your Profile Link."

Is the Facebook settlement legit?

Yes, according to Meta. 

"We pursued a settlement as it's in the best interest of our community and shareholders," a Meta spokesperson told CBS MoneyWatch. "We are notifying people through their Facebook notifications about this settlement so they can decide whether to participate."

However, the claim settlement administrator is warning to be alert for requests asking for personal information such as your Social Security number — something the administrator will never ask for.  Likewise, requests for payment in order to get part of the settlement are also suspect.

"[I]t is possible they are efforts to defraud," according to the claims website.

Can I update my claim if my information changed?

Yes. To do so, go to the settlement website and click on "Filed a claim? Click here to edit your claim," which is at the top of the page.

You'll need to provide your confirmation code and claim ID, which is sent to you in a confirmation email after you've initially filed your claim.

If you sent your claim electronically, you can update your claim by emailing: [email protected]

If you sent your claim by mail, you can send your updated your information, as well as your name and contact information, to the following address:

Facebook Consumer Privacy User Profile Litigation c/o Settlement Administrator  1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Can I file for more than one Facebook account?

The claim administrator says that if you created but deleted one or more Facebook accounts, and then later created a new Facebook account, you can claim for the full amount of time you had an activated Facebook account during that time.

However, if you had multiple accounts at the same time, you can't get a claim for those extra accounts. In other words, no double-counting, according to the claim administrator.

Can I file for a deceased person?

Yes, but it takes a few extra steps.

First, file the claim under the name of the deceased person and fill out their details in the "Your Facebook Account" section of the claim form. 

Next, you'll have to provide the claim settlement administrator with a request to change the name to the beneficiary or the estate of the claimant. To do that, you'll have to provide documentation showing the reason for the name change, such as a copy of the death certificate. Send an email to the administrator through its secure portal with the explanation and the documents that demonstrate the need for the change.

The secure portal will allow you to send an email to  [email protected] . Use the subject line: "Name Change – Facebook User Privacy Settlement" and include the claim ID from the claim confirmation, as well as the full name of the deceased person. The site will also ask you to register with your email and password. 

You can also mail the documentation to:

Facebook User Privacy Settlement Attn: Name Change 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210 Philadelphia, PA 19103

How much money will I get?

That's unclear, because the settlement amount per user will depend on how many people fill out a claim, according to the settlement website.

However, the lawyers involved in the case are likely to take a portion of the settlement as part of their fees. The claim website notes that they could be awarded up to 25% of the settlement — or $181.3 million. If they receive that much, the settlement will be reduced to $543.7 million for the Facebook users who ask for part of the claim.

Each claimant will get one point for each month when they had an "activated" Facebook account between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022. The settlement administrator will add up all the points assigned to all claimants and then divide the net settlement amount by that number. 

Each claimant will receive that per point amount multiplied by the number of points they were assigned, meaning that people who have been on Facebook for shorter periods of time would likely get a lower settlement amount.

When will I get the money?

Not until later this year at the earliest.

The claims site notes that there is a final approval hearing for the settlement on September 7, when the court will decide whether to approve the deal and award attorneys' fees and other costs. If the settlement is approved, the case could still face appeals, which would take an unknown amount of time to be resolved, the website notes.

"Settlement payments will be distributed as soon as possible if the court grants final approval of the settlement and after any appeals are resolved," it notes.

Can I opt out of the settlement — and if so, why should I?

Yes, Facebook users were able to opt out of the settlement, but that deadline passed on July 26. One possible reason for doing so was if you wanted to keep your right to separately sue the company about the issues and allegations in the case, according to the settlement website. 

How do I object to the settlement?

The deadline for filing an objection to the Facebook settlement has also passed, with that deadline occurring on July 26. 

Facebook users were able to send the court reasons why the settlement shouldn't be approved, but they couldn't ask it to order a different remedy, according to the settlement website. The court can only either approve or reject the settlement — and if the latter happens, no payments will be sent out and the lawsuit will continue. 

What if I don't do anything?

If you neither file a claim nor opt out of the settlement, you give up your right to file a lawsuit, continue a suit or be part of any other litigation against Facebook about the legal issues involved in the case. You also won't get to collect any of the settlement money, according to the site.

Are there people who are excluded from the settlement?

Aside from those who opt out of the settlement, people who work for Meta, affiliated companies or subsidiaries as well as the attorneys for the plaintiff and their employees can't join the settlement. The special master, mediators and judges involved in the case can't participate either. 

The settlement also doesn't cover users outside the U.S. or people who weren't Facebook users at any time between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022.

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