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161 Creative YouTube Video Ideas to Try [with FREE Channel Ideas List]

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Y ouTube has over a billion users worldwide. So it’s essential to make a YouTube channel if you want to build a following. But with so many video formats out there, it can be a struggle to know which YouTube video idea is best for your brand.

Well struggle no more! We’ve assembled a list of the 165 most creative YouTube video ideas we could find — from channel collaborations to gaming videos. So get ready to tour through ideas that will reinvigorate your brand and leave your viewers wanting more. And make sure to capture the good YouTube ideas with our free mood board template as you go. Let’s dive in!

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"Getting TO KNOW you" youtube video ideas

Introduction ideas, first youtube video ideas, make a youtube channel intro.

A good channel intro can make a YouTube channel very welcoming. Show the world who you are and what your channel is all about.

Since first impressions are everything, this ranks among the best first YouTube video ideas.

What a YouTuber's first video could look like

Introduce yourself.

If finding good first YouTube video ideas has you stumped, just intro yourself. People like putting faces to names. So take some time to reveal the guy or gal behind the curtain, even if it’s just for one video.

Self introductions are among the most popular videos for beginners.

Share your first vlog

Vlogs are among the most popular YouTube video ideas for beginners. It’s a great way to introduce your personality and worldview. This is a great starting point, but consider  diversifying your content  as you go.

But don’t brainstorm your first video too much — just be yourself.

Draw my life

These videos are typically fast-paced and showcase a key moment in the creators life. It's also usually contains a voiceover and accompanied with illustrations that are drawn on a whiteboard (sometimes by the narrator).

Michelle Phan's 'Draw my life' video

Whether it's an introduction or a 'Draw my Life' video, you first need to create a storyboard to plan out the shots that you need (to avoid potential reshoots).

Storyboards help you map out the exact sequence of shots needed in your final video. To create your first storyboard, use StudioBinder Storyboard Creator . 

  • On the Shot List page, swap the Layout to Storyboard view.
  • Then click New Shot  to start adding your shot specs.

After you add your shots and the camera specifics, your final storyboard will look something like this which you can easily share.

Free Storyboard Software - Free Storyboard Template - StudioBinder

Click to view this storyboard in StudioBinder

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Day in the life

Make a video to show a “day in the life”... of you. Plan activities with a few friends -- the louder the personalities the better -- and film all the good moments.

Day in the life video

Talk about your job.

What do you do for a living? Tell the audience why you chose that field and what your day-to-day is like. Or even talk about why you left a job.

Tour your space

Show off your house (or room) to make yourself more familiar with your audience. This will build a stronger connection with viewers and keep you on the top of their minds.

Give a hometown tour

Whether you’re from or Nome, Alaska or The Bronx; your hometown is a part of you. Show your viewers this all-important side of you.

But don’t forget your parka if you’re in Alaska.

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Tech news, reviews, and so much more, 2.1 youtube tech video ideas  • gadget videos, declare love for a favorite gadget.

Are you into tech gadgets? Did you buy that new iPhone? Maybe some new earbuds? Bust out those cool AirPods and talk about why you love them so much, just like Marques does.

Marques Brownlee breaks down the airpods

2.2 youtube tech video ideas  • new os, tour beta releases for operating systems.

Big tech companies usually have beta programs you can join to preview new operating systems. If you're the first one that has access, you can show off the newest OS' to keep viewers in the know.

2.3  YOUTUBE TECH VIDEO IDEAS  • processor releases

Dish on new processor releases.

Processors are always getting faster and faster. Talk about the best ones, how they’re used, and how they’re changing the face of tech.

2.4  YOUTUBE TECH VIDEO IDEAS  • tech topics

Deep dive on tech topics.

Hot button tech issues like net neutrality, cyber security, and bitcoin are very complex. Break down their core concepts in-depth and your viewers will tune in for updates regularly.


Join in on the tech gossip.

There’s a lot of speculation out there in the tech world, about new products and features.  Join in the conversation!


Show off your youtuber tech.

Show off the tools of your vlogging trade, including which microphones and cameras you use.

Sean Cannell shares the best camera for YouTube

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2.7  YOUTUBE TECH VIDEO IDEAS  • Computer tests

Put your computer to the test.

Is your computer super-fast? Or maybe it’s been bogged down by updates? Go into detail to help your viewers assess their own machines.  Use a particularly demanding software to put it to the test.

2.8  YOUTUBE TECH VIDEO IDEAS  • technology timelines

Explore technology timelines.

Any piece of technology has its history. Odds are it’s much richer than you even knew. If there's a Wikipedia page on it, then you can probably makes a YouTube video on it (and have a head start on research).


Show off your device specs.

Got a cool device? Show off the features that make it special. Changes are that your viewers are looking for the same thing.


Dish on new graphics releases.

Better graphics cards mean better gameplay. Talk about the latest and greatest. Remember, the gaming community is tight-nit so they're always looking for the best video cards to improve their gameplay.


Tour a new software beta.

If you’re a power user of a particular app or website, show off its beta features before the public release. One way to find some rising applications is browsing ProductHunt.

All things gaming related

3.1 youtube gaming video ideas   • collabs, play games with other channels.

Video games make good YouTube challenges with friends. They also make a YouTube channel a lot more collaborative. Film yourself playing your favorite game with friends or other channels and highlight your best moments.

Of all the good YouTube video ideas, you might have the most fun with this one.

What's more fun than playing games with friends?

3.2 youtube gaming video ideas   • spotlight, do an indie games spotlight.

There are hundreds of games produced independently each year. Find a good one that lacks the attention it deserves.

3.3  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • in-game footage

Share in-game footage.

Gaming is huge on YouTube. If you think that no one wants to see you playing your favorite game, think again. Remember, there's a ton of directions you can take your gaming YouTube ideas .


Cliffnote any video game.

Show off everything your viewer needs to know about a game in a bite-sized video. There are games coming out on a daily basis, so why not create a short video talking about it?

Break down any game in under 5-minutes

3.5 youtube gaming video ideas, reveal an easter egg.

Did you discover an unexpected secret in your favorite game? Share it with the YouTubesphere so others can discover it too.

3.6 YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • showcase mods

Show off a mod you made.

Mods are modified game elements, usually levels, characters and objects. Show off a cool one you made.

3.7 YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • mechanics break down

Do a mechanics break down.

Some games are designed with the more advanced player in mind. If this is you, school some n00bs with your skills.

3.8 YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • game re-edits

Do a video game re-edit.

This classic YouTube format re-edits in-game footage into a creative storyline. Red vs. Blue made an entire career out of this.

3.9  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • game walkthrough

Tour through a game.

Show off the world of your favorite game with yourself as the guide.

3.10  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • deep dives

Do a video game deep dive.

There’s plenty of game reviews out there. Go deeper with a video that dissects why the game’s designer made the choices he or she did.

3.11  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • cutscenes

Share a cutscene video.

Some people are more into cutscenes than they are the games. Post some from your favorite game.

3.12  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • older games

Ponder a shelved game.

Ever wondered what Star Fox 2 would’ve been like? It’s always fun to entertain what could have been. Find an unreleased game and start speculating the potential.

Ponder an old game

3.13  youtube gaming video ideas   • developer deep dive, do a developer deep dive.

Gaming buffs love talking about game developers. Pick one you admire and break down what makes them so great.

3.14  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • comedy skits

Edit an in-game skit.

Take scenes from the game and turn them into comedy gold with your own voice track and funny snippets from the game.

Far Cry sketch in-game

3.15  youtube gaming video ideas   • game mvp's, discuss the game's mvp's.

If you can’t beat them, talk about them. Scroll through the leaderboards to find the best players and focus on their talents.

3.16  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • cpu setup

Share your optimized gaming setup.

Games can look different screen-to-screen. Show how you set yours up for maximum enjoyment.

3.17  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • gaming commentary

Do a gaming commentary.

Sometimes it’s fun just to hang out and watch someone else play a game. Recreate this experience for your viewers.

3.18  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • history of games

Deep dive into the history of video games.

Chart out all the innovations and discoveries in gaming, from Atari to Nintendo Switch.

3.19  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • gameplay highlights

Show your gameplay highlights.

Cut together some of your best moments, including trophies, frag counts, or unlocked achievements.

3.20  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • timed run-through

Do a timed run-through.

This is when you run through a game as quickly as possible. Other gamers can learn from your moves, or suggest shortcuts.

Super Mario Bros speedrun

3.21  youtube gaming video ideas   • gaming opinions, share your perspective of a game.

Lend a fresh perspective to a new game by describing it as you play for the first time. Not only would it be entertaining, your viewers will appreciate the honest game review.

3.22  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • gaming news

Dive into gaming news & events.

Talk about what’s up in the world of gaming, including new games, consoles and expansions. Don't forget about conventions! This would also be a good way to grab as many interviews and build a pipeline of videos.

3.23  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • reaction videos

Film yourself playing a game.

This is a hugely successful format on YouTube. This is just you, playing a game for the world to see. If you can collaborate with another YouTuber on this, even better.

Filming your playing a game is always fun

3.24  youtube gaming video ideas   • game emu's, review a game emulator.

Emulators let you play console games on a computer. Talk about the best games (“ROMs” in emulator speak) out there. To give you a head start, take a look at OpenEmu which is one of the top multiple video game emulators available

3.25  YOUTUBE GAMING VIDEO IDEAS   • side-by-sides

Compare similar games.

Take two similar games and talk about their similarities and differences. On top of that, you can even compare game sequels to the originals.


Know something teach something, 4.1  creative youtube video ideas   • time lapse, make a timelapse video.

Often, creative YouTube video ideas come from necessity. Use this format to relay a ton of information in a short amount of time. This is especially good for capturing end-to-end processes like drawing something.

Time lapse drawings are the best

4.2  creative youtube video ideas   • recycling, show creative ways of recycling.

If you’re into sustainability, you probably enjoy repurposing recycled items. So next time you turn a shoebox into a birdfeeder, get it on camera!


Post a public service announcement.

Tell people to prevent forest fires, wear helmets while biking, and the like. Or you can also parody the format by talking about something really minor or mundane.

4.4  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • financial advice

Offer financial planning tips.

If stocks, bonds, and savings are your game, then help your fans amass some wealth. You can even target a sub-section of people that might be looking for financial planning tips.

Grant Cardone offers a financial plan for Millennials

4.5  creative youtube video ideas   • ads.

YouTube’s True View ads  aren’t too expensive . Make one for your channel or brand and show off what you do.

4.6  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • job interview

Offer job interview advice.

Interviewing for a new position can be a nerve-racking experience. Help your viewers prepare with some of the handy tips you’ve used.


Make an assembly video.

Whether it's Legos, model planes or Ikea bed stands, film yourself putting something together to help out a viewer doing the same. These types of YouTube video ideas are super useful.

Walk viewers through something , step-by-step.

4.8  creative youtube video ideas   • easy gifts, show how to make easy gifts.

It's difficult to be on a budget during the holidays. So show some off the thoughtful (but inexpensive) gift ideas you know.

4.9  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • screen sharing

Share your screen with viewers.

Share your computer screen while doing something. It could be sketching something in Photoshop, editing a video, or playing Minecraft. Just find a  good screencast app and share away.


Post a "how it's made" video.

One way to find YouTube channel ideas is thinking about how to show what you do. Your fans already like what you do, so show them how you do it. Inquiring minds want to know!

4.11  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • cliff notes

Cliffnote your favorite book.

Who has time to read anymore? Break down the plot of a book to help your viewers digest it in minutes. If you ended up reading a book, you can even provide an in-depth review.


Detail a process.

Take a concept that’s difficult to explain and break it down piece by piece. People are looking for these all the time. Especially if they’re visually-oriented viewers.

4.13  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • definition videos

Make a definition video.

Simple definitions can give you good ideas for YouTube videos. Take some time to break down a word or acronym that’s relevant to your industry or brand.

4.14  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • wedding planning

Give wedding planning guidance.

Are you a wedding whiz? Share some helpful hints to planning a weddings -- from the type of cake to buy to the color the napkins should be.

4.15  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • vfx tutorials

Show how vfx work.

If you make videos, show how you achieved a particular effect. If you use special animation, make-up, or prop techniques, show them off!

Show people how VFX actually works

4.16  creative youtube video ideas   • trivia, share some fun facts or trivia.

Trivia provides a trove of ideas for YouTube videos. Find an interesting factoid or two and build your videos around it. Some channels go really in depth on things you didn’t know.

Fun fact's videos always do well

4.17  creative youtube video ideas   • timelines, detail the timeline of a favorite subject.

Everything has a history. Diving into the history of your normal subject matter is a fun way to change up your format and add more context for your viewers. There are tons of Wikipedia articles, but how many actually have videos?

4.18  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • philosophy videos

Make a philosophy video.

Take your viewer down the philosophical rabbit hole of your topic. This is another way to add context to what you explored in your first YouTube video ideas. And remember, there is no spoon !

4.19  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • science videos

Make a science video.

Turn to the natural world for ideas for YouTube videos. If science relates to your product or brand, break out some of its core concepts.

There's always a new discovery made with science videos

4.20  creative youtube video ideas   • video math teachers, be a video math teacher.

If your brand is related to education, it might be good to teach math concepts. Students turn to YouTube for homework help every day. There's no shortage of videos you can make when it comes to match. Be their YouTube tutor!

4.21  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • discuss authors

Discuss writers and authors.

Find good ideas for YouTube videos from the authors in your field. Make a video biography on some who have contributed to the most to a subject. Even if you’ve got a gaming channel, there’s some great written material on that subject.

4.22  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • life skills

Detail a useful life skill.

Critical thinking might come naturally to you. Consider sharing the ins and outs with your viewers that might be valuable for them to learn. Biohacking is also a massive opportunity to look into. 

4.23  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • funny skills

Show a funny skill that you have.

Do you know how to roll your tongue? Or maybe you’ve mastered the art of popping and locking ? Okay, maybe it's not a "funny skill", but show viewers how it’s done.

Popping and locking is a fun youtube idea

4.24  creative youtube video ideas   • current events, do a current events deep dive.

The world moves so fast that it’s hard to keep track of all the news. Many people scan headlines without reading the article. Dive into a topic for your viewers. People need to know!

Current events breakdowns are always informative (and entertaining)

4.25  creative youtube video ideas   • historical texts, discuss historical texts.

Turn to great texts for great ideas for YouTube videos. Whether it’s philosophers like Plato and Homer, to writers like Shakespeare or The Bible, dive into a historical text and feed your viewers’ minds.


Discuss author influences.

Find a particular piece of media and dissect which authors or books inspired it. We love learning about 

4.27  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • filmmaker's influence

Talk about a filmmaker's influences.

Art is thievery. If you like to talk about movies, dive into a particular director to see where they got all their great ideas from. You can make a video on  Ridley Scott's color palette or even Spielberg's directing style .

Steven Spielberg's directing style will always pique some curiosity

4.28  creative youtube video ideas   • short docs, do a short subject documentary.

Find a key figure in your field and dissect their life and art. For example, if you’re a comedian, maybe put the sketches aside for one video and discuss one influence and why they were so great.

Video ideas on famous figures can do well

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4.29  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • diy treehouse

Show how to make a diy treehouse.

Nothing captivates the imagination like a good tree house. If you’ve built one, show it off.

4.30  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • time management

Show how to manage time.

There’s never enough time in a day, but you can always manage it better. Show your audience your techniques and they'll thank you for due time .

These time management techniques actually work

4.31  creative youtube video ideas   • animal care, detail an animal’s care and feeding.

Our pets are our family. Take some time to introduce your adorable pets and their day-to-day care and feeding.


Talk about ecosystems and habitats.

Show off that bird’s nest you found in your shrubs. Or the epic multi-tiered palace you constructed for your cat.


Explain how a tool works.

Who reads instructions anymore anyway? Show how to use tools or software related to your brand.

People have always wondered how to use chopsticks properly

4.34  creative youtube video ideas   • climates, talk about climates worldwide.

Discussing the weather is small talk. Make it bigger by diving into climate and weather patterns.

4.35  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • myth busting

The mythbuster approach.

There are myths everywhere around us that need a solid busting. Is that old wives tale you keep hearing really true? Do some extra research and share it with viewers.

4.36  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • discuss history

Discuss a country and its history.

How many people actually know the true history behind a country? Take your viewers to another place and time by sharing different countries history.

4.37  CREATIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS   • desktop tours

Tour your desktop computer.

If you’re into computers, show off your specs. But maybe dust it off first.

Computers are fascinating!

4.38  creative youtube video ideas   • video editing, show how you edit your videos.

Take your viewers further into your creative process by showing them how you assemble your edit. Show off the filmmaking tools , templates and workflows you often use.

Everyone loves a good tutorial youtube video

4.39  creative youtube video ideas   • keyboard shortcuts, show off an obscure trick.

Know a handy keyboard shortcuts or two for an application that you use? Show them off in a short video.


Make a lingo video.

Every subject has its lingo. Make a video to keep your viewers in the know.

Some people need help speaking inernette lingo

4.41  movie deep dives, deep dive on movies & tv.

Still reeling from last night’s “Game of Thrones”? Go in depth on what happened, and what might be to come.


Make an explainer video.

An explainer video can be an effective way to introduce the world to a product, service or an application.

And remember, some of the  best explainer videos use animation to draw viewers in.

StudioBinder shares the best explainer videos and trends

Free downloadable bonus, youtube channel video ideas cheatsheet.

This article took 30 hours to write. Thirty! Needless to say, there was a LOT we couldn’t include in the post.  Get access to 165+ Youtube Channel & Video Ideas and get more traffic and higher engagement today (includes bonus content not included in the post).

150 Creative YouTube Ideas to Build Your Brand - Cover Page - StudioBinder

Fashion & Beauty

From fashion advice to makeup tutorials, 5.1 beauty youtube video ideas  • shopping hauls, share what you bought.

Ever get asked “whadja get?” after being spotted with an overstuffed shopping bag?  Turn your response into a video with these fun shopping haul videos.

Shopping haul videos are hyper-addictive on YouTube

5.2  beauty youtube video ideas  • makeup tutorials, name your favorite products.

Just think about how many beauty products are online. Now think about how many people need reviews for those products. Making a YouTube video about a specific beauty product is a surefire way to grab attention. It’s also a good way to make money on YouTube with affiliate links.

5.3  BEAUTY YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • styling hauls

Provide styling advice.

People want and need guidance on fashion and styling. If you have a solid eye for fashion, make a YouTube video about it. Share your opinions and insights. Be bold. Be you.

5.4  BEAUTY YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • fashion history

Discuss fashion history.

If you've always loved learning about the history of fashion, you’re not alone. Dive into fashion history. It's one of the many creative and fun YouTube ideas for beauty channels that can become an ongoing series. History has a lot to offer.

5.5  BEAUTY YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • diy clothes

Showcase some diy clothing.

Are you crafty when it comes to clothes? This is by far the most addictive YouTube video idea for fashion YouTubers. Repurposing older clothes is a great way to attract interest. Who wouldn’t want to upcycle, revive, and revitalize their wardrobe? You can help them.


Share what's in your closet.

Sharing what's in your closet will make your audience connect with you on a deeper level. It makes it personal right away. It's also a great way to share tips about organizing.

5.7  BEAUTY YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • beauty routines

Showcase your beauty routines.

When it comes to the face, your viewers will definitely be curious about the most effective morning and evening beauty routines. Share your habits and let people know how you take care of your face.

5.8  BEAUTY YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • makeup tutorials

Create fast makeup tutorials.

Ain't nobody got time to spend four hours doing makeup in the morning! Provide a quick (and easy) way for your viewers to get ready when they're in a rush.

5.9  BEAUTY YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • packing tips

Packing your beauty products.

How do you fit your entire wardrobe, makeup, and more in a small suitcase? Organization is key. Tell viewers how you do it!

Music related

Some of the best music related video ideas, 6.1 jam session, have a jam session.

If you’re musically inclined, find another channel to jam out with. You don’t even have to be in the same place -- just perform your part and synchronize the videos later.

Everyone loves a good cover

6.2   lip syncing, do a lip-sync (or lip-sync battle).

Some of the best YouTube channel ideas come from spontaneity. Next time you can’t resist the urge to sing to your favorite song, film yourself. Lip-sync videos rank among the best YouTube video ideas for one person.

6.3  Music analysis

Deep dive on some music.

Have a song you’re obsessed with? Dive into everything about it: influences, lyric meanings, and even how it was mixed and engineered.

This youtube idea is so good...DAMN

6.4  make a  music video, make a creative music video.

You don’t need a hit single to make a music video . Build a crew, grab a camera and use some creativity for your music video.

6.5  freestyle raps

Do a freestyle rap.

Some of us can freestyle really well, so don't be afraid to bust a flow in front of the camera. You can make it a serious video, or take a funny angle with it.

This YouTuber knows how to rap

6.6  sing songs, sing for your viewers.

What songs are currently trending? Chances are that people are actively searching for that specific track, so pick a song and sing it. You can even poll viewers to see which one you should do next.

6.7  music lesson

Provide a free music lesson.

If you’re a real-life guitar hero, share your skill with your viewers who might be learning for the first time. These YouTube tutorials can be entertaining and useful. 

6.8  karaoke

Make a karaoke video.

Find a karaoke version of your favorite song and sing along. Just keep monetization off the video to avoid any flags on your video (or account).

Tap into a trend and make a fun YouTube video like these guys

Health & lifestyle, improve people's lives with these video ideas, 7.1 fitness youtube video ideas  • weight loss, share tips about losing weight.

If fitness is your thing, then share some guidelines you use to maintain your weight.


Show how to stretch properly.

Stretching is a vital part of any exercise. Show off the ones you use before your routine.

This youtube video idea will stretch your creativity

7.3  fitness youtube video ideas, ramp up to a marathon or race.

If you’re prepping for a triathlon, 5K or full marathon, cover your daily exercises building up to it.


Show wind-down exercises.

Don’t just focus on the work outs! Show the steps you take to re-acclimate after a workout.

Sharing exercise routines are super educational youtube videos

7.5  fitness youtube video ideas  • workouts, show a home workout.

No gym? No problem. Show off useful workouts that can be done anywhere.


Post a motivation video.

After the honeymoon phase of a new exercise schedule winds down, it can be hard to keep going. Post some words of encouragement to help your viewers stick with it.


Suggest good energy foods.

Are you following a diet and  working out? Share the diet you use that give you the best workout results.

'What I eat in a day' are entertaining videos

7.8  youtube video ideas  • yoga, be a youtube yoga instructor.

Get your viewers off their desk chairs and into Warrior One with a handy yoga sequence.


Teach proper workout methods.

Workouts can be useless if they aren’t done right. Keep your viewers on track with proper guidelines to follow while working out.

Workout routines are valuable youtube ideas

7.10  health youtube video ideas, host a health & wellness q&a.

Field health and wellness questions from your viewers and give them personalized insight.

Share your recipe and cook together

8. 1  youtube video ideas  • cooking, cook with friends.

If your brand is related to food, try cooking with another YouTuber. Find a food choice that reflects your brand, or theirs.

Cooking is fun, but cooking with friends is even more fun

8.2  creative  youtube video ideas, tour your fridge.

Food always makes for good videos. Dive into the farthest reaches of your refrigerator to show off what you’ve been snacking on.

Tour videos on YouTube do very well

8.3  creative  youtube video ideas, share a secret recipe.

People are always trying to find good recipes to try. Take one that you invented and share it with the world.

A secret KFC recipe video is something we all want

8.4  creative  youtube video ideas, recreate food from movies.

What’s more addictive than looking at food in film and TV? Taking it from the screen and making it in real life! Take a dish from a movie or TV show and recreate it.

Binging with Babish makes 'Bob's Burger's'

"best of" , showcase the best of the best.

Mine good video ideas from ranked lists. Entire channels have been built from them. Find a theme that suits your voice or brand, and make a list of the best examples.

9.1  GOOD  YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • top sports

Post a top sports list.

Your favorite things make for good videos. If you’re into sports, talk about them. Who are your favorite players and teams?


Post a top tunes list.

Taste is subjective. Favorite songs are a great vlog topic because it’s so hard to describe why we love the songs we love. You can even create a YouTube playlist that you can link to.

9.3  YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • top music albums

Post a top albums list.

In the age of Spotify, any album is a click away. Sharing your picks with your viewers might invite some good discussion.

Everyone loves a top albums list

9.4  youtube video ideas  • top games, post a top games list.

Show off the best and brightest in video games with a top list.


Post a top films list.

Share the best things you’ve seen recently. This can be especially useful during the summer blockbuster and awards seasons.


Post a top tv list.

Share the best TV shows or episodes you’ve seen this year. Specificity is key here, so you may want to narrow to a particular channel or streaming service.

Everyones loves a good top list on youtube

9.7  youtube video ideas  • top tv moments, post a top tv moments list.

Still reeling from last night’s "Bachelor" insanity? Break out your favorite moments.

What show tops The Bachelor?

Branded content,  video ideas, proven ideas to launch your company, 10.1 branded video content ideas  • music video, produce a music video like ok go.

shooting a music video in zero-gravity. Crazy, right?

The band has also been locking down branded content deals like this commercial for Honda. The video passed 40 million views and featured UNI-CUB (Honda's self-balancing unicycles).

What makes this branded content example so powerful is that there's no clear mention of Honda. They don’t hit you over the head with branding. Content comes first, branding as an extra.

OK GO's branded content example for Honda

10.2 branded video content idea  •  viral video, create viral video to get noticed.

Dove's Real Beauty campaign was crafted to spotlight how women see themselves. The ad has surpassed 115 million views and has become one of the most successful ads of all time.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

10.3 branded video content idea  •  bmw short films, develop a branded content video series.

BMW Films created one of the most successful marketing advertising campaigns with their groundbreaking series "The Hire." The series highlights Clive Owen, featured as "The Driver," who goes from place to place (in BMW's of course) and is treated as a “transport” for BMW’s, or anyone’s, needs.

BMW Films "The Hire"

10.4 branded video content idea  •  spotlight, spotlight an underdog story.

This eight-minute documentary features Yassin Terou, who fled Syria to pursue his dreams.

This inspiring branded video showcases the human spirit and chronicles Yassin's entrepreneurial heart.

Everyone loves an underdog story.

"For Every Kind of Dream" by Square

  • Top Video Branding Strategies to Get More Subscribers →
  • How To Create a Successful Branded Content Campaign [with Branded Content Examples] →
  • The Best Explainer Video Trends for Your Brand →


Even more video ideas, 11.1 youtube video funny ideas  • pranks, funny prank videos.

Prank a coworker and film it. After all, it’s hard not to enjoy a good desk trolling .

Prank videos on youtube are super shareable

11.2 funny  youtube video ideas  • outtakes, feature an outtake video.

If you make enough videos, chances are you’ve got some good bloopers. Cut them into a video.

11.3  FUNNY  YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • comedy skits

Make a comedy sketch.

Read up on the art of good sketch comedy or just grab some friends and act out a funny scenario.

King Bach and Logan Paul collaborated on this funny youtube idea

11.4  fun  youtube video ideas  • reboots, do an old video reboot.

Reboots aren’t just for Hollywood. Find an old video on your channel and make it better.

11.5  YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • headlines

Dish on celebrity headlines.

Are you a TMZ junkie? Recap the latest celebrity Twitter wars, sightings, and news in a news video.

11.6  YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • tv pilots

Create a tv pilot.

A pilot is an introductory episode to a TV series. They’re made to test the waters with audiences. Make one of your channel for a possible series, and see if your viewers like the format.

How to write a TV show pilot

  • How to Write a Memorable Pilot Script  →
  • How to Write a TV Show Treatment [with Examples] →
  • FREE TV Writing and Development Masterclass →

11.7  YOUTUBE VIDEOs  • share adventures

Share a trip to the great outdoors.

Share your adventures with camping, hiking, and anything that takes you into wilderness.


Perform magic tricks.

Have the David Copperfield in your family work his magic. Maybe he can make an item that’s tied to your brand disappear. Just make sure he gives it back.

You don't need to be Copperfield to pull off magic tricks on YouTube

11.9  youtube video ideas  • aerial photography, show off some drone footage.

If you have a drone, show off your best captures. Take it through wilderness, urban landscapes, or even a fireworks display.

Why does Casey Neistat always shoot with drones? Because they're epic.

11.10 seasonal  youtube video ideas, make a holiday video.

Help your viewers spread the holiday spirit by sharing a video that you make — nostalgia is a powerful thing and basing a video around something like the holidays will give it endless appeal.

11.11 birthday  YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS

Have a channel birthday.

Celebrate the day you launched your channel by making a retrospective of your channel’s best moments.


Walk through a haunted corn maze.

Brave the horrifying world of corn mazes and film your freak-outs.

Make these scary youtube videos to frighten viewers

11.13  youtube video ideas  • new years, make a new year's reflections video.

When a new year approaches, make a video to reflect on the past year. Chart the ups, downs and discoveries you made.

11.14  YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • event coverage

Do coverage on big events.

If you’re into music, it’s The Grammys. If you like making football content , then it’s the Superbowl. Make a video about a big event in your field.

11.15  YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • host a contest

Host a contest.

Setting up a contest for your followers to participate in is a great way to engage with them directly. Hosting contests make for fun and easy videos that are very shareable too.

Pewdiepie isn't the only youtube that should hold contests

11.16  youtube video ideas  • share views, share your views on an issue.

You can pull good YouTube channel ideas from the things you feel strongly about. It could be as impacting as global warming or as minor as Pop-Tarts. Even if your opinion isn’t fully formed, sometimes it’s valuable to get the conversation started.

11.17  YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • honor someone

Honor someone you admire.

Whether it’s Albert Einstein or your grandmother, make a video tribute to them.

11.18  YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • fun q&A's

Answer fan questions.

Get a lot of repeat questions from viewers? Answer them into your videos. Chances are, other viewers have wondered the same thing while watching your videos.

Audience q&a's are fun and engaging youtube videos

11.19  youtube video ideas  • daily routines, share a routine video.

Show off a particular routine you go through regularly. This can be as simple as showing how to remove your makeup at night, or as complex as building die-cast model submarines.

Hannah Hart has a daily routine too

11.20 creative  youtube video ideas, face a fear.

Conflict drives any good story. Mine creative video ideas from the things that scare you most. Then document yourself facing that fear. Detail the resolution and encourage your fans to face their own fears.

Let your audience grow with you

11.21 creative  youtube video ideas  • product reviews , product review.

Whether it’s a beauty line or home surveillance systems, people constantly turn to YouTube reviews to find the best option. If a product ties into your channel or brand, show the pros and cons in video form.

11.22  CREATIVE  YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS  • make a collage

Make a photo collage.

Relate a story or recent experience with pictures. Find a free photo collage maker and import some photos. The challenge is how to sequence them to tell the story.


Do a channel takeover.

Change makes for good YouTube video ideas. Ask a channel with a similar audience — or maybe someone completely unfamiliar — to make a video for your channel.

11.24 FUN VIDEO IDEa  • debates

Debate a friend or channel.

Find a friend, channel (or multiple channels) with opposing viewpoints, and engage in a civil debate.

Debates are extremely fun to watch on youtube

11.25  fun youtube video idea  • collaborations, solicit audience collaboration.

Go big with your collaboration and solicit videos from your whole subscriber base.

Get your viewers invested  in your crazy youtube idea

11.26  youtube video ideas  • volunteer , volunteer with other channels.

Volunteering can make a YouTube channel contribute to a bigger cause. Find some other channels and combine your YouTube powers for the greater good. Attend a volunteer event together and film your journey.

These types of youtube collaborations are key to growing your channel

11.27  youtube video ideas  • ask fans for ideas , ask your fans for video ideas.

If finding good YouTube channel ideas has you stumped, turn to your followers. Make a video to ask your fans for help.  Make writer’s block your conflict, and your audience your solution.

11.28  Fun youtube ideas  

Do youtube challenges with friends.

Ready to drink a gallon of milk in under an hour? Or maybe ingest an unreasonable amount of food? It might not be the healthiest choice, but there’s a huge audience for it.


Share a response.

Saw something on YouTube that you liked, or didn’t like? Response posts have bigger visibility than comments, so make your voice heard!


Film yourself reacting to something.

Did the new Star Wars trailer have your jaw on the floor? Well, film yourself while watching it.

This will let your viewers experience the trailer with you.

Even this thumbnail has a reaction

11.31  technology ideas, host a phone tour.

Your phone says a lot about you. Show your audience what apps you use, your preferred settings, and maybe even that background image of your cat. Maybe wait until that gnarly crack on your screen gets fixed though.


Create a video parody.

A good parody video exaggerates another video’s style for comedic effect. Mimic politicians, influencers, products, movie trailers, and anything well known.

Making a parody video can easily go viral

11.33  first youtube video ideas, show a collection of something.

Find YouTube channel ideas in your own closet. Bust out that trunk of WW2 era stamps and show the world what you got! Remember, when it comes to YouTube, nothing is "too niche."

Showcasing your sneaker collection is a fun YouTube idea

150 youtube video ideas.

Creative YouTube Ideas - StudioBinder Ebook

Download your FREE, printable YouTube video ideas ebook (PDF) below.

How to make money from your YouTube channel

Don’t confine yourself to just one style of YouTube video. And keep a close eye on what other channels are doing. Remember, all of these video ideas have been done before. But they haven’t been done by you.

So use our list of video ideas for YouTube to think about what will work best for your voice, and what you can feasibly shoot .

Don’t forget to keep our YouTube Channel Ideas List handy if you ever get stuck in the future! And, as always, let us know in the comments below which ideas you use (or if we missed any).

Up Next: How to Make Money on YouTube →

Project management for video creatives. tasks, file sharing, calendars and more..

Manage video production timelines, tasks, storyboards, shot lists, breakdowns, call sheets. Made for video creatives, new media and film.

Learn More ➜


Inspirational ideas. I will work on…

Great post. What programs would you recommend for capturing your reaction while recording say, a trailer, for example?

Wow, superb weblog structure! Ⲏow lengthy havᥱ үoս bеen running а blog for? yoս made blogging glance easy. Ƭhe ԝhole look of yоur web site іѕ magnificent, let alone the cօntent material!

You have made some good points there. I checked oon the net for additional information about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on thnis website.

How do I make a YouTube channel

You can learn how to get started with your YouTube channel here

i love u man keep it up

Thank you for this list. You have some great ideas there! Have a blessed day.

Very Helpful! Thank You!

Such an interesting article! This list is differently helpful when searching for YouTube video idea. You will find a similar topic in our latest post 20 of the Most Inspiring Corporate Innovation Youtube Channels!

Hello studiobinder, I’m a beginner youtuber, It’s really so helpful for all newbie youtubers. I’m really so proud of your post. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for sharing such information. I tried TubeGeter software which allows downloading videos, playlists, channels and subtitles from YouTube in high quality.

Great post!! But what if you’re a new to all this and you need to edit your videos easily. Would this help : . I was told it’s a drag and drop video editor. Is it worth the buy?

Some of the ideas were really good and it would work sooner if you start to work consistently.

In the event you cancel a plan, and it consists of website internet hosting, you will revert again to the Skilled Hosting Package deal fee for monthly or yearly billing.

Start with a free program. Imovie for mac, or windows media player for pc. Its all you really need and you can find great videos on how to use them and edit your videos.

The Swiss Аrmy knife: Dоn’t ⅼeave Earth without it.

This is my first time visit at here and i am truly impressed to read all in a single place.

I’m more than happy to discover this web site. I wanted to thank you for ones time for this particularly wonderful read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it and I have you saved to fav to see new information in your web site.

Thanks for some other excellent post. Where else could anyone get that type of information in such a perfect approach of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I’m on the search for such info.

Hi there everyone, it’s my first visit at this site, and piece of writing is really fruitful for me, keep up posting these types of posts.

I was looking through some of your blog posts on this website and I conceive this site is rattling informative! Continue posting.

Recently, there was also a program that made it easy to edit YouTube You can use auto-generated subtitles.

very helpful and informative. Thank you

Love you man I like your contents

Such a creative list, thanks a lot 🙂

Thankyou so much sir. This article is very helpful for beginners. Keep it up writing this ypes of articles

Super broo keep going on…

"Action" is an amazing program to record yourself or your desk (Gaming, Review, Reaction…), There are more basic programmes like: "Camtasia" and even free like: "OBS"

Thank you so much, These ideas are very useful

what are some good video ideas

The blog is quite productive. Keep writing!!

Quite beautifully described . Keep writing!!

Very educative and innovative ideas! Worth visiting.

Hii AJ Detisch,

First of all nice list of viral youtube video ideas.

but I think you should also include Roasting video channels also because these days they are also becoming very popular and got viral very easily.

Apart from creating a video. There is a lit bit of luck needed. If one video hits then you can be viral.

Thank you so much for help me

Great Post, but there are a lot more places to use than just YouTube. There are several newer sites that offer similar services, and since they are smaller, I get more exposure. For example, there is a newcomer called

Thank you so much for posting this blog post, please keep posting..!!

Hey…i've not seen this kind of blog post before, thank you for this..!!

Wow, this is going to be very helpful! I am looking at starting a YouTube channel and you have given me plenty more ideas! Thanks.

Video is a good visual aid. It gives the specific and much descriptive information to the audience that can catch their attention. Information can now be expressed in many and different ways. It can be through calligraphic way, imagery, and videos. Videos are rampantly used especially in marketing and advertising and the video technology is constantly improving due to innovation of great minds. Live videos and virtual reality are now used to gather audience in the sense of aggravating to advertise.

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10 super inspiring videos on being creative and making the most of it

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

Being creative is a gift that needs nurturing. It should never be taken for granted. If you’re lucky enough to have the gift, you should be testing how far you can push it.

Written by: Glenn Hickling

27 November 2015

There’s a lot of airtime given to this subject – and some of the talks are surprisingly dull and uncreative. But the following handpicked top 10 features only genuinely inspirational videos that will fire you up, boost your confidence and make you realise how lucky you are. They should help you pimp your processes, fight apathy and inspire you to do even more with what you have.

1. Everything is a Remix

The term remix comes from music but applies unreservedly to all creativity, whether you’re fuelling your art by stealing bass lines, scenes from movies or parts of 17th-century poems.

This 50-minute film will help you feel good about playing your part in a great artistic tradition: collecting material, combining it with other ‘stolen goods’ and transforming it into something that’s you.

Kirby Ferguson is a New York-based writer and filmmaker, who mainly makes comic shorts. He’s earned more than 4 million YouTube hits at the time of writing.

See also: Real-life remix hitmaker Mark Ronson doing a Ted talk: How Sampling Transformed Music

“She got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps”, said that old philosopher Rocky Balboa.

But what if you’re suffering a creative gap, where your exquisite taste is outstripping your current abilities…how do you move forward from that?

Photographer/filmmaker Daniel Sax made this gorgeous two-minute film featuring the sage words of American radio personality Ira Glass. He made it to remind himself of what to do in moments of doubt - and it applies to anyone having a ‘wobble’ of non-confidence in their creative career. Inspiring stuff that’ll help you crack on when your creative energy is low.

3. Steal Like an Artist

Maybe you’ve read this book, but if you haven’t, this Ted Talk is the perfect introduction to the comforting and motivating words of Austin Kleon.

Austin Kleon is an artist and writer living in Austin, Texas. He’s published three books: two self-help manuals for creatives and one collection of poems invented by using a marker pen to cross unnecessary words out of the New York Times.

If you’re starting from scratch, then there’s loads of encouragement in this 10 point manifesto of all the things he wished he knew when he began. If you have read the book – and didn’t pin Austin’s teachings up above your desk/ workbench – then take 16 minutes out for a refresher course. Two thumbs up.

4. How to Build Creative Confidence

Don’t wait a moment when you’re not feeling confident to watch this one.

This video will empower you to deal with those moments when you or someone else is not overly impressed with your work. It’ll help you get over a fear of being judged for saying or doing the wrong thing and also suggest processes to push you on to do amazingly innovative things, via a process called ‘guided mastery’…

David Kelley is a Professor at Stanford, and even more impressively, the founder and chairman of IDEO, an international design and consulting firm HQ’d in Silicon Valley. IDEO uses design thinking methodology to design products, services, environments, and digital experiences. In short, Mr Kelley is a black belt fourth Dan in creative process knowledge. Listen up!

5. Six Characteristics of Truly Creative People

Sometimes it’s good to check out how big corporates do creativity, and possibly the easiest way to get a handle on that mindset is to watch this 19-minute video by another Stanford professor and author of 17 books, Tina Seelig.

From this video, it seems the focus of her work is to get people who aren’t ever so creative to work with an innovation framework - with a little bit of mental conditioning to boost confidence and get them to think like creatives. People like you, who are continually framing and reframing problems and connecting and combining in exciting and surprising ways.

For the naturally creative, it makes an ace refresher course to revisit when you need to do some innovative problem-solving. It will remind you that you’re already a truly creative - and help you parameterise your ideas and ways of thinking so that you can deliver genius-on-demand. Not bad for 20 mins of your time.

6. How Empathy Fuels the Creative Process

Empathy sells. And like David Ogilvy said: "If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative”. Ergo, no empathy, no creativity = no sales. That wouldn’t do now, would it?

So if you want an EQ boost, look no further than this 18 minute Ted talk from Seung Chan Lim - aka Slim - who has an exciting take on empathy that will make you reconsider how you cater to different audiences. He starts with something he learned by cutting wood in a workshop then uses it to frame insights from his research.

Slim is an award-winning designer and researcher/engineer, and it shows in this in-depth thinking talk. He’s also a master storyteller, bringing his research to life effortlessly.

Compelling. He’ll help you more deeply understand the genuine human emotions behind the decisions people make: a delight and a privilege to watch.

7. Creativity Under Pressure

Can you be brilliant, prolific and healthy all at the same time? That’s a question Todd Henry is fascinated with. He says the usual process when a deadline looms is to panic – then explore the first or most comfortable option – then execute in a hurry. Sound familiar?

Well, there is another attitude to take. As Todd says: “mount a perpetual assault on the beachhead of apathy”.

He talks us through how to do just that, while under the stress of a deadline - and come up with winning results that push the envelope – well worth a look.

Todd Henry is the author of the Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moments Notice.

8. What creativity is trying to tell you

“No-one really gets taught creativity. It is individual as it is universal”.

Here Jonathan Tilley shares the pivotal experiences that define creativity for him, talking through his experiences working in the theatre.

He talks of creativity being a force that carries us like the wind, but it has its own needs too, such a sacred space to breathe in. And that doesn’t mean a space for you to work in (although that is vital) - he suggests that you need to have the confidence to share your creations with the world, allowing them to have their own sacred space where they can go on to inspire others.

Great presenter, very refreshing. His ideas will help you embrace the fear of failure and make it work for you, by giving you the green light to do your best stuff unencumbered by crippling doubt. Watch this one when you have some negativity to shake off.

Jonathan Tilley is a brand consultant, web designer, voiceover actor and theatrical performer.

9. Creativity and Play

Play isn’t anarchic — play has rules. Learning to play again will help you be more creative by making you fearless like a child.

Tim Brown explains the fundamental theories behind why companies like Google and Pixar invest so much time effort and money into making playful atmospheres for their people to work in. He tells us how you too can put together a situation that’s all about possibilities, not pigeonholes. Where play is serious and productive - but still very much in the spirit of playtime.

Tim Brown is CEO and president of IDEO. He speaks about design thinking and innovation all around the world and is so revered that he participates in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

10. Cosmic Creativity: How Art Evolves Consciousness

Alex Gray is an artist best known for paintings that showcase the subtleties of human anatomy in the context of cosmic, biological and technological evolution. You might recognise some of his work from album sleeves for the Beastie Boys and Nirvana’s last album, In Utero.

His excellent Ted Talk is pretty deep, perhaps the most high-brow on this list but probably the most inspiring for it. He talks about how a worldly consciousness can become something much more significant if you create it with your very soul.

If you’re looking to get the big picture into your work, look no further than this fantastic artist and an awe-inspiring deep thinker.

Enjoy. Watch a couple of videos, and I defy you not to feel inspired into making something awesome. Remember, creativity is both a gift and a force that has its own needs. One of them is to be celebrated. Be thankful!

Serene Bloom by Abbey Lossing

Serene Bloom

By abbey lossing.

On Sale Now

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Here Design's brand refresh for a 400-year-old garden balances heritage with nature

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Is blogging still relevant? Here's how to promote yourself online in 2023

27 July 2023

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Image licensed via Adobe Stock

Top 10 books every aspiring photographer should read

20 September 2023

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Why creative freelancers should never work for free

18 September 2023

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12 magazines and blogs that every photographer should check out

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Free The Birds reinvents global cosmetics brand Avon for the world of 2023

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Veronica Castro on the V&A's Diva exhibition and why it's a word we need to reclaim

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&Walsh crafts potent new visual identity for global creative agency GUT

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Creative Boom Podcast Episode #94 - Creating a Neighbourhood Skate Club to tackle sexism & women's issues, with Lyndsay McLaren

Creating a Neighbourhood Skate Club to tackle sexism & women's issues, with Lyndsay McLaren

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Creative Boom Podcast Episode #93 - The power of side projects and spreading positivity, with Dyneisha Gross

The power of side projects and spreading positivity, with Dyneisha Gross

28 November 2022

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25 November 2015

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50 of the best free mockups for graphic designers in 2016

1 December 2015

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10 of the best website building tools to help you get online

30 September 2015

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49 fascinating and intelligent grown-up graphic novels and comic books

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100 of the freshest blogs and websites for creative entrepreneurs in 2016

4 December 2015

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58 of the best websites and apps to learn something new

17 August 2015

All images courtesy of Alexander Mostov

Illustrator inspired by botany, architecture and literature to create playful artworks

30 November 2015

creativity in video

Saturdays Surf NYC dresses itself up for a new seasonal catalogue

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7 Creative Corporate Video Ideas You Can Make With AI

Videos that put audiences to sleep faster than a lullaby are faaaar from the ideal use of your resources.

And as Albert Einstein said, "Creativity is contagious. Pass it on."

Here's the beauty of creativity in videos: It's a one-way ticket to the land of differentiation. You stand tall while your bland competitors blend into the background.

When you start being more creative in videos, great things are bound to happen.

It's time you embrace your creative side and surprise customers and team members with your video content. Not just any content, but the kind that jolts them from apathy and makes them want to give your brand a big 'ol hug 🤗.

As a cherry on top, all of the examples below can be recreated using an online AI video maker called Synthesia STUDIO .

Keep reading to find out more.

How to approach creativity in the context of corporate video ideas

Before diving into corporate video ideas or even looking for inspiration in corporate video examples , think about the splash you want to make.

The best corporate videos:

  • Stand out in a good way (not like a sore thumb).
  • Reflect on your audience's interests and preferences. 
  • Jive with your overall style and brand values.
  • Fit the quirks of the platform that'll host them to make your video marketing worth the effort.

Creating videos with a certain social context in mind increases their impact. It's almost like picking the right outfit for the occasion - you want to get the right dress code.

So, before you plan to create any type of corporate video , ask yourself: 

  • Will you share your video on YouTube, social media, a website, or maybe even at a fancy company event?
  • What do you know about the environment where you want to show off your creative corporate video?

Whether you aim for a promotional video, testimonial video, or any other type of company video, this information can guide your decision-making process.

It'll help you create videos that resonate with your target audience, are well-suited for the specific context, and achieve your desired goals, whether it's building brand awareness, promoting a product, or engaging employees.

3 easy ways to jazz up your corporate videos

Whether shared internally or on social media, creative corporate videos help employees and customers feel more connected to the brand. Aside from being valuable communication channels, corporate videos are a powerful means to humanize your brand . And that's why being a bit more creative in your corporate videos can have a huge impact.

While there's no recipe for creativity, certain strategies or approaches help you stand out from the noise.

Consumers say they feel more connected to the brands whose CEOs are active on social media, and 72% of people feel more connected to a brand whose employees share information on social channels.

1. Show more than a solid color backdrop

With presenter-led or even livestream videos, don't just go for the vanilla solid color backdrop. Pick a dynamic backdrop showing offices and common workspaces to make it all more authentic and appeal to your audience.

2. Swap the monologues for dialogues

Multiple presenters make content more dynamic, as each one contributes with insights, facial expressions, body language, tone, voice, and presentation style.

A variety of presenters can also resonate with different viewers, helping you reach a wider audience. And their shared enthusiasm can lead to contagious energy and an emotional connection that make viewers more responsive. Note that dialogue is a great way to engage viewers, even in customer testimonial videos.

3. Alternate video angles and movements

Spice up your videos with alternations of wide shots and close-ups, and experiment with techniques like panning (horizontal movement), tilting (vertical movement), and tracking (following a subject's movement) to bring a sense of dynamism and immersion to the video.

Aerial shots or focus-pulling techniques that direct the audience's attention to specific elements within the frame can create a sense of depth and add a creative touch to the composition.

Idea #1: Educational HR corporate video explainer

Here's a particular video idea that can easily inspire the ever-busy HR department of your organization.

E-stimate, a pioneer within web-based testing for HR, created this corporate video to explain an HR personality test they're providing. It's a short video that speaks in a very relatable manner and uses a lot of supporting visuals. And it makes such a creative presentation for what could be a dry topic because of how it assigns colors to moods. 

Viewers can't help but wonder whether they're red or yellow, which is a surprising and creative proposition to make them understand the product. 

How this video content stands out:

  • Introduces catchy visuals such as a glittery, colorful first scene, various color shades, weather forecast, and phone battery symbols that illustrate the narration.
  • Relies on a creative concept, with the visuals supporting the narration to make the video more engaging, memorable, and emotionally resonant.   
  • Translates abstract concepts into tangible and relatable visual instruments. 

Idea #2: Social media invitation video

AI video maker Synthesia uses this video to invite creators to join the company's Facebook group. It's quick, simple, and witty. And it plays the social game, calling the ones who join "cool cucumbers," as in smart, engaging folks, "like you." 

Getting more creative than usual, especially with a social media invitation video, is an excellent way to put yourself under the spotlight and grow cross-platform. If you make a YouTube video to invite your audience to join you on a different platform, you leverage the trust you enjoy there to grow on other channels where your audience is active.

  • Bright, joyful vibe is created by the color scheme, background music, and the presenter's delivery.
  • Introduces emoticons in the first scene, symbols that social media users would easily recognize and stop to find out what's the video about.  
  • Ends with a powerful and enticing CTA, promising priority access to the company's latest updates for the users who respond to the invitation. 

Idea #3: Work safety compliance corporate video

Notice how this corporate video example goes through the legal requirements set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Use it as a model if you need to train higher-level employees on implementing and communicating safety work standards to everyone in the company.

Corporates must instruct on compliance for data protection, DE&I, or incident reporting. And compliance is a topic that could use any help it can get to stand out and be memorable. So, being a bit more creative, at least in terms of the visuals you're using when producing these videos, will help you make the most of your instructional videos .

  • The first scene clearly depicts the topic, and the presenter's white coat conveys expertise and knowledge, establishing credibility and trust with the audience.  
  • Footage of worksites visually demonstrates diverse work settings and underlines the importance of adhering to safety standards across various industries.
  • Scenes that are more difficult to illustrate visually are enriched with animated texts and transitions of different symbols to keep the eye alert. 

✅ Click here to recreate this video.

Idea #4: Creative customer onboarding corporate video

Acme's onboarding video offers new customers a pleasant introductory surprise. It's a setup for the onboarding experience, presenting a detailed agenda of the future first meeting and virtually introducing the dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Customer onboarding is critical to corporations constantly looking to retain top clients. Stepping outside the box when making customer onboarding videos will help you convey company culture and bring customers on board in a more memorable, benefiting, in return, from increased customer loyalty and the coolest G2 reviews.

  • Short and clear, with a quick customized introduction where the client is greeted by their name. 
  • Features an on-point theme that suggests a roadmap, with all transitions swiping in the same direction and creating a moving-forward effect. 
  • Favors a custom experience through lots of visuals introducing the persons involved and the working spaces. 

Idea #5: Interactive sales training video

This video on handling price objections is not the sales presentation video you'd expect. It tackles a classic topic using modern, narrative-based learning with role-playing. We see a presenter, an employee learning about the topic, and a customer serving as an interaction partner, and this format certainly differs from what you'd expect to see in a sales video training.

A sales training video is excellent for more innovative corporate video ideas. if you can give it a fun and engaging twist like in this example. It'll make learning more enjoyable and memorable and lead to employees who are good at selling your company products and their ideas and argumentations.

  • Interactive approach, modeling a dialogue with three participants and making it engaging for the audience to observe how the scenario evolves.
  • Creative theme with strong but warm colors and many colorful moving parts. 
  • Facilitates learning by inserting multiple short, reflective pauses within the learning scenario. 

Idea #6: Product explainer corporate video

C-Chats Commercial, an insurance agency, discusses one of its products — general liability insurance —and explains its benefits to potential buyers. Unlike classic single presenter-led videos, this one features a creative and more dynamic way of explaining products to consumers.

A product explainer video is a rad idea for creative corporate video content if you execute it in a visually exciting format. The right images, tunes, pace, and explanations paired with engaging presenters, like in this example, can make your customers think, " I want that! "

  • Spices up the traditional format of a product explainer video by transferring communication between two presenters in the introduction and conclusion. 
  • Using multiple backgrounds with different visuals supports the narrative and keeps viewers engaged.
  • Information delivery is well organized and hooks the audience from the start, explaining the topic and why it's essential for the audience.

Idea #7: Behind-the-scenes corporate video

Synthesia demonstrates how to repurpose video content in this behind-the-scenes from their first multi-platform live stream on National Lookalike Day. The initial interview between an AI avatar and its human twin was repurposed into this evergreen behind-the-scenes corporate video content on YouTube.

Your company must leverage these opportunities to put the camera on those who work hard backstage and remain mostly unseen. Creating such explainer videos shows your brand's human face, will raise brand awareness, and encourage consumers to participate in a connecting experience, which is highly effective for turning them into loyal fans.

  • Uses creative and relevant visuals, like the chroma key for the studio where the AI avatar speaks and the monitor where it appears when talking to its human twin.
  • Showcases the interactions with split screens, picture-in-picture effects, overlays, and multiple-angle shots of the filming crew setting.
  • Creates an authentic and immersive experience, with many transitions to make the scenes flow and upbeat, energetic background music. 

Flex your creative muscles and make outstanding corporate video content today

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creativity in video

Create your first AI video today!

Synthesia - Platform

creativity in video

9 creative video ideas to wow your audience

video tips and tricks

We get it — consistenly coming up with fresh and engaging video ideas can sometimes be a daunting task. Fear not! In this blog, we have compiled nine professional video ideas that are sure to inspire and empower you on your creative journey.

1. Create a whiteboard video

Whiteboard videos offer a dynamic approach to engage your audience while delivering informative content. Inspired by renowned publishers such as Moz, AsapSCIENCE, and more, these videos are a form of explainer content that employs hand-drawn or animated illustrations to educate viewers on various subjects. With their concise format, whiteboard videos effectively convey information and conclude with a compelling call to action.

2. Offer tips and tricks

Tips and tricks videos have a surprising range, from super-short snackable videos on YouTube to longer content with valuable, replicable advice when it comes to topic shortcuts. They’re also excellent at building brand trust, as it’s easy to establish subject matter expertise when you’re problem-solving.

3. Get behind-the-scenes

Behind-the-scenes videos provide a captivating window into your creative process, offering viewers a unique and intimate experience. So, whether it’s a product, event or project, focus on highlighting interesting details, sharing funny or insightful moments, and showcasing the teamwork involved.

4. Record a time-lapse

Time-lapse videos provide a visually captivating and unique perspective on the passage of time. By condensing hours, days, or even months into a short clip, they reveal dynamic transformations that are not easily perceptible in real-time. Whether capturing the movement of clouds or the bustling of a city, timelapse videos create a mesmerizing visual experience that engages and fascinates viewers.

5. Use animation

You can use animated videos in lots of different ways, from simple typography animations to animated illustrations, flat icons, even full character animation videos. Animation is powerful for communicating concepts in explainer and story-based videos, as well as content for younger audiences thanks to the cartoon-like nature.

6. Tell a story

Utilizing storytelling in business videos can significantly enhance your impact and resonance. Stories have a unique ability to captivate audiences, evoke emotions, and create memorable connections. By incorporating storytelling elements into your videos, you can engage viewers on a deeper level, establish a stronger emotional connection, and effectively convey your brand’s message and values.

That said, storytelling for short online videos is different to other mediums, so familiarise yourself with the ‘emerging’ vs. traditional story arc, for example.

7. Make a parody

Parody videos use comedy to poke fun at people or situations. If you’re a brand, it pays to be aware of fair use guidelines for parodying pre-existing content; however, brands parodying themselves are engaging because it shows a sense of humour (and humility)! Check out our ‘Shootsta: The Movie’ parody below, which pokes fun at our company’s founders:

8. Shoot a publicity stunt

Publicity stunt videos are pre-planned events to attract attention and raise awareness, often for a brand or new product. The best stunts are big, bold and have creative flair — the type of videos that go viral, especially in marketing, thanks to their originality and / or audacity. So think big!

9. Ask the audience

Finally, don’t forget to ask viewers what they’d like to see. Not only is audience participation key to quality engagement, but asking for feedback is a great way to crowdsource creative video ideas.

YouTube Video Ideas

So, what kind of creative video ideas are you inspired to explore? If you need help to create a video, get in touch by filling out the form below and requesting a call-back. Happy creating!

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The evolution of creativity in video advertising: How far have we come? And where are we headed?

  • Facebook Messenger

creativity in video

By Jessie Sampson |

Open Mic article

This content is produced by a publishing partner of Open Mic. Open Mic is the self-publishing platform for the marketing industry, allowing members to publish news, opinion and insights on

October 5, 2020 | 7 min read

Listen to article 4 min

With such drastic development in our use of data and technology over the last decade, it can often be easy to forget the creative foundations that video advertising formats were built on.


That’s why we’ve asked IAB UK’s Video Steering Group to explore their own experience of creativity in video advertising; by discussing how it’s evolved over the last decade, and the opportunities and innovations that are defining its future.

Since the inception of video advertising, how have we seen creativity evolve into what we see today?

Advances in video technology, along with new screens and formats, have opened up the creative possibilities of video advertising far beyond just an ad’s narrative. Hyper-targeted, dynamic videos; hot-spotted product galleries; 360° virtual showrooms; location finders that can drive users to brick-and-mortar store locations - these are just some of the limitless forms video ads can now take. The data revolution has also transformed the way we serve ads to consumers. Through dynamic creative optimisation, ad technology can now create personalised ads based on data about the viewer the moment an ad is served.

Alex Khan, Group MD, International, Unruly

Technology and audience expectations have drastically shaped creativity. Thanks to the ubiquity and affordability of technology today, anyone can shoot video on their mobiles. This example by SITA had some of the highest engagement on LinkedIn, but was shot as a simple “talking head”. Secondly, audiences are more informed today. With access to data and user reviews, they form opinions on brands before they speak with a salesperson. Video advertising has proven it can cut through clutter online– but how we tell stories must keep up with audience sophistication.

Jennifer Bunting, Head of Product Marketing, EMEA & LATAM, LinkedIn

In its infancy, video advertising creative saw the much used 30” TVC ad run as advertisers’ sole online video creative. Fast-forward some years, it is evident that video creative has evolved into a more diverse set of formats and second lengths to best suit how users consume and interact with content. Achieving what was once unthinkable in that brands can now tell a story with six second video assets, utilising a range of formats such as In-Read video, Interactive Pre-Roll and dynamically targeted video to drive personalisation at scale.

Kishan Parmar, Display Partner, Carat

In a digital and data-driven world, why is it still so important to consider the creative?

Creative and data are two sides of the same coin. They need each other because creative without measurement is wasteful, and data in isolation doesn’t convince audiences. Yet together, they are powerful. Put another way, we all know that marketing is successful when it contributes to revenue. Data on its own doesn’t sell products – the creative does. But data tells the marketer if the creative worked – or even what the creative should focus on in the first place. Data reinforces creative decisions and creative allows marketers to do something with the data.

Personalisation and relevancy are key not only for ad engagement, but also in affecting people’s overall perception of brands and publishers alike. The data rich environment that we now operate in allows us to connect creative with individuals by knowing what type of content they engage and respond positively to, coupled with the environments in which we know they enjoy consuming content. For example, by being able to utilise publisher data on how users interact with video content, we are able to determine what creative length and context is best to put in front of individuals. No one wants to be served a 30” sponsored pre-roll before a 20” video!

Data alone cannot make a good ad, it’s the combination of creativity and data which makes advertising powerful. Testing your ads and using the feedback to tweak and adjust your creative is extremely important. Negative stereotypes, confusing narratives, branding overload, and cultural misconceptions are just some of the ways advertisers get it wrong.

Creating a beautiful video ad is just the first step. If you really want it to resonate with your audience, using data to understand how it will be perceived and make your audience feel can have profound effects on key business metrics like purchase intent and brand recall.

Looking to the future, how will advancements in technology and innovation change creativity in digital advertising?

Millennials and Gen-Z in particular are adopting and using new forms of technology at a rate of knots. You only have to go as far as looking at user generated TikTok videos to see how creative their userbase is being with video content, whilst advancements in Connected TV technology are also seeing a greater volume of sponsored video content appear on the big screen. Both of these examples showcase how key it is that creative is adapted into a variety of iterations to align with the platform it is being served on, and ultimately, to captivate the audience that will be consuming it.

If the past six months have taught us anything it’s that the future is extremely difficult to predict, but creativity always finds a way to adapt. We've seen many brands continue to create innovative campaigns in lockdown and the technology we have at our disposal means advertising has continued to flourish. Going forward we will see the relationship between creativity and data become even closer, enhancing our ability to create personalised, tailored, but creative, experiences that emotionally engage people.

The next frontier in creativity is involving the audience. It’s not because this is “cool” but rather it will make businesses more profitable. For example, the rise of VR/AR will give audiences more control. Brands won’t be able to limit what audiences see – they’ll see all the wrinkles. Permitting audiences to make more decisions will open a treasure trove of data that can then influence product development, increase the velocity of a purchase process, and improve sales efficiencies in real-time.

Content by The Drum Network member:

creativity in video

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK) is the industry body for digital advertising, committed to building a sustainable future for digital advertising. We do this by bringing the industry together through our 1,200 members including media owners, agencies and brands.

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15 creative video project ideas for students (and their teachers)

15 creative video project ideas for students

Fall is here. The leaves are starting to change color and teachers everywhere are asking the same question: How do I come up with video project ideas for my students?

Video has been a staple learning tool for decades. But having students create, design, and edit video projects themselves is becoming a much more common classroom activity. Video projects are a great way to help students of all ages  actively engage with subject matter  and learn from one another.

Online apps like  Biteable  make it easy for students to turn video ideas for school into a reality. Templates and easy-to-use editing tools keep the process simple and offer plenty of inspiration for student video projects.

To help teachers and students alike leverage video as an  educational tool , we’ve gathered our favorite creative video project ideas for students. Each idea comes with a ready-to-edit video template so you and your students can get started right away.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

Elementary student video project ideas

It can be tricky to keep young students interested and engaged all day long. Creating videos gives elementary students a fun, creative way to learn about anything. And student-created videos are an amazing classroom learning supplement. If a video is produced by their peers, interest will skyrocket.

1. Create a book trailer

Instead of a traditional book report, have students design a movie-style trailer that drums up excitement about a novel or a non-fiction book. Creating a book trailer gives students the opportunity to think creatively, share a story with their classmates, and reinforce their learning in a new way.

2. Give a video tour

To supplement social studies curriculum, students can create a video showing off a significant location or their favorite part of the school. If you have a field trip planned, ask students to share their experience by recording videos throughout the day and adding voice over narration.

A video tour of the school is also a great way to share the campus with new students and visitors. As a way to pass the torch before they leave for middle school, how about asking your fifth graders to collaborate on an orientation video for incoming kindergarteners?

3. Celebrate the holidays

There’s always something to celebrate, no matter what time of year it is. Have students film letters to Santa, make video Valentines for parents or grandparents, or make short educational videos about lesser known holidays. Students can even create simple, digital thank-you notes for classroom visitors or parent volunteers.

4. Recreate a moment in history

Learning about historical people and events? Have your students research and recreate major moments in history, like the story of Rosa Parks or the Oregon Trail.

Videos help students visualize and remember these important moments. It also gives students the opportunity to experiment with digital storytelling. And students will be challenged to bring each scene to life accurately.

5. Try stop-motion video

Video learning isn’t limited to literary or historical topics. Encourage students to use stop-motion or create their own slides to explain science experiments or other STEM projects. With the right footage, like Biteable’s extensive collection of clay animation footage, students won’t even need to build stop motion models. They can just focus on the presentation and storytelling in their video.

Video project ideas for middle and high school students

Video projects for high schoolers can be a little more advanced, as students should be practicing editing and narrative skills in addition to learning about new topics.

6. Create a news channel

To supplement learning in a current events class, have your students film a news broadcast covering both local and international events.

Ask students to take on certain roles in the newsroom: anchor, sports reporter, weather reporter, or entertainment correspondent. Doing a news segment helps everyone get involved and promotes teamwork.

7. Start a portfolio

Many high school students are thinking about college applications. Give them the chance to  jumpstart their applications with a portfolio video project  and showcase what makes them unique.

Art students can show off their best work and design skills. Students applying to traditional schools can answer an application question or create a video showcasing their community service and extracurriculars.

8. Promote a good cause

Rather than writing a traditional essay or report, have students create a video advocating for a cause that’s important to them. This helps students build their identity and develop persuasive skills. And students can share their  promotional video  with everyone, not just their teacher and classmates.

9. Questions for your future self

Think ahead with a video full of inspiring questions This project is great for incoming freshmen. At the beginning of the year, have students create videos with questions for their future self or with goals for their life and career. At graduation, send the videos back to them. It’s a fun, positive way to celebrate their success throughout high school.

Higher ed video project ideas

Higher education might not seem like the place for student-made videos. But in the real world, businesses use video for all sorts of things. Video projects build plenty of resume-worthy skills that college students can take with them to the workforce.

10. Create a university promotion video

It’s easy to forget that colleges and universities are businesses, too. And they need help with promotion. A solid college or university promotion video could open opportunities for internships or college employment. Promoting something that they’re already familiar with is a great way for students to build video persuasion skills.

11. Record and edit interviews

Being able to conduct a good interview and edit it in a way that’s appropriate for the purpose of the interview is a valuable skill in multiple industries. And interviewing experts in the field is appropriate for just about any class.

12. Make a video self-assessment

Grades are important. But being able to self-assess is also an incredibly valuable way for students to incrementally improve at any skill.

Making video self-assessments gives students a more active role in the grading process and offers them a creative way to highlight the work they’ve put into a course. It also gives them a chance to make an argument for the grade they feel they deserve — a skill that easily correlates to performance reviews in their future workplace.

13. Film a job interview guide

For most people, the interview is the most nerve-wracking part of getting a job. Practicing interview questions is a great way to prepare. But most students don’t know how to prepare for a job interview.

Creating a job interview  how-to guide  is a perfect way for students to learn how to prepare for a job interview and help other students prepare at the same time.

14. Create a video presentation based on a written assignment

Written assignments are the backbone of a university education (in most disciplines, at least). However, the audience for most written assignments is limited to the professor and assistants. Creating presentation videos for their assignments gives students the opportunity to share their hard work with their fellow students, while also learning valuable video editing skills.

15. Build a video resume

For most students, the job search starts even before graduation. A video resume helps students highlight the skills they acquired and the experience they gained during college. And, given the global workforce, a  video resume is a great supplement to a paper resume, especially when applying for remote or distant positions where an in-person interview may not be an option.

Take your video project from idea to reality with Biteable

Ready to get started  making an education video project ?

Biteable has a huge  library of video templates that help students get going fast rather than struggling to start from a blank screen. Drag-and-drop editing and easy to use tools let students focus on what’s important: the project assignment and delivering a thoughtful message.

Make stunning videos with ease.

Take the struggle out of team communication.

Try Biteable now.

  • No credit card required
  • No complicated design decisions
  • No experience necessary


How it works

For Business

Join Mind Tools

Video • 3 min read

An Overview of Creativity Video

Video Transcript

By the Mind Tools Content Team

This video is voiced by Andy Reid, founder of The Genius Box, David Watson, managing partner of The Bridge U.K., and Mike Butler, a strategic marketing consultant.

Andy Reid: The most creative people I know have an unquenching thirst to seek out new opportunities and to make new connections deliberately.

And they program their heads to see the dots, joining up the dots in the same way that you would see a constellation in the night sky when you join up all the stars.

So that for me is a nice way of seeing what creativity is.

David Watson: I think you need to give people space and time. I also think you need to encourage them at every turn. You need to listen, you need to collaborate with them. You need to constantly provide them with stimulus, whether that's external stimulus or whether it's internal in the organization.

I think it helps if where you work is a fun place to work. I think it helps that everybody feels valued.

Andy Reid: Make thinking as real as you can, and as early as you can.

I think you'll make better decisions. I think you'll get better ideas. I think you'll get better emotional buy-in.

So, what I mean by making your thinking real is getting out from your PowerPoints, and getting out from your Excel spreadsheets, and actually forming groups in the business in small huddles and have faster conversations, over shorter amounts of time, capturing as much output as you can.

Rough-and-ready stuff. Sticking it up on the walls and getting people to have that conversation all the time.

Mike Butler: Try and bring ideas to life really quickly. That can be visually, so a drawing is sometimes better than a thousand words.

And my rule of thumb is that you ought to be able to explain the idea to your mom or your grandparents in a couple of sentences, and they ought to be able to get it.

Andy Reid: I wouldn't start scaring people with big stories about how large companies have been innovative over a period of, say, 20 years. So, share stories about people. Tell stories about what Jenny did, and what Steve did, and what Brian did. And try and tell stories that are happening in the business, or are around businesses, that people can identify with.

Mike Butler: There are many companies around the world who are innovative, but they go about it in different ways. The secret is choosing the best way for your business.

David Watson: The great thing with the creative people in our organization, and I think creative people across the board, is that if you empower them and give them a vision and give them a brief that they want to fulfill, then they'll fulfill it and they don't need constantly [to be] chastised and constantly chased.

But given some of the freedom and given some of the ability and space, they'll come back to you and solve the problem . You just need to trust them to do that.

Andy Reid: And genuine feedback for people's efforts has huge volumes in raising confidence around creativity. That does more than big announcements in the meetings to kind of foster creativity.

If innovation is important in your business, then you really need to communicate on a sustained basis. If innovation is to stay and it's important, it can't be seen as an initiative, and that's why communication is vital.

Reflective questions :

After watching this video, reflect on what you've learned by answering these questions:

  • To what extent do you encourage innovation in your team? What could you do to develop a more creative working environment?
  • How do you usually respond when someone puts forward a creative idea? How could you improve the quality and timeliness of your feedback?
  • How well do training and recruitment processes support creativity in your organization? What improvements could be made?

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Unlock Creativity with DJI Mini 4 Pro's All-in-One Aerial Solution

News 2023-09-25

DJI, the global leader in civilian drones and innovative camera technology, today introduces the DJI Mini 4 Pro. Crafted to be the ultimate companion for adventure enthusiasts, the DJI Mini 4 Pro redefines the boundaries of mini-camera drones, setting a new benchmark for capturing and sharing exhilarating moments. With its pioneering omni-directional obstacle sensing and the flagship DJI O4 video transmission technology, this state-of-the-art mini drone empowers users to embrace every heart-pounding experience and channel their creativity into unforgettable endeavors.

“The Mini 4 Pro perfectly marries professional-grade capabilities while keeping its hallmark lightweight design, offering unmatched freedom and adaptability,” said Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director at DJI. “This drone emerges as the ultimate all-rounder, designed to elevate your creative toolkit.”

Take Flight at a Moment’s Notice

Weighing under 249g , the Mini 4 Pro is meticulously engineered for effortless portability. Its lightweight design not only ensures ease of transport but also aligns with drone regulations in a majority of countries and regions, granting you the freedom to take flight with almost no limitations.

High-Quality Imaging

The Mini 4 Pro offers cutting-edge imaging with a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor, New Image-Processing Platform and dual native ISO fusion—a hallmark of cinema-grade technology. Its f/1.7 aperture, 48MP image resolution, 4K/60fps HDR video, and Slo-Mo shooting at 4K/100fps capture moments in breathtaking detail. 2.4μm pixels  and an enhanced noise reduction algorithm in Night Shots video mode delivers clear, cleaner footage even in low-light conditions.

Additionally, the Mini 4 Pro empowers your creativity with True Vertical Shooting, optimized for social media and smartphone playback. A 60° large-angle tilt for fluid camera motion unleashes cinematic possibilities, while digital video zoom bolsters your storytelling abilities by magnifying photos up to 2x and videos up to 4x.

Captivating Output

The Mini 4 Pro allows you to achieve professional-grade post-production control with 10-bit D-Log M recording, granting access to more than a billion colors. No matter where you publish your content, HLG ensures the natural colors and brightness remain true-to-life without adjustment or format conversion due to its high dynamic range. Preserve intricate nuances with 48MP RAW and SmartPhoto technology , an ingenious fusion that harmonizes HDR imaging, scene recognition, and more, resulting in images that truly captivate.

Fly Without Worry

The Mini 4 Pro enhances safety with omnidirectional obstacle sensing, utilizing multiple wide-angle and a pair of downward vision sensors to detect obstructions from all directions. Complemented by an Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS), the drone features automatic braking and obstacle bypass, elevating in-flight security.

Extend your creative freedom with up to 34 minutes of flight time, which can be further extended to an impressive 45 minutes using the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus . Additionally, thanks to DJI's flagship O4 video transmission enjoy ultra-responsive control and smooth 1080p/60fps FHD video transmission capability from distances of up to 20 km . Enhance your shooting efficiency with Waypoint Flight's automatic route function while minimizing operation fatigue with Cruise Control for long-distance, steady-state flights. The Mini 4 Pro's Advanced Return-to-Home system automatically navigates a safe flight route back, facilitated by the AR RTH feature for more control during return flights.

Elevate Your Creativity

The Mini 4 Pro not only offers three intuitive methods for capturing shots—Spotlight, Point of Interest, and ActiveTrack 360°, which allows users to bypass obstacles and achieve smoother, more stable tracking thanks to omnidirectional obstacle sensing—but also enhances creative possibilities with innovative features. By harnessing the follow intelligent features, users can achieve professional-level results with every flight:

●    MasterShots o    Delivers dynamic camera movement templates tailored for portrait, close-up, and long-range shots, ensuring you nail every shot! ●    QuickShots o    Provides Dronie, Circle, Helix, Rocket, Boomerang, and Asteroid modes for more stylish results. ●    Hyperlapse o    Provides Free, Waypoint, Circle, and Course Lock modes with unlimited shooting time, and supports compositing while shooting. ●    Panorama o    Supports shooting 180°, Wide Angle, Vertical, and Sphere panoramic photos to capture magnificent landscapes. ●    QuickTransfer o    Quickly transfer photos and videos to your smartphone without linking the remote controller. Your creations will be instantly ready to share.

Edit with LightCut

LightCut streamlines video editing through wireless connection and AI technology, allowing one-tap generation of captivating videos by merging ActiveTrack, MasterShots, and QuickShots footage. The app automates sound effect matching and template application for efficient, high-quality production, while preserving smartphone storage by eliminating the need to download footage. Real-time sound effects enhance aerial creations, transitioning from "silent" to "vibrant." An array of aerial shot templates, from nature to cityscape and tilt-shift effects, allows for effortless video creation by importing aerial footage.

Outstanding Accessories for Enhanced Performance 

●    DJI Mini 4 Pro Wide-Angle Vision o    Capture vast landscapes through the super-wide 100° FOV of the wide-angle lens.

●    DJI Mini 4 Pro ND Filters Set (ND16/64/256)  o    Adapt to challenging lighting scenarios with precision using ND16/64/256 filters, ensuring readiness for the perfect images.

●    DJI Mini 4 Pro 360° Propeller Guard  o    Enhance flight safety effortlessly with the complete coverage provided by the 360° propeller guard, designed to be attached and detached with ease.

DJI Care Refresh 

DJI Care Refresh, the comprehensive protection plan for DJI products, is now available for the Mini 4 Pro. The replacement service covers accidental damage, including flyaway, collisions and water damage. For a small additional charge, you can have your damaged product replaced if an accident occurs. 

DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) includes up to two replacements in one year. DJI Care Refresh (2-Year Plan) includes up to four replacements in two years. Other services of DJI Care Refresh include DJI Care Express and free shipping. For a full list of details, please visit:

Master Aerial Photography with SkyPixel

Discover the new SkyPixel, a revolutionary digital platform aimed at elevating the world of aerial photography. With an array of cutting-edge features, including a vast database of fly spots and expert fly tips, this reimagined SkyPixel empowers drone enthusiasts of all levels to master the art of aerial photography with ease. Stay well-informed about nearby fly spots and local regulations, ensuring safe and worry-free takeoffs for pilots of all experience levels. Join a global community of photographers, explore over 30 million stunning aerial masterpieces, and engage with like-minded enthusiasts worldwide. SkyPixel is where creativity knows no bounds, and the sky is your canvas.

Pricing and Availability

The Mini 4 Pro is available to order from and authorized retail partners, with shipping starting today, in the following configurations:

The DJI Mini 4 Pro (DJI RC-N2) retails for $759, and includes one drone, a DJI RC-N2 Remote Controller, a DJI RC-N2/N1 RC Cable (USB-C Connector), a DJI RC-N2/N1 RC Cable (Lightning Connector), a DJI Mini 4 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery, a pair of DJI Mini 4 Pro/Mini 3 Pro Propellers (Screws Included), a Screwdriver, a DJI Mini 4 Pro Gimbal Protector, a DJI Mini 4 Pro Propeller Holder, and a Type-C to Type-C PD Cable.

The DJI Mini 4 Pro (DJI RC 2) retails for $959, and includes one drone, a DJI RC 2 Remote Controller, a DJI Mini 4 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery, a pair of DJI Mini 4 Pro/Mini 3 Pro Propellers (Screws Included), a Screwdriver, a DJI Mini 4 Pro Gimbal Protector, a DJI Mini 4 Pro Propeller Holder, and a Type-C to Type-C PD Cable.

The DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo (DJI RC 2) retails for $1,099, and includes one drone, a DJI RC 2 Remote Controller, three DJI Mini 4 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery, three pairs of DJI Mini 4 Pro/Mini 3 Pro Propellers (Screws Included), a Screwdriver, a DJI Mini 4 Pro Gimbal Protector, a DJI Mini 4 Pro Propeller Holder, a Type-C to Type-C PD Cable, a USB-C Cable, a DJI Mini Shoulder Bag, and the DJI Mini 4 Pro/Mini 3 Series Two-Way Charging Hub. 

The DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo Plus (DJI RC 2) retails for $1,159, and includes one drone, a DJI RC 2 Remote Controller, three DJI Mini 4 Pro/Mini 3 Series Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, three pairs of DJI Mini 4 Pro/Mini 3 Pro Propellers (Screws Included), a Screwdriver, a DJI Mini 4 Pro Gimbal Protector, a DJI Mini 4 Pro Propeller Holder, a Type-C to Type-C PD Cable, a USB-C Cable, a DJI Mini Shoulder Bag, and the DJI Mini 4 Pro/Mini 3 Series Two-Way Charging Hub.

Additional info here:

Recent News

creativity in video

DJI Returns To IFA To Show First-In-Class Imaging Solutions For Everyone

News 2023-08-28

creativity in video

DJI Introduces Osmo Action 4 for Capturing Adventure in Stunning Clarity

News 2023-08-02

creativity in video

Double Your Aerial Imaging Skills With DJI’s New Air 3 Drone

News 2023-07-25


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Shania Twain Turns a Sweet Fan Gift Into a Tour Outfit: 'I Guess You Could Say I Shania'd It'

The country music superstar shows off her creative fashion skills by turning a denim jacket into a minidress

creativity in video

Shania Twain/Instagram

Shania Twain is known for her iconic outfits, but her latest look has a special meaning behind it. 

The country superstar, 58, shared a video on Instagram on Friday, telling viewers how she turned a fan gift into a tour outfit. While showing off her prized possession, she spun around for the camera, revealing a collection of patches sewn to a jacket — which she transformed into a dress.

“Now this denim jacket’s been Shania’d,” she said in the video, which played Twain’s classic, “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!” in the background, intercut with footage of her performing on stage. “But a fan did all the patchwork, the embroidery and everything on the denim jacket,” she added, displaying artwork labeled with her beloved songs, from “I’m Outta Here!” to “Not Impressed” — short for the 1998 hit, “That Don’t Impress Me Much."

Twain went on to say she “modified” the outfit, noting it’s now a “minidress” with a green skirt and stylish boots. “I turned the sleeves upside down,” she said. “I turned the jacket backwards, and these are Dolce boots that are also turned upside down.”

“So thank you very much to the fan that sent me the jacket,” she concluded, adding, “It inspired me to get glamorous” for her Queen of Me tour . She then told the crowd in attendance, "I guess you could say I Shania'd it."

In May, the musician shared a backstage video from a concert in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Instagram to give fans a sneak peek at how she assembles her outfits before performances. 

In the video and caption, Twain showed that she created new outfits for each show using previously worn attire. She wore a long-sleeve pink shirt with polka dots, black sequin shorts and pink wig while putting on multiple necklaces, including one with a heart where she added black chiffon bows behind one hip and one shoulder for a “little asymmetrical pattern,” she said in the clip. Twain then walked over to a bundle of things and stated, “We’re putting our scraps to work!” 

Never miss a story — sign up for PEOPLE's free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best of what PEOPLE has to offer, from celebrity news to compelling human interest stories.

“Wanted to give you all a sneak peek at what happens before each show backstage!” the “Any Man of Mine” singer wrote alongside the video. “Some of you have already noticed, but I’m creating new looks for every night using outfits I’ve previously worn 💖”

She added, ”Some of these items have been over 10 years old!!”

Twain made headlines the month prior after responding to criticism for her skin-baring appearance at the CMT Music Awards .

Pushing back at remarks that she should dress more "appropriately" or that she's "not who you used to be," the music icon shared an Instagram photo carousel celebrating her adventurous style along with a caption.

She wrote in the post , "For me fashion is a powerful tool that helps to convey my personality and express my creativity and other than getting to hang out with my friends for the night, it's one of my favourite things about attending award shows! Life is too short to wear boring clothes!! 😘 Thank you to the team behind my @cmt #CMTAwards looks ❤️‍🔥"

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Skip Bayless posts awkward video, memes are out as the Cardinals upset the Cowboys

Sep 24, 2023, 5:26 PM | Updated: 11:02 pm

Dallas Cowboys fans at the Arizona Cardinals game...

Dallas Cowboys fans react during the Arizona Cardinals' 28-16 win on Sunday, Sept. 24 ,2023, in Glendale, Ariz. (Felisa Cardenas/Arizona Sports)

(Felisa Cardenas/Arizona Sports)

Haboob Blog's Profile Picture


Arizona Sports

Advanced analytics didn’t think the Arizona Cardinals were necessarily as bad as their 0-2 record heading into a Week 3 hosting of the 2-0 Dallas Cowboys.

Still, the Caesars Sportsbook had Dallas as a heavy, 11-point favorite. So the Cardinals’ 28-16 win on Sunday handed Dallas its largest upset loss since 2006 and third-largest over the past 25 seasons.

Non-Cowboys fans enjoyed the Arizona win. It was a flood of memes following the Cardinals handing first-year coach Jonathan Gannon his first victory on the job.

It started with known Cowboys hater Stephen A. Smith laying it on thick.

It is a Bird….it’s not a plane!!!! It’s the cardinals??? 🤔😭😭😭 Had to bring this back 😭 — Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) September 24, 2023

Talking head nemesis and pro-Cowboys man Skip Bayless, um, had this excruciatingly awkward video of heavy breathing and head-nodding on his mobile phone.

. @RealSkipBayless on the Cowboys loss to the Cardinals… — UNDISPUTED (@undisputed) September 24, 2023

Artist Dave Rappoccio drew Cardinals quarterback Joshua Dobbs as Elmo in celebration of the Arizona win.

CONGRATS, CARDINALS! — Dave Rappoccio (@DrawPlayDave) September 24, 2023

The rest of the internet-verse, by and large, found amusement in the Cowboys failing in such surprising fashion and the Cardinals looking like more than a competent football team.

cowboys fans after watching their team lose to the Cardinals — FOX Sports: NFL (@NFLonFOX) September 24, 2023
Fans of the #49ers watching The Cardinals beat The Cowboys today 😂 — OurSF49ers (@OurSf49ers) September 24, 2023
This defensive performance had 0 to do with Diggs. The Cardinals punched the Cowboys in the mouth early & never let up. Talked there stuff & kept feeding them face masks. Game came down to red zone execution. What do you know. Dobbs & the Cardinals out executed Dak & the Boys. — Ryan Clark (@Realrclark25) September 24, 2023
Daniel Jones led Giants put 31 points against the Cardinals… Dak Prescott led Cowboys got half that 😭😭😭💀 — AK (@AKris__) September 24, 2023
Watching the Cardinals offense torch the Cowboys defense — John Chapman (@JL_Chapman) September 24, 2023

Western Governors University

Arizona Cardinals

Kyzir White celebrates with Jonathan Gannon in Week 3...

Tyler Drake

Kyzir White proving Jonathan Gannon, Cardinals right early into Arizona tenure

Kyzir White has been everything and more for a scrappy Cardinals defense led by head coach Jonathan Gannon and DC Nick Rallis.

12 hours ago

Marquise Brown #2 of the Arizona Cardinals celebrates a touchdown with teammate James Conner #6 dur...

Gannon after 10 analysts pick Cowboys to beat Cardinals: ‘Good’

Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon had a brief word for all 10 analysts that predicted the Cowboys to beat the Cardinals in Week 3.

13 hours ago

Drew Petzing looks on...

Cardinals OC Drew Petzing’s creativity on display in win over Cowboys

Throughout the Cardinals' first win under the new regime, OC Drew Petzing showed off his creativity from a play-calling standpoint.

14 hours ago

Cardinals QB Josh Dobbs (Felisa Cardenas/Arizona Sports)...

Rapid reactions: Cardinals use 1st-half dominance to upset Cowboys in Week 3

After a rough two opening weeks for the Arizona Cardinals, the team did the improbable and upset the undefeated Dallas Cowboys in Week 3.

Joshua Dobbs #9 of the Arizona Cardinals throws a pass during the third quarter in the game against...

Cardinals’ upset win over Cowboys especially sweet for the polarizing Gannon

Sunday’s victory over the Cowboys was especially sweet. It was Arizona’s seventh victory over the Cowboys in its past eight tries.

15 hours ago

Jonathan Gannon looks on...

Cardinals upset Cowboys, give Jonathan Gannon 1st victory as coach

The Arizona Cardinals held down the Dallas Cowboys in the red zone and ran through them to build a first-half lead that they kept.

16 hours ago

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  • Australia edition
  • Europe edition

Andrew Tate

Apple removes app created by Andrew Tate

Legal firm had said Real World Portal encouraged misogyny and there was evidence to suggest it is an illegal pyramid scheme

Apple has withdrawn an app created by Andrew Tate after accusations that it encouraged misogyny and could be an illegal pyramid scheme.

Tate created the app, Real World Portal, after the closure of his “Hustler’s University”, which was an online academy for his fans, promising to assist them in making thousands of pounds while helping Tate’s videos on social media, which have been described as misogynistic, to go viral.

McCue Jury & Partners, the firm representing four British women who have accused Tate of sexual and physical assault, claimed that the app deliberately targets young men and encourages misogyny, including members of the app sharing techniques on how to control and exploit women. The firm has also claimed that there is evidence to suggest that the app is an illegal pyramid scheme, with members being charged $49.99 a month to join.

Last week, the Real World Portal app was removed from Google’s Play store after claims that it was an illegal pyramid scheme and encouraged misogyny.

On Friday night Apple also said it had removed it from its app store. It followed a letter from the legal firm asking Apple to consider whether the app was in line with its policies and whether the company was exposing itself to any corporate liability in hosting it on its platform.

Part of the letter, dated 15 September, said: “We are writing because our clients are extremely concerned that you are hosting Tate’s Real World Portal (RWP) mobile application on your Apple Store … In continuing to host RWP, not only is Apple potentially indirectly financing Tate’s alleged criminal activities but is aiding the spread of his misogynistic teachings.”

The firm had claimed that Apple was directly profiting from hosting the app, with the company taking 30% in royalties from apps and in-app purchases.

Four women in their late 20s and early 30s are pursuing civil proceedings against Tate over alleged offences between 2013 and 2016 while he was still living in the UK.

Before the news that Apple had withdrawn the app, Matt Jury, the lawyer representing the women, said: “Andrew and [his brother] Tristan Tate manipulate their significant online following to promote subscriptions to Real World Portal. From there, the benefits to users are entirely reliant upon new subscribers joining the platform.

“There is also significant evidence that this scheme is directly targeting boys and teenagers and, in my view, is nothing more than an exploitative app which has no place on Apple’s platform.”

Tate is awaiting trial in Romania on charges of human trafficking. He and Tristan were charged in June , along with two Romanian female suspects, with human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women. The suspects have denied the allegations.

A spokesperson for Andrew Tate said: “We unequivocally deny the allegations that ‘The Real World’ app operates as a pyramid scheme or perpetuates harmful techniques aimed at exploiting any individuals, particularly women. The user community, which includes a significant number of women within the 200,000-strong user base, can attest to the positive impact and educational value the app provides.

“Accusations suggesting otherwise are unfounded, lacking credible evidence, and seem to be part of a targeted campaign against Andrew Tate, a known supporter and promoter of the platform. ‘The Real World’ maintains a commitment to complete transparency, ensuring compliance with all legal and ethical standards. We invite sceptics to examine the app independently and affirm that it operates in accordance with legal and moral requirements.

“The platform is designed as an educational tool that fosters healthy habit formation, financial literacy, and self-discipline, with thousands of lives positively impacted. The decision by Google Play is being appealed.”

  • Andrew Tate

More on this story

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Andrew Tate released from house arrest by Bucharest court

creativity in video

Andrew Tate and his brother appear in Romanian court

creativity in video

Andrew Tate and his brother to face trial in Romania

creativity in video

Romanian authorities change human trafficking charge against Andrew Tate

creativity in video

Andrew Tate speaks of ‘absolute clarity of thought’ after move to house arrest

creativity in video

Andrew Tate and brother moved to house arrest in Romania – video

creativity in video

Andrew Tate’s custody extended for fourth time by Romanian court

creativity in video

Romanian court extends Andrew Tate detention by 30 days

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