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Unleash Your Creativity: Unique Ways to Write a Birthday Card Message

Birthdays are special occasions that allow us to celebrate the people we care about. And what better way to show your love and appreciation than by writing a heartfelt message in a birthday card? But sometimes, finding the right words can be challenging. If you’re looking for unique ways to write a birthday card message, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore some nice things you can say in a birthday card that will make your loved ones feel truly special.

Capture Memories and Celebrate Milestones

A birthday is not just about getting older; it’s also an opportunity to reflect on the past and celebrate milestones. Use your birthday card as a platform to capture memories and highlight the achievements of the person celebrating their special day.

Start by reminiscing about shared experiences or inside jokes that will bring a smile to their face. For example, “Remember that time we hiked up that mountain together? It was an adventure I’ll never forget. Wishing you more exciting journeys ahead.”

You can also take this opportunity to acknowledge their accomplishments and how far they’ve come. Whether it’s personal growth, career success, or overcoming challenges, let them know how proud you are of their journey. For instance, “Happy birthday. You’ve accomplished so much in the past year, and I’m in awe of your strength and determination.”

Express Your Appreciation

Birthdays are an excellent occasion to express your appreciation for someone’s presence in your life. Take this chance to let them know how much they mean to you.

Tell them why they are important and how they have made a positive impact on your life or others’. For example, “On your special day, I want you to know that you bring so much joy into my life with your infectious laughter and kind heart.”

If the person has been a source of support and inspiration, express your gratitude. Let them know how much their encouragement has meant to you during tough times. For instance, “Thank you for always being there for me and believing in me even when I doubted myself. Your unwavering support means the world to me.”

Highlight Their Qualities and Strengths

Everyone loves to be reminded of their unique qualities and strengths on their birthday. Use your birthday card as an opportunity to uplift the person celebrating their special day.

Highlight their admirable traits, such as kindness, compassion, or creativity. For example, “Your kindness knows no bounds, and your compassion is truly inspiring. Wishing you a birthday filled with love and happiness.”

If they have a particular talent or skill that you admire, acknowledge it in your message. This will not only make them feel appreciated but also encourage them to continue pursuing their passions. For instance, “Your musical talent never fails to mesmerize me. Keep shining bright and sharing your beautiful gift with the world.”

Shower Them with Warm Wishes

No birthday card message is complete without warm wishes for the future. Take this opportunity to send positive vibes and blessings their way.

Wish them happiness, success, good health, and all the wonderful things life has to offer. For example, “May this year bring you endless joy, success in all your endeavors, and good health that never falters.”

Encourage them to embrace new experiences and make the most out of every moment by reminding them that life is an adventure waiting to be explored. For instance, “As you blow out the candles on your cake today, remember that life is full of exciting opportunities waiting for you around every corner.”

In conclusion, writing a birthday card message doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By capturing memories, expressing appreciation, highlighting qualities and strengths while showering warm wishes upon someone, you can create a truly unique and heartfelt message. Let your creativity flow and make their birthday card a keepsake they’ll cherish for years to come.

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creative writing about kidnapping


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  • hitman heist
God help any writer that fails to make kidnapping look and sound as vile and repugnant as it is. Words matter. They wire our brains and govern responses more than most are comfortable admitting to.
The soulless came for a soul, the very thing they could never regain. They came to take innocence and feel the evil joy as they sunk into the filth of indifference. They were the zombies of our apocalypse, hardwired to damage others to feed their addictions. And they call it "kidnap" - I doubt the kid get's to "nap," and this ain't no cartoon with a swag bag or napkin tied to a pole. This is the torture of children, of youth, of our very own hearts. And so we took up the fight against these zombies, and we all know how zombies die...
The kid isn't napping, they are being tortured. That's the reality of kidnapping. Being coy about it is wrong because it keeps people from responding the way they should - as heroes and protectors of the young.

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The Kidnapping

  • Heidi Dawn Claire Molloy, Grade 7

On a cold winter’s afternoon about 3:30pm, I was walking home from school when I heard someone call my name. I turned around and saw a blue Toyota Camry pull up. I walked over to the car and peeped inside, when suddenly someone grabs me from behind. I went to scream but the person behind me put their hands over my mouth, then hurled me inside the car. I look around and saw two masked men in the back seat and one masked person in the front. The car speeds down the deserted streets. Then everything goes dark. I realize that I have a bag over my head. “Oh my god, I’m being kidnapped!” After what seemed like hours of driving the car finally came to a halt. Someone picked me up and took me outside then dropped me on the ground. “Ow, that hurt,” I said to myself. I slowly rise to my feet. Someone took the bag off my head. I looked around and saw what looked like a prison. I tried to contain myself while I was being pushed into the prison building then into a cell. One of the kidnappers began to talk. “Little girl in case you’re wondering why you’re here I’ll tell you. See your father works at a jewellery store and we’ve kidnapped you and are holding you ransom for all the jewels in the shop. “HA HA HA HA.” With that they left. “What am I going to do?” I thought to myself as I walked around the cell. What a discovery! This would change things for sure. They left the door unlocked. How stupid are they if they’re trying to kidnap someone? They should at least do it right!! I slowly opened the door and snuck out. I peered outside the window to see that the kidnappers were just outside and that one of them was on the phone. I heard him talking, “Mr Stockerman if you ever want to see your little girl again then you will give me all your jewels.” I stepped back from the window. What to do now? I looked around the cell and bingo! The cell keys were on a wall. I walked back over to my cell and shut the door. I still have the keys in my hand then I lay on the ground and start yelling, “help, help. Oh someone please help me.” Suddenly all the kidnappers rush though the door and into my cell. Quick as a flash I hop up and shut and lock the door behind me. “How did you do that?” one of them muttered. “You left the door unlocked,” I reply mockingly. I walked outside and saw a cell phone. I picked it up and called the police. When they arrived they were startled to see me sitting outside whistling happily and the kidnappers locked up inside a prison cell. Then next day I received an award and $1000,000 for capturing them. It turned out that the kidnappers were master criminals and had been on the run for 3 years.


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January 22, 2013

Writing about: a kidnapping, 10 comments:.

creative writing about kidnapping

Wow, I've never seen anyone write about how to do a kidnapping before. Very cool. Hello Fellow FWA'er. Nice to meet you.

creative writing about kidnapping

Nice to meet you too, Vicki! This post isn't obviously about how to do a kidnapping in real life. I know nothing about that and I am strongly against anyone attempting it! Unfortunately, kidnappings do happen, even in literature. I found myself writing about one for my book so I figured other writers might be curious about how to write about a kidnapping as well. Thank you for your comment. I hope you stop by again!

Hi, this really is really good because I am writing a novel on a kidnapping. I'm just having trouble starting it off. Do I start off with the attack or someone arriving at the scene to see it a mess?

There's no right or wrong way to start a scene or book about a kidnapping. Think about your story and what would be best. :)

This really helped me out. I've written about kidnappings before, but this really helps me out a lot and inspires me to write another kidnapping story. :) You should write a book about writing books. lol :P

This was absolutely fantastic. I have had trouble writing a convincing kidnapping scene in my years of writing - this helped so much. Thank you.

Hi there, I'm writing a story about a girl who was kidnapped for knowing some kind of information, which she happens to forget after she is kidnapped. My question is What kind of information can get someone kidnapped? It should be something strange or the readers will find intresting. And it shouldn't be technological or scientific -Like she has the steps on making a biological weapon- No. I hope someone can give me what I need to complete my chapter Thank you

I have no idea if this is much too late or not, but maybe it will at least help other people browsing this page in the future. First, I think you should ask yourself some questions about what sort of story you want this to be. How important is this kidnapping? Is there any chance it would be government-related? Maybe the government sent secret agents to tie her up to get information about a foreign country or something. Or maybe it's about aliens, or magic. Alternately, maybe it's something related to a significant other or a business! Maybe a jealous stalker creep wants to impersonate the person she likes, or maybe she knows a business secret that some other, probably sleezy business wants. Or maybe a secret recipe to an extremely special dish. If you have any way to give her or a friend of hers a competitor like that, that could definitely do it. Or, the weakness of someone or something! How to sneak into x well-guarded place, perhaps, or a person the kidnapper hates and wants to kill/take down in some way. Hope this helps someone!

Hi! I am writing a kidnapping scene for a fanfic that I'm writing. But this man is kidnapped a four year old from her bed. Any advice for this type of kidnap? Thanks1

You've probably long since finished or abandoned your fanfic, but here's some advice, anyway! First, I think you need to know what relation this man has to this girl. That's incredibly important. Is it her biological father, whom she's fond of? Maybe she was lost in a custody battle. Is it someone she already knows and hates/is afraid of? Is it a complete stranger? Second, I think you should consider the disposition of the little girl, and whether or not she would even wake up. If she's friendly, she may greet the person and possibly express confusion. If she's a bit timid, she's likely to scream, struggle, cry.... If you're writing it from her point of view, I think the advice on the page is still perfectly applicable. If it's from his point of view, then write about how he got in, then him grabbing her, etc. If it's more objective, a mysterious, possibly even slightly vague description may help. Perhaps something about a shadowy figure approaching a child fast asleep in her bed, before he snatches her up and vanishes into the night. Hopefully this is able to help someone! Best of luck with your writing ventures. =)

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