50 Creative Easter Basket Ideas Anyone on Your Easter Sunday Gift List Will Love

DIY coiled, twined or woven baskets into spring-inspired vessels full of treats for toddlers, tweens, teens and adults.

easter basket ideas, blue rope basket with a teddy bunny and goodies inside, woven basket with a blue embellished bow attached to the handles

Below, you'll find easy and colorful ways to upgrade coiled, twined or woven baskets. Envision these DIYs as the perfect gifts for Easter Sunday's host — from spray-painted golden baskets and non-sew rope designs to bunny fry boxes and personalized candy buckets. Or save money with craft ideas from materials you may have at home, like transforming empty cereal boxes into goodie "bags," while using leftover paint to decorate any old wooden basket strips. And if you want additional treasures to go with the ones already tucked inside (AKA Easter basket stuffers can be sweeter than candy), try making our carrot treat cones or origami bunnies — they're filled to the max with your kids' favorite treats .

No matter who you're gifting your Easter basket to this year— a family member, friend, work buddy — or what style you want to recreate, these will impress anyone who receives them. We even have non-candy Easter basket ideas , Easter toys for toddlers and unique picks for boys who love surprises. And if you find your basket too gorgeous and memorable to give away, feature it on the table or mantel to really amp up your Easter decor .

Craft Stick Easter Basket

easter basket ideas, basket with white craft sticks around the exterior, holding treats inside

Decorate a basic woven basket's exterior with large wooden craft sticks. It's a DIY idea that'll add color and personality to your vessel of goodies.

-Large craft sticks

- Screw hole punch

- Top of a round take-out container (ours was about a 4” circle)

- White acrylic paint

- Craft brush

- Burlap or another fabric scrap (for the inside)

- ½ burlap ribbon

  • Make a template craft stick where you put a hole about ½” down from the top in the center. Using your ‘template,’ mark 18 (or more!) craft sticks with where you need to make the hole and punch it out.
  • Paint each craft stick white and let them dry. Hot-glue the bottom of a craft stick (without the hole) to the round and hot-glue the rest of the craft sticks until the entire plastic base is covered.
  • Cut a piece of burlap or fabric and attach it to the inside of the basket with a few dots of hot glue to make a nicer finish.
  • Finish the basket with a strip of burlap ribbon on the bottom of the basket. Attach the bow with a few dots of hot glue and trim it to fit.

Rope Easter Basket

easter basket ideas, blue basket decorated with blue rope and a blue ribbon

Gather the essentials: cotton rope, liquid fabric dye, hot glue and a craft paintbrush to DIY this serene blue-colored rope basket. Bonus: Sewing isn't required!

  • Spiral the rope into a circle and apply hot glue as you attach the rope together. Continue wrapping until you make the circle large enough to be the bottom of your basket.
  • Start stacking the rope on top of itself to create the sides of the basket and use the same hot-glue technique to secure the rope.
  • Continue step two and make sure to keep everything straight until you have your desired height.
  • Trim the rope's end and hot-glue the end inside the basket to prevent it from fraying or getting loose.
  • Water down some of the fabric dye and brush it onto the sides until you achieve your desired tone of color. Once it's dry, your basket is ready to use!

Painted Baskets

easter basket ideas, two wooden baskets painted in pastel colors and holding treats

All this craft requires: a wooden basket and acrylic paint. Simply paint the basket's wood strips in multiple colors then gift your charming creation to the Easter Sunday host. Use different shades of one color for an ombré effect.


Patchwork Basket

easter basket ideas embellished blue bow attached to a plain woven basket

Enhance any simple basket with an embellished bow. In this case, we cut a length of blue ribbon (3" wired ribbon) to create the large accessory before decorating it with iron-on patches. Use fabric glue to attach the decals, including any flowers, bunnies or carrots.


Fabric-Wrapped Basket

easter basket ideas, basket wrapped in patterned fabric, with a teddy bunny and eggs inside

Transform your coiled, twined or wooden basket into a unique gift in just five minutes using fabric, a large dinner napkin (or a kitchen dish towel), fabric scissors and thin ribbon (or twine).

  • Cut a large square of fabric (or use a napkin or dish towel). The size will depend on the basket.
  • Lay the fabric diagonally and place the basket in the center. Take opposite corners and tie a knot at the top of the basket handle. Tuck the extra fabric into the basket.
  • Tie a knot around either side of the basket handle to secure and define the handle.

Carrot Treat Cones

easter basket ideas, three carrot treat cones full of treats with green tissue paper tied with twine

Tuck these carrot-shaped cones inside your Easter basket. Fill them with mouth-watering sweets, from Sour Patch bunnies and jelly beans to chocolate eggs and PEEPS.

Materials: carrot template , coffee filters, orange paper, double-stick tape, green craft paint, twine, a clothespin, a wire hanger, paper towel and scissors

  • Mix a few drops of green craft paint with water until it reaches the consistency of milk. Soak coffee filters in the paint mixture until fully saturated (you can do this several times simultaneously).
  • Squeeze out excess paint and lay the filters flat to dry on paper towels or hang them from a hanger with a clip or clothespin.
  • Download our template and trace it onto orange paper. Cut out and roll the template into a cone shape, adhering the sides with double-stick tape.
  • Cut out the center of the painted coffee filters.
  • Attach the remaining paper to the inside edge of the cone with double-stick tape. Fill the “carrot” cone with small treats and tie twine around the top to close.

Origami Bunny Treats

easter basket ideas, origami bunnies with candy inside

Our origami template will show you all the steps to make these adorable bunny creatures. Stuff their openings with classic Easter treats, like M&M's or Skittles, and add them to your baskets for an extra dose of sweetness.

Download our template »

Personalized Chalkboard Easter Buckets

easter basket ideas, one pink and one blue bucket with bunny designs and names written on the front

If you can't find a metal bucket in your preferred color, paint it to start. Use scrapbook paper and fine sand paper to create your oval and rabbit silhouette. Mod Podge will hold your decals together.


Get the tutorial at Lolly Jane »

DIY Fringe Easter Basket

easter basket ideas blue and purple fringe basket with treats inside

Blogger Lydi whipped out her Cricut for this DIY basket idea. Fill pastry bags with orange treats (Goldfish in this case) before hot-glueing green ribbon to the top for closing. Place the goodies in your basket, then attach a pom-pom garland around the basket's rim.


Get the tutorial at Lydi Out Loud »

Woodland Easter Basket

easter basket ideas woodland basket with faux vines, leaves and flowers on the handles

This boho-inspired Easter basket looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale. Spice up your wire basket with peonies, jumbo golden eggs, gold spray paint and floral wire. The finished look includes a beautiful assortment of Hershey’s Easter pre-filled eggs and golden chocolate bunny candy.


Get the tutorial at Made in a Day »

Colorful Crocheted Easter Basket

easter basket ideas, diy color block crochet basket with handle and bunny treat inside

Fasten a sturdy felt handle to a crocheted catch-all to make it ready for the Easter Bunny (and all the treats they'll bring). Use a store-bought basket or stitch your own by following the Good Housekeeping Stitch Club 's step-by-step instructions.


Pom-Pom Easter Basket

easter basket ideas, woman holding a diy easter basket with hints of pink and a pink pom pom trim

Brighten up a woven basket by painting its base in a vibrant hue, like pink, orange or yellow. Add a pom-pom trim in a similar shade or use a contrasting color to make the basket pop .


Fabric Bunny Box

easter basket ideas, fabric wrapped box with large bunny shaped ears sticking out at the top

If you've got a few peepers on your hands, then keep all of their Easter treats and toys under wraps in this fabric-covered box. Make it look like a bunny by separating the fabric ears and gluing on a pom-pom tail.

Blossoms and Butterflies Easter Basket

easter basket ideas, woman holding a green basket with faux flowers and butterflies on the handle, full of bunny designed eggs

Liven up a plain bamboo basket with faux butterflies, sunshine-y blooms and other signs of the season. Draw bunny faces on your eggs before placing them inside and add tiny ears to the eggs' tops for a more than adorable look.

Wooden Animal Easter Basket

easter basket ideas, white duck shaped name tag that reads lucy on the woven basket's handle

Bunnies, lambs and ducks are a match made for Easter. Drill a hole in each craft wood piece, cover them with dry erase paint and write down everybody's name. When the day's done, wipe 'em clean and start anew!

Egg Carton Easter Basket

easter basket ideas, red egg carton open to reveal colorful eggs

Lean into the spirit of the season by painting an old egg carton with craft paint and filling it with holiday treats. Add mini muffin liners and Easter grass inside each egg slot, so loose jelly beans and chocolate eggs stay put.

Easter Bunny Bags

easter basket ideas, brown and white paper bags with bunny faces drawn on the front

If you're short on storage space, go with something that you can fold up or recycle as soon as the holiday wraps. Cut paper bags to make bunny-ear shapes, then draw on a bunny face with a black marker and finish it off with a pom-pom tail. Fill it with all of their chocolates, candies and other holiday treats as you would a normal basket!

Woven Paper Easter Basket

easter basket ideas, one large blue and black squared woven paper basket and one small green paper basket beside it

Starting completely from scratch? Grab up to three shades of sturdy colored paper and weave a 4" x 4" basket. You can do this craft all in a day by following eight simple steps.

Get the tutorial »

Color-block Easter Basket

easter basket ideas, embroidery floss colored handle on a light green basket with colorful eggs inside

Give a basic peck basket a springy upgrade by painting the whole thing in a pretty pastel hue — like a light shade of green or rose pink — and covering the handle with embroidery floss.

Get the tutorial at Sarah Hearts »

Bunny Basket

easter basket ideas, hand holding a diy bunny basket with a pom pom nose and pipe cleaner whiskers

With pipe cleaners, felt and colorful paint, you can turn a basic burlap or canvas bag into a seriously cute bunny. A bonus: Your kid can throw the strap over their shoulder to keep their hands free during the Easter egg hunt!


Get the tutorial at Design Improvised »

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