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Reviews are guests’ personal opinions of their experiences after staying at a property. To make the best use of reviews, you should know how the review process works and who can leave a review.

What’s in this article:

Understanding how the guest review process works

Eligibility to leave a guest review, anonymous reviews on booking.com.

Reviews are a way for you to get valuable feedback on your property and improve the guest experience. They showcase your property’s best features and help other potential guests make booking decisions.

We send review invitation emails to guests about 48 hours after check-out. They have three months to complete their review.

Only guests who booked stays through our platform—including no-shows and people who booked a property for family or friends—and/or stayed at your property can leave a review.

Sometimes, someone might make a reservation on behalf of a friend, family member, or colleague. In that case, the person who made the booking will receive the guest review questionnaire and can forward it to the person who stayed at the property to complete the review.

Read our policy on non-stayed reservation reviews in the content guidelines  here .

We allow anonymous reviews to help you get as many reviews as possible. Our experiments show that when the anonymous review option is available, guests are more likely to leave one. We know that anonymity makes it easier for guests to share feedback and highlight issues they wouldn’t mention otherwise. This also gives you greater insight into how you could make improvements. As with all other reviews, anonymous reviews are public for 36 months .

Anonymous reviews aren’t grounds for removal. If you’re looking for more info on the removal of guest reviews, read  this article and  the content guidelines .

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Guest reviews, 5 tips to get more guest reviews.

  • Where can I see my guest reviews?
  • Responding to a guest review on Pulse

Responding to guest reviews

  • How long does a review stay on my page?

Guest review removal

  • Everything you need to know about Guest Review Scores
  • All you need to know about Guest Insights
  • Understanding the value for money score
  • Understanding external review scores
  • Improving your Guest Review Score
  • Traveller Review Awards 2023: FAQs

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How to Write the Best Replies to booking.com Reviews

How to Write the Best Replies to booking.com Reviews

Tobias Roelen-Blasberg

How to Write the Best Replies to booking.com Reviews

According to Statista , booking.com is the most visited travel and tourism website, with approximately 678 million unique page visits in August 2022 alone. With this number, it's safe to say your page on the website can make or break your business.

Apart from an updated page, engaging copies, and enticing photos of your hotel, your response to booking.com reviews can help boost your presence on the website.

This is how the top hotels do it.

How can I reply to a review on booking.com?

Booking.com offers a wide array of accommodation choices which affects the hotel industry . Most of these alternative options offer flexible check-in time, self-check-in methods, and other features that attract DIY travelers.

Hotels, on the other hand, offer convenience, luxury, and great customer service. Leveraging these benefits is essential for hotels competing with other accommodations modes.

Hotel managers can make potential guests experience these advantages firsthand by responding to online reviews diligently. This way, they will know that booking your hotel will ensure that they will be attended to, even after their stay.

Luckily, booking.com has made it easy for hotel staff to respond to guest reviews with their user-friendly partner dashboard. Here's how to do it:

1. Sign in to your account


Enter your credentials on the login page . If you have multiple properties listed, you'll be headed to "Group Home," where you can easily filter your desired property. Click the property where you wish to respond to reviews.

2. Go to the Reviews tab

After choosing the property on "Group Home," go to the "Reviews" section. You'll be redirected to this page if you only have one property listed after logging in.


The "Reviews" tab will show you the Property Name, Date of Booking, Booking IDs, Review Score, and Comments. If you have a pre-noted review you wish to respond to; you can use the search box. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

3. Go to Guest Reviews and filter content

Hover your cursor over "Guest Reviews" A dropdown menu with the options "Guest Reviews" and "Guest Experience" will appear. Proceed to the "Guest Reviews."


A dashboard with your property overview will appear. Ensure that the overview's dropdown menu on the rightmost part is tagged on “All Reviews”.

4. Write your reply, send, and review

Scroll down to see the reviews. Click the "Reply" button and begin typing your reply. Hit send.


After sending your reply, you can check your approved response by clicking "View Your Approved Response." You can easily redo your approved response with the "Edit, Remove, and Cancel" below your approved answer.

Scroll on to reply to more reviews.

How to respond to a negative review on booking.com?

Negative reviews scare people away–that's a fact. Responding to each negative review proves that you're running a legit business and shows potential guests that you're on top of every situation.

But it's easier said than done. To help you with this, here are some tips on how you can reply gracefully to bad reviews with the help of an AI Review Reply Generator .

1. Refrain from being too passive

Being too apologetic or passive affirms that the guests are correct in posting public booking.com complaints. It will also make your hotel look less professional, affecting your brand gravely. Instead tell future guests that this is not your standard and that show them dedication to your business.

2. Never be aggressive

Frustrated guests can be aggressive in reviewing your hotel. The best way to respond to a 1 star review is by appearing cool and collected, as it will make you appear on top of everything.

3. Avoid making promises

Psychology researchers say that using the word "promise" only makes you appear insecure. It will also make it seem like you're just responding to the review without improving your services.

Instead of "promise," the best booking.com replies use more active words like ensure, strive, and working.

4. Take it offline and do not offer compensation

Publicly offering compensation for a complaint can set a precedent among your guests, creating a domino effect of bad reviews. It’s best to request the reviewer to message your team to resolve the issue. This will let the readers know that you don’t easily dismiss criticisms of your services. You can find more tips and tricks in our detailed guide on how to reply to every review .

Here’s an example response from MARA AI Review Reply Generator :


How to respond to a positive review on booking.com?

Positive reviews can be excellent marketing materials. Aside from boosting your presence on booking.com and other search engines, they can also be a great opportunity to increase customer retention and brand loyalty.

Here's how you can make the most out of your positive reviews:

1. Respond quickly

When you disregard positive reviews or respond to a 5 star review a couple of months after, it will make it seem like you can't equate your guest's enthusiasm for your services. That could even make you lose a loyal guest.

2. Highlight areas of the review

Highlight your hotel's edge against competitors. It's the best way to emphasize your strengths, as you already have a testimonial to affirm them.

This review has perfectly enumerated the features of the hotel. Our AI Assistant for Hotel Reviews picks up the specific points mentioned in the review and addresses them with gratitude.


3. Include a Call to Action

Guests who leave positive reviews are the best assets for organic marketing. Invite them to share their experience with their friends or on their social media accounts.

4. Refrain from using a common template

A common “thank you” template is the easiest way to reply to positive reviews. However, it will make your readers feel like bots surround them. This will have a significant impact on your image, because the hotel industry is primarily about personal and lasting experiences - and your guests should feel this with every touchpoint.

The guest in the following review has concisely highlighted the features of a hotel. Below you can find a great answer proposed by the our AI Response Writer that is casual and humble.


How do you respond to a 3 star review without comments?

Responding to a 3 star review without comments can be really tricky. This might signify a guest's indifference towards their stay–they are either pleased or dismayed by their stay that they no longer bother to review your services. Or, they can simply just be busy.

Regardless of the reasons, replying to a 3 star review without comments is essential. It can revive your engagement with the particular guest and show potential customers that you provide excellent customer service to everyone. The best way to respond to a 3 star review is to ask for additional feedback by initiating a private correspondence with the guest.

Luckily, there is an AI Review Reply Generator that automatically generates optimized replies for 3 star reviews without comments:


Sounds tricky? It doesn’t have to be.

We know that writing individual replies to all reviews could be challenging and we want to help you save time so you can use it for other activities to boost your business and cerate lasting experiences for your guests.

Our AI Review Reply Generator is specifically designed to help hotel staff and property managers like you write authentic and engaging replies to guest reviews. Now, you don’t have to write your replies from scratch or use generic templates that can cause more harm than good to your hotel.

Aside from booking.com, it can also boost your visibility on other top booking websites like Google , Tripadvisor , Agoda, and Trivago–all with a simple copy-paste process.

Make your guests feel more valued within seconds — register for free to try it out.

This post is a part of our hero content series on “ Booking.com Optimization: The Ultimate Guide for Hotel Managers ".

Frequently Asked Questions:

It’s essential to reinforce the positive notes written by the reviewers when responding to good reviews. This is an effective social proof that will attract future guests. You can also add a call to action for them to revisit your hotel on their next trip.

Your response to a bad review on Booking.com is the best way to mitigate its negative effects on your online reputation. To do this, it’s best to address the concern in a straightforward manner while maintaining a tone of professionalism, respect, and empathy.

Here’s how you can reply to a message on Booking.com 1. Login to extranet 2. Choose Inbox, then click Reservation messages 3. Select the message you wish to reply to 4. Write the message and send

Booking.com actively monitors reviews from guests. They remove reviews based on the following: - Canceled stay or non-arrival - Invalid payment method - Possibility of mismatch of property and review - Failure to detail guest’s experience - Malicious content

Booking.com monitors the relevance of each review through the following standards: - Reviews should be travel related - Appropriateness for a global audience - Authenticity and uniqueness of the content - Respect for privacy of other users

Take Hotel Management to the Next Level with AI: Essential Tools Every Hotelier Needs

Take Hotel Management to the Next Level with AI: Essential Tools Every Hotelier Needs

Master Booking.com Extranet: 7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Booking

Master Booking.com Extranet: 7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Booking

Google My Business Guide: How to Optimize Your Profile

Google My Business Guide: How to Optimize Your Profile


Help Centre

How can we help you today, how can i write a booking review or respond to a review print.

Modified on: Fri, 30 Sep, 2022 at 9:34 AM

From Jan 28th 2016, TheatreDigsBooker offers both Hosts and Guests the opportunity to write reviews regarding completed bookings that have taken place via the site.

Both sides are also able to publicly respond to any comments made about them, their stay or their digs .

How to write a booking review:

1.  Once a booking is complete, Guests are prompted with an email to write a review for their recent booking. The link featured in your email will take you straight to your 'All Bookings' view. This will show all completed (and failed) bookings. (Click on all bookings if you see the button).

booking com make a review

2.  Scroll down till you find the booking awaiting a review - you'll see the 'Review this Booking' button in green located underneath the listing. Click on this.

booking com make a review

3.  Fill out the star rating for each criteria, write your comments in the box provided and click 'Submit your Review'.

booking com make a review

Because all reviews are currently moderated by the TheatreDigsBooker support team, it can take up to 7 working days before reviews are published. Only when they are published does the reviewee receive notice that they have a review.

Booking reviews are only admissible within 28 dayss of check-out. After that time, it will no longer be possible to write a review for that booking. This is to help ensure that all reviews are accurate and up-to-date. A reminder email will be sent out near the end of this time limit if no review has been received.

How to respond to a Guest Review:

Hosts are encouraged to write reviews about their Guests.

Please note: It will be tempting to write a 'Booking Review' about your stay as a response to your 'Guest Review' but please only use the response option to directly comment on the review about you.

Responses only appear on the Host and Guest profiles but not the digs listing. 

1.  If you have received a Guest Review - it will mention on the booking. Click on the green 'Read and Respond' button located underneath.

booking com make a review

2.  You can now see what the Host has said about you. You can respond to this if you want!

booking com make a review

TheatreDigsBooker is unique in that, in most cases, you will be staying in a private home and not a hotel so if there are some negatives, please be as constructive and objective as possible. 

Got something good to say?

Fantastic! Let everyone know how great these digs are by writing a review. 

Got something bad to say?

Ok. Feedback is essential. Tell us your observations here but try to be constructive. These reviews are read by Hosts and other potential Guests so please don’t make it personal. Explain how you would like  things to be in a way that the Host can view as a way to improve. 

Please note: We ask Hosts and Guests to respond to their reviews. This is to allow fairness when a negative review is published. If a Guest comments that digs are cold or dirty then the Host will have an opportunity to improve the situation before the review is published and can then explain, next to the review, that the issues raised have been addressed. In serious cases, listings are removed until we are satisfied the issues have been resolved. Likewise, if a Guest receives some negative comments, the Guest can respond with an explanation and both parties can ask the TheatreDigsBooker support team to mediate should the need arise.

The introduction of the 'Guest Review' and 'Response' features are in direct answer to the many requests we have received from both Hosts and Guests asking for more information and transparency. Hosts like to know as much as possible about the Guests they are considering welcoming into their homes and Guests like to know as much as possible about the digs they intend to stay in so they can make an informed choice.

We hope you like the reviews feature and, as always, we welcome feedback to help us improve the service we offer to you.

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Ratings On Other Platforms

Booking.com has a rating of 1.37 stars from 3,964 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Reviewers complaining about Booking.com most frequently mention customer service, credit card, and free cancellation problems. Booking.com ranks 480th among Hotels sites.

  • Service 1615
  • Shipping 612
  • Returns 929
  • Quality 1271

This company does not typically respond to reviews

Youtube video thumbnail

What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights.

  • Wonderful empathetic customer service folks and virtually no wait time on the phone.

Critical highlights

  • These Thieves charged $200.00 to my credit card to a hotel in town that I never booked.
  • They have refused to refund my money and are unable to rebook my hotel room .

“Super Service Sayura House”

Sayura House is an amazing place to stay, it just feels like home away from home. Everybody is super friendly and helpful. The food is superb, the room is very clean and bright, with a veranda to the beautiful tropical gardens. The location is perfect, 100m walk to the beach, but in a quiet area. I cannot praise all the staff enough. I certainly got the royal treatment. And I loved every moment of it. Thank you to everybody! I will be back!

“Worst customer service and experience ever”

We booked a room when we arrived the hotel was beyond unsafe and gross people shooting up in the stars ways the cops came several times to different rooms...our sink was leaking all over the floor amd was clogged. We checked out and when asked for a refund for the the remaining days they said we had to go to booking.com well we have been fighting with booking.com for day countless hrs and calls to get no where. Worst customer service will never use them again

Reviews (3,964)

Reviews that mention popular keywords

Thumbnail of user melissag2144

  • Follow Denis O.

Booking.com has hostels in it's system that aren't actually registered with them. We arrived at the hostel and they had no knowledge of the booking. The app confirmed our booking and even tried taking payment from us. When I tried contacting support they promise they call back and fix it but never do, then every time you call you'll get a different agent. No help at all, even the complaints team doesn't contact you back. Expect no help and only a loss when you use booking.com

Thumbnail of user marcelh40

  • Follow Bruno C.

They sent the host the wrong credit card number, twice, because of their mistake I lost our reservation for the resort my family and I had planned to spend our summer holidays at. They did not care at all or even try to fix the problem that they caused. I wish there was a no star rating because that's what they deserve! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Thumbnail of user alisonm259

  • Follow D. H.

They price matched my initial booking. We decided to book the same hotel again for travel a few months later, they price matched for 2 of our rooms. But when we had a total of 8 reservations, they declined to price match the others. There is nothing in the policy that states that they can not price match more than one reservation for the same hotel.

Products used: booking a hotel

Thumbnail of user cootimaam

  • Follow Dorinda M.

If I could give zero starts I would. Horrible customer service. I ended up cancelling my stay and going somewhere else due to water damage in the room however booking.com would not process my refund even thought the hotel guaranteed a full refund. When I booking.com them they said I would have to contact the hotel, which I did again, and again they confirmed the cancellation on their end. Booking.com still would not issue the refund. I had to dispute the charges on my credit card.

Tip for consumers: Again, horrible customer service. I will never book anything through booking.com again.

Products used: None

Thumbnail of user jasonb2202

  • Follow Ulrik G.

Booking.com offered on their website a room for 11 days at 980 Euro, but at checkout I was charged 1076 Euro. Booking.com customer service did NOT respond online and I had to call them. Clearly they saw the price listed and asked for a screen shot from me. I gave them that, but after 3 hours I was contacted to send them the url for comparison (?)... clearly at that time they had changed the prices and would in no way, shape or form take responsibility for it! STAY AWAY

Products used: Cancelled the booking and booked the same hotel from another "supplier"

Booking.com product 0

  • Follow Raimunda F.

I don't recommend booking.com for anyone because it says one thing and do other. For example, you book a hotel nice and good price when you arrive at the hotel it was poor and very duty and also if you made reservation with other hotel with a better quality of price and location the booking.com knew it will contact the hotel for didn't accept your check in or check out because the booking.com wants you make reservations with them. Booking.com is very dishonest also lies.

Booking.com product 0

  • Follow Rick B.

They withdrew my money but I never got a confirmation email or Booking Number. Then one of my flights was cancel by the airline company. It is impossible to contact "booking.com". All their phone numbers do not work! They will NOT help you without a Booking Number! Very frustrating. I had to purchase another ticket, but not through booking.com.

Tip for consumers: Zero customer service

Products used: airline

Thumbnail of user beno351

When will my reservation be charged? When will my reservation be charged?

It depends on the hotel some don't charge until you arrive at hotel more will charge your card straight away check your booking it should tell you there

Hi we have had to cacel a break booked with yourselves do we get a refund thanks Hi we have had to cacel a break booked with yourselves do we get a refund thanks

It is about time to stop giving credit card details to make a booking, they should not ask people to expose their details un-crypted. A booking is just a booking it should NOT require any kind of commitment or payment in advance.

How can i remove review in my hotel website How can i remove review in my hotel website

You can't. That's the whole idea. You provide a service, and your customers get to give their review of your place and your services.

What does it mean if the hotel does not offer "pay later". will i be charged right away if i book? What does it mean if the hotel does not offer "pay later". will i be charged right away if i book?

Yes. You pay the ENTIRE AMOUNT at the time if booking. The reservation is subject to the sites terms regarding cancellations & changes, so read these terms carefully before hitting the pay button. IMPORTANT: As a word to the wise, do not ever use your debit card, check, wire transfer, certified check or cash to pay. Always use a major credit card (I like American Express) so if there is ever a serious problem with the hotel, or the reservation in general, you can file a complaint with your credit card company to reverse the charge. If you pay by other debit card, they take the money out of your bank account immediately. It is like cash and you're going to have very little recourse or leverage to get your money back. Hope this advise helps.

Can’t see your question? Ask to get answers from the Booking.com staff and other customers.

  • How long does shipping take?
  • What is the return policy?
  • Where is the company located?

Sitejabber for Business

Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews.

Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews

About the business

Booking.com provides online bookings of hotels, resorts, hostels, and other travel accommodations around the world. The site attempts to separate itself from rival reservation sites by offering deals and its own hotel reviews. Booking.com is a subsidiary of Priceline.com, a publicly traded company (Nasdaq: PCLN).

  • Visit Website
  • Hotels , Vacation Rentals , Travel Search Engine
  • Amsterdam, CA, Netherlands The
  • Edit business info

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Booking.com   Reviews

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Reviews 1.2.

48,987 total

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Standard in Manchester

If I could give any less I would as Booking.com have just left 4 young girls stranded in central Manchester with no accommodation. They booked an apartment but on arrival the entry code did not work, they called Booking.com for help but the overseas agent offered no assistance at, they did not have the property owner resolve the issue, nor offered any alternative accommodation. They all had to abandon their city break to return home upset and disappointed, they missed their dinner reservation and weekend away. An absolute disgrace.

Date of experience : September 30, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Misleading prices that increase without warning when payment is taken.

I accepted a quoted price only to find it increased when I submitted card details. I cancelled the booking, tried again to find the same thing happened. Perhaps foolishly I made a third attempt and paid in full thinking the correct payment would be taken, this did not happen. I am now attempting to obtain a refund before referring the matter to Barclaycard, sadly I have no confidence that the refund advice will be honoured.

Date of experience : September 29, 2023

This site just gave me a case of vertigo.

Just spent 2 hours attempting to reserve a room in Paris, France. Unsuccessfully. Inserted my criteria and dates of travel This website unleashed a series of hotels, most of which were unavailable during my stay. When I reverted to my search, the filters disappeared, so I needed to start all over again. And again. The management of Booking should be forced to do a 48 hour bingewatch -- without sleep -- of someone attempting to navigate its site.

Absolutely rubbish service given

Absolutely rubbish service given, booking was made several weeks ago for Abu Dhabi. My parents got a taxi went to the address and discovered theres no such place there was only villas there tried contacting property management no answer. Lost out on 100 dirham and returned to airport and currently are in the terminal as the next flight is 19 hours later so they cant go in to lounge. Absolutely heartbreaking that my parents have been put through this, never book with booking.com its a waste of time! Absolutely rubbish service, they should have checks made on the properties before they upload them and advertise them. No compensation offered by them it’s appalling.

Date of experience : October 01, 2023

The “secure” messaging service isn’t secure!

Fraudsters were able to tap into their ‘secure’ messaging system and convince me that I was speaking to the hotel, as it was dialogue that occurred through their supposedly secure systems. After this happened, I did a bit of research and this hacking had been highlighted on BBC watchdog consumer ( Google it!) program. The response of Booking.com has been poor. I suggested that they should put a health warning on their website highlighting that ‘secure’ messages are anything but that !

Date of experience : September 18, 2023

Booking.com money withholding money from both guests & hotels

Booking.com are withholding money owed to hotels and guest houses, sometimes for many months. This is despite making huge profits - in August, the company reported total revenues of $5.5bn and a profit of $1.3bn for the second quarter of 2023 – up 27% and 51% on the previous year respectively. The Guardian and BBC have reported how people have been have been left in dire financial situations after not being paid considerable amounts of money owed for long periods of time, and they have had a terrible experience trying to get Booking.com to respond. And reading the appalling reviews on Trustpilot by customers - including payments taken erroneously and not repaid, hacking and scams via Booking.com, and not being able to access properties - means I will never again use this company.

One of the worst experience I have…

One of the worst experience I have faced in my life. Booked flight through them the I had to cancel 6 weeks before the journey. They promised the refund will be issued in 5 days, now waiting 4 months without refund. Simply answered we are waiting the refund from airline, I sent mail to the airline they replied that they issued the refund 3 days after cancellations andI should contact Booking.com 🤨

Date of experience : June 09, 2023

Scammers operating in Booking system- Beware

Like others l received a scam from the booking messaging service attempting to get my credit details. No response from Booking.com when reported. Breach of EU data protection rules obviously this company doesn’t understand this concept. My suggestion is use a different provider if not then report them to EU authorities if you live in the EU for data protection violation

Fraudulent listings

They list accomodations that do not exist and people including me are been taking money. One time a got a room that didn't have the same amount of beds that was listed and we had to cram people in with no alternative since we already arrived. Second time I got scammed by a non existent room, was cancelled 24hrs before and took hours of calls to get a refund. They also make empty promises that they will refund and NEVER call back or report back when its not going through. Prepare yourself to explain things over and over again to customer service since they do not pass information to each other. Totally useless and never using again.

Date of experience : August 16, 2023

Make a reservation and pay for a night of hotel…

Make a reservation and pay for a hotel night for a cost of 161.10 Euros. As the days go by, another additional charge appears from Booking for 179 Euros. I call to complain and they ask me to send an account statement, I send what was requested indicating the transactions. I call again and each time a different operator answers you and asks for the same bank statements, I send them 3 times. Supposedly your supervisor will call me. Nobody called me. I call again and they ask me for bank statements again. I call again a week later and they hang up on me. Incompetent. Wow, a hotel night for 340.10

Date of experience : August 12, 2023

Scam text to obtain £2000

Booked a hotel in Turkiye and 2nd night got a scam text alleging my son needing £2000. It seems Booking.com do not want any reports as no email and phoning from Turkiye would be exorbitant. Reported to several agencies as an attempted crime, but not able to, to what I surmise might be the source of released data, ie Booking.com. Poor show by Company, their lack of ability to deal/acknowlege this problem means I will not trust them again !

Zero stars should be an option

Zero stars should be an option! Perfect example of a company that got so big they can stick their fingers up at the very customers who made them. Absolutely appaling customer service, they reply once, without dealing with the issue then ignore you. Beyond disappointing and really unacceptable. Loyal customer for years means zero, won't ever use them again. Pity their isn't a class law suit taken against them.

Date of experience : September 15, 2023

False advertising and a scam of insurance for renting a car in Faro Portugal

I rented a car for Faro, Portugal from Booking.com and at their encouraging added a full coverage insurance. I arrived at Klasswagon and was informed I had to buy an additional €194 for insurance. I showed my mail that said I had purchased full coverage insurance but they said it was not good enough. If I didn't agree to paying the €194, my only option was to let them block my credit card for €2850. My credit card was refused so I had to return to the airport to rent from a reputable rental agency. Booking refused to refund any of my money. I would never have rented from Klasswagon if the cost had been transparent on the Booking.com website and their insurance offering was a scam. Never again will I use Booking.com

Date of experience : September 19, 2023

Give your money to the birds

Apartment in Cannes was the worst we have had in twenty years No air conditioning Broken bed and wife had to sleep on couch for twenty one days The only Lift broken down and not repaired for last eight days of our rental and we had to drag our luggage down narrow flights of circular stairs and I have a tear to my medial ligament in my left knee which is costing me a considerable amount of money for legal expenses and home help. Booking.com have offered me a refund half of one day of the cost of my holiday arguing that it is not their problem I booked and paid Booking.com They try and argue that my contract is with someone else and is not their problem

Date of experience : September 22, 2023

Onboarding is just simply terrible

Onboarding is just simply terrible. They have blocked my listing, cause the old one is still live they said. But the old one is already deleted, they seem incapable of getting my page back online. I am potentially missing thousands of euro's every week.

Why when you email booking.com do they…

Why when you email booking.com do they ask you for your reservation number n other questions. Then you reply and different agents ask you the same questions. No reply after this at all. Ridiculous can't get through to anybody.

Date of experience : September 28, 2023

Unexplained cancellation of hotel…

Unexplained cancellation of hotel booking at the Corp Amman Hotel, Jordan. Arrived late at night to be told by the receptionist that my booking had been cancelled even though my Booking.com application was still showing it as booked and confirmed. I had to pay extra for a Junior suite as no other rooms were available. Countless emails have not provided an explanation. I even had to send Booking.com a receipt to prove that I actually stayed in the hotel on the day of the booking under a different reservation as my original had inexplicable been cancelled. Lazy and unsatisfactory customer service.

Date of experience : September 26, 2023

Refused to show pics of a bad Hotel

I've file a complaint about a Hotel advertising rooms that are not the same as in the pictures and Booking.com replied: John Wilfred H. from Customer Service "Hi Ana, We hope this message finds you in good health, and we would like to express our sincere apologies regarding the inconvenience caused. We are sorry to hear about your recent experience at Studios2Let. We've forwarded your feedback to the accommodation as well. We want our customers to have the best travel experience, so we would like to offer you a Wallet credit of 27.13 GBP. You can use it towards future travel plans. If you have any other questions, we are always here." Like 27£ are going to erase the bad experience of a dirty place with only one towel per person and rude staff. I've put my feedback about the property and they didn't show 11 pics I've taken to show the state of the Hotel. Not even one.

Booking.com cancelled a hotel we had…

Booking.com cancelled a hotel we had reserved for two months at the last minute. This was in Sorrento Italy where 98% of places are booked months in advance. We had to pay significantly more at the last minute for a different hotel, and Booking refused to refund any of our money. Avoid this site at all cost!

You won't get your money back

I ve used the app for quiet a long time however the first time I have had an issue they let me down massively. I cancelled my booking in advanced which was fully paid for. Unfortunately I never received the refund, costumer service isn't willing to help and all the detail of the booking disappeared from the app. I will never use them again!

Date of experience : September 14, 2023

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Reviewed Sept. 24, 2023

Booked 2 rooms and paid in advance through Booking.com. Arrive at hotel and rooms were not paid for. They would not provide a card number so they could be charged for what I already paid. Had to buy again out of pocket. Customer service is no help! On the phone with them off and on for 7 hours trying to get things resolved. Talked to several agents and supervisors. Still waiting to be contacted about a full refund. Why do I have to fight for a refund about services I never received and I paid for them. That should not be a problem. Just a terrible experience. Will never use them again and hope no one else does either.

My wife booked a flight on Booking.com, understanding the no refund policy. Close to departure date, she noticed that the Booking.com website did not give the correct airport code she had designated on the site, and her flights way out of an airport 1600 miles away. Upon explaining that to the customer service agent, he 1) still said, "No refund," and when asked, "No supervisor, I am the only one you will answer to." We had to cancel the flight, we couldn't use the tickets as they were. We still lost the $350 plus. NEVER AGAIN. Do not use this site, it is unreliable and is a trap!

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I called to reschedule my reservation for September, but when I tried to make another change, I discovered that my original reservation had never been updated. To make matters worse, I was charged for the original booking! After spending 30 minutes on the phone with a Booking.com customer service representative, I was told that I needed to provide proof of the charge. I think it's time to stop using this service and start booking directly with hotels instead.

Kind staff, tiny hotel, renovated rooms (but beware, undercover mold issue in all rooms we had!).

Liked · Staff was nice. Clean rooms (but...)

Disliked · While the location was ok and in walking distance to Sacre Coeur, we had to find another hotel the next day due to mold in the rooms. The ceiling of the shower was covered in black mold. We asked for another room. We were still able to smell the mold but it was less visible. Our children had their own room and did also complain about the smell coming from the bathroom. We decided to give it a try and stay one night to see, although I know how bad black mold is. It was the worst night. Waking up in sweat with headache, feeling dizzy and nauseous. It was impossible to stay another night in that hotel since all rooms were more or less contaminated with mold. Apparently, this is a well known issue in the old hotels in Paris which have not been properly renovated, as we have been told from a resident.

We asked for a refund for the remaining 3 nights for which we had to find another accommodation (during high season) but the hotel and booking.com do not really care. The hotel manager says he would have given us another room to solve the problem but we have already seen 3 rooms, which all had the same mold problem. The staff was nice and tried to help but how can this problem be solved when the whole hotel has a mold issue!? Until today the manager has not paid us a refund.

If you want to stay healthy during your Paris vacation I would recommend to find another hotel. We hate giving bad reviews and I would not have mentioned their mold issue if they would have paid us the refund, but offering moldy rooms and then not caring about your guests' health or refund..?! We took pictures from the mold in the 2nd room and kids room, unfortunately we missed to take a picture of the black ceiling of the shower in the first room. It was covered in black mold, not just a corner issue. We called and emailed Booking.com multiple times without any feedback!

booking com make a review

The pull out mattress had a chicken nugget in it. The 2nd floor window was opened by our 4 year old & he was hanging out of it when we went to the car to get our luggage. The headboard had throwup on it. The 2nd floor ac was broken so the hallway was really hot & smelled awful. The stairwell smelled like urine. There were stains in the carpet & walls everywhere. The first floor had a pipe leak with a bucket under it. We tried to find another hotel the first night but it was 11:00 at night & everything was booked. So first the following morning we found a Hampton Inn for around the same price so we booked it for our second night & checked out at 9 from that dump La Quinta Inn. The front desk said we could get a refund from Booking.com that the hotel couldn't give us one. Booking.com said they can't give us a refund that the hotel denied the refund. This is not acceptable. Blame game is lame

Reviewed Sept. 23, 2023

I booked an advance purchase (meaning you pay as you book it) reservation to guarantee the reservation in February for a friend's bachelorette in September. A 2 room suite for 2 people. I received a call from the hotel 2 days prior of arrival that the reservation had been canceled. Booking did not call to notify me. I called Booking and they advised that if I book another room that they will reimburse the extra cost. I then booked another suite with 4 adults for a 1 bedroom suite. I called booking and I was told that because I booked 4 adults that there will be no reimbursement. What?!!?

They said reservation had to be the same as the one before. I explained I booked a 2 room suite and now I had to settle for 1 room suite and they kept hanging up on me. I asked multiple times for a manager and I got brushed off. I never got a straight answer. They do what they want and you can't do anything because there is no results. They answer to no one. Who is booking.com. Who can you speak to regarding issues besides a 3rd world country.

I have an unused portion of the ticket and Booking.com playing all the games not to refund it. Calling the customer service is a big waste of time, they are full of excuses. Never doing business with them again!!

My family have to leave our current home and my husband booked a room for few nights through Booking.com. He paid for it, got the reservation and called the hotel to confirm and everything was all set for us to check in the next day. The day of booking.com disabled my husband's account and canceled our reservation! No one can do anything or explain why this happened! The refund amount wasn't even half the amount and now we have no place to go and no money to go to anywhere. Completely screwed us. Heartless, scammers, and should be shut down. No one should have to go through this. Especially good, hard working people who were desperate to go through this ** company. I want more than my our full amount for the emotional burden they put on me and family.

Reviewed Sept. 22, 2023

Purchased a flexible flight from Bangkok to Phuket return. Requested to change the dates because my Air Canada flight from Canada was changed. I contacted Booking.com who sent me to customer service at gotogate. They only can revise flights on the phone. I called long distance to New York, Toronto, and Quebec. After being on hold for long periods of time they told me to contact the airline directly. The airline said the ticket was purchased through a third party and directed me back to booking.com. So frustrating, I just gave up. Forfeited my flights. Purchased new flights directly with Thaivietjet airline. Recommend never using booking.com to purchase flights!!!

Booking.com quoted me a "total price" that was cheaper than I found on Expedia. I had never used Booking.com and decided to do so. When my credit card charge came through, I discovered the final price was substantially higher than I had been quoted (and somewhat higher than Expedia) because various taxes and fees were added to the price I was quoted (which was not at all obvious from the website). When I sought to use the "price match guarantee," I was told I was not eligible because the price quoted by Expedia included a member discount due to my being part of their loyalty program. (That fact also was not obvious from the website.) So I ended up paying a higher price than Expedia and foregoing my loyalty points with them for nothing. I will never use Booking.com again. Buyer beware.

Booking.com author review by ConsumerAffairs Research Team

Booking.com is an Amsterdam-based company founded in 1996. Unlike most travel companies, it focuses exclusively on helping travelers reserve rooms.

Free cancellations: Booking.com offers free cancellation services for most rooms.

Daily deals: New deals are added to the website every day.

Verified reviews: Booking.com has over 81 million reviews written by travelers who have used the website to make room reservations.

Apartment rentals: Booking.com can reserve short-term apartment rentals as well as rooms at hotels and resorts.

Hostels: Travelers can use the site to find hostels in their destination cities.

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