12 Books About Princess Diana That Will Make You Appreciate The Crown More

Covers of books about Princess Diana


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12 Books About Princess Diana That Will Make You Appreciate The Crown More

She bared all in her biography.

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In the early 1990s, Diana told her account in the headline-making biography Diana: Her True Story—in Her Own Words written by Andrew Morton, which likely informed part of The Crown . There's far more where that bestseller came from. In the years before and after she died , those who knew Diana, like Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown , her butler Paul Burrell , her ex-lover James Hewitt , her housekeeper Wendy Berry , her bodyguard Ken Wharfe , and her former employer Mary Robertson —among others—offered their insights in book form. Further, novelists imagine Diana's life in fiction, like Untold Story . And children can be introduced to the People's Princess and her place in history through illustrated books like the aptly named Who Was Princess Diana?

Here are the best books to read about Princess Diana, for those seeking Crown extra credit.

Diana: Her True Story—in Her Own Words by Andrew Morton

In the early 1990s, Diana was one of the most famous women in the world, but unable to speak her mind. That changed when she went on the record in this book, secretly recording herself on tapes brought to Andrew Morton through a go-between. Honest and raw, this book forever changed how the world saw Diana, and the royal family. Start with Morton's book for undiluted Diana—and then read Tina Brown's spirited biography for commentary  about  everything Diana said in that 1992 book. 

The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown

Ten years after Diana's death came the definitive biography of her, informed by 250 interviews from some of those who knew her best. Tina Brown, the former  Tatler  and  Vanity Fair  editor, writes the book with her signature wit and attention to style. The Diana Chronicles is a delight to read, infused with Brown's deep understanding of both how the royal family and the media in the U.K. work, and how they coexist. Sparkly and spirited, it's the definitive Crown  companion .

Remembering Diana: A Life in Photographs

Decorate your coffee table with a spark of Diana. This National Geographic book compiles 100 of the most iconic images taken of the beloved figure throughout her life, from childhood to her days with Prince William and Prince Harry. The book features commentary by Tina Brown, author of  The Diana Chronicles , making it an excellent companion piece. 

Diana: Closely Guarded Secret by Inspector Ken Wharfe

Ken Wharfe saw Diana through highs and lows—because he was paid to do so. Wharfe served as Diana's bodyguard for years.  Diana: Closely Guarded Secret  is a balanced biography, made up of vignettes from Diana's daily life. For a "fly on the wall" perspective on Diana's high-pressure years in Buckingham Palace, read Wharfe's heartfelt but well observed book. 

The Diana I Knew by Mary Robertson

Mary Robertson first met Princess Di back when she was Diana Spencer, an 18-year-old high school drop-out who was living in London and working through a variety of odd jobs—like babysitting Robertson's son, Patrick. Robertson didn't know that Diana, who she paid £5 an hour, was an aristocrat, until she accidentally left a card behind. The American businesswoman and the eventual princess forged a lifelong friendship. This biography gives a refreshing, behind-the-scenes perspective on Diana's youth , and the qualities she retained even as her life changed.

Diana: Finally, the Complete Story by Sarah Bradford

Sarah Bradford built a career from creating compelling profiles of some of the world's most fascinating, yet closed-off, figures: Royals. She's written biographies for Princess Grace, Queen Elizabeth, and of course, Diana.  Diana: Finally, the Complete Story  does what the title promises: It gives a fair and chronological overview of Diana's life. While not necessarily as colorful as Brown's biography, it'll make for an informative companion to  The Crown . 

Who Was Princess Diana? by Ellen Labrecque

Introduce young readers to Princess Diana through this succinctly written chapter book. Continue the royal theme with  another book in the series about Queen Elizabeth I. 

Diana in Search of Herself: Portrait of a Troubled Princess by Sally Bedell Smith

As  The Crown  shows, Diana's life was  bumpy . In fact, the show skips past some difficult parts, like her lonely upbringing following her parents' divorce. Sally Bedell Smiths's biography outlines Diana's struggles and her triumphs. The biography, though, is not a wholly sympathetic portrait of Diana—it situates her within the entire royal ecosystem. 

A Royal Duty by Paul Burrell

Paul Burrell had a unique insight into Princess Diana's character: He worked as her butler for ten years, while she was married to Prince Charles and the years after. Tina Brown described Burrell as the "maître d’ of [Diana's] private life, combining the roles of P.A., man Friday, driver, delivery boy, confidant, and crying towel." In this tear-jerker, Burrell captures Diana's everyday charm and kindness. Read it alongside Ken Wharfe's book,  A Closely Guarded Secret , to know what it was like to work for Princess Di.

William Morrow The Day Diana Died by Christopher Andersen

On August 31, 1997, Diana died in a car accident in Paris, France, alongside Dodi Al Fayed and the car's driver, Henri Paul.  The Day Diana Died  is a painstaking overview of the events that led up to her death, and their aftermath, which is still unfolding. 

Untold Story by Monica Ali

What would Princess Diana have gone on to do, if she'd survived the fatal car accident? An exercise in revisionist history in the same vein as  Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld ,  Untold Story  is a thought-provoking page-turner, which tells the story you might wish  The Crown  did. 

DK Biography: Princess Diana: A Photographic Story of a Life by Joanne Mattern

One of the most famous women in the world, Diana's life was captured in photographs. Young readers can get to know Diana through those photos, and informative captions. Don't worry—all the drama included will be kid-friendly. 

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Books about Princess Diana to read after watching The Crown

By Rebecca Cope

Diana  Her True Story  In her Own Words  Andrew Morton

Diana - Her True Story - In her Own Words - Andrew Morton

The most famous biography of Diana is also the most controversial. When Andrew Morton's book was released in 1992, the Princess denied any involvement, yet after her death in 1997, the author released a new version that included an 18,000-word transcript of their secret interview tapes, revealing that she had been the source of all its bombshells. The most explosive? The unhappy state of her marriage to Prince Charles and his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, as well as her fraught history with the Queen and her divorcing parents. In many ways, it was the final straw for Buckingham Palace, who reportedly insisted on a separation for the couple shortly after it was published.

The Diana Chronicles  Tina Brown

The Diana Chronicles - Tina Brown

Written by Tatler's former editor Tina Brown, The Diana Chronicles is one of the most well-researched and insidery books on the Princess, after Brown conducted over 250 interviews with Diana's inner circle. Published on the tenth anniversary of her death, it contained new insight into how she went from Shy Di to the People's Princess, charting the making of an international icon. A critical as well as a commercial success, it is also notable for its humour and wit, particularly in light of its no-holds-barred approach to the subject matter.

Princess in Love  Anna Pasternak

Princess in Love - Anna Pasternak

Anna Pasternak's 1994 book focussed specifically on the tryst between Princess Diana and Captain James Hewitt, painting a picture of the couple as star-crossed lovers conducting a passionate five-year affair. It came to be after journalist Pasternak's chance meeting with Hewitt ended up in him coming to her to write about Diana's side of the story, when it was thought Andrew Morton's follow-up book might expose their affair. Despite using the couple's correspondence from during the Gulf War, as well as insights gleaned from a series of meetings with Hewitt previously, Princess in Love was crucified by the press, who both derided its tone and accused it of being a fiction, yet just years later, Diana herself confessed to the liaison.

An Intimate Account by Her Private Secretary  Patrick Jephson

An Intimate Account by Her Private Secretary - Patrick Jephson

One of a number of books written by those previously in Diana's hire, her former private secretary Patrick Jephson's take is one of the most insightful, as someone particularly close to the Princess during one of the most tumultuous periods of her life. Offering insider knowledge of Diana's emotional state during the lead-up to her separation from Charles, their subsequent divorce, and of course, that Panorama interview, it seeks to explain his own reasons for quitting royal service, without ever trying to exculpate himself from his share of the blame for her decline.

Diana in Private The Princess Nobody Knows   Lady Colin Campbell

Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows - Lady Colin Campbell

One of the most vocal and frank of the Diana biographers, Lady Colin Campbell isn't afraid to say it as she sees it. Her first book on the Princess, published in 1992, caused a sensation at the time, not least for being the first to predict that Charles and Diana would separate. Using her royal connections, Campbell is able to shed light on Diana the private person, offering dramatic as well as charming details of her life. Lynn Barber dubbed it 'jaw-droppingly sensational'. We agree.

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13 Books Princess Diana and Royals Superfans Need to Read

When you've finished 'The Crown,' read these.

books about princess diana

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If you're looking for more information about what it was really like for Diana moving within the Windsor inner circle, you're in luck. She spilled the royal tea in the biography, Diana: Her True Story — in Her Own Words written by Andrew Morton, which likely informed part of the TV show. But there are lots more books about Princess Diana where that came from, including tell-alls from people who knew her well, and even fictionalized accounts that pull from the headlines we all devoured at the time. Consider the below your royal reading list, if you're not ready to leave the Windsor grounds behind just yet.

Andrew Morton Diana: Her True Story

Diana: Her True Story

This raw, compelling biography caused major drama when it first came out because Diana had secretly recorded herself and sent the tapes to Morton through a go-between. It pulled back the curtain on Diana and the highly secretive royal family. This one's a must-read for Diana fans. 

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Tina Brown The Diana Chronicles

The Diana Chronicles

Written by the former Vanity Fair and Tatler editor, this book came out of 250 exhaustive interviews with those closest to the late princess. This juicy tome dives into the cast of women who surrounded her, from her own mother and stepmother to the enigmatic Queen, bad-girl Fergie and the other woman, Camilla Parker-Bowles. 

National Geographic Remembering Diana: A Life in Photographs

Remembering Diana: A Life in Photographs

If you're also obsessed with Diana's sartorial style (and who isn't?) this gorgeous coffee table book documents the most memorable moments in her too-short life. More than 100 photographs from her childhood through her courtship, royal wedding and work during her tenure give us a look into her life.

Inspector Ken Wharfe Diana: Closely Guarded Secret

Diana: Closely Guarded Secret

Diana's bodyguard knew her better than most, since it was literally his job to stay close to her. This biography offers an insider look at her difficult years in the royal family from someone who was there for the whole thing. 

Mary Robertson The Diana I Knew: Loving Memories of the Friendship Between an American Mother and Her Son's Nanny Who Became the Princess of Wales

The Diana I Knew: Loving Memories of the Friendship Between an American Mother and Her Son's Nanny Who Became the Princess of Wales

Back when she was still Diana Spencer, the future Princess of Wales babysat Robertson's son. The American businesswoman and Diana eventually became lifelong friends, giving her an intimate perspective on Di's youth and the qualities that she retained even as her life changed.   

Tim Graham and Tamsin Blanchard Dressing Diana

Dressing Diana

Diana turned heads just about every time she stepped outside, and for good reason. This collection focuses on her fabulous outfits, which still inspire our closets today. 

Sarah Bradford Diana: Finally, the Complete Story

Diana: Finally, the Complete Story

As a career biographer, Bradford has revealed the stories of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Grace and even Jackie Kennedy. While less salacious than some other accounts on this list, her version offers a factual walk through Diana's life for those who want all the details. 

Paul Burrell A Royal Duty

A Royal Duty

Written by the man who worked as Diana's butler during her marriage and for several years after, this book captures what it was really like to work for her. It's emotional, open and a unique take on what life in the spotlight was like for the princess and her real personality. 

Sally Bedell Smith Diana In Search of Herself: Portrait of a Troubled Princess

If you've read anything about Diana, you know her path through life was far from smooth. She struggled in ways The Crown doesn't even touch on, but this book does. It covers her trials, triumphs and where she fit into the royal realm. 

Christopher Andersen The Day Diana Died

The Day Diana Died

On August 31, 1997, Diana died in a car accident in Paris, France, alongside Dodi Al Fayed and the car's driver, Henri Paul. This book lays out the events and circumstances that set the stage for her death, as well as the aftermath that's still not fully resolved. 

Lady Colin Campbell Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows

Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows

The British aristocrat Lady Colin Campbell made waves when she first put out this gossipy tell-all. It's racy, saucy and should probably be taken with a pinch of salt. But it's also worth adding to your royal repertoire, even if we wouldn't call it definitive. 

Monica Ali Untold Story: A Novel

Untold Story: A Novel

This revisionist history imagines what would have happened if Diana had survived the car crash and continued on her journey into middle age and beyond. It's propulsive and will satisfy those who can't help but ask themselves, "What if?" 

Ellen Labrecque Who Was Princess Diana?

Who Was Princess Diana?

For kids who've caught royal fever and want to learn more, this chapter book will fit the bill. It also offers a nice complement to the Disney princess canon, if you'd like to give aspiring royals a look at what the job really looks like. 

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The Goddess and the Princess: Why Diana Endures

Twenty-five years have passed since the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales, yet pop culture and gossip mags continue to be fascinated by her life and legacy.

A fresco of Artemis from Pompeii and a photograph of Princess Diana

Twenty-five years after her untimely death, the legacy of Diana, Princess of Wales—more commonly known as Princess Diana—endures. For gender and cultural studies scholar Jane Caputi, who considered Diana’s iconic status in the years immediately following her death, the former royal’s image draws its power and longevity from mythology, specifically the parallels between the narratives of Diana, the goddess, and the life of Diana Spencer, the woman. Princess Diana’s popularity and power was “based in infinite background layers of older tales that infuse the surface narrative with memory, color, nuance, soul, and meta-morphic power,” writes Caputi.

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The ancient goddess Diana evolved as a “folk” deity, seen as protector of the underclasses— the people’s goddess —a role that the public assigned to Diana Spencer as well. “Values associated with Princess Diana include compassion, love, and recognition of the primacy of the common people,” Caputi notes.

Then-Prime Minister Tony Blair posthumously dubbed Diana the “People’s princess” for her common touch. Rather than serving as an “icon of whiteness, privilege, race and class superiority,” Caputi argues, Diana herself saw her role as advocating for those “rejected by society,” with whom she felt an “affinity”: those diagnosed with AIDS, landmine victims, and homeless youth. Of course, it’s not mutually exclusive. Diana arguably was (and is) a symbol of white privilege and class superiority while simultaneously wielding an empathy that made others feel she was more “of the people” than “of the establishment.”

For those with less favorable opinions of Diana, there was the ancient construct of the Great Bitch (“The multiple teats/breasts of the Ephesian Diana refer to these origins,” explains Caputi). Hecate-Artemis (Diana) was depicted in the Ionian period as a “whelping Bitch,” and the word may have become a slur in Christian Europe because of its association with this destructive, vengeful goddess of wild animals.

Caputi shares the reaction of art historian Simon Schama to an interview with the Princess of Wales that was televised in 1995 as part of the BBC’s docuseries, Panorama . Schama explicitly evokes the mythological Diana in reference to the princess’s persona: “Treat her badly and she’ll treat you to a quiver full of arrows,” he suggests. Drawing on animal imagery, he characterizes Princess Diana as having “turned from desperate molting swan into bird of prey… an exterminating angel.”

“Such hyperbole reflects the threat that Diana posed in manifesting those most denied, feared, and potent aspects of archetypal female sacred power,” writes Caputi.

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Princess Diana’s brother, Charles, has also been instrumental in forging his late sister’s mythology. At her funeral, he emphasized the connection between goddess and princess, describing her as “the hunted, not the huntress.” The mythological was further concretized with the thirty-six oak trees, referencing the oak grove of Diana of Nemi in antiquity, that line the drive to Althorp, her childhood home and site of her burial. Her grave rests on an island, inaccessible to the public. Across from the island, a Doric temple displays Diana’s name and silhouette. Writes Caputi,

Pilgrims visit, bringing flowers, and written and sketched prayers and remembrances to a Diana whom we might recognize as an emerging deity, both ancient and new. Althorp is public only during the months of July and August, opening on the day of her birth and closing the day before her death. August may soon again be heralded as the sacred festival month of the Goddess Diana.

The “mytho-religious” behaviour around celebrity culture—worship and idolatry, ritual sacrifice and scapegoating—can show how mythic traditions are “antecedents of contemporary ideas.” Twenty-five years after an admittedly tragic death, a new kind of celebrity culture fueled by social media , a nostalgic pop culture, and recent tumultuous events in the British royal family have made Diana’s myth pertinent again: Diana as victim, Diana as victor, Diana as guardian angel, Diana as avenging angel. “It is myth, archetype, and icon that enable the expression of otherwise remote or ineffable concepts and emotions,” offers Caputi. The endurance of the myth of Diana perhaps also demonstrates how we still struggle to make sense of her life and death , and our reactions to both.

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Andrew Morton's 1992 Biography of Princess Diana, As Seen in The Crown , Is Worth a Read

The book features in the second episode of the new season of The Crown . Morton published a new edition of the book in 2017, featuring even more insights into Princess Diana's life

diana biography andrew morton

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After the publication of the book, Morton told the New York Times that what he found most surprising was the lack of support the royal family gave Princess Diana. "Checkout girls in the supermarket get more training for their jobs than Diana did," he said . "And that antipathy has been allowed to go on for 10 years. Eventually you would have thought they would come around to examine the problem. But nothing gets tackled until it becomes a crisis, which is a fundamental weakness in the organization . "

Simon & Schuster Diana: Her True Story--in Her Own Words

Diana: Her True Story--in Her Own Words

At the time, Morton shared with the press that the three main sources he used were Diana's brother, Charles Spencer , her close friend and Prince Harry's godmother, Carolyn Bartholomew , and James Gilbey, who was another close friend (and rumored lover) of Diana's. Yet, when she tragically died five years later, Morton re-issued the book as Diana: Her True Story—in Her Own Words, acknowledging his collaboration with the Princess of Wales to tell her story.

"This biography is unique in that the story contained in its pages would never have appeared had it not been for the wholehearted co-operation of Diana, the late Princess of Wales," Morton writes in the acknowledgements of the most recent edition. "The story is based on lengthy, tape-recorded interviews with Diana, supplemented by the testimony of her family and friends. Like Diana, they spoke with honesty and frankness in spite of the fact it meant laying aside the ingrained habits of discretion and loyalty which proximity to royalty invariably engenders. My thanks for their co-operation are therefore all the more heartfelt and sincere."

preview for 6 Causes Princess Diana Championed

Emily Burack (she/her) is the Senior News Editor for Town & Country, where she covers entertainment, culture, the royals, and a range of other subjects. Before joining T&C, she was the deputy managing editor at Hey Alma , a Jewish culture site. Follow her @emburack on Twitter and Instagram .

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A Look at Princess Diana’s Life, 25 Years After Her Death

The royal captured the public's attention from her engagement to her funeral

Lady Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1, 1961, in Norfolk, England. The third of four children born to the 8th Earl Spencer and his then-wife, Frances, Lady Diana developed a love of and talent for music and dancing, according to the royal family’s website.

After a whirlwind courtship, Lady Diana married Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, on July 29, 1981, in one of the most-watched events in royal history. The 20-year-old wore a voluminous silk taffeta dress with a 25-foot train that filled the aisle of St. Paul's Cathedral.

This browser does not support the video element.

The couple spent their honeymoon at the Mountbatten family home at Broadlands, in Hampshire, England, and then on a 12-day cruise through the Mediterranean. They finished their trip at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, shown here.

On June 21, 1982, Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, her first child. As the new family of three departed St. Mary's Hospital in London the next day, Princess Diana wore a polka-dot dress.

PA Wire/Zuma

William’s wife, Kate Middleton, also appeared in a polka-dot dress after the birth of their first son decades later.

Parsons Media/Zuma

Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP

In 1984, Princess Diana gave birth to her second son, Henry Charles Albert David—Prince Harry.

John Shelley Collection/Avalon/Zuma

As a royal, Princess Diana emerged as a glamorous figure with star power. In 1985, she danced with actor John Travolta at a White House dinner event in the royal couple’s honor. Later that year, she performed on stage at London’s Royal Opera House with dancer Wayne Sleep.

Pete Souza/Ronald Reagan Library/AP

Princess Diana took on charities and causes as part of her duties, eventually becoming president or patron for over 100 charities during her marriage to Prince Charles. In 1987, during a time of stigma and misinformation around AIDS, she was photographed shaking the hand of an AIDS patient in London.

John Redman/AP

Princess Diana was a glamorous figure but also charmed the public. She was seen as someone they could relate to, a mother who loved her children. She competed in a race with other parents at Prince Harry’s school in 1991.

Anwar Hussein/WireImage/Getty

Amid speculation about the state of the royals’ marriage, royal reporter Andrew Morton’s "Diana: Her True Story" was published in 1992. The best-selling tell-all book, produced with the princess’s cooperation, discussed Charles’s longtime affair with Camilla Parker Bowles and Diana’s struggles with the affair, bulimia and celebrity.

Ben Curtis/PA Wire/Reuters

Peter Jordan/AP

After news of Prince Charles’s infidelity, which he made public in a television special, Princess Diana made a public appearance at a fundraising dinner hosted by Vanity Fair in what became known as her “revenge dress.”

Ian Jones/Zuma

In 1995, Princess Diana talked about many of her struggles, as well as her own infidelity, during an interview with journalist Martin Bashir on BBC’s “Panorama.” In one memorable moment, she was asked if Ms. Parker Bowles was a factor in the breakdown of her marriage. “Well there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded," she said. The BBC has since apologized for unethical methods and fake documents used to obtain the interview.

BBC/PA Wire/Reuters

Months later, Prince Charles received a letter from his mother, urging divorce, and he agreed. By February 1996, Princess Diana had also agreed. The couple received a final decree of divorce in August 1996.

After her divorce, Diana resigned from many of the charity positions she had held as a working member of the royal family. But she continued to work on certain humanitarian issues. In January 1997, she visited Angola as part of a campaign to ban land mines.

Express Newspapers/AP

John Stillwell/PA Wire/Zuma

She began a relationship with Dodi Fayed, the son of the billionaire and former owner of Harrods, Mohamed al-Fayed. The two, often photographed by paparazzi, sailed around the Mediterranean, stopping in the French Riviera resort of St. Tropez.

Patrick Bar/Nice-Matin/AP

Diana, Princess of Wales, and Mr. Fayed both died on Aug. 31, 1997, in a high-speed accident in Paris. The vehicle crashed in the Pont de l'Alma underpass as the driver, who French authorities said was inebriated, was trying to evade paparazzi. She was 36 years old.

Diana, Princess of Wales, and Mr. Fayed both died on Aug. 31, 1997, in a high-speed accident in Paris. The vehicle crashed in the Pont de l'Alma underpass as the driver, who French authorities said was inebriated, was trying to evade paparazzi. She was 36.

Jerome Delay/AP

Pierre Boussel/AFP/Getty

A funeral for Princess Diana, who former Prime Minister Tony Blair called the “people’s princess,” took place on Sept. 6 in Westminster Abbey. Elton John performed a rewritten version of his song “Candle in the Wind” dedicated to her. The song, later released as a single, topped charts in the U.K. and U.S.

Princess Diana’s tensions with the royal family outlived her. Many considered their initial response to her death inadequate. Tony Blair, the former prime minister, has said he spoke with the family about how to react, and that he thought a televised statement the queen gave ahead of Diana’s funeral was “near perfect.”

Ian Waldie/Reuters

Her sudden death shocked the world. An estimated 2 billion people watched her funeral , making it one of the most-viewed events in television history. Even today, people leave bouquets and other gifts outside the gates of Kensington Palace on the anniversary of her death.

John Stillwell/PA Wire/Reuters

Interest in Diana persists 25 years after her death. In recent years, documentaries, movies and TV shows about her life have been made , including the film “Spencer,” shown here, and the opulent Netflix series on the royal family, “The Crown.”

Frederic Batier/Neon/Everett Collection

Produced by Matthew Riva

Cover photo: Keystone Press Agency/Zuma Credits photo: Johnny Eggitt/AFP/Getty

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The best movies and documentaries about Princess Diana

Years after her tragic death in 1997 at the age of 36, Princess Diana continues to be a source of inspiration and fascination . Movies, TV shows, documentaries, novels and biographies all explore the circumstances of her life. 

And it was an extraordinary one. Born Diana Spencer in 1961, she went on to marry the heir to the British throne, and move people around the world with her personality and her humanitarian efforts. 

To this day, people mourn the loss of the People’s Princess and hunger for more details about the scrutiny she faced, before and after her divorce from Prince Charles.

If you’re looking for a royal-themed night in, these are the best movies about Princess Diana to watch, ranging from horror-infused imaginative works starring Kristen Stewart, to documentaries using footage from Diana's real life. We're ordering them in chronological order, as the tone of the movies vary depending on when they were made.

‘The Princess’ (2022)

The year of the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, HBO is releasing an original documentary about her life. Composed exclusively of archival footage, the Ed Perkins documentary directed “immersive and intimate” look into how public adoration, coupled with the overwhelming scrutiny she faced, became a perfect storm.

'Spencer' (2021)

This critically-acclaimed film garnered much praise for its intense and imaginative retelling of Princess Diana's life, more designed to evoke a feeling of her circumstances than the actual facts.

"Spencer," starring Kristen Stewart ( who landed her first Oscar nomination for her portrayal as Princess Diana), focuses at the point in Princess Diana's life where her relationship with Prince Charles was on the decline, and she was growing tired of the pressures of being a royal. The film also shows her real-life battle with bulimia .

Although Diana is widely known for her elegance and soft demeanor, this movie gives a sharper image of what her life was like away from the press — and if you've seen this film, which borrows from the horror genre, you know it's not pretty.

'Diana: The Musical' (2021)

Image: 'Diana The Musical'.

The legend of "Diana: The Musical" is eclipsed only by the legend of Diana herself. Before the musical hit Broadway stages in Nov. 2021, it premiered on Netflix. Then, it only lasted a month on Broadway — 59 performances, to be precise. Despite negative reviews at the time, the musical is already being reconsidered .

Jeanna de Waal played the royal, telling TODAY she hoped audiences found it "wildly entertaining." She added, "I hope people take away just how much love and passion the creative team had for Diana in making this." If you, too, love Diana, you might enjoy seeing her life told in cheeky but heartfelt songs.

'The Crown' (2016-present)

"The Crown" is a historical Netflix series that documents the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the political (and personal) events that shaped her reign as Queen. Fans awaited Princess Diana's debut in Season Four of the show, knowing the drama she would bring. Emma Corrin gives a fantastic performance as Princess Diana in Season Four, with Elizabeth Debicki taking over in future seasons.

'Diana: In Her Own Words' (2017)

Before her death, Princess Diana was in contact with British journalist Andrew Morton, who published in 1992 her authorized biography, "Diana: Her True Story." Morton would later reveal that the interview was made possible because the late princess had secretly answered his questions via tape recordings.

'Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy' (2017)

Image: Princess Diana holding Prince Harry in 'Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy'.

This Princess Diana documentary focuses on a perspective that many people want to hear from.

Prince William and Prince Harry exclusively open up on camera about their mother, Princess Diana. They both give interviews and talk openly about their mom in this insightful documentary, paying tribute to her life and legacy.

'Diana, 7 Days' (2017)

In 2017, Prince William and Prince Harry commissioned two documentaries to mark the 20th anniversary of their mother's death. "Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy" was the first and "Diana, 7 Days" was the second and broadcast in the United Kingdom by BBC. The film tracks the late royal family member's death as well as her funeral.

‘Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason?’ (2017)

Diana died in a car accident in Paris in Aug. 1997. Akin to any tragic death of extremely public and beloved figures, there’s some speculation as to whether Princess Diana’s death was accidental or not. In this documentary, streaming on Amazon Prime, the details of her death are examined, decisively proving the conspiracy theories about her death untrue.

'Diana' (2013)

What did the last two years of Diana's life look like? She and Charles divorced, officially, in 1996, and she died in 1997. Naomi Watts plays Diana as she transitions from princess to humanitarian — a role she doesn't get to occupy for long.

'The Queen' (2006)

"The Queen" is less about Diana, and more about the reverberations her death had on the royal family, the United Kingdom and beyond. In the wake of her death, the mourning people looked to the Queen.

Helen Mirren won an Oscar for her performance as Queen Elizabeth II contemplating when, how and if to address the public.

‘Princess in Love’ (1996)

Image: Julie Cox as Princess Diana and Christopher Villiers as Capt. James Hewitt in 'Princess in Love'

This movie made for TV, based on the book with the same title by Anna Pasternak, tells the story of Diana’s dwindling marriage to Prince Charles — and her consequential affair with her former riding instructor, Captain James Hewitt. Hewitt collaborated with Pasternak to write the 1994 novel, an account of their five year-long affair.

"Diana: Her True Story" (1993)

Image: David Threlfall  as Prince Charles and Serena Scott Thomas as Diana and in 'Diana: Her True Story 1993'.

This biopic, like "Princess in Love," came out while Diana was alive, amid the media frenzy that erupted after she and Charles separated. The biopic is based on Andrew Morton's 1992 explosive book "Diana: Her True Story." After Diana died, Morton revealed that Diana was the book's primary source, per Frontline . Serena Scott Thomas plays Diana.

'Charles & Diana: A Royal Love Story' (1982)

Another made-for-TV movie, this early film tells of the marriage and the initial period following the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Made in 1982, this movie is also a period piece in itself, as Diana and Charles's story had not played entirely by then – they separated 10 years later, in 1992.

best biography about princess diana

Madeline Merinuk is a writer and newsletter editor at TODAY.com where she reports on pop culture, lifestyle and trending news. She's a graduate of Hofstra University with a B.A. in Journalism.

best biography about princess diana

Alex Portée is a senior trending reporter at TODAY Digital and is based in Los Angeles.

The Telegraph

Queen Elizabeth ‘thought Diana was far better suited to Andrew than to Charles’

Queen Elizabeth II thought Diana, Princess of Wales , was “far better suited” to Prince Andrew than to Prince Charles , according to a new royal biography.

The late Queen was initially delighted by the young Diana Spencer, who went to great lengths to impress upon everyone how much she loved the “magical” Balmoral “beyond imagination”, professing a great love of fishing and shooting.

She had just two reservations about the new woman in her eldest son’s life, Ingrid Seward, the author, claims in her new book, My Mother and I.

“She wondered whether anyone that young could differentiate between the man and the prince,” Seward writes.

“And she couldn’t help thinking that the Spencer girl would be far better suited to her younger son, Andrew.”

Diana had “determinedly” set out to be the Princess of Wales and made a great effort whenever she was invited to a royal house party at Balmoral, the book claims.

Her efforts paid off and everyone found her “enchanting”.

One member of staff recalled about shooting parties: “Most of the ladies do not get up until after the guns have gone out, but Diana was always up early.

“If you looked out of your window at a quarter to eight, you would see her walking in the garden, and she made a great point of being there to see them off.

“It was then that she played her sharpest card. She would go around telling everybody how much she loved Balmoral and that it was such a magical place and how she loved it beyond imagination.”

Similarly, on a visit to Sandringham , one royal confidant is quoted as saying: “She was everywhere, picking up the birds, being terribly gracious and absolutely oozing charm.

“And she looked marvellous, very relaxed and quite thrilled with herself.”

However, it did not take long for the shine to wear off.

Just a month before she was due to marry, Diana was left furious when Charles showed no interest in dancing with her at Prince Andrew’s 21st birthday party at Windsor Castle .

At 5.30am the following morning, she set off in her car for Althorp , her father’s Northamptonshire home, determined that the wedding was off.

However, her father, Earl Spencer, was “appalled” by the suggestion and told her it would be “an act of gross discourtesy” to break off her engagement so close to the wedding.

Having been talked around, the Princess found herself having to get used to some of the Royal family’s many quirks.

In a section of the book serialised in The Mail on Sunday, Seward writes: “For instance, they laid their pudding spoons and forks across the top of the place setting, which she’d always been told was very bourgeois; and at Balmoral they even used fish knives, which were supposed to be the height of pretentious vulgarity.

“Then there was the Queen’s trick of leaving her chocolates out on the grand piano in the saloon by the front entrance at Sandringham, after which she’d peer down from the window in the corridor overhead to see who dared to filch one.

“And Diana had to learn not to flinch when her future mother-in-law picked ticks off one of her beloved corgis and flicked them into the fire, where they landed in the flames with a satisfying hiss.”

Struggled to cope

As the young Princess increasingly struggled to cope, unable to understand the lack of affection shown towards her by both her husband and the wider Royal family, Prince Edward’s footman, Mark Simpson, was identified as the perfect person to help her through her early days at the palace, although their closeness is said to have raised eyebrows in some quarters.

The late Princess poured out her heart to Mr Simpson, telling him that she thought she looked fat in her engagement photos, which he believed was the trigger for her bulimia.

“She hated Lady Susan Hussey , and she hated Princess Anne ,” he said.

“I think Diana thought it was strange that the Queen was not up there with her, sitting on the end of her bed chatting to her about her day. I think she genuinely thought that was going to happen.

“I felt it was my job to explain to Diana that if she wanted to eat with the Queen or see the Queen, all she had to do was ring up the Queen’s page and find out.”

Later, as the marriage broke down, the Princess is said to have tearfully ranted to The Queen about Charles, as well as members of her own family.

“The Queen came to dread these meetings,” Seward writes. “She’d never had to deal with such outbursts in her life, and they left her feeling drained, despondent and confused.”

After the Princess’s death in a car crash in Paris in August 1997, there was a wave of public animosity towards Charles and his lover, Camilla Parker Bowles .

But contrary to popular belief, The Queen privately came to believe that the couple should get married, Seward says.

“By then, she was also convinced the marriage would prove the making of Charles – as a man, and eventually as King,” she writes.

“For a few years after Diana’s death, the Queen had been wary of appearing at any event to which Camilla had also been invited. But she’d never disliked her.”

My Mother and I by Ingrid Seward will be published by Simon & Schuster on Feb 15.

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Diana and Prince Andrew attend Trooping the Colour in 1981 - KEYSTONE/HULTON ROYALS COLLECTION

Edited image used to falsely claim that Princess Diana is still alive | Fact check

best biography about princess diana

The claim: Image shows Princess Diana announcing she's still alive

A Feb. 14 Instagram post ( direct link , archive link ) shows a woman with short blonde hair and wrinkles speaking into a bundle of microphones.

"Breaking news," reads text within the post. "Lady Diana has returned and has confirmed that she is alive. This is a photo of her from today. Tuesday, February 13, 2024."

Similar versions of the claim were shared on Instagram , Facebook and X, formerly Twitter .

More from the Fact-Check Team: How we pick and research claims | Email newsletter | Facebook page

Our rating: Altered

Princess Diana is not alive. The wrinkles are digitally edited into an image of Princess Diana taken in Angola in 1997, seven months before she died.

Image edited to make late princess appear older

The picture of Diana is not real, nor has she been spotted alive in public.

Face and neck wrinkles were digitally edited into a photo of Diana taken at the Luanda International Airport in Angola in 1997. According to the Associated Press's caption, she'd arrived at the airport to raise awareness about land mines.

Similar pictures of Diana, one from a different angle , were captured at the time by Getty Images and showed her without the exaggerated wrinkles.

Fact check : No, Jeffrey Epstein is not alive, he died by suicide while awaiting trial

Diana died on August 31, 1997, following a car crash in Paris' Pont de l'Alma tunnel. Her companion, Dodi Fayed, was also killed. About 2.5 billion people worldwide watched Diana's funeral on television, and the footage is available on C-SPAN online .

Documents detailing the events following her death, such as lists of funeral attendees and the lowering of the flags, were published by the National Archives of the United Kingdom .

Her ashes are buried at her family home in Althorp Park, England, according to the BBC .

Following a six-month inquest into Diana and Fayed's death, a jury found in 2008 they were unlawfully killed by their chauffeur's reckless driving and the photographers who followed the couple into the tunnel.

USA TODAY reached out to the user who shared the post for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

Reuters also debunked the claim.

Our fact-check sources:

  • Associated Press, Jan. 13, 1997, ANGOLA ROYALS DIANA
  • Getty Images, Jan. 13, 1997, Diana Speech To Press
  • Getty Images, Jan. 13, 1997, Diana Speech
  • USA TODAY, Aug. 31, 2023, Princess Diana's life and legacy: How old she was when she died, how old she'd be in 2023
  • BBC, accessed Feb. 19, Diana Returns Home
  • C-SPAN, Sept. 6, 1997, Princess Diana Funeral
  • Smithsonian Magazine, Nov. 15, 2023, How Princess Diana’s Death Transformed the Royal Family
  • Royal Household, accessed Feb. 19, Diana, Princess of Wales
  • National Archives, Dec. 3, 2021, Princess Diana

Thank you for supporting our journalism. You can subscribe to our print edition, ad-free app or e-newspaper here .

USA TODAY is a verified signatory of the International Fact-Checking Network, which requires a demonstrated commitment to nonpartisanship, fairness and transparency. Our fact-check work is supported in part by a grant from Meta .


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For Tobias Menzies, Acting Is All About Less Is More

The British actor excels at playing reserve, and what roils beneath, on “The Crown.” And now he brings that stoicism to “The Hunt,” onstage in Brooklyn.

  • Share full article

Tobias Menzies, in a black T-shirt, stands with his arms folded in front of him.

By Alexis Soloski

On a morning in early February, the actor Tobias Menzies walked the Brooklyn Heights Promenade in the relative anonymity he prefers. Menzies wasn’t hiding. He wore no sunglasses, no cap, just Blundstones, jeans, a shearling coat. He didn’t duck when people came his way. But the past few years, including multi-season stints on “The Crown” and “Outlander,” have brought him a new visibility, which still makes him uneasy.

“I’m not that confident about my life or what it is to be able to put it out in the public,” he said, shoulders hunched against the breeze. “I’m just bumbling along as best I can.”

Menzies, 49, had come to Brooklyn, to rehearse “The Hunt,” a theatrical adaptation of the Thomas Vinterberg movie that begin performances at St. Ann’s Warehouse on Friday. Back in 2019, Menzies had originated the stage role of Lucas, a preschool teacher falsely accused of exposing himself to a child, in a London production. A member of a local hunting club, Lucas now finds himself targeted by the community that once embraced him.

In the years since “The Hunt” premiered, Menzies has won an Emmy, for playing Prince Philip on the Netflix hit “The Crown,” and a fan base for his dual roles of Frank Randall and his sadistic ancestor Black Jack Randall on the Starz series “Outlander.” He also played somewhat against type as an anxious therapist in Nicole Holofcener’s acerbic comedy “You Hurt My Feelings.”

Five years ago, the role made perfect sense for Menzies, who specializes in wounded masculinity. The play, adapted by David Farr, is caustic and cerebral, and it reunited him with a frequent collaborator, the director Rupert Goold. And Lucas is a type that Menzies has often gravitated toward, a man unable, whether by upbringing, temperament or circumstance, to show his feelings. Lucas benefits from both Menzies’ natural reserve and his ability to show what roils beneath that stoicism, a game of emotive hide-and-seek.

“I find less-is-more interesting to watch, characters that you have to lean toward and work out, because they don’t just reveal everything,” he said. “The world can be hard, it can be bruising,” he said. And those bruises don’t always show up in the obvious places.

Goold, speaking by telephone, recognized Menzies’s attraction to these seemingly reserved characters. “He does have an innate remoteness,” he said of his colleague. “That’s something he’s developed as he’s got older, a kind of distance. I don’t think he as a man is like that, but he does bring that for audiences.”

As a man he is actually somewhat like that. He described himself as “naturally quite a private person,” and even a thorough online search discloses only the barest details of early life and actor training (elementary education at an alternative school, subsequent studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art). “My instinct has always been to talk about the work and not myself,” he said. “too much biography gets in the way.”

On the stroll, he manifested what an oversharing New Yorker might identify as typical British reserve. He does in fact have a personal life, even if he chooses not to talk about it. “The reason I don’t answer those questions is not that I don’t have any friends. Just to be clear,” he reassured me. He paused often, swallowing his words or letting the wind lift them away. Conversation flowed more easily walking side by side rather than speaking face to face. (That face has a courtly handsomeness, complicated by long vertical creases down each cheek. “They’re not ritual scars,” he said, “just an anomaly of how my face has grown.”) Entwined with that reserve is a fierce charisma and a mordant sense of humor. At one turn, his path was blocked by a large boulder, a hunk of sedimentary rock.

“Just to remind us where we’re all headed,” he said darkly. It was a gorgeous winter morning, but his thoughts were dust to dust.

Always a supporting player, at least onscreen, he has suddenly become a leading man. Just as “The Hunt” wraps its run, AppleTV+ will release “Manhunt,” in which Menzies stars as Edwin Stanton, the U.S. Secretary of War charged with capturing John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln’s assassin. Which means that Menzies has gone from hunted to hunter and back. Is returning to the role of a man ostracized by his community, for reasons both false and true, the canniest career choice?

Probably not, but Menzies had committed to the transfer to St. Ann’s before the pandemic, and he would honor it. Besides it’s the work that has always driven him and not what that work might mean for his career, his profile. “I find that stuff very uncomfortable,” he said.

Recognizing that discomfort, it would be easy to assume that Menzies is a technical actor, an analytical one, someone who doesn’t let his own emotional life seep into a character. But for Menzies, acting is a deeply personal endeavor. If he is private in his public life, he is far more open onstage.

“I certainly use a lot of myself in my work,” he said. “That’s the quickest way to make it as real as possible. If you’re using memories of your own or experiences of your own, you’re right there. So, yeah, theater has always been quite personal for me.”

Asked what memories and experiences he had used for “The Hunt,” he became understandably warier. “Being outside, trying to get in,” he said, finally. Then, on the south end of the promenade, looking out toward the Statue of Liberty, he elaborated. “I guess on the spectrum, I’m probably something of an isolate; sometimes I can be that person. So that’s been relatively straightforward to access.”

Celebrity, of course, can provide its own isolation, particularly for those like Menzies who mistrust it. It’s uncomfortable to find yourself becoming this visible, this spotlit. And that seems to have enhanced this version of “The Hunt.” “In dealing with celebrity and the way that can be toxic or even ostracizing at times, his performances is even richer now,” Goold said. “To be an outsider in a more profound way is what I perceive Tobias’s work is now.”

After “The Hunt,” Menzies will finish shooting a Formula 1 movie, opposite Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem, delayed by the writers’ and actors’ strikes. And if that sounds fairly commercial and maybe even fun (“Essentially it’s the action film,” he said, “these pirouettes of character, and then it’s more driving”), he will follow it up with a new production of the Greek tragedy “Antigone” at the National Theater, in London.

“I’m not the most strategic of actors, clearly,” he admitted. He’d made a loop of the promenade and was heading down the slope back toward St. Ann’s. “I very much orient to if the work is good enough, it will lead me to where I need to be.”

Alexis Soloski has written for The Times since 2006. As a culture reporter, she covers television, theater, movies, podcasts and new media. More about Alexis Soloski

Travis Kelce Gifted Taylor Swift a Handbag on Valentine’s Day — and We Found the Perfect Amazon Dupe

Remember when Swift was in the 2010 movie, Valentine’s Day? Us too.

taylor swift and travis kelce kissing, black woven bag

We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back.

To top it all off, Kelce also bought Swift a $5,100 Bottega Veneta Medium Andiamo handbag that is just as stunning as it sounds. The bag is composed of lambskin with a brass finish, made in Italy, and comes in eight other color varieties. It can either be handheld or slide into a crossbody purse with three total pockets.

If you’re looking at this purse and thinking how impossibly far out of reach it is for your price range — think again. We found a nearly exact Amazon match.

URAWOW Woven Bag

Woven Bag

The Woven Bags for Women Bowknot Small Tote comes in three sizes (in inches, but notably small, medium, or large) for only $89.99. Five colors are in stock: beige, black, brown, coffee, and army green. Instead of lambskin like the Bottega Veneta, the purse is made out of artificial leather and carries two pockets. The woven design and golden bow strap make it a killer design dupe!

Per the U.S. Sun, an insider near the couple claimed Kelce “wanted to show her how much he cares about her and the upcoming months to come as they will travel together all over the world.” The source is referring to the international leg of the Eras Tour, where Swift is currently embarking on her four night run in Sydney, Australia. We would’ve settled for chocolates on Valentine’s Day, but hey, over $10,000 of loot works just as romantically.

Headshot of Olivia Bria

Olivia is a writer and content creator interested in food, beauty, entertainment, and fashion with a B.A. in Communications and Political Science. When Olivia isn’t typing away or reading Barnes & Noble’s latest psychological thriller, she can be found lying on the beach, binge-watching One Tree Hill, or sitting on a flight headed to her next travel destination.


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diana at prince of tides premiere

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    Mary Robertson The Diana I Knew: Loving Memories of the Friendship Between an American Mother and Her Son's Nanny Who Became the Princess of Wales. Now 18% Off. $15 at Amazon. Credit: courtesy of ...

  12. Diana: Her True Story, Fully Revised 25th Anniversary Edition

    The sensational biography of Princess Diana, now revised to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of her death. When Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words was first published in 1992, it forever changed the way the public viewed the British monarchy. Greeted initially with disbelief and ridicule, the #1 New York Times bestselling biography has become a unique literary classic, not just ...

  13. The Goddess and the Princess: Why Diana Endures

    Twenty-five years after her untimely death, the legacy of Diana, Princess of Wales—more commonly known as Princess Diana—endures. For gender and cultural studies scholar Jane Caputi, who considered Diana's iconic status in the years immediately following her death, the former royal's image draws its power and longevity from mythology, specifically the parallels between the narratives ...

  14. Why Princess Diana Risked Her Life for Humanitarian Causes ...

    Diana began visiting African as soon as she became a princess. Diana set foot in Africa just days after she officially became a royal since she and Prince Charles honeymooned on a 12-day cruise ...

  15. Princess Diana: Her life and legacy

    On August 31, 1997, Diana and her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, were killed in a high-speed car crash in Paris, along with their driver, Henri Paul. She was 36 years old. A French investigation concluded ...

  16. Remembering Princess Diana: How the People's Princess ...

    On Saturday, September 6, 1997, an estimated 2.5 billion people around the world tuned in to television and radio broadcasts of Diana's funeral. People felt they knew Diana and mourned her as a ...

  17. Andrew Morton's 1992 Biography of Princess Diana, As Seen in

    Andrew Morton first published his biography of Princess Diana, Diana: Her True Story, in 1992. Using her friend, Dr. James Colthurst, as a go-between, Morton asked the Princess questions and she ...

  18. DK Biography: Princess Diana by Joanne Mattern

    The short biography has many facts, quotations, and photographs of Princess Diana. Having just past the 20th year since her death in a horrific automobile crash on August 31, 1997, younger persons who may not know of Princess Diana and all the excellent work she did in addition to making the world aware that AIDS was not contagious and patients with AIDS/HIV should be welcomed into one's ...

  19. A Look at Princess Diana's Life, 25 Years After Her Death

    John Stillwell/PA Wire/Reuters. Interest in Diana persists 25 years after her death. In recent years, documentaries, movies and TV shows about her life have been made, including the film ...

  20. The Best Princess Diana Movies and Documentaries

    Years after her tragic death in 1997 at the age of 36, Princess Diana continues to be a source of inspiration and fascination.Movies, TV shows, documentaries, novels and biographies all explore ...

  21. 25 Facts About Princess Diana You Probably Didn't Know

    Princess Diana's Wedding Train Was 25 ft Long. Diana had a 25 ft (7.6m) train on her wedding dress when she married Prince Charles in July 1981 at St Paul's Cathedral. Her gown, designed by David ...

  22. The true story behind Princess Diana's iconic yacht photo

    More for You. Princess Diana had plenty of iconic moments during her life from her 'revenge' dress to the time she danced with John Travolta, but one of her best fashion moments was snapped on ...

  23. The Final Years of Princess Diana

    The pair agreed to do so in February 1996, and their marriage officially ended on August 28, 1996. Diana ended up receiving a lump sum payment of £17 million and shared custody of Princes William ...

  24. Diana: Her True Story--in Her Own Words

    The sensational biography of Princess Diana, written with her cooperation and now featuring exclusive new material to commemorate the 20th anniversary of her death. ... Andrew Morton is one of the world's best-known biographers and a leading authority on modern celebrity and royalty. His groundbreaking 1992 biography of Diana, Princess of ...

  25. Queen Elizabeth 'thought Diana was far better suited to Andrew ...

    Story by Victoria Ward • 2w. Queen Elizabeth II thought Diana, Princess of Wales, was "far better suited" to Prince Andrew than to Prince Charles, according to a new royal biography. The ...

  26. Princess Lilibet of Sussex

    Princess Lilibet of Sussex (Lilibet Diana; born 4 June 2021) is an American-born member of the British royal family.She is the daughter of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.She is a granddaughter of King Charles III and is seventh in the line of succession to the British throne. She was born during the reign of her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, whose childhood ...

  27. No, Princess Diana isn't still alive. Picture is edited

    Fact check: No, Jeffrey Epstein is not alive, he died by suicide while awaiting trial. Diana died on August 31, 1997, following a car crash in Paris' Pont de l'Alma tunnel. Her companion, Dodi ...

  28. Tobias Menzies on 'The Crown' and His Role in 'The Hunt'

    In "The Hunt," Tobias Menzies reprises his role as a preschool teacher falsely accused of exposing himself to a child. "The world can be hard, it can be bruising," he said. Ryan Lowry for ...

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