• Definition of Culture
  • Types of Culture
  • Components of Culture
  • Features of Culture
  • Characteristics of Culture
  • Similarities in Nigerian Culture
  • Cultural Differences in Nigeria
  • JSS1 - Culture: 3rd Term - Evaluation Questions | Week 1 & 2
  • Definition of Socialization
  • Types of Socialization
  • Agents of Socialization
  • Processes of Socialization
  • Road Safety Clubs as an Agent of Socialization
  • What is Road Safety?
  • Roles of the Federal Road Safety Club in the Socialization of Students
  • Process and Structure of the formation of Road Safety Clubs in Schools
  • Organogram of the Structure of Road Safety Clubs in Schools
  • JSS1 - Socialization: 3rd Term - Evaluation Questions | Week 3 & 4
  • Contemporary Social Problems in Nigeria
  • Causes of Social Problems in Nigeria
  • Effects of Social Problems in the Society

Ways of Solving Social Problems in the Society

  • JSS1 - Contemporary Social Problems In Nigeria: 3rd Term - Evaluation Questions | Week 5 & 6
  • Need for Safety
  • Safety Measures in the Home
  • Safety Measures at School
  • Safety Guidelines
  • JSS1 - Our Roles in Promoting Safety in Our Environment: 3rd Term - Evaluation Questions | Week 7

The following are ways through which Social Problems can be curbed, if effectively carried out in society The term society is derived from the Latin word 'socius' meaning friendship or companionship. Society is a community, nation or group of people who share the same traditions, institutions, rules and... More ;

1. Guidance and Counseling: 

The establishment of functioning Guidance and Counseling units both in and out of school settings will help reduce social problems in society.

2. Good Governance:

Leaders should provide the basic needs of their citizens, from free healthcare to providing free food, low-priced housing, e.t.c. There also should be proper administration of justice in society. Leaders should lead by example.

3. Creation of jobs and other Social Infrastructure:

Government should create job opportunities and also encourage youths and young graduates to establish their own businesses. They should also provide social infrastructures to enhance good living.

Social infrastructure includes healthcare (hospitals), education (schools and universities), public facilities (community housing and prisons), and transportation (good roads).

4. Enforcement of Film Censorship and National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control (NAFDAC) Rules:

Government should enforce film censorship boards so that films and movies to be watched by all would not contain content that pollutes the minds of the youths in the society.

The Government should also fully support NAFDAC in putting in place relevant and effective measures in regulating the distribution of drugs in hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and other outlets.

5. Adequate Punishment for Defaulters: 

Adequate punishment should be given to criminal offenders to serve as a deterrent to others.

6. Establishment of Rehabilitation Centres:

A rehabilitation centre is a place where people with alcohol and/or drug addiction or issues are treated. Rehabilitation centres also treat various mental conditions.

The establishment of Rehabilitation Centres will help reform traumatized citizens who need some form of behavioural adjustment.


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5 ways of solving social problems

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5 ways of solving social problems

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Ways of solving problems

  • Post author By StopLearn Team 2

Ways of Solving Contemporary Social Problems in Nigeria

Contemporary social problems in Nigeria can be solved by applying the following measures:

  • Rule of law
  • Anti-corruption agencies
  • Civil society
  • Government policies
  • Infrastructural development and maintenance
  • Job creation to reduce unemployment
  • Religious organization
  • Public opinion leader
  • Personal discipline
  • Security agencies

Solutions or Measures of Solving Social Problems

Rule of Law

This means that no one is above the law; that is, before the law all men are equal .  Most of the contemporary social problems can be eradicated if we all obey the laws of the country. All offenders including corrupt leaders who steal or embezzle public funds should be punished irrespective of their wealth or position. There should be no ‘sacred cows’.

Anti-Corruption Agencies

Anti corruption agencies such as the EFCC  and ICPC should be allowed to operate the way they see fit, and no corrupt leader should be shielded, neither should any of their officers be exempted from facing the law when they are found culpable. The Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices and Related Offences Commission (ICPC) all such agencies should be headed by men and women of proven integrity who will not compromise standards or act corruptly themselves.

Civil Societies

Civil Societies  such as Campaign for Democracy (CD), National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADL), Committee for Defense of Human Right (CDHR), etc. should continue their good work of correcting the ills in our country.

Government Policies

Governments exists to see to the good orderliness of society. Government policies should be based on national interest. Policies should be aimed at enhancing the welfare of all the people. Government should evolve policies that aim at correcting the ills of the society.

Job Creation

The Governments, both States and Federal, should deliberately create jobs for school leavers. Government should also create healthy business and investment environment that will encourage both local and foreign investors, who will in turn create jobs for school leavers to reduce unemployment among youths.

Infrastructural Development

Government should construct new and maintain existing infrastructural facilities such as roads, railways, airports and seaports etc. stabilize, expand and improve on electricity power supply, water supply etc. to encourage business and economic productions, and to improve the quality of life.

Religious Organizations

Churches and Mosques should increase their efforts in inculcating in their members the fear of God, desirable attitudes and values that enhance common good. Religious leaders should emphatically condemn corruption among their members especially the influential ones and those in secular positions of authority. To do this effectively, they should shun gifts and also live above board in all their dealings.

Public Opinion Leaders

Public opinion leaders are citizens who stand for the common good of the country and speak against the ills of the society. They should not relent on their efforts and should be protected by law. The press should be given unfettered freedom to practice their profession in accordance to the law. The press should not fail to publish the opinions of the public in the mass media.

The School is a formal agent of socialization. The teaching of citizenship education, civic education, social and religious studies in schools will help to solve some of these problems. Schools should be equipped with needed facilities that will enhance quality education whose products will not become vagrants and miscreants in society.

Personal Discipline

If individuals engage in self-discipline which is self-control that brings about emotional stability, train members of their family to do the same, there would be a reduction of contemporary social problems in our country. Saying ‘No’ to immoral sexual allurements or demands from the opposite sex.

Security Organizations

The police, the SSS, and other security agencies should be given specialized training on how to detect crimes and fish out criminals of all descriptions, whether terrorists, suicide bombers, militants, armed robbers, kidnappers etc. and bring them to face the law.

  • How can job creation solve social problems?
  • Mention ways by which religious organizations contribute to solving social problems in Nigeria.


  • What is the rule of law and how can it solve social problems in Nigeria?
  • In which ways can government policies help to solve social problems in the country?
  • What roles can the school play in solving social problems?
  • Why are security organizations necessary in the society?
  • Mention five measures of solving contemporary social problems in Nigeria.
  • Explain four of the measures you have listed.

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  • The Movement
  • The Methodology
  • Functional Zero
  • By-Name Data
  • Our Mission
  • Take action

How to Solve a Social Problem

Rosanne speaking at talk

“If you remember nothing else I say, remember the distinction between a program and a process. A program is a solution to a problem, but a good process is a way of finding solutions and applying a methodology to many contexts and many problems. It’s much more valuable to have a good process than a good program any day,” our President, Rosanne Haggerty, told students at Amherst College last November, where her alma mater was holding a TEDx conference on “Disruptive Innovation.”

Rosanne told the group how she went from not asking the right questions to developing a methodology on solving social problems.

The process:

  • Focus on the Outliers
  • Set  measurable goals with a scary deadline
  • Focus on the obvious thing
  • Build the broadest team possible
  • Experiment in short cycles

Watch Rosanne’s TEDx talk  for the details on Community Solutions’ disruptive and most successful innovations.  

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Congress Agrees to More Funding for Businesses and Health Care

rent due

Engaging Communities through Digital Advocacy

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We’re blown away

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Ways of Solving the Common Social Problems in Nigeria Basic 7 (JSS 1)







By the end of the lesson, the students should have attained the following objectives (cognitive, affective and psychomotor) and should be able to –

1. explain the effects of social issues and problems in Nigeria. 2. evaluate the measures adopted to solve social problems.



The teacher will teach the lesson with the aid of:

1. Newspapers and magazine articles. 2. Radio and TV and internet. 3. Documentaries.

METHOD OF TEACHING –  Choose a suitable and appropriate methods for the lessons.

Note – Irrespective of choosing methods of teaching, always introduce an activities that will arouse pupil’s interest or lead them to the lessons. 


1. Scheme of Work 2. 9 – Years Basic Education Curriculum 3. Course Book 4. All Relevant Material 5. Online Information



Social problems are unacceptable behaviour which threaten the peace and stability of any society. Its negative effect on the society go beyond what is seen as moral and just acceptable.

1. Increase in poverty levels 2. Reduction in standard of living 3. Increase in crime rates. 4. Threaten the peace and stability of the society. 5. Increase in the level of unemployment. 6. Decrease in growth and development. 7. Increase in migration.


1. Good government policies. 2. Participation in civil society 3. Personal discipline e.g. contentment, loyalty, fruitfulness, etc. 4. Justice and fairness need to be upheld. 5. Improve the standards of education. 6. Provision of basic societal need – good road, health care, etc. 8. Ethics, religion and political tolerance. 9. Enforce of child’s law and rights. 10. Good governance and responsible leaders.


To deliver the lesson, the teacher adopts the following steps: 1. To introduce the lesson, the teacher revises the previous lesson. Based on this, he/she asks the students some questions; 2. Teacher leads a discussion on the effects of social problems. Student’s Activities – Discuss effects of social problems. 3. Guides students on ways of solving the social issues/problems. Student’s Activities – Mention ways of solving the common social problems in their communities.

To conclude the lesson for the week, the teacher revises the entire lesson and links it to the following week’s lesson.


Students to:

1. explain current social problems. 2. Proffer adequate measures for overcoming the problems.  

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5 ways of solving social problems

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5 ways of solving social problems

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