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Simple application letter for scholarship.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to respectfully request consideration for the scholarship program that your esteemed institution offers. As a dedicated student, I am eager to advance my studies in my chosen field but unfortunately, my financial situation imposes a challenge to achieving my academic goals.My academic record speaks for itself with consistent A grades in my courses, and I fully believe that the scholarship would help me excel even further. I am confident that my dedication and commitment to my studies would make me an asset to your program.Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

Dear Scholarship Committee,

I am writing to apply for the scholarship opportunity offered by your esteemed organization. As a highly motivated and academically inclined individual, I believe this scholarship will enable me to further my pursuits in attaining the education necessary to pursue my career aspirations.I am currently a freshman pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, with a commendable GPA of 3.8. The scholarship will significantly ease the financial burden of financing my education and provide me with the opportunity to concentrate on my studies and achieve my full potential.I am confident that with this scholarship, I can accomplish my educational goals and positively impact society. Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, [Your name]

How to write a Simple Application Letter For Scholarship

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scholarship application letter for university

Scholarship Application: The ABCs of Writing a Scholarship Essay

Scholarship application: a two-word horror story. But is it really so? Writing a scholarship application letter can seem like an off-putting venture, but these essays are a surefire way to actually win a scholarship because the awarding committee gets a chance to learn more about you. In this crash-course on writing scholarship application letters, we’re going over form, structure, and the content you need to include as well as some examples of good practice.

scholarship application - studysmarter magazine

When You Need to Write a Scholarship Application Letter

If there’s one thing that sounds like a nightmare to any student, it’s writing various application letters. These pieces of writing have a strict form, their readers nurture a set of expectations on what they want to read, and tons of students are writing more of the same. Welcome, folks, to the scholarship application drama. Did I say drama? I meant course. There’s nothing dramatic about scholarships, is there? *checks notes nervously*

Just as you thought you were done with the hard work (finding the right university for yourself, applying, going to interviews , filling out forms, or taking an entrance exam ), you find out you have to repeat the process with a scholarship application. Yay!

The first thing you need to check is which scholarships you can apply for. There is a wealth of scholarships out there, elusive as they are, but you will find that you’re likely not eligible for all of them. Depending on your course of study, degree (bachelor, master, doctoral, etc.), GPA, and social and political engagement, you will have to filter your options to find possible solutions. And then the drama starts.

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Is There Such a Thing as a Scholarship Application Form?

To cut straight to the chase, the answer is yes and no. There is no such thing as a completely specific scholarship application form (don’t trust those websites selling you one), but there are certain aspects that’ll be the same in each application. You can learn to manipulate those aspects to bring out the best of your experience and knowledge and then write a convincing motivation letter .

There, I’ve said the dreaded word: the key component of many scholarship applications is a motivation letter , and we’re here to dispel any myths surrounding this mystical document.

But, let’s start with the form:

  • Personal data. At the beginning of every scholarship application, you must provide your personal information, unless specified otherwise (some institutions may want blind applications, but that is rare). Provide your name, address, means of contact (email/phone number), and possibly the department where you study.
  • Information about the recipient. If you’re applying through your university, this will be the main address and the office you’re applying to (e.g. Scholarship Office, University of Better Tomorrow, No 15, Tomorrow Street, 19494 Future). On the other hand, you can apply to various foundations directly, and in this case, you’ll write their address. If you know the name of the person directly responsible for scholarship applications, write that first. Format the two lines of address into two parallel columns: your name in the left corner and the institution in the right.
  • What you’re applying for . While DUH! While it is obvious, it is still common practice to write a bolded line like: Application for XYZ Scholarship at ABC Institution.
  • Dear Sir or Madam … Although this form of address seems to be going out of style, you can still use it, or you can go for the ‘to whom it may concern’ variant. Again, if you know who’s directly responsible for applications, address the letter to them with proper honorifics (Dr, Prof, etc.)

Once these pesky formalities are out of the way, you can start working on your letter.

scholarship application - studysmarter magazine

Scholarship Application – Examples of Good Practice

So, how do you write a proper scholarship application letter? Words like structure, strong vocabulary, and convictions come to mind, and you will need all of them for a successful motivation letter. Before you start, however, you should spend a decent amount of time brainstorming your strengths and how you wish to present them.

The key element of a successful scholarship application is the relevance of your points regarding the open call . For instance, if the scholarship is purely merit-based, you’ll want to highlight your achievements and faculties. On the other hand, if the scholarship is offered by a political foundation, you should provide examples of your engagements that demonstrate how your beliefs align with the ideals of the said organisation.

This does not mean that you need to change your entire personality to fit the proposed standards of a particular organisation – you must, first and foremost, be loyal to yourself . Anything else will appear dishonest. Nevertheless, you should write a list of your most relevant characteristics that correspond to the scholarship requirements. When that is done, you just need to arrange them.

Here’s how:

  • Introduction. Your motivation letter needs a firm, attention-grabbing introduction. Present yourself and your qualifications in several sentences, and reiterate what you’re applying for.

Example: My name is XYZ, and I am a graduate of ABC school, where I attended X course of study (e.g. sciences and mathematics). I would hereby like to express my interest in the scholarship offered by [selected institution].

  • Details about you. One thing you don’t want to do in your scholarship application letter is go on a long-winded personal history. If you’re bringing examples from your childhood, they’d better be extremely related to your reason for studying a particular subject. For instance, if your ant farm tipped over and the ants refused to leave it, you can call that a good inspiration for studying the social behaviour of ants. However, if you study German literature, leave the ants be.

What you should write in this section is a rundown of your most notable accomplishments, which, put together, provide a good reason for you to apply for this scholarship. For instance, you can list a particularly good paper you’ve written, any volunteering you’ve done, and your desire to truly devote your time to your studies, which will be facilitated by obtaining this scholarship.

Scholarship committees are often impressed by extracurricular activitie s, so I suggest that you elaborate on those. However, don’t go listing everything you’ve ever done (your CV does that for you anyway). Rather, select a few examples and emphasise what you have learnt in the process of participating in this activity and how that is relevant for your studies. For instance, if you’ve volunteered abroad , you’ll have learnt the ropes of international cooperation, deepened your understanding of different cultures, and learnt how to take charge in difficult situations – skills which have proven useful in your study field (e.g. international politics , cultural studies, business administration, etc.). Underscore any internships you may have done, courses and certifications you have, or competencies you can apply across various disciplines, e.g. soft skills .

  • Why you’re the right fit. Sometimes you need to truly bring out what makes you the perfect candidate for this scholarship. As explained before, if your scholarship committee belongs to a particular foundation, you need to research this organisation and find connection points with their ideals and beliefs. If you’re applying for a more general scholarship, reiterate your greatest strengths, as well as how you might benefit from the award apart from money – for example, through networking events that scholarship-holders attend, or courses and trainings you could partake in.
  • Conclusion. Conclusions don’t need to be too long – after all, the motivation letter hardly ever exceeds two pages, and nobody needs to be reminded of every detail after reading that. However, in your conclusion, you can repeat your most important point(s), and thank the scholarship committee for their consideration. Generally, you can also say that you’d be available for an interview, or provide any additional information should it be necessary.
  • Sincerely yours … Sign your motivation letter off with your name, print it out, and add your signature. Nowadays, most universities and foundations are happy with digital signatures, but you should check the requirements and see whether it’s specified that you need to sign with your hand.

Piece of cake, right? 😉

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General Scholarship Application

Many universities open an annual call for general scholarship applications. The deadline for such applications is usually at the beginning of the year, although it varies from one university to another – check the relevant website to be on the right track.

General scholarship applications are favourable, as you can repurpose your older scholarship essays with some tweaks, thus saving time. Furthermore, they typically do not come with any specific requirements in terms of social and political engagements, making it easier to write essays for them.

The same rules apply for such an application: The structure should be clear and easy to follow. Make sure to emphasise your achievements to demonstrate why you deserve the scholarship and how you’ll benefit from it.

Application for Scholarship in College – Pro Tips

There are ways of improving your scholarship application and making it easier to write. Follow these tips to make the most out of your application:

  • Applications can be repurposed. You can hardly change your past achievements or basic information about yourself. Once you’ve written your first letter, you’ll be able to use it for future applications, with details altered to fit each call.
  • Read the call carefully. Lots of scholarship calls already tell you what they want to hear. Be sure to read through all the requirements carefully, as they might dismiss you if they feel you’re not following the rules. For instance, if a particular organisation wants you to emphasise the importance of extracurricular activities, you shouldn’t dwell on school achievements too much.
  • Do not paraphrase your entire CV. They want to know you as a person, and they already have your CV.
  • Pay attention to detail. As in, spellcheck, proofread, have others proof it too, and be receptive to feedback. Don’t be kicked out of the race because you were too lazy to use commas properly.
  • Write your letter yourself . I know there are people and places that offer to write your essays for money, but a third party can never write an authentic letter for you . You might resort to some help with editing, but there are no shortcuts to scholarships.
  • Personalise the letter. Your personality needs to shine through – whether through examples you provide, your personal ambitions, or even the turn of phrase, the letter should show who you are.
  • Show what you’ve learnt. For every detail you provide, show what you’ve learnt from the given experience, as well as how you intend to apply it later.

Last but not least, do mind the deadlines (tardiness is not tolerated) and make sure all accompanying details and documents are included in your application.

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Why No Scholarship Application Sample Ever Works – And What Does?

To briefly recap, lots of scholarship applications include writing a motivation letter or essay along with providing relevant documents outlining your academic and personal successes. Writing a scholarship application letter, daunting though it is, is not that difficult once you’ve got the hang of it. One thing you should be wary of are various online templates and samples. Most of the time, these are generic letters that don’t say anything about you and do not fit the criteria of the scholarship you’re applying for.

Here are the things that do work when you’re applying for a scholarship:

  • Demonstrable academic and personal accomplishments .
  • Firmly structured letters with clear transitions.
  • Strong vocabulary. Ditch do and get ; go for obtain , perform , highlight , explicate , etc.
  • Relevance. Always remember that whatever you bring up in your scholarship application letter must be relevant to the call.
  • Personality. The committee should learn about you in the process of reading your letter: your strong characteristics, interests, values, and ambitions.

scholarship application letter for university

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How do you write an application letter for a scholarship?

How do you answer scholarship application questions, what makes you stand out from every other scholarship applicant.

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Studentship » Career » How To Write A Scholarship Application Letter With Samples

woman sitting beside table reading book

How To Write A Scholarship Application Letter With Samples

You must write an application letter to introduce yourself to the committee or person providing the scholarship opportunity .

Please enable JavaScript

This letter recommends you as an outstanding prospect for the scholarship , and it is accompanied by the papers that the funding organization requires of applicants for their consideration.

Scholarship committees and organizations value students who are committed to their studies and motivated to succeed academically .

You must submit an application letter or other compelling submission material to convince the committee that you are worthy of their time and money.

Suppose you want to stand out from the other applicants and make a good impression on the people reviewing your application.

In that case, you should include relevant information about your achievements, aspirations, and plans for your career.

This article will give an overview of the different types of scholarship application letters , instructions on writing one, samples, and a template for writing your scholarship application letter .

I hope you will use these scholarship letter suggestions and sample letters to help you stand out while applying for scholarships.

Table of contents

Types of scholarship application letters, analyze the requirements of the scholarship provider, avoid unnecessary words, structure your scholarship application letter, scholarship application letter.

Group of students staring at a laptop

You may be asked to provide an application letter in various contexts when applying for a scholarship.

You may be applying to get into a particular school or program simultaneously.

You may be applying for financial aid to help defray the expense of attending a school you have already accepted.

If this is the first instance, your application letter should begin with a formal greeting and address, then go on to a brief paragraph detailing your qualifications and accomplishments in the field of study.

The following paragraph should clarify why you would need financial assistance from the scholarship to continue your education .

In the third paragraph, explain how participating in the desired program or training will help you achieve your goals and how you will have a positive impact while enrolled.

Remember to end on a professional and courteous note.

It’s essential to remember a few things if you’re writing a letter asking for financial aid for a program you’ve already been admitted to.

The introduction should follow a format like the one described above, emphasizing your academic prowess.

In the second paragraph, focus on your current financial situation and explain why you need the money.

In the third paragraph of your letter, you can describe why you are interested in attending that particular educational establishment and how much you believe you will gain from doing so.

Scholarship application letters should typically contain information about the applicant’s financial situation, employment history, and other relevant details; however, certain institutions may offer specific instructions on what should be included.

In conclusion, remember that the scholarship application letter is an opportunity to showcase your qualities, academic skills, and ambitions.

You should do your best to convey this information to the reader.

How To Write A Good Scholarship Application Letter With Samples

Man in black long sleeve shirt sitting on a chair

Have you no idea where to begin? Don’t worry about it.

By following these guidelines, learn how to make your scholarship application letter stand out.

To better understand what the committee is looking for in a scholarship applicant, you should review their requirements before preparing your application letter.

Among your talents, jot down the relevant ones to the post.

Research the organization’s goals and culture to understand how you may successfully contribute to its scholarship program.

That way, you can double-check your qualifications and emphasize them in your application letter.

For instance, if a sponsoring group prefers applicants with a 3.5 GPA or better , you can boost your chances of being selected by maintaining a high GPA and highlighting it in the application.

Scholarship committees are interested in learning more about you and what drives you, but they don’t need to know every detail of your life.

The scholarship application letter should be concise, clear, and comprehensive.

Below is an example of the most important details to add to your scholarship application letter when applying.

If, in the end, you don’t present the scholarship committees with this information, your application letter is likely not focused at all:

  • Summarize who you are and what you want to accomplish in your time with the scholarship panel.
  • Make it clear that you are interested in and excited about the scholarship opportunity.
  • Explain why you deserve the scholarship and what you plan to do with the money.
  • Prove your worthiness of the scholarship by showcasing your skills and accomplishments.

It is not always easy to know how to sell yourself to a committee you have never met.

Writing a scholarship application letter can be difficult if you don’t have a plan or structure to guide you.

The first step is to learn the proper structure for a scholarship application letter.

Five (5) essential parts make up a cover letter’s framework.

  • Details about yourself (name, address, etc.)
  • The introductory salutation
  • Closing paragraph (call to action)

Assuming you have your contact details and greeting nailed down, you can go on to the meat of the letter: crafting carefully worded paragraphs specific to the committee’s needs.

Like any other piece of writing, your scholarship application letter needs an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Use the following outline to ensure that each paragraph serves its intended function and has the appropriate elements:

Format For Writing A Scholarship Application Letter

Woman holding a book

Your Name, Your phone number, Your email address;

Scholarship Provider’s Name The Scholarship Provider’s address The scholarship provider’s phone number Date

Dear [Sir/Ma] / [Scholarship Committee],

It would help if you began with a paragraph introducing your background and qualifications, the scholarship you’re looking for, and how you learned about it.

If you send out multiple applications, this paragraph should be tailored to each scholarship you apply for.

Your body paragraphs should follow, where you can elaborate on your qualifications regarding education and experience.

You may be required to submit only one body paragraph or many, depending on the scholarship specifications you’re applying for.

Ensure that all the information you give helps to prove why you should be awarded that specific scholarship.

You can highlight a specific achievement (or achievements) that are especially important to the scholarship committee.

Please describe how your one-of-a-kind abilities and characteristics fit in with the needs of the group offering the scholarship or the organization itself.

Conclude with a final paragraph in which you reiterate your desire to get the scholarship and why the scholarship board should choose you.

Repeat your excitement about the opportunities this funding scheme presents while emphasizing your dedication to your field of study or intended profession.

In your thank you sentence to the committee, you may express your desire to connect with them further by suggesting a phone conversation or face-to-face meeting.

Sincerely, Your full name Signature

Scholarship Application Letter Samples

Woman sitting in front of a MacBook

Follow the samples below to guide you while writing your scholarship application letter.

50 Park Road, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria July 15th, 2022.

Chevron Nigeria Ltd., Chevron Scholarship Review Committee, No 2, Chevron Drive, Lekki Peninsula, Lekki, Lagos Nigeria

Dear Members of the Chevron Scholarship Review Committee,


My name is Matthew John, and I am a senior in high school at Olive Dion Academy. I want to enroll at FUTO next academic year to study electrical engineering. While exploring the university’s website, I learned about the Chevron Scholarship Award given annually to outstanding students. After carefully considering the scholarship’s criteria, I am confident I meet or exceed all expectations. My current Jamb score is 350, and my interests include engineering, electronics, and power generation. I am the head of the Olive Dion Academy Press Club, and the current prep is perfect, and I would be an excellent choice for your scholarship. During my senior year of high school, I worked for an information technology (IT) business specializing in electrical engineering, and it piqued my interest in the field. My interest in electrical machinery, circuitry, and the engineering arts started with that IT course when I learned the fundamentals of computer programming and networking. And I was resolved to find a profession that would enable me to engage in discovering, calculating, and developing ideas that would stun the world. I am convinced I can put the scholarship money your organization provides to good use in furthering my education and developing my professional abilities. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and look forward to hearing from you soon. You may reach me at +2348134182464 or by email at [email protected] if you have any queries concerning my application. Best regards, Mathew John Signature

Student, Department of Computer Science 77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge. The United States July 15th, 2022.

The Scholarship Review Committee, 77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge. The United States

Dear Members of the Scholarship Review Committee,

My name is Mathew John, and I am a citizen of Ukraine currently enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am writing to apply for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Financial Aid Program scholarship for the autumn. Since the fall, I’ve been enrolled at MIT to pursue a Bachelor of Architecture degree. I am now a second-year student with a CGPA of 3.9 . My family and sponsors have had a very tough time coming up with the money to cover my college expenses because of the ongoing war in my country. I have worked diligently in low-paying jobs while also going to school to make ends meet at this time of conflict. This letter includes the necessary documentation establishing my identity and eligibility, including birth certificates, passport photos, and bank records. Please consider any financial aid opportunities (such as scholarships, teaching/research assistantships, etc.) for which I am qualified. Giving back to society is one of my life’s main motivations; thus, finishing college is a major priority of mine. I want to one day make a career out of creating eco-friendly and low-cost dwellings. Winning the National Future City competition with my virtual city design sparked my interest in this area. I’ve seen firsthand the devastation that rising housing prices and environmental degradation can cause in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. I hope my education will help people and that MIT will be recognized as leading research and development center for the public good. With the assistance of this scholarship, I will be able to accomplish all of my goals. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and look forward to hearing from you soon. Please call me at +234813418246 or email me at [email protected] if you have any queries concerning my application. Sincerely, Mathew John Signature

Using these samples alone will put you ahead of the competition in the eyes of the review committee.

Attempting to get a scholarship is a commendable objective.

Thus, you deserve praise for your effort. Following this article’s guidelines and using the samples and format provided, you can’t help but achieve your objectives.

Therefore, with confidence, compose a scholarship application letter.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

You can watch my videos on the Studentship YouTube Channel by clicking here .

Join my Facebook Group or Like my Facebook Page for more interactive discussions.

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scholarship application letter for university

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Full Guide on Writing Application Letter for Scholarship (With Templates)

Full Guide on Writing Application Letter for Scholarship (With Templates)

Executive Study Abroad

Writing a scholarship application can be challenging, but it’s a critical step in securing funding for your studies. In this article, we’ll provide tips and advice on how to write a strong scholarship application, no matter the scholarship you’re applying for. We’ll cover what information to include, how to structure your application, and what to do to ensure that your application stands out.

These tips will help you make a compelling case for why you should be awarded a scholarship, and increase your chances of receiving funding for your education.

How to Write an Application Letter for scholarship

The process of writing the application is very important yet very easy. Just follow these below steps and make sure you’re being your true self. No need to copy and paste, or write like a robot. 

scholarship application letter for university

Step by Step Process of Writing the Letter

Your application for scholarship should include these details. 

  • Research the organization funding your scholarship and have an idea about the university you’re applying to as well
  • Decide the format you’d like to follow 
  • Provide a description of yourself which can include your academic details, your interests and why you’re interested in the scholarship
  • Talk about why you deserve the scholarship
  • Describe a significant achievement
  • Include other supporting qualifications
  • Write about interests, values and career goals
  • Include a concluding paragraph
  • Revise your letter

All Letters Involved

  • Start with a strong introduction.
  • Explain your goals and how the scholarship aligns with them.
  • Highlight your achievements and relevant work experience.
  • Address any weaknesses.
  • Write a cover letter introducing yourself and expressing enthusiasm.
  • Craft a personal statement showcasing your interests and passions.
  • Obtain a reference/recommendation letter from someone who knows you well.
  • Proofread and edit your letters before submitting

Remember to follow the specific guidelines for the scholarship you’re applying to and tailor your application accordingly.

Sample Application Letter Templates

This is a template you can follow while applying for a scholarship in 2023

Template 1:

This is a template for a student pursuing a master’s degree in Australia.

Dear Scholarship Committee,

I am writing to express my strong interest in the undergraduate scholarship available for international students at [Name of University] in Australia. As an aspiring student, I believe that this scholarship would provide me with the financial assistance I need to achieve my academic and career goals.

I am currently completing my final year of high school, where I have consistently excelled academically, earning top grades in all subjects. I am particularly passionate about the field of [Field of Study] and have been actively involved in various extracurricular activities related to it.

I have chosen [Name of University] as my preferred destination for higher education because of its excellent reputation for academic excellence, research facilities, and opportunities for practical experience in my chosen field. I am confident that studying at [Name of University] would help me develop the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve my career aspirations.

However, the cost of studying abroad can be prohibitive, and without financial assistance, it may not be possible for me to pursue my studies at [Name of University]. This scholarship would provide me with the financial support I need to pursue my academic and career goals and make a positive contribution to my community.

I have attached my academic transcripts, a personal statement, and a reference letter from my high school principal. I hope you will find my application compelling and consider me for this scholarship.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]

Template 2:

How to write a cover letter for scholarship application.

Here are some brief bullet points for writing a cover letter for a scholarship application:

  • Introduction: Greet and introduce yourself, and mention the scholarship you are applying for.
  • Personal statement: Share your academic achievements, experiences, and goals, and explain how the scholarship will contribute to your development.
  • Why you are a good candidate: Explain your unique qualities, skills, and accomplishments that make you an excellent candidate.
  • Career aspirations: Discuss your long-term career goals and how the scholarship will help you achieve them.
  • Closing: Thank the committee for their consideration and express your excitement about the opportunity.

Remember to keep your letter concise and tailored to the specific scholarship, with a maximum length of one page. Proofread carefully for errors or typos.

5 tips to Get the Most Out of Application Letters

  • Starting as soon as possible since all schools have a limited amount of funding that they have to assign
  • Regularly check university websites for opportunities 
  • Learn about the scholarship providers 
  • Make sure your application essay is top-notch
  • Make sure the application essay is well revised, simple and highlights your strengths

To write a personal statement for a scholarship application, introduce yourself, explain your interest in the scholarship, highlight your relevant experiences, and conclude with a statement that summarizes your key points and reiterates your interest. Keep the statement concise and focused, emphasizing the most important aspects of your background and qualifications.

A good application letter for a scholarship should be concise, clear, and focused. It should explain why you are interested in the scholarship and how it aligns with your academic and career goals. It should also highlight your relevant experiences, achievements, and skills, emphasizing your passion and commitment to your chosen field of study.

To write a budget for a scholarship application, start by identifying all of the expenses associated with your education, such as tuition, books, fees, and living expenses. Then, estimate the cost of each expense and add them up to create a total budget. Finally, explain how the scholarship funds will be used to cover these expenses.

To write a follow-up email for a scholarship application, start by expressing your gratitude for the opportunity to apply for the scholarship. Then, inquire about the status of your application and ask if there is any additional information you can provide. Be polite, professional, and respectful in your email.

To write a letter of intent for a scholarship application, start by introducing yourself and explaining why you are interested in the scholarship. Then, describe your academic and career goals and how the scholarship will help you achieve them. Finally, highlight your relevant experiences, achievements, and skills, emphasizing your passion and commitment to your chosen field of study.

In summary, scholarship applications require careful planning and attention to detail. Highlight your passion and commitment to your field of study and always be professional and respectful in your interactions with scholarship providers. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of securing the funding you need to achieve your academic and career goals.

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