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Meaning of light (something) up in English

Light (something) up.

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  • agreeableness
  • all things to all people idiom
  • delightfully
  • distraction
  • divertingly
  • indulgently
  • serendipitous


  • anti-tobacco
  • big tobacco
  • chain-smoker
  • cigarette butt
  • cigarette holder
  • nicotine patch
  • passive smoking
  • roll up! idiom
  • roll-your-own
  • second-hand smoke

light up | American Dictionary

( look happy ), light up something, ( make bright ), ( make burn ).


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A flash in the pan (Newspaper idioms)

A flash in the pan (Newspaper idioms)

light up define

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  • light (something) up (EXPRESSION)
  • light (something) up (CIGARETTE)
  • light up (LOOK HAPPY)
  • light up something (MAKE BRIGHT)
  • light up something (MAKE BURN)
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Definition of 'light up'

Light up in british english, light up in american english, synonyms of 'light up', examples of 'light up' in a sentence light up, trends of light up.

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light up (something)

Definition of light up (something)

Example sentences.

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light valve

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Definition of light up phrasal verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

light something up

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  • 3 if someone's eyes or face light up , or something lights them up , they show happiness or excitement His eyes lit up when she walked into the room. A smile lit up her face.

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English [ edit ]

Pronunciation [ edit ], etymology 1 [ edit ].

Phrasal verb from light ( “ to make bright, ignite ” , verb ) +‎ up ( “ to a higher degree ” , adverb ) .

Verb [ edit ]

light up ( third-person singular simple present lights up , present participle lighting up , simple past and past participle lit up or ( rare ) lighted up )

  • 1922 February, James Joyce , Ulysses , Paris: Shakespeare and Company ,   [ … ] , →OCLC : Episode 12, The Cyclops : The deafening claps of thunder and the dazzling flashes of lightning which lit up the ghastly scene testified that the artillery of heaven had lent its supernatural pomp to the already gruesome spectacle.
  • 2001 , J. Stewart Burns , “ Roswell That Ends Well ”, in Futurama , season 3, episode 19 , spoken by Philip J. Fry ( Billy West ): I've never seen a supernova blow up, but if it's anything like my old Chevy Nova, it'll light up the night sky.
  • 2020 April 22, “Network News: Glenfinnan turns blue to honour NHS workers”, in Rail , page 9: The illumination was organised by Martin Whyte from events company The Stage Group, fulfilling a long-held ambition of his to light up the 21-arch Scottish structure.
  • 2009 , President Nixon's Pilot , Jim Bell, in The Propinquity Effect →ISBN : When we cranked up the engine, the fire warning light lit up .
  • 1956 [ 1880 ], Johanna Spyri , Heidi , translation of original by Eileen Hall, page 84 : Clara's eyes lit up at this highly unusual occurrence.
  • 1712 (date written), [Joseph] Addison , Cato, a Tragedy.   [ … ] , London: [ … ] J [ acob ] Tonson ,   [ … ] , published 1713 , →OCLC , Act I, scene i, [

/mode/1up page 1]:

  • 1962 December, “Motive Power Miscellany: North Eastern Region”, in Modern Railways , pages 422, 425 : On the morning after the one-day strike, October 4, one of the Type 4s on crew-training, No. D169, was appropriated to head the 3 a.m. mail to Hull, as no steam locomotive had been lit up and the usual Hull Type 3 was not available; [...].
  • 2019 , Bernardine Evaristo , Girl, Woman, Other , Penguin Books (2020), page 15 : where a group of women rolled up to enjoy the free plonk and spill out on to the pavement to light up and chat each other up
  • 2001 , Ash , Shining Light : You are a shining light, and you light up my life.
  • 2010 ,, Young Girl Continues Bike Giveaway Tradition , 25 Nov 2010 "It lights me up , make me happy. Sometimes I go home, go in my room and cry with joy,"said Hudson smiling
  • ( transitive , slang ) To open fire on a target or group of targets, especially with rockets , a flamethrower etc. telling me to light it up if it didn't stop approaching
  • ( chiefly US , transitive , slang ) To shock (someone) with a stun gun .
  • ( chiefly US , transitive , slang ) To activate the emergency sirens on a police vehicle in order to pull someone over . I guess he doesn't realize who's behind him, because the way he's darting and weaving, he's practically begging me to light him up .

Derived terms [ edit ]

  • light someone's ass up

Translations [ edit ]

Etymology 2 [ edit ].

Phrasal verb from light ( “ to make less heavy ” , verb ) +‎ up ( “ to a higher degree ” , adverb ) .

light up ( third-person singular simple present lights up , present participle lighting up , simple past and past participle lighted up )

  • ( transitive , nautical ) To loosen , slacken , or ease off . to light up the jib-sheets

References [ edit ]

  • William Dwight Whitney and Benjamin E[li] Smith , editors (1914), “light2”, in The Century Dictionary: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English Language , volume III (Hoop–O), revised edition, New York, N.Y.: The Century Co. , →OCLC , page 3447 .

Anagrams [ edit ]

light up define


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    /laɪt əp/ · verb. ignite. “The sky lit up quickly above the raging volcano” · verb. start to burn with a bright flame. “The coal in the BBQ grill finally lit up”.