1. 200+ Other Words For Said: Synonyms to Spice up Your Writing

    To give you the most comprehensive and easy-to-navigate list, we've organized our list into two main categories: first, we're including several lists of other words for "said" by emotion, and second, we're including several lists of different words for "said" by intention or action.

  2. 184 Synonyms & Antonyms of SAID

    Synonyms of said said 1 of 2 adjective Definition of said as in aforementioned mentioned previously with said guidebook in hand, we set off to explore the city Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance aforementioned aforesaid above forenamed such foregoing precedent former preliminary preceding prior introductory erstwhile antecedent whilom anterior

  3. 130+ Other Words for "Said": Using Synonyms In Your Writing

    Advertisement List of Synonyms for "Said" Synonyms for said help you avoid repetition and make your writing more interesting. A list of said synonyms for a neutral tone could include: advised announced asserted began chimed in

  4. 68 Creative Ways to Say 'Said' in Writing

    The most common of these verbs, or dialogue tags, is "said," and many authors would like nothing more than a reliable way to avoid repeating it over and over again. Learn From the Best What Is a Dialogue Tag? The portions of sentences that describe speaking are known as dialogue tags.

  5. 270+ Other Words For "Said" To Supercharge Your Writing

    Start quiz To help you find that perfect synonym to inject action and emotion into your dialogue, here are over 270 other words for said: Neutral/multi-purpose words Happy/excited words Sad/upset words Angry words Annoyed words Frightened/pained words Prideful words FREE COURSE How to Write Believable Dialogue

  6. Examples of Other Ways to Say "Said"

    "We had burritos yesterday." "You pick, then." The dialogue tag in the above example can even be cut out altogether if you make it clear that a conversation is about to happen between two characters. As Priya's stomach rumbled, she started thinking about what she and Jason should eat that night. "Where do you want to go for dinner?

  7. 550+ Alternative Words for "Said"

    Addressed, advertised, articulated, bragged, commanded, confided, decided, dictated, ended, exacted, finished, informed, made known, maintained, necessitated, pointed out, promised, reassured, remarked, repeated, reported, specified, stated, told. Said With Desire Attracted, requested, wanted. Said With Excitement

  8. 10 Other Words for Said With Examples

    2. Commented Use this said alternative when you are quoting someone's opinion or response to something. "It was long overdue," the principal said after the school was finally remodeled. ↓ "It was long overdue," the principal commented after the school was finally remodeled. 3. Explained Use explained when referring to an explanation someone gave.

  9. 350 Other Words For Said For Your Dialogue Writing

    Find synonyms Other words for said by emotion Answering or responding Confusion or uncertainty Questioning or curiosity Surprise Sadness or sorrow Provocation or incitement Romance and love Persuasion and inducing Happiness and joy Anger and rage Disgust or loathing Fear or anxiety Embarrassment 350 Synonyms for said infographic

  10. 100 Words to Use Instead of "Said"

    Blog Put a stop to deadline pressure, and have your homework done by an expert. Do My Assignment 100 Best Words to Use Instead of "Said" You're probably looking for the words to use instead of said because this term is appearing too many times in your writing. Well, you're not alone.

  11. Dialogue words: Other words for 'said' (and what to avoid)

    Tone or pitch (e.g. shrieked, groaned, squeaked) Emotion (e.g. grumbled, snapped, sneered, begged) Intent (e.g. suggested, asked, demanded) The connotations of dialogue tags are important. It would be strange, for example, for a character to 'sneer' the words 'I love you', since the word 'sneer' connotes contempt rather than affection.

  12. Other Words for "Said"

    "He said" and "she said" are the easiest way to explain who is talking or who you are quoting. However, when you use "said" over and over, it makes your writing boring and repetitive.

  13. 300+ Ways to Say "Said" ("Say"): A Word List for Writers

    300+ Ways to Say "Said" ("Say"): A Word List for Writers He Said. She Said. They Said. Said is a convenient word when you need it, and some pundits claim you should never use anything else, ever, to attribute dialogue. I disagree.

  14. 316 Other Words for Said (+ Tips to Use Them)

    It's a common mistake for new and inexperienced writers. Some of you might be familiar with My Immortal, an infamous Harry Potter fanfiction that was so awful it became a meme. This infamous example can show what happens if you only use words other than "said": "I'm so sorry." he said in a shy voice. "That's all right.

  15. 100 Best Words to Use Instead of Said

    Words to Say Other Than Said to Express Different Levels of Fear. And here are some more words other than said focused on different responses to indicate when someone is scared. Squeaked. Mumbled. Whispered. Gulped. Quivered. Shuddered. Panicked.

  16. Words to Use Instead of "Said"

    Words to Use Instead of "Said". It's common to use the verb "say" over and over again when writing dialogue. Not only is he said she said repetitive, but it's also not very descriptive. To better describe the feelings behind the reported speech and other statements in narrative writing, it's important to use vocal verbs and adverbs. Vocal verbs ...

  17. Said Synonyms and Alternatives

    Said is the most frequently used word to indicate that a person is speaking in writing. You should heed the warnings below from top writers and instructors that replacing said or using adverbs to describe said is usually a bad idea. Using many said synonyms or alternatives can make your writing stilted and disrupt the flow.

  18. 176 Synonyms & Antonyms of SAYS

    Synonyms for SAYS: tells, utters, speaks, talks, discusses, states, shares, announces; Antonyms of SAYS: suppresses, stifles, reads, denies, wonders (about), doubts ...

  19. 500 Dialogue Tags Examples using other Words for "Said"

    The same thing goes with any other unnecessary words. In the example below, the dialogue tag is split from its dialogue which makes it hard to follow: "Nice to meet you," she said, holding out her hand. She held out her hand and said, "Nice to meet you.". She smiled. "Nice to meet you.". The word "said" is the most common ...

  20. Writing Compelling Dialogue: 45 Other Words For Said

    Objective/Neutral: recounted, observed, commented, noted, stated, continued, recalled. Another easy to way to discover other words for said is to refer to a thesaurus. Luckily, with JotterPad, a digital writing app, you can easily look up definitions and synonyms for words within the app itself! Look up word definitions and synonyms using ...

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