Effective Presentation Techniques – The Top 10

Effective presentation techniques

We have condensed all of the presentation techniques down to the most effective. Here are the Top 10 effective presentation techniques.

1. Use visual aids

Using pictures in your presentations instead of words can double the chances of meeting your objectives.

2. Keep it short and sweet

There is an old adage that said – “No one ever complained of a presentation being too short.” Nothing kills a presentation more than going on too long.

There are some college professors who will penalise a short presentation (most lecturers see no problem in droning on) , but for most people a shorter presentation is better. Keep your presentation to under 22 minutes if you can.

3. Use the rule of three

A simple technique is that people tend to only remember three things. Work out what the three messages that you want your audience to take away and structure your presentation around them. Use a maximum of three points on a slide.

4. Rehearse

Practice makes for perfect performance. Many experts say that rehearsal is the biggest single thing that you can do to improve your performance. Perform your presentation out loud at least four times. One of these should be in front of a real scary audience. Family, friends or colleagues. Even the dog is better than nothing.

5. Tell stories

All presentations are a type of theatre. Tell stories and anecdotes to help illustrate points. It all helps to make your presentation more effective and memorable.

6. Lose the bullet points – don’t put your speaker notes up on the screen

Bullet points are the kiss of death for most presentations. Most people use bullet points as a form of speaker notes. To make your presentation more effective put your speaker notes in your notes and not up on the screen.

7. Video yourself

Set up a video camera and video yourself presenting. You will see all sorts of mistakes that you are making, from how you are standing, if you are jangling keys, to how well your presentation is structured.

8 . Know what slide is coming next

You should always know when presenting which slide is coming up next. It sounds very powerful when you say “On the next slide [Click] you will see…”, rather than than a period of confusion when the next slide appears.

9. Have a back-up plan

Murphy’s law normally applies during a presentation. Technology not working, power cuts, projector blowing a bulb, spilling coffee on your front, not enough power leads, no loudspeakers, presentation displays strangely on the laptop – all of these are things that have happened in presentations that I have given.

Have a back-up plan. Take with you the following items – a printed out set of slides – (you can hold these up to the audience if you need to), a CD or data stick of your presentation, a laptop with your slides on it. Just in case it goes wrong.

Guess what? When you have back-ups – you seldom need to use them.

10. Check out the presentation room

Arrive early and check out the presentation room. If you can make sure that you see your slides loaded onto the PC and working on the screen. Work out where you will need to stand.

Do you agree or disagree with any of these effective presentation techniques? Have you have any experiences like this? Add it in to the comments box below.

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Effective presentation techniques

thanxxx alott for the informationn they r very usful…

They are truly powerful which everyone should apply to make his/her presentation a complete success.

Thank you! Really interesting and important material.

thank you for the top 10 effective presentation techniques

Simple yet very powerful

One thing to add to point 6 Indeed, speaker notes should not be on the slides. Nothing is more boring when sombebody reads exactly what is on the slides, I’d better take a copy home and read it in quietness then.

well….i thought i wouldn’t be lucky but im just da luckiest person in the world who know these different presentation techniques…. but well done i will use these tips while preparing my presentation for accounting… thank you … Nice day…

thts really an amazing to have these presentation techniques.i’ll do my best to follow it while delivering my presentation.

i shall teach these techniques to my students when insha Allah i will be an instructor of spoken English.

Great! Anything on stage fright?

A speaker should keep an eye contact with all the people in the room while giving the presentation .

Rest the tips are useful .Thank u

i think all the technique are excellent

Its really helpful.

Thanks & Regards Shiva.

this is corny

very interesting for me, when you prepare a presentation

According to me you have missed the most vital thing “Know your audience”

Nothing has been said about the element of interaction. It’s clear that a presentation is being made, but, if the audience is engaged, there might be greater attention to the entire presentation.

This is just my take, views may vary.

I am a facilitator in community forestry.these points are powerful materials. However I would like if you can explain more about the number 6. What to use instead of bullets. I have in my mind that slides are the guide of my presentation so I have to use bullets?. On the other side, could you please send me a short presentation prepared with these techiniques and observe the application. at least, one slide I can to observe how is a slide well prepared.

Thanks a million from Colombia

Thank for this 10 points!

I have been training and I feel these are the 10 most important points as well

I find these techniques quite useful, I have to do a presentation on Vending Machines to my head teacher – and you made very strong and strategic points. I’m only in Year 7…

This is highly informative and without doubt, very effective

very good and effective…use this techniques to have a successful presention

I was just making a presentation & I have come to know that my presentation is simply boring & killing. Any way, very effective & informative points.

Life changing, thank you.

I am going to be facilitating a parenting course in a few weeks and loved the idea of of the rule of three to present my message.

tanks fot the info is so important to my life

thankx 2 you for providing me such an informative material. . .

but u forget to mention about dressing of a presenter and can u plzzzzzzzzzzz send me a slide which is one of d perfect one’s. . .

thanks alot……… you khnow i will try to do all these tips in my presentations….

[…] a site which has the top ten effective presentation techniques and they make sense to […]

Like mpz I also think there should be a section/point on knowing your audience.

Roughly (and shortly) speaking there are three styles of learning that each might influence an otherwise excellent presentation: Visual, auditory and sensitive.

The visual learners prefer imagery (Seeing is believing) and requires few words to every slide. Use images, diagrams, tables and such.

The auditory prefers verbal explanations and responses. Encourage questions during the presentation and be prepared to go outside the presentation if it is appropriate. Watch your tone, pitch and volume of voice. Don’t drone 😉

The sensitive learners needs to be connected to you. Use brief statements and demonstrations immediately followed by Q&A. Don’t focus on logic and external elements. Share personal values and experiences. Show empathy and understanding.

Just a short remark 😉

Thanks a lot. Its really very helpful for update and improving my life.

these are realy good tips for presentation.i think there should be some more easy tips which can make our presentation more effective.

It is really nice and helpful

Thank you, it was really helpful, I used to put bullets in my slides, now not anymore, thanks again!

thank u.. that’s really powerful

Guess this is really useful..as we say nothing is perfect but this can go to a great extent forming base, helping individual to build further on these lines!!

i hope my presentation would go well

Thanks a lot, really helpful!

Very good points the 10 ones; also Know the subject, know your audience, be confident when you present your concise presentation which might be effective if you add spice to it (related stories / jockes…) and wake up calls (sudden questions at randomly picked up person from the audience), and for better memorisation, make your objectives clear at beggining and summarise the essential points at the end(using primacy and recency effects at work)… I mostly liked the Murphy’s law, the worst sure happens to the one who does not have a back up plan. Thanks a million… From Ethiopia

Brilliant trigger points. How can I overcome shyness in students who have the Knowledge but can’t present? It is so frustrating.

thanks to you, i won my pitch for the new coca cola commercials they are releasing over here in the states! i make that about $4.5 million U.S i owe you for these tips:)!

Congratulations for your tips on effective teaching presentation! However , how can a teacher in a remote area of Burundi or Malawi get access to some of the materials you have earlier mentioned such as CD, Laptop,… Fine ! May you please suggest what may replace those HITechs that are not available to most of Third World School? May God bless you! Nayingunge from Burundi.

thank you, i believe that with practice i will get better.

thanks to providing perfect informatiom about presentation techniques ,they are really so usefull while preparing any kind of ppt or presentation,its everything

Experience… Great

Very nice Techniq Great Jobs

very well instructions

thanks ..tomorrow is my presentation I’ll apply all the points.IT REALLY BOOST ME UP!!!!!! thanks again

good presentation advice


thank you, i believe that with practice i will get best of the best.

thanks for the information, now i know how to make a good presentation ..


thank you for the information ,its really helpful.

wow they r really helpfulx

thank you from Saudi Arabia

very awesome that is

thanks it was very useful to me

yes….. very nice because i fully unaware about these techniques …. bye the way i am MBA student ….therefor it is very usefull for me….

Great advice. Thanks

Thanks… Good Tips.

Its was great list of advice about presentation. Thanks.

It’s really useful to have these 10 points when doing presentations. I’m a teacher and this will help me to present things well.

Thanks a lot

Regards Nimal

this has been really helpful 4 me i mean this step is very good it help me out at my presentation and i got all mos 90% on my presentation. i think more people should take time reading this 10 tip


thanks for the info regarding presentation techniques,,,it help me out for my presentation some day.

thank u alot realy it is an important material!

Thank yo verry much for all the4 informtions which i enjoyed-am practicing..However at one point where you state that “Keep your presentation to under 22 minutes if you can.” As a technical trainer in my organisation(a tire industry in India)where I have a 5 day sessions (9.00-5.30 p.m)this 22 mts. concept is hard to follow. But inadvertently I don’t dwell on a single topic/concept more than 20 mts, Is it O.K. Thangarajan.P.K.

its really nice for understanding

nice presentation skills

This is just brilliant

This is good stuff. I was a trainer in Zimbabwe so to the gentleman from Burundi I would say that you don’t need fancy aids to make an effective presentation. Pre-prepare a series of flip chart pages with your main points on and use a separate blank flip chart for points made by your audience. Also on visual aids I find that so often every slide looks the same – same font, background, company logo in the corner and so on. For the bits you want them to remember, change the slide completely so it stands out.

gostei muito das técnicas


Nice techniques……..

thanksfor thes points

This was very helpful… not only for our Philosophy class, but for all college courses. All 10 recommendations were very good. However, the 2 that seemed the most useful of all were to (1) video record yourself to find out how you look… and (2) have a back-up plan ready.

Hey, Hatts off to you man, they are very useful for a layman going for his / her first presentation.

wonderfull stuff!!!

these tips maked me to know more about presentation

tanks .it is very useful in my life

Thanks for the advice… 🙂

this website is amazing thanks so much xx

Ya , friend ….. My Father also likes Powrpoint preaentations & doing commentary …… He & I both likes this two tasks ….. & he is expert explaining ppt presentation in public .. I too wanted to become like him & the tips u had given r the same as what my father always follows ……… So , Thanks

its good 4 me

thank you very much this was very helpful

Thanks a lot for wonderful ideas. I do hope it will be very helpful in my upcoming presentation. May God bless you!

I’ll try to do this for my report on Monday. Thank you.

When using beamer or slides please also look from audience side! As the outside sun might blind them.

dont be over confident be confident

Highly appreciated your tips on business presentation.they will be of my great help in my agribusiness forum next week. Regards

rely great!

Really useful tips, looking forward to have these kinds of tips in future.

Superb info… Tqz

very helpful and valuable points

Very useful info….

these are very informative tips.any perhaps very effective ones

Thanks , very useful

tell stories really helped

The rule of three is something which Id like to try. I would do presentations using bullets as keys — just learned that it’s not advisable to do it.

Thank you very much it has greatly helped.Blessed all the content is useful and with this i hope to get better

Wonderful, l suggest you need to talk like a thought leader as well.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity of visiting this site. I find them so interesting, all the points outlined in this writing. I so much like the self-videoing part of it. This gives you the clear picture of how bad or good your presentation style is. And also gives you the chance to know if your recent pattern is better than the former or not.

From Nigeria

All the points are valid, but particularly like point # 5 which talks about stories. Stories bring life and authenticity to your presentation. Great job!

Effective presentation techniques


Antalya Bilim University logo





An effective presentation is one that:



Getting ready for the presentation

Establish why you are preparing the presentation before determining its contents. The criteria for the contents will be different based on your purpose. Use topics, ideas, and stories appropriate to support the contents of both informative  and humorous presentations.

Create a brief outline for your presentation and determine how much time to allot for each point.

Check out the venue where you will give your presentation. If you have videos or slides, make sure that they are viewable when you use a different computer.

During the Presentation

After the Presentation

David Hopkins / Education & Leadership

Education, Learning, Leadership, Management – CMALT / FHEA / MLPI – Author of #EdTechBook and #EdTechRations

Effective Presentation Techniques

Effective Presentation Techniques

So, what are the techniques that could make you more effective, and possibly more interesting?

Visual impact Pictures paint a thousand words, so use them if you can. Whether it’s to explain data, or results, or to describe a situation, using pictures can double the chances of meeting your objectives.

KISS – ‘Keep it Short and Sweet’ (or ‘Keep it Simple Stupid’) Apparently no one ever complains when a presentation is short. Conversely, everyone will complain when you take 10 minutes to explain/describe something that could have been done in 2 (see above about visual impact).

In the academic world there will often be grades attributed to the presentation so marks could be deducted if you go over the allotted time.

Practice Practice the presentation. Find a quiet space (or put some music and headphones on if you share an office) and rehearse what you will say. When you’re ready with this rehearse at least once out loud, even better if you can do this to a ‘friendly’ audience who can give some honest and constructive feedback.

Bullet points Excessive bullet points are the kiss-of-death for a presentation. People use bullet points as a form of speaker notes; to make your presentation more effective put your speaker notes in your notes and not up on the screen.

Know your work You should always know when presenting which slide is coming up next. It sounds very powerful when you say “On the next slide [Click] you will see…”, rather than than a period of confusion when the next slide appears.

Have a back-up ready You know the scene; big presentation and nothing works – power cut, projector blows a bulb, coffee spilt down your tie, not enough power leads, no loudspeakers, no power lead for the laptop which has no charge … we all know someone who has something like this happen to them at one stage or another.

Have a back-up plan. Take with you the following items – a printed out set of slides – (you can hold these up to the audience if you need to), a USB stick with your presentation, a laptop with your slides on it.

Check out the room and equipment If you can, make sure sure you arrive early and check out the presentation room. Load the presentation up, run through the slides (with the projector working) to see any animation and audio/visual guides work.

The above items are modified from this ‘Presentation Magazine’ article , but what else can we do to be more effective in presenting?

It is also worth reading this post on why you shouldn’t give out your slides when speaking .

How about using something other than PowerPoint? What about using different software to create the presentation, give the audience something different – see my post on  “Alternatives to PowerPoint in the classroom” . Here’s a really good demonstration of Prezi working … it might not float every one’s boat, but it has visual impact and , providing the real-world presenter is able to back the ‘slides’ up with effective content, is surely a good presentation?

Image Source

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6 thoughts on “ effective presentation techniques ”.

Have you heard of Pecha Kucha? It is a new form (maybe not so new) in which you use 20 slides, 20 seconds, auto advancing, so the entire presentation can only be 6 minutes and 40 seconds.


I have heard of Pecha Kucha, but have not participated in the various events that spring up around the world.

While I don’t think we could fit everything academically into a 6 minute 40 second presentation, there is something to be said about keeping it short and sweet.

Thanks for the comment, David.

Hi David – As I mentioned last week, I love the idea of a presenting a headline and a villain, then a demo. Check out this article: http://www.businessweek.com/smallbiz/content/oct2009/sb2009106_706829.htm?chan=rss_topStories_ssi_5

Thanks for the comment, and I do remember you saying this and I agree with this. I have watched Steve’s presentation and am always impressed by his confidence in not only the subject area but also his knowledge of the presentation and what comes next. Whether he has a cue off-screen doesn’t matter to me, but his presentations are very slick.

The following YouTube video is an analysis of Steve Jobs’ presenting styles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-ntLGOyHw4

Kind regards, David.

Kia ora e David

The techniques you have listed here, and the importance you place on them, are no different from what I was taught at Moray House College of Education, Edinburgh, in 1972. I was training as a secondary teacher, having already completed two degrees in Chemistry at Edinburgh.

They apply as much to giving a presentation as they do to giving a lesson in a classroom. The last two points, Have a Back-up Ready, and Check Out The Room and Equipment, are paramount, in any environment where teaching and learning is to take place.

The back-up should be planned so that it does not rely on the same fabric, network or equipment that the presentation depends on. The room should be checked out so that BOTH the presentation and the back-up can be carried out.

Catchya later

I like the techniques, and the way you give live to them in your blog is refreshing, keep up the good work it pays off well… — http://www.altamesachiropractic.com/

Comments are closed.

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10 Effective Presentation Techniques to Help You Master Your Presentation

Master presenting with these presentation skills

Effective presentation skills are a must have. Not only will you need them as a student, you will also need them in the workplace; whether that is presenting ideas to management, to your colleagues, or on a larger scale such as at a conference. Having good presentation skills will help you glide through life much smoother. When you present, the whole rooms attention is on you, solely you. That means you need to be looking your best and hold your nerve with confidence. This blog will help you quickly improve presentation skills so that you can start looking forward to presenting rather than fearing it.

10 effective presentation techniques:

We hope these presenting techniques will help!

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If you have any questions or comments, please write them below. We wish you the best of luck with your presentation!

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Your guide to the royal ascot ladies day 2017, not so sweaty experience on a popular tv show, how to get yellow stains out of white shirts.

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Effective Presentation Techniques

Effective presentation techniques

Effective presentation techniques

Whether you’re an experienced presenter, or just starting out, there are techniques that could help you improve on your presentation skills. While it might seem quite easy to create a presentation with  Microsoft PowerPoint  or  Apple Keynote  or other presentation softwares, but creating an  effective presentation  requires some skills and techniques.

In this post I’ll share with you ways you could improve your presentation skills to get ready for future presentations. 

How To Get Prepared

Here  are few things you may need to know to get ready… 

Tips To Be Covered

1. Outlining

Creating an outline for your presentation gives your audience an overview of what to expect.

2. Planning

3. “Good” Slide Structure 

Effective presentation techniques

“Bad” Slide Structure

Effective presentation techniques

4. “Good” Fonts

Effective presentation techniques

7. “Good” Visual Aids

Effective presentation techniques

“Good” Chart

Effective presentation techniques

Proof read your slides for:

10. Conclusion

11. Q&A?

End your presentation with a simple question slide to:

12. Citation & Reference

Cite any information from other sources you mentioned within your points and place a reference slide at end of the presentation.

Always remember that you’re the presentation not the software, the software is just a tool to help you present. I hope these tips and techniques were helpful, try to adapt them to improve on your presentation skills and get ready for future presentations.

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    Effective presentation skills are a must have. Having good presentation skills will help you glide through life much smoother

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    While it might seem quite easy to create a presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote or other presentation softwares, but creating an effective presentation requires some skills and techniques

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