Report Writing Class 7 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

Report writing is an important skill that is taught to students at an early age. In class 7, students are introduced to the concept of report writing, where they learn how to write a report in a formal and structured manner. In this article, we will discuss the format, examples, topics, and exercises of report writing for class 7 students.

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Format of Report Writing:

A report is a formal document that is used to present information in a clear and concise manner. It has a specific structure that must be followed to ensure that the information is presented in a logical and organized manner. The format of a report consists of the following sections:

1. Title Page: This section includes the title of the report, the name of the author, the name of the person or organization the report is being presented, and the date of submission. 2. Table of Contents: This section lists the headings and subheadings of the report and their corresponding page numbers. 3. Introduction: This section provides an overview of the report and outlines the purpose, scope, and objectives of the report. 4. Body: This section includes the main content of the report and is divided into sections and subsections based on the topics being covered. The body should be well-structured and organized, with clear headings and subheadings. 5. Conclusion: This section summarizes the main findings of the report and provides recommendations and conclusions based on the analysis. 6. References: This section lists the sources used in the report and follows a specific citation style such as APA or MLA.

Examples of Report Writing:

1. Report on a Science Experiment:

Title: The Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Photosynthesis in Plants

Introduction: The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the effect of temperature on the rate of photosynthesis in plants. The experiment will be conducted using spinach leaves and will measure the rate of oxygen production under different temperature conditions.

Methodology: A beaker containing spinach leaves and water will be placed under a light source. The temperature will be varied from 10°C to 40°C and the rate of oxygen production will be measured using a dissolved oxygen probe.

Results: The results show that the rate of oxygen production increases with increasing temperatures up to 30°C. Beyond 30°C, the rate of oxygen production decreases, indicating that the photosynthesis process is being inhibited.

Conclusion: The experiment confirms that temperature has a significant effect on the rate of photosynthesis in plants. The optimal temperature for photosynthesis is around 30°C, beyond which the rate of photosynthesis decreases.

2. Report on a Historical Event:

Title: The French Revolution: Causes and Consequences

Introduction: The French Revolution was a major event in European history that occurred between 1789 and 1799. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the causes and consequences of the French Revolution.

Causes: The French Revolution was caused by a combination of economic, social, and political factors, including widespread poverty, inequality, and corruption. The Enlightenment ideas of liberty, equality, and fraternity also played a significant role in fueling the revolution.

Consequences: The French Revolution had a profound impact on Europe and the world. It resulted in the overthrow of the monarchy, the establishment of a republic, and the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte. The revolution also inspired other nationalist and democratic movements throughout Europe.

Conclusion: The French Revolution was a pivotal event in European history that marked the end of the old regime and the beginning of a new era of democracy and nationalism. Its impact can still be felt today in the values of liberty, equality, and fraternity that are central to modern democratic societies.

Topics for Report Writing:

1. Pollution: Causes and Effects 2. Climate Change: Causes and Consequences 3. Famous Scientists and their Discoveries 4. The Life of Mahatma Gandhi 5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media 6. Cyberbullying: Causes and Prevention 7. Women Empowerment: Issues and Solutions 8. The Importance of Sports in Education 9. My Favorite Hobby and its Benefits 10. Renewable Energy Sources: Types and Advantages

Exercises for Report Writing:

1. Conduct a science experiment on a topic of your choice and write a report detailing the methodology, results, and conclusions. 2. Research a historical event and write a report summarizing the causes, consequences, and impact of the event. 3. Visit a nearby factory or industry and write a report on the manufacturing process, the products produced, and the working conditions of the employees. 4. Attend a sports event and write a report on the game, including the rules, players, and the outcome. 5. Conduct a survey on a topic of your choice and write a report analyzing the results and providing recommendations based on the findings.

Report writing is an important skill that students need to develop at an early age. It helps them to organize their thoughts, present information in a structured manner, and communicate effectively. By following the format, examples, and exercises provided in this article, students can develop their report-writing skills and become proficient writers. With practice and dedication, they can learn to write reports that are clear, concise, and effective in communicating their ideas to others.


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Report writing for class 7, about report writing for class 7 children.

A report is a written account of what one has witnessed, heard, done, or investigated. It's a logical and well-organized presentation of facts and findings from a previously occurring event. For Grade 7 kids, as per the academic requirements they are supposed to write a report. It is a factual paper and needs to be clear and well-structured. English report writing for grade 7 children requires the child to make correct use of tenses grammar and spelling. The format must be followed for the report writing assignment. Also, the children need to make sure that they have referenced fully and correctly. Considering all the requirements of Report Writing, it becomes important that the child is enrolled in the best report writing Course for class 7th.

In Grade 7, students are required to write in a more sophisticated and structured way to enhance and expand on previously taught information and abilities. Students in Class 7 are required to write clear, concise, and focused reports regularly. English report writing Course for class 7 kids helps in developing the writing standards which are specified as per the abilities required for proficient writing at this grade level. Parents need to play a very important part to assist their children in meeting grade-level objectives or report writing required by 7th-grade 

A glimpse of children in the video  

Benefits of Planetspark Classes for report writing for class 7 children

English report writing Course for class 7 helps the children in many ways, some of which are given below :

 Reading and writing fluency.

Ability to summarise, paraphrase and compare texts

Provides your children with a strong English foundation as well as Report Writing abilities.

Small class sizes ensure that each student receives individual attention.

Fully immersive, creative learning environment.

Qualified and experienced faculty.

Educates and prepares children for future academic, social, and personal success.

English report writing Course for grade 7  is going to open up doors of Creative writing also for your child. So what are you waiting for, click here to book a free trial for our courses.

Curriculum Details for Classes for  Report Writing for Class 7 Children

The curriculum for the report writing development Course for class 7 includes the following elements :

Understanding the Topic

Persuasive Writing 

Reading strategies for different genres of text, comparing and contrasting texts;

Descriptive writing.

Generating and Collecting Ideas

Focus / Meaning

Organizing and Structuring Information

Elaborating on Ideas

Word Choice

Grammar and Punctuation

Fact or Opinion

Point of View


Report writing Training for class 7th children includes a curriculum that is inviting and interesting for a Class 7 child. Children are taught the format for report writing which includes the following :



Opening Paragraph

Date And Place( For newspaper reports)

Account Of The Event Reporting  

Report writing is not  like other types of writing; it’s formal, it’s objective, and has to be kept in mind while writing. A lesson plan about report writing  makes the child understand the rules they need to follow, and once they have understood the rules, they can take up any kind of writing. A piece of report writing, whether it’s a newspaper report or a magazine report, or any other project the child needs to adhere to a very specific style and formatting standards. It should also have the right tone and terminology for a report.

Class wise links and level-wise links

Category-Wide Links

Topic-wise Links

Activities & worksheets for report writing for Class 7 Children

7th-grade report writing classes are integrated with Worksheets and activities, which are very critical for the children to practice what they have learnt in the class. A few examples are given below :

News Report Assignment: Children are asked to write a news report based on one of the stories they would have read in the paper. Eg: The chief minister of India is supposed to attend the event along with other delegates at Azad Maidan. Report the event within the 150-200 word limit. 

Diary Report: The kids must create a newspaper story based on the diary's events and personalities.

Magazine Report on Science Exhibitions: The children are required to write a report on a Science Exhibition about the "Effect of Global Warming" which took place in their school.

Report on a Train accident: This is a formal report, in which children practise writing for a newspaper article, reporting a train accident. Details about the same are given to the class in pointers.

Report writing for class 7 children's free online classes

In the report writing for class 7 children, every part of the writing process is used by 7th graders, who continue to expand their understanding of writing norms. For reports, the children gather data from a variety of sources like Periodical Literature, a computer catalog, periodicals, newspapers, and dictionaries. Children in 7th-grade report writing classes write to express clear and accurate opinions by posing pertinent and precisely constructed information about the topic and get trained to prepare the report in a very organised manner.

Report writing skill for class 7 children is a very essential skill that a child is required to improve their academic performance as well. Along with this, the child develops critical and thinking skills.

7th class report writing training enables the children to choose and employ many types of writing for certain reasons such as informing, persuading, or entertaining others. Reports are used as a form of written assessment to find out what the children have learnt from any reading, research, or experience and to give the readers an experience of an important skill that is widely used.

Teacher's Profile

PlanetSpark teachers hold a Bachelor's degree (or higher), relevant years of teaching experience, excellent communication skills, and have qualified for the PSAT (PlanetSpark Aptitude Test), which is taken by over 1 lakh teachers worldwide before taking up the course tracks.

A PlanetSpark Teacher Partner is a combination of a mentor, learner, and entrepreneur. Our teachers make certain that your kid leaves class happy and eager to share what they've learned with you. They provide inspiring classroom experiences that motivate your youngster to learn.

What is the report writing class for class 7?

Children in 7th Grade are supposed to write a report as per the curriculum prescribed. It is a brief, crisp, and concise document created by the children for a specific intended audience. It must contain all the relative details and should not reflect a biased approach, written in a structured manner.

What are the benefits of joining a report writing class for my class 7 kids?

The benefits of joining for the report writing classes are many. Once the child completes report writing Training for class 7th children he or she will have all the tools necessary to continue writing, in other fields as well. The foundation is built in the report writing classes. The child will have improved general writing skills and be more confident with their writing skill.

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes, we do offer a trial

class that allows you to experience what the child will be learning during the class. Find out more about our classes.

How much total fees for this report writing course for class 7?

Please, click here to know more about the course fees and other details about the course. 

How to enrol my class 7 kids into report writing class?

To enrol your child in the online report writing course for grade 7 you can register your ward by visiting this page .

 What is PlanetSpark and what do they do?

PlanetSpark platform leverages powerful technology to provide live online classes to K8 learners on English Communication, Public Speaking, Grammar, Creative Writing, Debating, Vlogging, and other 'new age' skills. PlanetSpark is on a journey to make the traditional and unorganized tuition obsolete through its virtual classroom. PlanetSpark is creating the World Leader in Communication Skills for children aged 4 to 14, preparing them for a bright future and future employment, regardless of their chosen vocation

What is the importance of report writing in a Grade 7 child?

Reports provide sufficient information on a variety of subject matters. Reports are used to communicate all of the individuals' abilities and expertise. Problem-solving is also improved in the online training for report writing skills.

What do you teach in Report Writing classes at PlanetSpark?

In the report writing classes, children are taught the basics of report writing, how to structure the report, how to find the information from different sources, and comparing the texts to comprehend better , persuasive and descriptive writing styles. To get a complete information for the course, please register your child for a free trial class.

How will parents know if the child is progressing well?

You will be given access to a parent dashboard where you can easily monitor your child’s writing, achievements, and the feedback they are receiving from their class teacher.

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report writing class 7 english

CBSE board- Report Writing Format, Samples and Examples

1. To promote healthy eating habits amongst school children your school recently organized a ‘Nutritious Food and Snacks Competition’. The competition was open to both parents and students. The participation was very encouraging. The famous nutrition expert, Dr. Shikha Sharma was the chief guest. As Anjum, the student editor of your school magazine, write a report about this event in 100 words.

Ans:                                                    SECRETS TO HEALTHY SNACKING

Hundreds of parents and students participated in the ‘Nutritious Food and Snacks Competition’ organized by Vaibhav Public School, Hastinapur, yesterday, to increase awareness about healthy eating habits. The awareness campaign was aimed at both students, who snack by grabbing burgers, fries, potato chips, or chocolates, as well as for parents, who are juggling busy schedules where fast food becomes a convenient option. The school organized a Healthy Cooking Competition wherein all recipes involved healthy food like salads, whole-grain bread and roasted snacks.

The winner amongst parents was Ms. Neeru Mittal and amongst students was Noor AM Kajani of XII B.

The eminent nutrition expert, Dr. Shikha, the chief guest said, ‘When it comes to smart snacking, think small portions, think healthy potions!’ This competition was an eye-opener for one and all.

Download above Report Writing in PDF (Printable)

2. Write a newspaper report on a Bus Accident taking ideas from the following hints:

Shimla, April 4, Bus skidded, Chamba district, Koti village, 10 killed, villagers, 25 injured, third incident, mini truck accident, a pickup van fell into the gorge.

Answer                                                        Ten Killed In Himachal Accident

(Thursday, April 04, 2013, by TANS)

Shimla, April 4

The people were killed and 25 injured when a private bus skidded off the road and fell into a gorge in Himachal Pradesh’s Chamba district Monday morning, police said. This is the third major road accident in Chamba district in less than a month. The accident took place in Koti Village, about 22 km from Chamba town where it was headed to. Superintendent of police Madhusudhan told TANS over the phone from the spot. He said the injured were admitted to the zonal hospital, some 450 km from state capital Shimla. The dead were mainly men and belonged to nearby villages. Last month, 32 members of a marriage party were killed when their mini-truck rolled into a 500-metre deep gorge near Sherpur village, some 50 km from Chamba. On the same day in the other accident, a pick up a van carrying employees of a private company executing a hydropower project fell into a gorge near Bharmour, 65 km from Chamba, killing nine people on the spot.

  Download above Report Writing in PDF (Printable)

3. Given below are some notes of a newspaper reporter. Using given notes write a news report for a        National Daily.

  • Anna Hazare refuses to end hunger strike, • 73 yr old, lost weight, • felt a little weak • invoke the memory of Mahatma Gandhi, • popular political tactics, • Candlelit vigils; • Mumbai, Lucknow, • Jaipur, • Bollywood stars, • Fast until death, • to stamp out graft, • the third day of a strike.

Answer                                    Indian Activist Anna Hazare Refuses To End Hunger Strike

Sunday, 7 April 2013: New Delhi :

A 73-year-old Indian anti-corruption campaigner has refused to end his “fast until death” despite government’s concessions on his demands for a powerful new body to stamp out graft in the country. On the third day of his hunger strike i.e. Thursday, he said he had lost weight and “felt a little weak” but could continue without food for at least another week.

Hunger strikes invoke the memory of those undertaken by Mahatma Gandhi. They are popular political tactics in India and are frequent features of public life. However, this most recent campaign against corruption has mobilised millions of Indians. Hazare’s Facebook page has more than 80,000 friends and supporters. Tens of thousands also joined the protests, ranging from hunger strikes to candlelit vigils in cities all over the country including Mumbai, Lucknow and Jaipur. A number of Bollywood stars have also come out in support of Hazare, a former soldier and veteran social activist.

4. You are school correspondent Mr Jagdish Valecha. Your school Patna Central School organised the Prize Distribution Function on March 2, 2014. The school patron Sh. Sudarshanji Maharaj was the chief guest of the function. Write a detailed report for the school magazine.

  Answer                                                 School Holds Awards Function

March 2, 2014, Patna

Patna Central School organized its Awards Function–Rshirwad-2014’—here on Tuesday on its school campus. The talented students were awarded for their achievements in various fields. These included writing, painting, fancy dress competition, science exhibition, folk dance, slogan writing and sports like kho-kho, kabaddi, volleyball, basketball and chess. As many as 34 students were awarded for 100% attendance. School patron Acharya Shri Sudarshanji Maharaj gave his blessings to the students. In his speech, he said that all children are talented but they need proper moulding and guidance. This can be done only by a teacher. The school principal read out the Annual Report. He exhorted students to take part in extra-curricular activities. A dance ballet on various aspects of Goddess Ma Shakti was performed by the students and a devotional song was sung by Saloni Sharma. The function ended with the singing of National Anthem.

Some More Solved Examples of Report Writing Are:-

5. Report Writing Samples: Chaos After Crackdown

6. Report Writing Samples: Blue lines Off, But Auto Rickshaws Make A Kill

7. Report Writing Samples: Boy Immolates Himself

8. Report Writing Samples: University Opens On A Peaceful Note

9. Report Writing Samples: An Event to Remember

10. Report Writing Samples: A Rare Heavenly Event

11. Report Writing Samples: Robbery At Gunpoint

12. Report Writing Samples: Caught in a Shower

13. Report Writing Samples: Chain Snatches Strike Again

14. Report Writing Samples: Teachers’ Day Celebration

15. Report Writing Samples: A Noble Gesture By Students

16. Report Writing Samples: Van Mahotsava Celebrated

17. Report Writing Samples: Golden Jubilee Celebrations

18. Report Writing Samples: Devastating Fire Consumers Crores

19. Report Writing Samples: The Prize Distribution Function

20. Report Writing Samples: Sports Day Celebration

21.Report Writing Samples: India Vs Pakistan Cricket Match

22.Report Writing Samples: Sworn

23.Report Writing Samples: Electricity Board–Not Listening

24.Report Writing Samples: Demolition And Sealing Continue

25.Report Writing Samples: Ghastly Road Accident

26.Report Writing Samples: Students Thrash The Crew

27.Report Writing Samples: Silver Jubilee Celebration

28.Report Writing Samples: Platinum Jubilee Souvenir

29.Report Writing Samples: ‘No Tobacco Day’

30.Report Writing Samples: Inter-School Debate Competition

31.Report Writing Samples: Friend Kills FRIEND To Claim Insurance

32.Report Writing Samples: Delhi-On High Alert

33.Report Writing Samples: March Against Elevated Metro

34.Report Writing Samples: Ghastly Tragedy At Deewana

35.Report Writing Samples: Man Crushed To Death

' src=

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report writing class 7 english

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report writing class 7 english

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  • Report Writing

Write a report to be published in your school magazine on ‘Environment Day Celebration’.


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Report writing Examples

Jump ahead to:

If you are looking for Report writing examples, this is the right place for you, here we have 31 different examples. Which help you to understand the topic clearly If you want to learn What is a report writing, and how to write a report click on the link.

Report writing examples list

  • Report on the cultural exchange programme
  • A report on the impact of reality shows on the younger generation
  • How to prevent cruelty towards animals
  • A report on road accident
  • Rising prices create a crisis
  • Celebration of international year of chemistry
  • Report on bomb blast
  • First aid training camp
  • CBSE football tournament
  • A report about cbse quiz competition
  • CBSE chess tournament
  • Broad-day robbery gas-filling station
  • Report on “no tobacco campaign”
  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation
  • Facing the examination with confidence
  • International trade fair
  • Report on Job fair
  • Collect funds and clothes especially for old widows living in abject poverty at such places as vrindavan etc.
  • Neglected freedom fighters
  • Report on increasing crime rate in india
  • A snacky treat
  • An educational tour/trip
  • Report on historical tour
  • The school organised an exhibition-cum-sale of the items prepared under work experience by your school for a local daily.
  • Van Mahotsav and environmental week in dalmianagar
  • Maryland school, Gurgaon, Haryana.
  • Performance of disabled persons on zee tv.

Report writing examples, For class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, for students, CBSE

You are Shekhar/Tripta a student of A.P. public School. Principals of two schools from Bhutan visited your school as part of a cultural exchange programme. Students of the school put up a cultural show in their honor. Write a report about it for your school magazine. (100-125 words)

You are Cultura Secretary of PND Xavier School, Jamshedpur. Your school organized a debate on the topic, “the impact of reality shows on the younger generation’. Write a report in 100-125 words to the published in ‘The Times of India’, Jamshedpur.

Recently on Children’s Day, you visited a children’s ward in a government hospital. The hospital was very neat and clean and the postural’s maintenance was excellent. Write a report of your visit to the hospital in 100-125 words to be published in Deccan Herald, Bangalore. You are Vipul/Vibha, a reporter. ( Report writing examples )

Your school conducted a seminar on ‘How to prevent cruelty towards animals’, in which 40 city CBSE schools took part. As Co-coordinator of the programme, write a report in 100-125 words for the school magazine. You are Vikram/Vidhi of C.P.S. Senior Secondary School, Bangalore.

You witnessed a road accident near Balbandh Chowraha at Agra in which a bus and a scooter were involved. Write a report for Amar Ujala in 100-125 words. Sign as Vivek/Vimala, Special Correspondent.

A new indoor gymnasium has recently been constructed and inaugurated at APJ International School at Goa. As a special correspondent of ‘The Hindu’ draft a report in 100-words on the hyamnasuum and he inauguration ceremony.

Your school Commerce Association organized a seminar for Class XII students or the school of your zone on the topic, ‘Raising prices to create a crisis’. As coordinator of the programme, write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine. You are Piyush/Priya of ABC School, Agra.

Your school celebrated the International Year of Chemistry. 36 schools from Delhi participated in various competitions. Chairman, CBSE was the Chief Guest. As Co-ordinator, draft a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine. You are Ram/Ramya of G.B. Senior Secondary School, Delhi.

You witnessed a bomb blast in a Delhi market when you went there for shopping along with your parents for Diwali purchases. Write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine.

You are Jay/Jaya, studying in Shyamala Memorial Hall, Trichy. Some students of our school attend a first aid training camp for a week at Red Cross Headquarter of our state. Write a report for your school magazine in 1k00-125 words on the events of the campo and your participation and performance.

You are Keshave/Karuna, Sports Secretary of Vidhyapeet, Bengaluru. Your school was the venue for the national level CBSE Football Tournament this year. Write a report for your school magazine, in 100-125 words on the programmed and its highlights.

You are Keshav/Karuna, Head Boy/Girl of Vidyapeeth, Bengaluru. You and two more students represented your school at the national level CBSE Quiz Competition at Delhi recently. Write a report for your school magazine, in 100-125 words on the programme and your team’s performance.

You are Keshav/Karuna, Sports Secretary of Vidyapeet, Bengaluru. You participated in the national level CBSE Chess Tournament at Delhi recent. Write a report for your school magazine, in 100-125 words in the programme and your team’s performance.

You are Anil/Anvita, a journalist with ‘The Times of India’. You were at a gas filling station when you saw armed robbers firing at the managers and running away with a bag full of cash. Write a report in 100-125 words for your newspaper.

Write a report in 100-125 words on ‘No Tobacco’ campaign organized by your school in the academic session 2010-11. You are Deep/Deepa Cultural Secretary, Anupam Senior Secondary School, Meerut.

The Debating Society of your school has recently held a workshop on ‘Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation’ (CCE) introduced for the students of Class X in all schools. The students discussed the assessment made by the school on the basis of their participation in various activities and the system of grading. Report writing examples, Write a report I 1001-125 words for your school magazine. You are Parveen/Payal, Secretary of the Society.

You are Akash/Ambika. You attended a Seminar arranged for class XII students by AMC School, Chennai on the topic “How to Face the Examination with Confidence”. Write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazines. Invent the necessary details.

Recently you visited the International Trade Fair held in your city and saw many pavilions of foreign countries and those of the states in India. Write a report in 100-125 words. Describe what you saw there, purchase made if any, and also how these fairs not only enhance your knowledge but also help in improving relations with other countries. You are Rakesh/Rachna.

You visited j Job Fair organized by Ability Foundation at Chennai recently. You were impressed to see that nearly 55 companies from various sectors such as information technology, telecommunication, electronics, etc., offered jobs to the final year students of colleges. As a reporter of ‘The Deccan Times’, Chennai prepare a report m 100-125 words. You are Peeyush/Priya.

These companies were offering jobs to the final year student of colleges.

To promote healthy eating habits amongst school children, Vaibhav Public School, Hastinapur, recently organized a ‘Nutrition Food and Snacks Competition’. The encouraging. The famous nutrition expert, Dr. Shikha Sharma was the Chief Guest. As Archana/Arjunm the local student reporter for the Young India newspaper, write a report about this event in 100-125 words. Do not forget to give your report a catchy heading.

The Social Club of Chitra Senior Secondary School Sahibabad organized cultural activities to collect funds and clothes especially for old widows living in abject poverty at such places as Vrindavan etc. Write a report in 100-125 words for you school newsletters about the activities and down your utilized the funds. Report writing examples you are Secretary of the Club.

You are Roshan/Ruchika, a press correspondent. You attended a function organised in honour of the freedom fighters of your city. Seeing an attitude of neglect meted out to them during all these years in spite of their sacrifices, you decided to write a report for creating awareness. Write the report in 10-125 words for your paper, suggesting ways to improve their condition.

You attend a meeting wherein a number of people spoke about the increasing crime-rate in India. You Pravesh/Parati, a reporter from Indian Express Delhi. Write a report to be published in about 100-125 words, expressing your views and suggestions.

You are Anand/Anandi a Times of India’ correspondent. You attended the inaugural function of Tamilnad Hospital, Chennai. Mentioning the specialties of the hospital, the number of beds, all available facilities, etc., and details about the ceremony write a report in 100-125 words for your newspaper.

You are the Special Correspondent of ‘The Hindu’. You visited the remote township of Samastipur a few years ago and saw the farmers starving due to poor facilities for irrigation and lack of employment. Today the same place has made a mark on the map of our country, with their Agro-Forestry Project, as a result of the efforts of an N.G.O. community and the Government. Write a report in 100-125 words for your newspaper.

You are Abhinav/Aanchal, a student of Mukherjee Public School Delhi. You went on an educational tour to Chandigarh, Shimla, Amritsar and Wagha Border. You found your Trip extremely exciting and enriching. Write a factual description of the trip in 100-125 words.

You are Aslam/Nasreen Cultural Secretary of D.A.V. Public School, Aram Bagh. Last month you organised a historical tour to Jaipur in Rajasthan. On your return you wrote for school magazine describing the places visited, experience Gained, difficulty (if any) faced, etc. Write the report in 100-125 words.

Your school organised an exhibition-cum-sale of the items prepared under Work Experience by your school for a local daily. There was an overwhelming response from the public. You are the Coordinator, S.U.P.W. activities, Nita School, Gurgaon.

The Green Club of your school celebrates ‘Van Mahotsava and Environment protection week’ involving students of your school. Eminent environmentalists, journalists, and celebrities were also invited. Write a report in 100-125 words on the activities performed for a local daily. You are Amrit/Amrita, Secretary of the Club.

Recently your school held a Seminar on Conservation of Water as a part of World Water Day celebrations. As the School Pupil Leader of Maryland School, Gurgaon, write the report in 100-125 words for a local daily. Signs as Protham /Preeti.

You witnessed a program performed by differently-abled persons on Zee TV You were very much impressed by their performances and were emotionally touched highlighting their talent, the reaction of the judges too. Their performance etc., prepare a report in 100-125 word for your school magazine. You are Gopal/Gopi, Student Editor of the magazine.

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