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60th Birthday Speech

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  • Gather your content – brainstorm your favourite moments and best stories
  • Find a theme – identify a common thread that connects your content
  • Prove, don’t tell – it’s not enough to say they’re a great person – how is this true?
  • Add humour – don’t lift yours off the internet
  • Conclude with the touching bit – think sentimental, not saccharine
  • Keep it succinct – stick to 8 minutes max

Okay so, much like the last six decades, let’s take it stage by stage…


The key to giving an authentic, heartfelt speech is to keep it personal. Your audience wants to recognise the person you’re talking about, not listen to you reel off platitudes about some generic 60-year-old.

It’s likely you’ve known this person a long time, so you should have plenty of material in your arsenal. Even so, it’s worth doing a bit of extra digging.

Dust off old photo albums and enjoy an afternoon reminiscing. Get in touch with friends and family to ask them about their fondest memories of the person you’re writing about.

70TH birthday speech


Ok, you’ve got your stash of stories, now what are you going to do with them?

Well, you pick the best and bin the rest.

Remember, you don’t need to list everything you’ve ever done. This is not an obituary.

You’re looking for three things:

  • The funniest, most entertaining stories
  • Stories that make a point (either funny or poignant)
  • And a thread that connects them all

Your speech should sound like one flowing narrative rather than simply a collection of anecdotes and thoughts, so that final point is important. 


  • Pinpoint the standout characteristics and personality traits of the birthday boy/girl; the ones that everyone in the room will recognise as being truly ‘them’. It could be that they always, somehow, find themselves in bonkers situations. If so, find examples of that happening through the years and use these stories as the foundation for your speech.
  • ‘Older, not wiser’ – a classic theme for any ‘big’ birthday speech. Recount the funny tales through the ages. 
  • Alternatively, you could talk about the various things you’ve learned from your loved one over your years together – whether it’s how to make a killer risotto or why it’s important to write thank you letters. 

70th birthday party


Adjectives are easy. And just a bit boring. 99% of people could be described as ‘fun-loving’ and ‘caring’. 

Instead of the obvious, highlight what makes your loved one unique . And then prove their qualities in action to make your description come to life and sound more than just a platitude. 

Are they incredibly fun to be around? Explain why even a trip to Lidl with them turns into an adventure. 

Or if they are very kind-hearted, tell everyone about the time they picked you up at 2am from the train station (when no taxi driver would!) and didn’t even mention it in the morning. 

speeches birthday how to speech sixty


This is a party, not an episode of This Is Your Life. Keep it as light and as entertaining as possible.

Not everyone is a natural crowd pleaser and speaking in public makes most of us nervous. But the beauty of a celebratory speech is that everyone is there to have fun so there’s goodwill from the off.

Don’t rely on dodgy jokes off the internet. Chances are at a 60 th , there are people in the crowd who’ll recognise them as recycled!

In fact, you don’t have to come up with ‘jokes’ at all per se. Just be as real as possible about the star of your story, while maybe exaggerating some of their more interesting quirks.

Look for inconsistencies in their character. Are they quite serious by nature but they’re happy to be given a glamorous ‘makeover’ when the grandchildren come to visit?

Ask yourself what makes them different and think back to seminal moments or eras of their lives. Consider their fashion choices over the decades – were they a mod or rocker? Did they pull off a mullet in the 80s and are now bemused at today’s generation acting like they invented it?

Once you start thinking about it, you’ll realise just how much there is to play with. 

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5 – The Touching Tribute… 

A warmed-up audience will respond well to some well-timed sentiment towards the end of your speech. Most of us accept that some affectionate teasing is the best way to pay tribute to someone you love, but it’s also nice to show your softer side with some genuine praise.

By now, the crowd will be running high on nostalgia, so trade on those good feelings and speak honestly about what you truly admire and appreciate about your person. 

Make sure your speech sums up a lifetime of love and creates one of life’s special moments. 

speeches birthday sixty speech writer uk

6 – Keep It Snappy 

Of course, you can have too much of a good thing. 

Any celebration speech should be delivered well within ten minutes, even allowing for laughter and any good-natured heckles! 

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Speech Ideas for a 60th Birthday

low angle view of a group of people toasting

Whether you're giving a speech to commemorate the 60th birthday of a friend or family member, write one that salutes, supports and shows your appreciation for the guest of honor. Pay homage to the milestone event with a speech that not only suits the birthday honoree's personality but also the theme and tone of the festivities.


Family giving surprise party to grandmother

If you'd like friends and family members to participate in your salute to the guest of honor, conduct the birthday speech when the guests are seated and waiting for the meal or enjoying the birthday cake. Write a speech that encourages group participation, such as "60 reasons why we appreciate you" or "60 reasons why you're impossible to forget." Get the crowd started with your top 10 reasons, and then encourage loved ones to take turns adding their thoughts. If desired, bring a piece of poster board and marker as you give your speech and write the reasons down as a memento for the birthday honoree.

Video of the Day

Decade by Decade

Mature man giving speech, gesturing with hand

Take a nostalgic look back at the guest of honor's life with a speech that touches on the past six decades. Discuss each stage of the birthday honoree's life, including details on where he was living, what he was doing, what his aspirations were and what he accomplished in each decade. If possible, invite six guests, one from each "phase" of the guest of honor's life, to discuss what he was like during that 10-year period.

If you'll have audio-visual equipment available, accompany your speech with graphics that showcase photos of the 60-year-old from each decade. Give the speech a humorous slant by revealing images of the guest of honor's embarrassing hair and clothing styles throughout the years.

Look to the Future

 Hispanics at outdoor garden party at country home

Take a cue from a web site such as Speech-Topics-Help.com and give a speech that discusses the guest of honor's future as she approaches her 70th birthday. Discuss her hobbies, upcoming vacations, favorite restaurants, classes or volunteer efforts, for example. Invite the guest of honor's friends to step up to discuss the new adventures they can embark on together and why they hope to spend time with her in the coming years.

Family birthday party

With 60 years behind him, the guest of honor has undoubtedly contributed love, support and assistance to his friends and family members. Use the speech as a reason to express your gratitude for his influence on the lives of his significant other, children, siblings, friends and neighbors. Provide specific examples of how the lives of loved ones wouldn't have been the same without his presence. You can also add a whimsical touch to the thank-you speech by giving tongue-in-cheek examples of how occasions might have been better if he'd not been there, such as the time he burned the Thanksgiving turkey or locked the keys in the house for the 10th time.

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  • All Great Quotes: Birthday Quotes

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Easily Create A 60th Birthday Speech

We all dread our 60th birthday, so a good 60th Birthday Speech is one of the best ways to help the birthday person through it.

60 just seems to be well, getting old, but it really isn't!

You can make this special 60th birthday a great occasion as well as  memorable, and the preparation here is how you do it.

This can be a most joyous and fun occasion for yourself and all those involved in the celebration.  Your words can be the glue that brings it all together.

Birthday speeches and in particular special occasion speeches like 60th birthday party speeches may make you feel apprehensive and even anxious.

If you are anxious or nervous, use these ideas  to help you.  If after reading here you would like the assistance of an expert 60th Birthday speech writer that I know personally, then this is the place to go .

So what to consider now that you are going to speak at the celebration?

A 60th Birthday Speech - Prepare

If there is a special celebration to mark the occasion of a 60th birthday and you will be giving a speech, then consider your preparation for this event.

1. Audience

Consider your audience.

  • Who will they be? 
  • Are they formal or informal or casual?
  • Will they be business colleagues, or friends?
  • Is it a special group? is it a sport group? or a social group?

Your audience will guide your choice of words, whether more formal or business-like, or casual.  Your consideration of your audience will also assist if you choose to use quotes or humor . Take time to reflect on who will be there. 

2. Location and time

The location for the 60th Birthday celebration is important for many reasons.  A private room or area is obviously best, but be prepared for a more public area.  Find out from the organiser where the celebration is planned to be held.  Consider the following:

  • How quiet it could be for a speech
  • A private gathering will be conducive to a speech, but if amidst other patrons (eg in a Club, a Hotel or a restaurant), be prepared for competing noise, and maintaining attention.

Will those gathered be sitting for a meal or standing with finger food?

  • A long table may mean you have to stand in a central location
  • If everyone is standing for finger food (for example), how will you gain attention and be seen?

Will the celebration be during the day, morning tea, lunch, or an evening meal?  Along with the location, the time of the celebration will influence how long you speak, and maybe its contents.

Consider the location and time of the birthday celebration

3. Formal or informal

Will the celebration be formal or informal?  Will everyone be dressed up in suits and nice dresses, will it be at a workplace or in a restaurant? Will it be on a weekend which could add a more casual atmosphere? Will it be inside or outside, perhaps even around a barbeque? Considering the location and time will give you an insight into how you construct your speech.

4. How long?

Are there many speeches or will you be the only speaker?  As a guide, consider a speech between three minutes to seven minutes.

Speech Structure

It's as simple as ABC.

1. Attention

Consider your opening words to gain the attention of all gathered.  Is it a word picture that you paint or a short story, is it a well considered quote, or a quip?  Whatever you say, make it interesting so you have your audiences' attention.

The main part of your speech is the body, and can be divided into up to three parts that interconnect, ie one part leads to the next part.

Consider three points 1, 2 and 3 to form the centre or main part (Body) of your speech.

   1.    2.    3.

Of course, you can have more than three points but you risk making your speech longer, reducing attention, and with too many points, confusing your message.  I can personally recommend three points for an effective speech.

The Body of your speech is where you tell them.

3. Conclusion

The Conclusion rounds out and summarises your speech.

This is where you tell them what you have told them.

Adding Spice with Quotes and Humor For The 60th Birthday Speech

Quotes from eminent and well known people can really assist and lift your speech.  Choose quotes that fit your audience and if possible whose author could be known by your audience.  Of course whether you use formal quotes or humor , if it fits a sporting or hobby side of the birthday person all the better and all will relate to the words.

The best and safest humor is self deprecating, so if you are giving a 60th birthday speech about yourself, this is the best humor.  Of course these examples can help , and are especially useful if you are speaking about another who is turning 60. Humor is the oil that lubricates your words, so if you can use humor certainly incorporate it in a sensitive way. You are now ready to go and deliver your 60th Birthday Speech, and you will wow them. All the very best and don't forget to enjoy the moment of the celebrations.

A 60th birthday speech is an opportunity to create a memorable moment.  Congratulations. 

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Mega Birthday Ideas. com

The best birthday ideas

Birthday speech

Putting a birthday speech together can be a very daunting process, especially if you have to write it for someone else.

Like many of us, unless you have a natural talent, it’s not uncommon to go blank when it comes to this topic. The usual spiel of thanking everyone and telling them to enjoy their night is satisfactory though can be quite boring and leave everyone yawning.

But dont worry, by following these easy tips and examples of speeches, you will be able to ensure your birthday speech is one that captivates your audience and makes the moment a memorable one.

5 tips to help you with your next birthday speech

1. write it all down.

Take a few moments to list all the qualities and funny moments in dot points to give you an understanding of what you want to highlight. After listing them all down, take the time to elaborate on the points.

2. Find a sample speech that works

Find a sample birthday speech that you feel is suitable for the occasion. Use the points and information that you had written previously and incorporate them into the sample speech. By using the sample speech as a template, you have the benefit of following a proven recipe. It allows for the speech to be structured so it becomes fluent and highlights your points more concisely.

3. Engage your audience

Add humor to the speech to captivate your audience with a few laughs to enhance the vibe of the event. Not sure what to add? Why not take a moment to ask a close friend or relative of some funny moments they have experienced with the birthday person. If the stories are not suitable or non existent, then consider looking up some great one liners and add them into your speech to lighten the mood.

Your aim is to ensure the audience is actively engaged in your speech by focusing on the qualities of the birthday person which they can relate to. Bringing up memorable stories which highlight great times or milestones helps to resonate qualities of the birthday person and Incorporating a story or two can also make a point of enhancing the qualities which resonates what that person is really about.

4. Show sincerity

Towards the end of the speech, mention a few kind words to show them that you care. Thank everyone for coming, especially those who helped out in organising the event.

5. Keep it short

When people are at a party, they tend to have a short attention span and that’s if they haven’t had a drink yet. A speech which is between 2-5 minutes long is more than sufficient. By keeping it short, deep and meaningful, you can be sure to have your audience’s attention.

How to give a birthday speech – From friend to guest of honor

Here are a few examples of free birthday speeches for your next occasion:

Birthday speech example 1 – Thank you speech

Birthday speech

Firstly I would like to thank you all for coming to celebrate this milestone with me. I am not one to come out and say a speech, this is actually the first for me. Normally I would shy off, though I feel today is a time where it must be done.

The reason why you are all here is that in one way or another, you have been apart of my life and moulded me to the person I am today. I would truly like to thank you all for that.

I would like to thank both my mom and dad for not only putting up with me but being there when it counted and making me who I am. Thank you! Also to those who I have grown up with and have helped me over the years, you know who you are… I can say that I am truly blessed to have you all in my life!

Last but not least, I need to say thank you to everyone who has helped to set up and make today happen. Now that’s enough of me saying thank you. I hope everyone enjoys themselves. Lets all have a drink and have a great time.

Birthday speech example 2 – Thank you speech

I want to take a moment to say thank you for everyone who has come down to come celebrate this birthday with me. It means a lot that you have all taken the time and I must say that I am blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. Thank you

Birthday speech example 3 – Thank you speech

A birthday is very important to a child. The cake, the candles and gifts are something which they which they look forward to weeks on end. As we get older, we begin to realize that more important than materialistic things are the things we celebrate to those who are most closest to us. I would like to say thank you for not only your best wishes and lovely gifts but for being here and making it the night that it is. Thank you.

Birthday speech example 4 – Coming of age and gratitude

I have to say that I am not one to perform any birthday speeches though with the amount of work which was put into making this night and the sheer turnout of people, I simply could not live with myself if I didn’t at least say a few words.

I would like to give a big shout out to all people involved it the planning of this special day of mine. As you all can see, a lot of time and effort has been spent to make this venue look beautiful and I am truly appreciative. Thank you.

For all of you who made the effort to come down here and celebrate this milestone of mine. I could not be happier as all of you in one way, shape, or form have shaped me to be the person I am today and for that I am eternally grateful. Through good times and bad, through sickness and in health, I have been supported and guided every step of the way and that has only reassured to me what really matters in life.

I have been quick to learn that all the flashy and shiny things in life slowly begin to fade, though the one thing that continues to shine in my world is the true connections and relationships I have formed with my family and friends.

So enough about all this sentimental nonsense. It’s time to put the music back on and get everyone back on this dance floor. Thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoy the night. Thank you!

Birthday speech example 5 – Coming of age

So whilst I am up here talking about this amazing day today we are celebrating, I have to say all the beautiful memories don’t I? Wrong. All I remember is the most embarrassing moments because I laughed so hard my glasses fell off my head, then I wasn’t too happy because I had to buy new ones.

So where do I start, my memory isn’t the best the older I get, that’s why my wife makes me do a crossword puzzle a day. Little does she know that I cheat from the answers on the bottom of the cross word page Ha-Ha. So as I get older and reflect, I would have to say best moments through out my life would have to be drawn to three main beautiful ones.

First would be marrying this beautiful lady I call my cook… I mean wife Ha-Ha.

Second would be becoming a father to these beautiful children standing in front of me, I am blessed to have the opportunity to raise these amazing children of mine and have never been more proud.

And thirdly, to the many people here today celebrating my birthday. I would not be the person standing here before you if it weren’t for each and everyone of you shaping me to who I am today.

I felt like writing this speech took me few minutes though I was told I was writing for most of the bloody day! Ha-Ha.

Thank you everyone for coming here today and celebrating this unforgettable night with me celebrating another year younger.

Birthday speech example 6 – For partner

Let’s face the truth. Some of us are not the best when it comes to remembering birthdays, but there is no way I could forget the birthday for the one I love. We are all here today to celebrate because (Name) has touched our lives in one way or another.

Today I want to openly say how much they mean to me. This is their birthday, and birthdays are supposed to be days which stand out in life. So (Name), I want to say thank you for being so caring over the years and making me so proud to be your partner.

Birthday speech example 7 – Birthday speech for husband

To the superman in my life. Happy birthday! Words are unable to express the amount of love I have for you. For anyone who knows you, knows how much of a kind hearted and bubbly character you are. Your generosity and strong nature are unlike no other I have ever met.

From when you came over to me over 20 years ago to ask me for my number, to building a strong relationship, falling in love, creating an incredible family, and now celebrating this milestone of yours today. It seems like a fairytale dream where I need to pinch myself every so often to believe that it is all true.

To all of you that have made the time to make it here tonight, thank you all for coming. Only people who were important to his life are here and it’s amazing how many people are actually here tonight.

Now back to my loving husband, on your birthday tonight, I want you to enjoy it without a care in the world, because a man like you deserves to be spoilt once in awhile. Happy birthday my love, may you continue to live with passion.

Birthday speech example 8 -Birthday speech for wife

To one of the most sexiest, beautiful, most amazing person apart from myself… Ha-Ha! To my incredible wife. I am unable to express how surreal it feels to have fallen in love and married such a beautiful soul. Never would I ever have thought i’d be so lucky to have such an angel like you in my life. Your smile, your character, your loving nature are just the tip of the iceberg of the many things you possess.

For all who are lucky enough to know her, understand that she is one who would do more for others than she would for herself. A quality which i’m sure we all agree is very rare these days. She always looks to see the positive in life, no matter how dark and gloomy things may be, something which she has allowed for me to adopt which has changed my life dramatically for the better, and i’m sure many others who are also here tonight.

To those who made the effort to come here today and celebrate this beautiful day today, thank you. You have made this day memorable and something i’m sure my wife will never forget. Now the party is still not over, so all of you grab a glass of champagne, and let’s party on well into the night as we celebrate this girls beautiful birthday.

Birthday speech example 9 – From mother to child

From changing your nappies to feeding you every time you cry, to making your favorite food which was always apple pie. The memories I have shared with you while growing up by your side, it was well worth the struggles and bumpy rides.

I look at you know and can’t stop smiling, for a beautiful grown boy/girl that you have become, no matter what you will always be my baby boy/girl, happy birthday and may this be another memory you will never forget like they first day we met. When you were born on this special day.

Birthday speech example 10 – 1 st birthday speech from mother

Even though your only one and you’re probably staring at me thinking what it this lady doing, my feeding time is soon. I am going to say this speech in front of all the family friends that are gathered here today to celebrate my child’s 1st birthday, where the fun times just keep getting better and better.

I remember the first day that I felt so sick and then after that my pants wouldn’t fit. I started eating everything in sight and my pantry would always start full and now and by night there was nothing left to right. After that I couldn’t sleep and I would become a grump in the morning which was nothing of the unusual Ha-Ha.

Then my feet started to swell jeez now I can’t find shoes that will fit well. So after all that complaining and whining, the day came where you were brought into this world. Your father had fainted, which was nothing unusual and all I cared about was that you were finally out!

Now, as we celebrate your 1st birthday, you don’t understand anything right now, but when you do I’ll be saying another speech like this to embarrass you. More for the loving mother that I am to make sure you never forget something so important like this day.

Birthday speech example 11 – From father to son

I guess I will start with most that I know and the beautiful things I remember. I was the happiest man when I found out you were a boy, I was filled with joy! Everyday I would buy my little man a different toy, but there was a problem. Instead of playing with them, I would find you out in the garden. Eating dirt, mud, insects and even snails. You weren’t very good at hiding your muddy trails. How sweet and cute that was.

Then you would complain of feeling sick. Sometimes you were so difficult, just like trying to use a chopstick. You would always cry when I tried to feed you, and you loved to pee on me when I tried to change you. You were a sneaky little bugger and you loved to touch. I even remember having to pull you away from someone’s crotch. These are the beautiful memories that I remember.

Though enough with me embarrassing you with these funny times, this is you birthday so let it be filled with great times. So happy birthday to my great son, never forget that you are my number one!

Birthday speech example 12 – From friend

On this milestone that you have achieved, what an honor it is to be sharing this celebration with you. As we all know, this person has been determined since they were little, to strive and be the best they can, no matter what the circumstances were.

As (Insert name) continued to grow and mature, they created beautiful memories by making each moment count and radiating the love filled passions to each one that they came across. Im sure we can all say that we are eternally grateful that you have came into our lives and that you never lose your zest for life as you grow up into adulthood.

We all love you dearly and wish you nothing but the absolute best as that is what you truly deserve. Happy birthday!

Birthday speech example 13 – 21st Funny birthday speech from friend

Can I have your attention. We are all here today to realise something special. Something so worthwhile to celebrate. Something fun, enjoyable and memorable. We have come here together to recognise and share in the joy this moment brings. I am talking about the open bar! Ha-Ha!

On a more serious note, I would like to draw your attention to one of my best of friends whose 21st birthday we are celebrating here tonight. I have known (Insert name) for more than 10 years and during that time, we have had many moments of fun, adventure and as many of you may know, mischief. Whenever together, we always seemed to find a way to get ourselves into trouble.

Just like the time we decided to play a trick on his mom by colouring in his younger brothers face an interesting shade of green. We took the time to make it look realistic and ensured it was with a permanent marker so it couldn’t be easily rubbed off. I remember the look on his mom’s face as she freaked out and rushed the brother to the hospital. After the doctor giving it the once over and explaining to his mom the cause of the problem. I remember her glaring at us in a trance like state. Lets just say I had never seen someones face go that red before. We both found it to be funny at the time though I don’t think he saw the light of day for at least a month after that incident. Ha-Ha

Anyone who knows him, knows that he will go out of his way to ensure everyone is having a laugh. Even at his own expense, he wants to ensure everyone is having a great time.

He has taken on many challenges, and succeeded many times. Not by chance, but by perseverance and heart. Anyone who knows (Insert name), knows he is full of heart.

So on this milestone may you continue to strive for all that you want and just wanted to let you know that I am grateful to have such a great friend like you. Happy Birthday.

Birthday speech example 14 – 21st birthday speech

Yay! Im finally legal! Wow, this has been a long time coming for me, I mean now i can have a drink… Legally! Ha-Ha! Mum doesn’t seem to impressed!

Firstly I’d like to give a massive shout out to my parents, for not only raising such an awesome child, Ha-Ha! But also for making me who I am, and making this beautiful day happen. To my beautiful family members who cooked up all this beautiful food and helped to decorate this place, thank you so much, it looks absolutely beautiful.

To my wacky and crazy friends. You are all a bad influence on me and I thank you for that. Don’t worry mum, i’m only joking… It’s more like the other way around… Ha-Ha! As I get older, I begin to appreciate the significance of true family and friends in one’s life. I have to say that I couldn’t consider myself any luckier to have all of you in my life.

So anyway, let’s get out the champagne and celebrate my 21st birthday!

Birthday speech example 15 – 40th birthday speech

I can’t believe my 30’s have left me… I think it’s about time I started acting more serious and more so, my age… Well, maybe after tonight…

I remember when I was much younger, I would look at someone who was 40 and say to myself, that’s an old person. Now that I have turned the big 4-0! I now realise it was just an old person who was trying to figure out where the hell all the time went! Ha-Ha! I guess time flies when you’re having fun. Well I Know it’s definitely true for me. I’ll tell you why.

Firstly I have an amazing wife who is nothing but a bundle of joy to be around, and is able to always find a way to put a smile on my face.

Secondly I have been blessed with two beautiful boys who are an absolute pain in my ass, Ha-Ha! Though I do love so dearly! Apart from my gorgeous wife, I never thought I would love these boys so much, as much as I do. It must be because they remind me so much of me when I was growing up… Ha-Ha!

And thirdly… To all of you beautiful people standing here before me today. How can I not enjoy having each and every one of you in my life. I mean how lucky can a man get to have such funny, supportive and caring friends. Blessed is the word I use to describe having all of you be apart of my journey through life. Thank you all for being here today. Its is honestly an honour to celebrate this day with all of you here tonight.

Anyway, enough with all this sentimental crap, let’s pump the music back up, all grab a drink and at least let me celebrate being 39 one more time! Ha-Ha! Thank you!

Birthday speech example 16 – 50th birthday speech

Wow, how time flies! It’s only yesterday I can remember starting my first job at McDonalds where I met my best friend. And now I have a glass of champagne in my hand, celebrating my 50th birthday in front of all of you amazing people.

Where do I start? Firstly I need to give a massive shout out to my beautiful wife who made tonight happen. To not only organise all of this, but also keep it a secret from me which I am blown away how much effort she put in. The amount of detail she has put into this venue is incredible. Such an amazing woman, and I mean look at her, even after all these years, she is still a stunner!

To my two boys, I am proud of both of you and must say you are both still a pain in my ass. Must be because you remind me of when I was a kid growing up. Ha-Ha, they do say that karma eventually comes around. I can now understand what I put my parents through when I was growing up! But jokes aside they a great boys and couldn’t wish for any better.

Obviously I need to give a shout out to mum and dad for putting up with me over my younger years. Considering i’m sure many of you agree, I was no angel growing up. I like to think I turned out alright. Ha-Ha! Though I do have to say they were always there for support and was truly blessed to have incredible parents. I love you both.

To all my close family and friends here tonight. Thank you all for coming and most importantly, thank you for being apart of my life. All of you, in one way or another have been apart of my incredible journey of being 50 years on this earth and I wouldn’t want it any way.

So everybody grab a drink and let’s turn this music up, because i’m pretty sure you will all agree that after all these years and crazy memories, who would have known I would have made it this far. Ha-Ha! Thank you all for coming and hope you enjoy your night. Thank you!

Birthday speech example 17 – From daughter to fathers 50th birthday speech

For those of you whose memories are fading or may have had a little too much to drink tonight, we are here to celebrate the birthday of my dad. Fifty years ago today, the world was given a great gift. A gift by the name of (Insert name). The first of three children, my father was and still is, a very funny and generous man. Throughout the years, he has told many of us his overly simplistic, corny jokes which keeps us all laughing to this day. Just earlier he told me a joke and had me giggling like a little girl again. He said “What do you call a cheese that’s not yours? Nacho Cheese!”. I know, corny right? But it still does the job.

I suppose the main reason why we all have a little laugh and look forward to his humor is that he always likes to remind us that life is not meant to be taken too seriously and that laughter helps to keep us grounded. To this day, I have incorporated this philosophy into my life and I am sure all of us look forward to the energy and humor that he gives us.

Married to his high school sweetheart for 28 years, and with two pretty awesome kids, Ha-Ha. Sorry but I had to add that in. He has shown to be the best role model any family could ask for.

He has always been one to lend a helping hand to anyone in need and is not shy to have a casual drink when in good company.

On this birthday, may you enjoy your night and continue to pass on your energy and happiness for many more years to come. Happy birthday dad!

Birthday speech example 18 – 60th birthday speech

I can’t believe that as I stand here before you, I have been on this earth for 60 years. Seems like a long time, though for me, it feels like only yesterday I was celebrating my 21st birthday. I ought to cut out drinking or before I know it, i’ll be 100 soon. Ha-Ha!

For me, I have experienced both the joys and miseries of life and through it all, I have been able to take one thing from it. Regardless of life’s ups and downs, its all about making the most out of each situation and being present in the moment. Because as I get older, I begin to appreciate all of the moments life has to offer and the truth of the matter is that nothing is owed to us. For every day we wake up is a blessing. And as I am now 60 years old and CONSIDERED wise… Ha-Ha! I feel that we should make the most of each passing day, and what better way with both family and loved ones.

Lucky for me, I have been extremely fortunate to have all of my nearest and dearest to me all here tonight and I have to say, I wouldn’t want to have tonight any other way. Although it may be the wine talking, I must say that I love each and everyone of you here tonight… Especially the caterer, the food served here has been delicious! Ha-Ha! Now let’s all embarrass ourselves by having a few more drinks and getting on the dance floor!

Birthday speech example 19 – From daughter to mother

Your loving touch is like no other, your smile is brightest of all. Your heart beats love and care, but sometimes truth be told you are unfair. You are the only best friend a daughter could ask for. The sacrifices you have made to make sure I have the right path of guidance. You are the best mother a daughter could ever have. Wishing you a happy birthday with many more fun filled ones to come.

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How to Write a Memorable 40-60th Birthday Toast : Ideas and Examples

Last updated on August 11, 2023 - © Free-Sample-Letter.com

The 40th, 50th, and 60th Birthdays: A Time of Reflection and Celebration

Life's milestone birthdays , namely the 40th, 50th, and 60th, are special occasions that symbolize more than just the passing of time. They are gateways to new chapters, opportunities to pause and reflect on the paths we've taken, the challenges we've overcome, and the dreams we've fulfilled. As we reach these significant ages, we don't merely celebrate the years that have gone by; we rejoice in the wisdom, resilience, and sense of purpose that have grown within us.

The 40th birthday heralds a season of maturity, self-confidence, and often, a renewed pursuit of passions and goals. The 50th birthday invites us to take stock of our accomplishments, cherish the relationships we've nurtured, and seek new adventures with the wisdom of experience. The 60th birthday marks a graceful transition into a time of reflection, fulfillment, and anticipation of the richness that the coming years may bring.

Friends, family, and loved ones often join us in commemorating these landmark birthdays. Whether it's an intimate dinner with close family, a lively party with friends, or a soul-searching retreat to a favorite place, the celebration of these milestones is as unique as the individual whose life we're honoring.

These ages are not just numbers; they're badges of life's journey, tangible proof of growth, transformation, and the pursuit of dreams. They remind us to embrace the present, honor the past, and boldly step into the uncharted future that beckons us with promise and potential. Whether you're throwing a vibrant bash or indulging in quiet contemplation, the 40th, 50th, and 60th birthdays are profound moments to celebrate the beautiful complexity of life and the exciting possibilities that still await.

Crafting a 40-60th Birthday Speech: Our Writing Tips

Creating a speech for a 40th, 50th or 60th birthday celebration is a delightful opportunity to reflect, celebrate, and inspire. Here are some tailored tips and thoughtful strategies to help you craft a memorable toast for these milestone occasions:

Choose Your Theme Thoughtfully

Consider the tone and direction you want your speech to take. Will you journey through life's chapters, highlighting key memories and lessons, or focus on celebrating achievements and envisioning the future? Your theme sets the stage for your speech, so select one that resonates with your audience and your own personal journey.

Personalize with Anecdotes and Stories

Engage your audience by sharing unique memories, humorous encounters, or touching moments from different stages of life. Whether it's a childhood adventure, a professional milestone, or a cherished friendship, these personal touches add warmth and authenticity to your speech.

Balance Humor with Sensitivity

Humor can add a delightful spark to your speech but wield it with care. Celebrate life's quirks and joys without crossing lines that might make guests uncomfortable. A gentle, self-deprecating humor often works well, as it creates a connection without alienating anyone.

Maintain Focus and Brevity

While it's tempting to cover every significant life event, a concise and focused speech often leaves a more lasting impression. Aim for 5-10 minutes, structuring your speech in a way that flows smoothly and keeps your audience engaged.

End with Gratitude and Inspiration

Conclude your speech by expressing heartfelt appreciation to those who have enriched your life. Share reflections or wisdom that encourages others to cherish life's journey. A well-chosen ending resonates with listeners and adds a poignant touch to the celebration.

Rehearse with Intention

Familiarize yourself with your speech through repeated practice. Consider rehearsing in front of a trusted friend or family member who can provide feedback. Confidence in delivery can turn a good speech into an unforgettable one.

Consider the Audience

Remember who you are speaking to. Customize your speech to appeal to your guests, considering their relationship to you and what would make the celebration meaningful for everyone.

Embrace Authenticity

Speak from the heart. Your sincerity, joy, and love for life will shine through if you allow yourself to be genuine. It's your celebration, so let your personality guide your words.

Remember, the best speeches are not merely read; they are felt. Your 40th, 50th or 60th birthday speech is an opportunity to weave a narrative that captures the essence of your life thus far and inspires those celebrating with you. Approach it with creativity, compassion, and celebration, and you'll create a moment that you and your guests will cherish for years to come.

➤ We Also Recommend Our Free Sample Speech for an 18th-30th Birthday

Celebrating 40-60 Years of Life: A Sample of Toast to Say on Birthday's

Embracing the milestone: a jubilant reflection on turning 50.

Hey everyone!

I'd like to say a few words....it's not everyday that we turn 50 after all!

First off, I would like to thank everyone for coming today to celebrate this special occasion with me. It is and will remain a milestone for me in my life and what better way to remember it than with all of you here with me.

50 years old...sounds like quite a feat, especially as I hear myself say it. Life is interesting, we don't feel the years pass us by, we feel as young as we did in our 20's...sometimes act that way and yet....people think we should "act our age" !....

But why I say!! Why when we feel like a young spring chicken, full of energy as always, enjoying every day for the challenges it brings as well as the moments full of love and happiness like this one (tonight/today).

All of you hear (tonight/today) with me are precious for me and one that without you all would not have been a birthday worth celebrating like this!

I look here at you all, all of you here for me...and the words become hard to voice...

Many of you, we go way back....some of you here tonight we have been friends for (20) years or more, others, you are some of what we "old folks" might call "newer friends", ...but not any less important to me!

You newer friends that are here, when we met we just seemed to get along as if we had known each other for at least 20 years anyways so you see...there really is not differentiation!

You are all special to me and I am so happy that you are all here with me to celebrate me getting older! I need all the help I can get!!

Thank you everyone!

Cherishing Five Decades: A Grateful Celebration of Life at 50

Hello, everyone!

I stand before you today on a remarkable occasion, one that happens only once: my 50th birthday. A day filled with reflection, celebration, and perhaps a hint of disbelief!

First and foremost, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for being here. You've not only gathered to mark a milestone in my life but have enriched the journey that brought me to this day. Your presence here is the greatest gift I could ask for.

Turning 50, as I've discovered, is less about "getting old" and more about embracing the wisdom and joy that comes with time. Yes, it might sound like quite an accomplishment, but I don't feel any older, nor do I wish to "act my age"! After all, age is but a number, and I still feel the vibrant energy of my younger self, ready to dance the night away.

Tonight, I look around this room and see faces that have been a part of my life for decades, and others that have recently joined this incredible journey. Each one of you holds a special place in my heart, whether we've shared (20) years of friendship or just a few unforgettable moments.

To my lifelong friends, thank you for standing by me, growing with me, and enduring every up and down. Our shared memories are the threads that weave the fabric of my life.

To my newer friends, you've brought fresh perspectives, laughter, and joy into my world. Our connection feels timeless, as though we've known each other forever.

As I stand at this unique crossroads, looking back at the road I've traveled and forward to new adventures, I am filled with gratitude for every challenge and triumph, every tear and laughter. Each has shaped me, taught me, and prepared me for the years ahead.

So here's to being 50, to embracing life with all its beautiful complexity, to cherishing old friendships, and welcoming new ones. Here's to us, to love, to laughter, and to many more years of making memories together.

Thank you, everyone, for making this day unforgettable! Let's celebrate!

40th Birthday Speech for a Spouse or Partner

Good evening everyone,

I stand before you not just as the husband/wife/partner of the birthday person, but as their most ardent admirer, greatest supporter, and of course, the person who has borne witness to the quirks, follies, and those idiosyncrasies that make them, well, unique.

When [Partner's Name] turned 20, they were vibrant, adventurous, and fearless. At 30, wise, focused, and still a bit reckless. Now, at the grand age of 40, what are they? Absolutely fabulous, and somehow, more adventurous than ever!

40 years, ladies and gentlemen. That's the time it took for [Partner's Name] to perfect that secret family recipe, finally agree that my favorite TV show might be worth watching, and accept that no, the socks don't magically end up in the laundry basket. And oh, what a glorious 40 years it has been!

It's the years of shared glances, understanding smiles, crazy vacations, unexpected dance-offs in the living room, and those serene moments when a simple hug would be worth a thousand words.

But let's talk about achievements! [Partner's Name] isn't just a fantastic spouse; they're a brilliant [profession], an incredible parent, and the person who can always, always find the car keys, no matter where I've misplaced them.

Do you want to know the secret of their success at 40? They've discovered that age really is just a number. It's the spirit, the joy, the zest for life that really counts. And trust me, they've got that in spades.

So here's to [Partner's Name], the love of my life. To the one who laughs at my jokes, listens to my stories, and makes every single day a bit brighter just by being in it.

Happy 40th, my love! May we have many more dance-offs, many more shared sunsets, and of course, many more years of never really acting our age.

Cheers, everyone! Thank you for being a part of this wonderful celebration.

[Your Name]

60th Birthday Speech for a Parent: A Tribute from a Child

Ladies and Gentlemen, family and friends,

Today we gather to celebrate not just a birthday, but a life filled with wisdom, love, and endless support. Today, we honor my parent as they reach the beautiful age of 60, a milestone that's as significant as it is rich in memories and experiences.

As I stand here, memories of my childhood flood my mind, memories that are wrapped in the warmth and comfort of my parent's embrace. From teaching me to ride a bike to guiding me through the complex labyrinth of life, [Parent's Name] has been my unwavering compass.

In my parent's eyes, I saw the spark of endless possibilities, a belief that I could achieve anything, be anyone. They taught me that failure is not the opposite of success; it's a stepping stone towards it. Through their actions, their patience, and their tireless faith, they sculpted not just my life, but the lives of everyone they touched.

60 years is a long time, but for my parent, it seems to have been a journey filled with joy, learning, and constant growth. They've been a loving spouse, a doting parent, a caring friend, and a wise mentor.

I've learned kindness from their compassion, wisdom from their words, and strength from their character. I've seen them face challenges with grace and celebrate victories with humility. They've shown me that love isn't just a word; it's a series of deliberate actions.

But let's not forget the fun times! Whether it was family vacations, weekend outings, or simply playing games in the living room, [Parent's Name] always knew how to bring laughter and joy into our lives.

As we celebrate these wonderful 60 years, I want to say, "Thank you." Thank you for the stories, the lessons, the hugs, and the unwavering love. Thank you for being my parent.

Happy 60th birthday, [Parent's Name]. May this new chapter be filled with health, happiness, and continued inspiration.

Here's to you, and here's to a lifetime of memories that we've shared and many more that we will create together.

Speech for a Long-Time Friend: Reflecting on a Friendship Spanning Decades

Ladies and Gentlemen, friends, family, and most importantly, my dear friend [Friend's Name],

Today, I have the distinct honor of standing before you to celebrate the life and the heart of someone who has not only been a friend but a true companion for many decades. As we raise our glasses to toast [Friend's Name]'s 50th/60th birthday, we also salute a friendship that has withstood the test of time.

When I look back on the tapestry of our shared memories, I'm transported to a place where time stands still. A place filled with laughter, adventures, dreams, and sometimes tears. From the days of youthful exuberance to the wisdom of maturity, our friendship has been a constant, a beacon in the storm, a source of unending joy.

[Friend's Name], you have been there in the best and worst of times. Through triumphs and tribulations, celebrations and sorrows, we've navigated life's complex journey hand in hand. Our bond is not just a friendship; it's a shared life, a shared history.

You have been the confidante who listened without judgment, the cheerleader who believed in me even when I didn't, the guide who led me when I was lost. You've been a sibling in all but blood.

We've created not only memories but also traditions. The way we celebrate our victories, the way we console each other in defeats, our favorite jokes that never grow old, and our understanding of each other's quirks - these are the threads that knit our unique friendship tapestry.

But most importantly, we've grown together. We've shaped each other's lives, influenced each other's characters, and enriched each other's hearts. You've taught me that true friendship isn't about being inseparable; it's about being separated and knowing nothing will change.

As we gather to celebrate your 50th/60th year, I look forward to many more years of laughter, late-night talks, shared dreams, and endless support. I look forward to growing old together as friends who know that age is merely a number, and true friendship is timeless.

Happy birthday, dear friend. Here's to the past that has shaped us, the present that unites us, and the future that awaits us.

Cheers to you, [Friend's Name], and to a friendship that will last forever.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Inspiring Speech for the Future at 60: A Positive Outlook

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends and family, and especially [Celebrant's Name],

As we come together to honor the 60th year of a remarkable journey, we're not just celebrating six decades of life. We are honoring an era of wisdom, a life well-lived, and the promise of an even more exciting and fulfilling future.

Sixty is not a culmination; it's a threshold. A gateway to a new chapter filled with dreams to pursue, adventures to embark upon, and lives to inspire. It's an age of liberation where experience meets aspiration, and the pursuit of passion knows no bounds.

[Celebrant's Name], your life is a testament to resilience, determination, love, and joy. You've built bridges, overcome obstacles, nurtured relationships, and become a beacon of hope and inspiration to all of us. And yet, as we look back on your incredible accomplishments, we know that you're just getting started.

At 60, you stand on a mountain of experience, and from this vantage point, the horizon is limitless. The opportunities for growth, exploration, and joy are not behind you but ahead, beckoning you towards new horizons.

You've taught us that age is not a barrier, but a gateway. You've shown that life's later chapters can be the most rewarding, filled with the joy of discovery, the thrill of adventure, and the wisdom of knowing oneself deeply.

Your 60th birthday is not a time to slow down but to accelerate, to take those dreams that have been waiting in the wings and bring them center stage. Whether it's traveling to distant lands, taking up a new hobby, or imparting wisdom to the younger generations, the future is a canvas waiting for your unique touch.

So here's to you, [Celebrant's Name]. Here's to the years that have shaped you, the love that has nourished you, and the dreams that await you. Here's to a future where the best is not behind but ahead.

May the road ahead be filled with joy, adventure, love, and fulfillment. May you continue to inspire us with your wisdom, surprise us with your vitality, and enrich our lives with your presence.

Happy 60th birthday, [Celebrant's Name]. May this milestone be the launching pad for the most exciting and enriching adventure yet.

Here's to your future, and here's to life!

Humorous Speech on Aging: A Light-hearted Take on the Realities of Growing Older

Ladies and Gentlemen, and [Celebrant's Name],

Let me just start by saying, age is just a number. Unfortunately, in this case, that number is alarmingly close to a three-digit figure, but who's counting?

Yes, friends, we're here to celebrate a birthday. And not just any birthday. It's [Celebrant's Name]'s big one, a momentous occasion that reminds us all that growing older isn't for sissies.

They say that 60 is the new 40, and 50 is the new 30. By that math, [Celebrant's Name], you're practically a teenager, so don't be surprised if we ground you for staying out too late tonight.

Now, let's talk about the gifts of aging. And no, I'm not referring to those discount coupons for the early bird special at the local diner.

First and foremost, let's embrace those silver strands of wisdom. Who needs hair dye when your natural highlights come free of charge? That's not gray; it's "platinum experience."

Then there's the memory. They say it's the first thing to go, but what were we talking about again?

Ah yes, the "Golden Years." They're golden for a reason. You can finally chase your dreams, whether it's becoming a rockstar, a famous painter, or just the person who yells at those darn kids to get off your lawn.

You might notice that things start to creak and groan a little more, but don't worry, that's not the house settling, that's just your joints joining the conversation.

They also say that with age comes wisdom. I'm still waiting for that to kick in, but I'm assured it's any day now. In the meantime, [Celebrant's Name], your ability to pretend you know what you're talking about has never been sharper.

All joking aside, growing older has its privileges. You've gathered a lifetime of memories, friendships, experiences, and yes, a few laugh lines. But those lines are a roadmap to a life well-lived, a life full of joy and love.

So here's to you, [Celebrant's Name], for leading the way with style, grace, and a wink in your eye. May your coming years be filled with laughter, love, and a few more good-natured jokes at your expense.

Happy birthday, my friend. May your wit stay as sharp as your memory is fuzzy, and may you continue to age like fine wine. Or at least like a cheese that gets better with time.

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Birthday Speech Samples

Birthday speeches for milestone birthdays.

Use one or all of the free birthday speech samples on this page as a template to write truly great birthday speeches on your own. Each one will certainly inspire you to come up with the right words for milestone birthday speeches.


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Birthday Speeches - Free Birthday Speech Samples

Sample Birthday Speeches by Age

Start with the sample birthday speeches below and end up with a great speech for a 16th birthday, 40th birthday, 50th birthday, 60th birthday, 70th birthday, 80th birthday, 90th birthday or 100th birthday celebration.

The birthday speech samples below are from my huge collection of custom-written birthday speeches, so you will have a great head-start when you start writing yours.

Ready to get started? Ready to wow your audience? The birthday speech samples on this page are a good place to start. To give you even more inspiration, you should also take a quick look at my birthday speechwriting tips .

After looking at my tips and birthday speech samples, you'll be well on your way to best birthday speeches you've ever delivered.

Now let's get started by taking a look at the birthday speech samples below...

Birthday Speech Samples for Your Turn at the Microphone

Birthday Speech Samples for Your Turn at the Microphone

16th Birthday Speech Sample

Free birthday speech template for 16th birthday speeches.

This 16th birthday speech sample really hits the mark.

The mother of the 16-year-old birthday girl called to tell me that not only did the audience react the right way in all the right places, but also her daughter loved the speech, from beginning to end.

You can't ask for more than that kind of response. Better yet, it's the type of speech that you can easily adapt for your daughter. Talk about a sweet sixteen!

[Facing Rhonda*]

Sweet 16. I can hardly believe it. Today is your 16th birthday celebration. I find that incredible. I find you incredible. Don't worry, I won't get all gushy about how great you are. I'll only talk about how beautiful you are.

Don’t cringe and roll your eyes just yet. I promise not to embarrass you with the kind of things that go on greeting cards and "Hang in there" kitty posters.

But turning 16 is something else. You're no longer a child. This I know well. I have watched you grow up — literally. Now, today, filled with hopes and dreams, you stand on the verge of becoming a woman. A beautiful woman. And it warms my heart to see you, my beautiful daughter, blossom before my eyes. You amaze me.

Rhonda , today will likely go down as one of the best days of your life. 

I hope that, one day years from now, you will look back and remember this special birthday as a bright and happy moment in your life, with your family and friends there to share wholeheartedly in your joy.

[Motioning to the family and friends in the room]

Your entire family and friends are the most precious gifts you have in life, something you'll clearly see a little bit later, when you open your 16th birthday presents. Kidding aside, we are your biggest fans and only wish you the best life has to offer. Nothing less, because today is the start of a fun, exciting and rewarding journey for you.

[Turning back to Rhonda ]

It’s an honor for me to be a major part your life. You are an extraordinary 16-year-old girl. You have a wonderful quality of independence that I value and respect. The power to achieve is in every nerdy fiber of you, whether you're spending hours at the "Math Club" or obsessing over every aspect of any school project.

You are a unique individual with unique tastes, so it gives me great pleasure to know that you love everything Hollywood, because I also think you have great taste — lots of it, in fact — especially when it comes to fine cuisine or traveling around the world with a bunch of middle-aged women like me, your Mom, and all my friends.

And you are wonderfully tenacious when you want something, like whenever you try to persuade me to give you a credit card or get you a dog, which you finally did…after years and years of trying.

Seriously, though, your friends and your family — me, your sister, your brother and, if he was here today, your Dad — are so proud of you, because we see so much potential in you and we know that you can do anything you really want, because unlike so many other kids your age, you know what you want to do in life. You really want to sink your teeth into a whole world of possibilities, and that makes us happy because we know you will never leave anyone down in the mouth, just a trail of infectious smiles.

Rhonda , although you know 100% what path you will ultimately choose in life, we hold you in our hearts for not what you will do but for the way you will do it. 

We know you will be yourself. You will be brave. You will be honest. You will be kind. You will never give up. You are — and will be — an inspiration to all of us.

[Facing the birthday party guests again]

I’m sure everyone here shares my sense of joy in watching her wonderful soul and kind spirit we all love watching her spread your wings, take flight and reach for the sky. We've all seen what her heart and beautiful soul can do.

You are a gift to all the lives you've touched. You fill my heart with happiness. I'm so grateful I've been blessed to know a wonderful person like you. If you were a jewel, you would be the most radiant and precious the world over.

Always be that shiny and loving person you are now! Remember that you always have me, your family and your friends to support you.

[Facing the birthday party guests again — and raising your glass towards your Rhonda, so others will follow you]

Now, ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses and join me in a toast to this remarkable, young woman. 

[Facing Rhonda again]

We've gathered here to tell you, Just how much you mean to us, That's why we're toasting you today, And why we're making such a fuss. Today we wish you all the best, You deserve it more than most, Here's to a very beautiful soul, Our love and this happy birthday toast.

Rhonda , may your 16th birthday be as unforgettable as you've made all our lives with your kindness and joy (in other words, as unforgettable as you).

Now let's all drink up and enjoy the rest of the night!

* Not her real name.

40th Birthday Speech Sample

Free birthday speech template for 40th birthday speeches.

There's a very simple reason I like this 40th birthday speech sample: it's truly a gift of love from husband to wife, without a hint of condescension.

The husband's sincere appreciation of his wife's inner and outer beauty is, I think, a wonderful ode to the couple's love and his wife's 40th year on this earth.

You can simply change some of the facts to write a 40th birthday speech worthy of your loved one. Let the 40th birthday party begin!

Plus, the husband let me know (via email) that his wife thoroughly enjoyed his speech, which only made him (and me, as the speechwriter) all the happier. 

[Looking at your audience]

Welcome, everybody. Before I say a few words about my beautiful wife, I would like to thank you for helping us celebrate her 40th birthday. We are so grateful that you took some time out of your busy week to join us here. Tonight wouldn't be nearly as amazing without you!

[Looking at Joyce and around the room]

Joyce*, it is hard to find the right words to express how much Joyce has added to my life all these years…but that won't stop me from going on and on about her.

It's incredible to think that we met at a bar for singles in 1995, got engaged in 1996, were married in 1997 and became first-time parents in 2004. How time flies…but not for my beautiful wife.

[Looking only at your wife]

Joyce, wishing you a "happy 40th birthday" just doesn't seem right. Happy 20th birthday for the second time is more like it. It's not only because you still have the face of an angel, the body of a goddess and the spunk of a teenager. It's also because you’re a beautiful, strong, sexy, funny, upbeat person with so much love in your heart and a zest for life that's simply contagious.

For me, your 40th birthday is a chance to say proudly that I am so fortunate and grateful to have you as my wife and best friend. I think it's fair to say that for me, our children Stuart* and Donna*, our families and our friends, you’ve always brought so much joy, positivity and fulfillment to all our lives.   Your smile, your patience, your optimism, your creativity and, most of all, your free spirit have always been an example of what it means to be the best kind of daughter, wife, friend and, most importantly, a wonderful mother, what with the hours upon hours of after-school ballet, gymnastics, baseball and soccer under your belt. You have definitely set the "how to be a super woman" bar very, very high.

I know I speak for everyone here when I say we have all learned so much from you over the past years. Along with the immense love, joy and adventure you've brought into our lives, you've taught us all, by example, the real value of love, family, friendship, kindness and honesty. You've shown us how to appreciate what we have and never take it for granted. You have always been, and always will be, an inspiration to all of us here, especially me.

[Raising your glass toward Joyce, so others will follow you] Now, ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses and do me the honor of joining me in a toast to Joyce.

[Turning back to Joyce]

Joyce, may your 40th birthday be as unforgettable as our first kiss, our wedding day or the birth of our children (in other words, as unforgettable as you). And may you celebrate many, many more birthdays — [mock whispering under her breath] under the radar, of course.

Darling, I love you even more today than when we first met. Again, happy 40th birthday, my love!

*  Not his or her real name.

50th Birthday Speech Sample

Free birthday speeches template for 50th birthday speeches.

Here are different types of 50th birthday speech samples you can use as inspiration when you craft your 50th birthday speech. Feel free to mix it up a little, combining elements from all three 50th birthday speeches below.

Short 50th Birthday Speech

Short 50th Birthday Speech - Free Birthday Speech Sample

Here's to someone who has reached the pinnacle of true wisdom and the very prime of life! Cheers to every lesson you take from your past and all the adventures you have yet to take. Let's raise our glasses to your 50 years of beautiful memories and many more to come. Happy 50th birthday!

50th Birthday Speech from Daughter to Mother

When it comes to birthday speech samples, it's important to show "range" (how far you can go).

For example, below is one birthday speech for a young woman, a daughter who wanted to commemorate her mother's 50th birthday in a cool way. 

That doesn't mean throwing a bunch of the latest buzz words into the speech. It means capturing how a young person speaks (not what he or she actually says). Take a look for yourself... 

[Looking at your mother]

Mom, wishing you a "happy 50th birthday" doesn't seem right. Happy 25th birthday for the second time is more like it. It's not only because you still have the legs and face of an airline stewardess. It's also because you're a whirlwind of pure love, passion, enthusiasm, warmth and humor that's, well, simply contagious. I see you in the laughter and kindness of our precious family and your many friends. And I see you in me—the best part of me. 

For me, today is a chance to say proudly that I feel so fortunate and honored to have you not only as my mother but also as my inspiration. Along with your tremendous love and support, you've brought, by example, immense joy and purpose into my life. 

I'm so glad that you've always had my back, even when you told me to keep my back (and the rest of my body) at school, not at home. I know I have caused you—and still cause you—a little bit of stress. It's not on purpose. It's actually payback for all the times you've embarrassed me in front of my friends. Seriously, though, I will try my best to be a better me, Daughter 2.0, a version of me that's modeled on the best of you. You are so special to me, to our family and all your BFFs. 

Many, many, many thanks for all you do. You truly live by the motto of giving everything and expecting nothing in return. I don't think I know a more thoughtful and generous person. For everyone who knows and loves you, you are our resourceful, loving matriarch and health nut, devoted to family and friends, over whom you fuss, spoil and most definitely feed—hungry or not—whenever we come to visit you.

[Holding the hand of your mother or still looking at her]

Happy 50th birthday, Mom! May you celebrate many, many more birthdays—under the radar, of course. I love you, Mom! After 22 years of living under your roof, I can honestly say two things: (1) You are an amazing mother and (2) I plan to live another 22 years under your roof. Live with it.

[Turning to your guests]

On behalf of my Mom and myself, I want to thank all of you for coming here to celebrate her 25th-for-the-second-time birthday. Tonight wouldn't be nearly as special without you. Now let's all raise our glasses to our birthday girl, drink up and enjoy the rest of the party! 

50th Birthday Speech from Brother to Brother

The 50th birthday speech below is a more solemn speech for the brother of the 50th birthday boy, who is a very pious man. This template is ideal for anybody who must pay tribute to a religious birthday boy or girl.

Welcome, everybody. Before I say a few words about my wonderful brother, Peter*, I would like to thank you for helping us celebrate his 50th birthday. We really appreciate that you took the time to be here. Tonight wouldn't be nearly as amazing without you!

[Looking at Peter and around the room]

It is hard to find the right words to express how much Peter has added to my life, all our lives, in fact, for so many years…but that won't stop me from going on and on about him.

Today, Peter celebrates his 50th birthday. Instead of embarking on the proverbial mid-life crisis in which so many of us find ourselves, he is a force of a man. The sparkle in his eyes and the divine love in his heart have not been dulled by the 18,250 days he has lived on this earth. I hope that never changes because it’s just one of the many things I admire about him.

For me, Peter, your 50th birthday is a chance to say proudly that I am so grateful and honored to have you as my brother and as a friend. I think it's fair to say that for me, Mom, our sisters, your wife, your son, your grandson, the whole family and your friends, you’ve always brought so much joy to all our lives.

The Lord brought you into this world 50 years ago — on a Sunday — spiritually, a day of rest, a day of worship, a day of great joy, a day of solidarity, a gift from God. An important day, to say the least.

Peter's day of birth is worth mentioning since, for him, giving his heart to God has meant a new life, a new purpose, a new sense of self. It has meant washing his earthly worries away, day after day, and trusting in God to guide him. Peter has chosen to trust in God's plan and will. He now knows that no matter what happens, good or bad, God is watching over him and bringing him to where he's supposed to be…at home, around the corner or on the road.

A good man in so many ways, Peter has shown his love for God by observing God's commandments and applying God's principles. And this has not been in vain. By living in harmony with God's guidance, Peter has shown our heavenly Father that he truly appreciates all that he has done for him. And I can definitely say that we here have been the main beneficiaries of Peter's love and kindness.

[Looking at Peter]

Yes, Peter, today not only marks a major milestone for you, but also for us. I know I speak for everyone here when I say it's such a joy to celebrate you and your life, and wish you the best of health and happiness. And what a celebration it is. I'm sure you must be quite moved by the presence of so many loved ones, a clear sign that you are cherished by many.

Indeed, we are here to celebrate your smile, your patience, your optimism, your caring and, most of all, your steadfastness, which has always been an example of what it means to be the best kind of son, father, grandfather, brother and friend. You have definitely set the "how to be a God-loving man" bar very, very high.

Everybody here has learned so much from you over the years. Along with the immense love, joy and kindness you've brought into our lives, you've taught us all, by example, the real value of love, family, friendship, caring, honesty and the Lord's ever-present care and power in their lives. You've shown us how to appreciate what we have and never take it for granted. You have always been, and always will be, an inspiration to all of us here.

For you, today must be bittersweet. Sweet because you can look back on your 50 years of life with satisfaction and pride, knowing that everyone here, including me, consider you a treasure, a best friend and a man who loves God — and bitter because many of your loved ones are not here to share it with you. But I know you find comfort from knowing they are all in the Lord's loving arms.

For me, well, today is a chance to say thank you on behalf of our family and friends. Thank you for serving as a shining example of God's goodness and grace. Of course, these amazing qualities of yours are timeless and ageless — they radiate from your very essence. They come from your heart and cast a beautiful light around you and us. We have all been lucky to be near enough to step into that light. 

[Facing the audience]

It would be difficult for me to list the many, many ways Peter has graced our lives, so I won't even try. We would be here for hours upon hours, if I did. Suffice to say, we feel so fortunate and honored to have you as family, a friend and, most importantly, our inspiration. Along with your contagious love of life, people and all living things, you've inspired us, by example, to look for every opportunity to bring God's love, immense joy and purpose to our lives.

More than anything else, we here feel blessed to have you in our lives. You are an amazing soul who never hesitates for even a second to be compassionate and kind. You are so special to everyone in this room. Again, happy 50th birthday, Peter!

Now, everyone, please raise your glasses in a toast to Peter.

[Turning back to Peter]

Peter, may you celebrate many more birthdays in great health and spirits as you embark upon your retirement years. May you also continue to find solace in God's word, love and His plan for you.

[Turning back to your guests]

Now, everyone, drink up and enjoy the rest of the party!

*Not his real name

60th Birthday Speech Sample

Free birthday speech template for 60th birthday speeches.

Here are examples of 60th birthday speeches that you can use as a starting point for creating your own 60th birthday speech. Don't hesitate to add your personal touch—simply blend parts from each of the birthday speech samples below that express how you feel.

Short 60th Birthday Speech

Short 60th Birthday Speech - Free Birthday Speech Sample

A toast to six decades of your loving, caring and inspiring ways. To the stories you shared, the memories you made, and the adventures that still lie ahead for you. You're not getting older, just becoming a genuine classic. Happy 60th birthday to the most inspiring person I know!

60th Birthday Speech from Sister to Sister-in-Law

Birthday speech samples like the one below show that even a sister-in-law can deliver a heartfelt birthday speech (with a little tongue-in-cheek to add some fun and whimsy to this tribute).

[Looking at your sister-in-law]

Susan*...dear, dear, Susan. From the moment I met you, I knew you were a keeper. You still are. You light up every room you enter with your loving, caring, happy, silly, funny, life-of-the-party ways. My brother, Gary*, is lucky to have you. I'm lucky to have you. In fact, our whole family is lucky to have you. I honestly don't know what we'd do without you. 

When I tell people about my incredible sister-in-law, Susan, I always say, "I have the best sister-in-law in the world. She's my best friend." And this always gets the same response: disbelief. They look at me as if I'm trying to sell them dragon eggs or something and say, "Those are words that will never, ever come out of my mouth." I guess we live in a scary, post-Solange Knowles world. But I will say it right here and now: I have the best sister-in-law in the world. 

It gives me and everyone in this room, I'm sure, immense pleasure to be here tonight and celebrate you on your 60th birthday. Happy 60th birthday, Susan. I love you. 

[Turning to the guests]

Now let's all raise our glasses to the sweetest and youngest 60 year old we know! 

[Turning back to your sister-in-law]

Susan, may you celebrate many more birthdays in great health and even greater spirits. 

[Turning back to the guests]

Everyone, drink up and enjoy the rest of the party!

* Not their real names.

Stuck for words? Hire me to write your speech $125.95 ($399 Value)

Order speech here, 80th birthday speech, free birthday speech template for 80th birthday speeches.

Here's a variety of 80th birthday speech samples that you can draw from when you put together your own 80th birthday speech. To express exactly how you feel about the birthday boy or girl, simply incorporate parts from each of the 80th birthday speech examples below that feel right to you.

Short 80th Birthday Speech

Short 80th Birthday Speech - Free Birthday Speech Sample

To a true gem who has redefined and elevated what 80 years of life should look like! Your spirit shines brighter with each passing year. Let's toast to your wonderful journey, your invaluable wisdom, and the memories you have yet to create. Here's to your incredible 80 years and many more!

80th Birthday Speech from Friend to Friend

This birthday speech sample is different from the others on this page in one very important respect: it's delivered by a platonic friend, not a family member or sweetheart.

This type of speech requires a certain tact. A friend should not try to appropriate what's a big celebration for, in this case, the 80th birthday boy and his family, stealing the scene (so to speak) and ending up as the lead in this major "birthday" production.

A friend's speech should just serve as a complement to the evening. That's exactly what the speech sample below does.

Welcome, everybody. Thank you for being here and sharing David's 80th birthday celebration. I must say that I feel 50 years younger as I gaze around the room! OK, maybe 10 years younger.

[Facing David*]

So here we are together to celebrate you and your 80 well-lived, well-loved years—golden years full of energy, achievement, commitment, joie de vivre, adventure, fulfillment in marriage and family life and happiness. And you've seen sadness and tough times too, finding the inner strength to rise above them.

David, we hold you in our hearts for not what you've done for us but for the way you have done it. Being yourself. Being gutsy. Being honest. Being kind. Working hard. Never giving up. Your wisdom, your experience, your insight, your authenticity—are inspiring.

Today, we offer you our gratitude and our loving best wishes. Personally, I feel very privileged to have a friend like you in my life for so long. You've been an amazing role model, supporter, adviser, confidant and, when there's a game of Rummy Cube afoot, a worthy opponent. I can only hope that the rest of my journey on Earth is as full of love, joy, happiness and travel as yours.

David, all your family and friends here tonight pay tribute to the wonderful, generous and loving person you are.

[Facing the birthday party guests]

Before we toast this incredible man, I would like to leave you with a poem by Helen Steiner Rice that I adapted to capture what makes David so special as a friend.

[Turning back to David]

David, your friendship is a golden chain, 

The links are shared moments so dear, 

And like a rare and precious jewel, 

I treasure you more each year. 

Your friendship is clasped together firmly, 

With a love that's deep and true, 

And it's rich with happy memories, 

and fond recollections, too. 

Time can't destroy its beauty, 

For, as long as memory lives, 

Years can't erase the pleasure, 

That the joy of your friendship gives. 

For your friendship is a priceless gift 

That can't be bought or sold, 

But to have a friend like you, 

Is worth far more than gold.

And the golden chain of friendship, 

Is a strong and blessed tie, 

Binding kindred hearts together, 

As the years go passing by. 

Now, ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses and join me in a toast to this remarkable man [raising your glass towards your David, so others will follow you].

[Facing David]

David, may your 80th birthday be as unforgettable as your first kiss, your wedding day or the birth of your children and grandchildren (in other words, as unforgettable as you).

* Not his real name.

100th Birthday Speech Sample

Free birthday speech template for 100th birthday speeches.

Here are examples of 100th birthday speeches that can serve as your muse when you create your own 100th birthday speech. Don't hesitate to incorporate aspects from each of the 100th birthday speech samples below to make it unique.

Short 100th Birthday Speech - Free Birthday Speech Sample

To a century of your utmost grace, strength and kindness. You've witnessed a lifetime of history, yet your spirit remains timeless. As we raise our glasses, we celebrate your remarkable journey, honor your wisdom, and anticipate more chapters in your extraordinary story. Happy 100th birthday!

100th Birthday Speech from Son to Mother

This is one of those classic 100th birthday speech samples. It has all the ingredients of a heartfelt 100th birthday tribute: a trip down memory lane, recognition of a life well lived, a big show of respect and inspiring words for the future (whatever it holds).

[Facing the audience] 

I would like to thank everyone for coming here today to celebrate our mother's special birthday.

To say I'm delighted to toast my mother on her 100th birthday is an understatement. I feel very fortunate to have this honor — but I'm not very surprised. Long ago, I realized that my mother had discovered the secret to living longer. She hasn't shared all of it with me yet but has hinted that it has something to do with her Atlantic City junkets, weekly doses of the local Senior Center and Eggplant Parmesan. 

Mom, living to 100 is a blessing but I don't have to tell you. You bring new meaning to the "word" blessing. 

For everyone who knows and loves you, you are our resourceful, loving matriarch and master chef, devoted to family and friends, over whom you fuss, spoil and most definitely feed — hungry or not — whenever we come to visit you. 

For your four children who grew up in your warm and loving home, you are more than a mother — you're an inspiration. You're as sharp and feisty as ever with a true passion for cooking, sewing, gardening and everything life has to offer — plus you're an independent woman who has lived happily ever after in the same house for 65 years. If we're only half as sharp, feisty and passionate as you at 100, we will still be sharper, feistier and more passionate than anyone I know.

For your 10 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and three great-great grandchildren who can see beyond your white hair, you are not only a repository of memories, from every family and holiday occasion or party — you are someone as alive and vibrant as they are.

Yes, living to 100 is a blessing and we are thrilled, to say the least, to celebrate the blessing we have in you. What a privilege to have you here today, what a treat to love you and what a joy to be loved by you. 

Happy 100th birthday, Mom. Here's to you and the truly special legacy you leave us every day. 


One of the most famous birthday speeches mark twain's 70th birthday speech.

Mark Twain's Famous 70th Birthday Speech

This video of Mark Twain's famous 70th birthday speech (with Val Kilmer as Mark Twain) is one of the best birthday speech samples in the world.

Intelligent and witty, Mark twain's speech proves that the more personal you get, the better the birthday speech. You can see the video  right here .

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writing a speech for a 60th birthday

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60th Birthday speeches

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writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speeches are wonderful gestures to the celebrant. With wisdom and humor comes a real understanding of life's tendency of not doing what it is supposed to. At 60, hopefully, we can laugh at ourselves a little. We have become richer with the benefit of knowledge and understanding. It may only be now that our true vocation is being found, or we may be closing down one career and looking forward to another.

With friends amassed and family gathered now it is time for you to step up and really honor your celebrant with one of our 60th birthday speeches that will never be forgotten. By now we realize that the friends we have around us are, in fact, some of our most wonderful treasures.

David M., from New York (USA) said, "I had a 60th Birthday party for my wife recently and was scared to death about having to speak in front of all my friends/family. The speeches that I purchased made it really easy to convey my true feelings without getting flustered. It was great."

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writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Brother

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Brother-in-law

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Dad

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Father-in-law

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Female Friend

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Grandfather

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Grandmother

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Husband

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Male Friend

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Man

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Mom

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Mother-in-law

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Sister

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Son

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Wife

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

60th Birthday Speech to Woman

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60th Birthday Speech

60th Birthday Speech

The speaker is addressing the audience at a celebration for Arthur Aidan’s 60th birthday. Arthur is praised for his success in various aspects of life, including his career as an entrepreneur and his family and friends. He started his career in the hospitality industry after graduating from the Glion Institute of Higher Education, and eventually opened a successful chain of clubs around the world. Today, he is also inaugurating his first casino under the same name. The speaker emphasizes that Arthur’s success was achieved without making enemies or causing harm to anyone else, and encourages the audience to model themselves after him. The speaker concludes by wishing Arthur a happy birthday on behalf of the audience.

Your Excellency, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sure you don’t need reminding why we are all here this evening. It is to celebrate the 60th birthday of Arthur Aidan who I am proud to call my best friend. It is no exaggeration to say how much he deserves to be admired as a great man (applause). He has succeeded in everything that is important in life: love, career, family, friends and all this without forgetting to enjoy himself.

After a happy childhood growing up in Paris ( I will spare his blushes by not mentioning how good-looking he has always been since birth) he completed his studies in Switzerland in the prestigious ‘Ecole d’Hotellerie’ we call Glion but which is in fact better known under the name of the Glion Institute of Higher Education. Graduating with Distinction, he began his career as Food and Beverage Manager for the Rio de Janeiro Fairmont in Brazil. It did not take long for his reputation as an outstanding manager to spread and he was swiftly promoted to the Miami Fairmont where he stayed for the next ten years.

ready to help you now

Without paying upfront

He dedicated his life to work (and fun) and it was there that he opened his first club that we all love  to go to so often (laughter). This was the first step in his career as an entrepreneur and the club’s overwhelming success forced him to open a chain throughout the world that for the past 15 years has crowned him the uncontested King of the Night. Today is a great day for Arthur. Not only is it his 60th birthday, it is also the day he inaugurates his 1st Casino under the same name as his clubs.

But for us too, it is also a great day if we are wise enough to learn from his example. Arthur has achieved the impossible by showing that one can succeed in life without making enemies, without causing jealousy, without sacrificing the affection and respect of those around one. He has proved not only that dreams can come true but that they can come true without stepping on anyone’s toes or causing harm to anyone else. As teen-aged basketball players, he and I dreamed of being selected for a NBA team and today he owns the NBA Miami Heat Team!!

Arthur is far too modest to enjoy being praised and admired but I cannot finish without saying that all of us, successful or not, should try to model ourselves on him. I know his children and grandchildren are here listening to me tonight and I know how much they love and rightly idolize him. Rachel of course is at his side as she always has been in good and also difficult times. And now I am sure you want me to wish Arthur a very happy birthday on your behalf before each one of you does so in person with genuine feeling and friendship. Thank you Arthur for showing us how to make the most of life and enjoy it to the full.

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It was 105 years ago today that Hester Ervin Howard gave birth to a son, Robert Ervin Howard in the small town of Peaster, Texas.  Dr. Howard had moved Hester from the rural community of Dark Valley, located in nearby Palo Pinto County to the larger town to give birth.  Located in Parker County, the community

Birthday Party in Chinese Family Sample

The memorable event for me is about my grandfather’s mother’s 92th birthday which was in the Lantern Festival ten old ages ago. As 92 is an of import age for everyone. my parents spent three yearss fixing for this large twenty-four hours. On the twenty-four hours of her birthday. we booked a Chinese dinner in

How to Arrange a Birthday Party for Your Loved Ones or Children

Cake cutting is a good idea for all special events. It makes each party more interesting plus joyful. All the people are interested to cut the cake at their birthday party. One of the things expresses your feelings to another. There are a various variety of cakes are present in all shops. But you will

Goldberg Suggests That They Have a Birthday Party

Petey, and his wife Meg, eat breakfast and Petey tells his wife that two men are coming to stay at the boardinghouse; who he had met them the night before. Meg is confused overwhelmed by the news, but soon promises she will have a room ready for them. Stanley Webber, a man staying at the

Short Story “Birthday Party” Using Characterization and Rhetorical Elements Analysis

For thousands of years, philosophers have been questioning the root of all evil. Some believed that humans were inherently evil, while others believed that humans were influenced by an outside factor to commit wicked deeds. Katharine Brush was of the latter group. Although she was not a philosopher, she offered her insight on what that

writing a speech for a 60th birthday

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    writing a speech for a 60th birthday

  2. writing a speech for a 60th birthday

    writing a speech for a 60th birthday

  3. Quotes 60th Birthday

    writing a speech for a 60th birthday

  4. writing a speech for a 60th birthday

    writing a speech for a 60th birthday

  5. 60th Birthday Speech

    writing a speech for a 60th birthday

  6. 60Th Birthday Presents For Mother In Law

    writing a speech for a 60th birthday


  1. Rev Funke Felix Adejumo speech at her 60th that held everyone speechless @Spiritofsaco #FFA

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  1. What Are Some 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom?

    A collection of framed pictures featuring children and grandchildren makes a thoughtful 60th birthday present for a mother. A fine jewelry piece is also a great gift.

  2. What Is a Good Theme for a 60th Birthday Party?

    There are many themes that can be used for a 60th birthday, such as the person’s favorite sport, decade or style of music. A 60th birthday is a major milestone in someone’s life, so a party can be themed off of that person’s personality, ho...

  3. What Is a Good Toast for a 60th Birthday?

    The best toast for a 60th birthday is complimentary, concise and sincere. A speaker should not go overboard on the old-age jokes, according to Hallmark. Most 60 year olds are mature enough that they are not offended, but they still may not ...

  4. 60th Birthday Speech

    HOW TO WRITE A 60TH BIRTHDAY SPEECH · Gather your content – brainstorm your favourite moments and best stories · Find a theme – identify a common thread that

  5. Inspirational Words for a 60th Birthday

    60th Birthday Speech Example ... Sometimes, you need an example speech to help you get inspired. When I look at you tonight, I see someone who is

  6. Speech Ideas for a 60th Birthday

    Discuss her hobbies, upcoming vacations, favorite restaurants, classes or volunteer efforts, for example. Invite the guest of honor's friends to step up to

  7. 60th Birthday Speech

    If you are anxious or nervous, use these ideas to help you. If after reading here you would like the assistance of an expert 60th Birthday speech writer that I

  8. The best birthday speech tips and examples

    Can I have your attention. We are all here today to realise something special. Something so worthwhile to celebrate. Something fun, enjoyable and memorable. We

  9. Birthday Speech Writing: Tips for an Unforgettable Speech

    Mention any special circumstances, like an age milestone, how many people are there, or the setting of the party. Summarize the honoree's

  10. 40th, 50th and 60th Birthday Speech

    First and foremost, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for being here. You've not only gathered to mark a milestone in

  11. Free Sample Birthday Speeches

    A toast to six decades of your loving, caring and inspiring ways. To the stories you shared, the memories you made, and the adventures that

  12. 60th Birthday speeches

    At 60, hopefully, we can laugh at ourselves a little. We have become richer with the benefit of knowledge and understanding. It may only be now that our true

  13. 60th Birthday Speech

    It is to celebrate the 60th birthday of Arthur Aidan who I am proud to call my best friend. It is no exaggeration to say how much he deserves to be admired as a

  14. 60 birthday wishes + 6 longer messages for celebrating the big 6-0

    I wish you a happy 60th birthday and only the best for the next year of your life. · Much love, joy and good humor I wish you for your 60th birthday! · All the