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How to welcome a visitor to your company in English


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Welcome Speech in English: Best Samples, Examples & Tips

Why are welcome speeches necessary.

Most of the gatherings and ceremonies are held with a purpose. They are either planned events or spontaneous gatherings. In both cases, it is important to know how to organize such events. We must prepare ourselves to conduct the event properly.

Let us imagine that you are hosting a gathering. You have prepared everything, including food, drinks, decorations, etc., and even set up the stage. However, you forgot one thing – a welcome speech. What happens next? Do you start talking immediately without waiting for everyone to arrive? Of course not!

The same goes for a meeting. How many times did you attend meetings where people didn’t introduce themselves? Or worse, they talked about themselves too much during the meeting. In addition, some speakers talk directly to the audience without introducing themselves. This makes it difficult for the attendees to comprehend the event’s process and connect with its objectives.

So why is a welcome speech in English needed? To begin with, it is necessary to give a brief overview of the topic. Secondly, it helps to provide information about the organization and its history. Thirdly, it allows us to highlight our achievements. And finally, it creates a good impression on guests. Otherwise, they might ask questions like “Where is this event going?”.

Significance of welcome speech

The significance of the welcome speech won’t be apparent without understanding what makes up the history of an event. An event can be defined as a sequence of activities carried out over a period of time. These activities are usually organized into stages, each with a specific purpose. For example, an event may start with opening remarks, followed by a keynote address, and finally concluded with closing remarks. Each stage of an event has a different set of responsibilities.

In the case of a welcoming ceremony, the welcome speech is considered to be one of the most important parts of the whole gathering. In fact, it is the most crucial aspect of the entire event. This is because the welcome speech serves several purposes.

First, it introduces the guests to the host. Second, it provides information regarding the upcoming program. Third, it creates a positive impression among the attendees. Fourth, it helps in creating a sense of unity among the participants. Fifth, it helps in establishing good relations between the hosts and the guests. And finally, it ensures that the guest feels comfortable during the occasion.

Objectives of a Welcome Speech in English

The objective of a welcome speech in English is to introduce yourself and the rest of the attendees at the event. This is done through a short introduction about who you are, what you do, why you’re attending, etc. The following are the objectives of a welcome speech:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Provide Information regarding the event
  • Create a positive impression among attendees
  • Establish good relations between hosts and guests
  • Ensure guests feel comfortable during the event
  • Help build unity among participants
  • Explain the purpose of the meeting/event
  • Set up the agenda for the meeting/event
  • Make introductions
  • Give background info about the organization
  • Highlight achievements (if any)

Welcome Speech Samples in the Education Field

There is a number of school gatherings that require welcome speeches, be it an official school gathering or an informal event. In this segment, we’ve sorted samples according to the typical events organized in schools. Take note of each paragraph and determine its purpose. You’ll be able to create a workable framework or basis for your current and future speech requirements.

Welcome Address in English For Students

It’s natural for attendees of any event to expect an introductory speech, which sets the tone for the occasion. A host can easily command attention with an effective welcome. Even the longest speeches have the capacity to hold an audience’s interest when delivered in a catchy and impressive manner.

A short opening speech for a commencement ceremony

To everyone present, good morning. A very warm welcome to our respected faculty, our remarkable parents, and our dear students. Special recognition is due for our Chief Guest (name of chief guest). It’s a true honor to have such a successful alumnus (or state the chief guest’s job title). We express our biggest gratitude for accepting our invitation to deliver today’s keynote speech.

I’m standing here as a lucky witness to our dear students’ academic journey. Our school is very proud of everything you have accomplished and your small but not minor contributions to society. You’ve brought prestige to our name and deserve the title of one of our school’s most successful and dedicated batch of students.

With your teachers’ guidance and parents’ support, you’ve reached remarkable heights. I’d like to take this time to extend my gratitude to our faculty and our parents, for understanding, encouraging, and nurturing our students.

Graduates, you are about to start another chapter in your life. An exciting yet scary period. From now on, you will face more challenges, but I am confident that you’re adequately equipped to face any tribulation that comes your way. Remember that with conviction and self-belief, no mountain is too high to climb. The laurels you’ve brought back to our school are only the beginning. I am genuinely excited to see the astonishing feats that your futures hold.

A long opening speech for a commencement ceremony

Good morning everyone! I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our esteemed faculty, astounding parents, and our dear students. I’m honored to open our commencement ceremony and stand here where many of our accomplished alumni who I look up to once stood.

I extend a particularly warm welcome to our Chief Guest (name of chief guest), who as one of our outstanding alumni, has really set the standard for exemplary accomplishments.

(enumerate key achievements of chief guest)

Her/his professional and philanthropic endeavors attest to their upbringing and the values she/he lives by. We want to thank you for responding positively to our invitation to be the keynote speaker on today’s auspicious occasion.

As another academic year reaches its end, I’m sure that our dear students are anxious and also filled with hope and excitement. This is their final school event in our renowned school/college/university (name of school). But hopefully, it won’t be their last awarding ceremony.

We are extremely fortunate to have such a talented and passionate group of graduates who have earned laurels in honor of our school, adding to its distinction and great reputation. The amazing encouragement and unconditional support of our parents throughout the school year have been extraordinary. They have stood by their children in every school event. Our teachers and staff are truly thankful for the trust you’ve given us. Your children’s journey wouldn’t have been a huge success without your guidance and nurture.

It’s been a remarkable experience to witness the passion and commitment our students have exhibited in all their undertakings. I am filled with certitude that you will achieve whatever goal you’ve set your mind on. Adulthood is going to be jammed with more trials you’ve never imagined before. I am kidding. Maybe. Joking aside, you will win as long as you work hard and believe in yourself.

Remember that you are valuable and take every challenge you face as an opportunity to prove your worth and get better. Also, surround yourselves with people who are good for your well-being and treat them the way you’d like to be treated.

Maintain your sense of humor because not much else will get you through when the going gets rough. Life can be very special and you can truly make a mark, which doesn’t always need to have global proportions. Be accountable for your mistakes and learn from them. Keep nurturing your passions and remain as driven, bright, and astonishing as you are today. You are all wonderful and I can’t wait to see your future accomplishments, because they will be great.

Thank you and do us proud!

Welcome Speech for a College Function

(General greeting, i.e. good morning/afternoon/evening) to all (the audience attending the event, e.g. the parents, teachers, students, etc.) and our respected Principal (name of principal). It’s with great pleasure that I welcome everyone to (name of school)’s (name of event or ceremony).

Our college nurtures the ideologies of discipline and pride in one’s work and aims to hone our students as responsible and productive members of society. It is in this spirit that we celebrate today.

To commence our festivities, allow me to introduce one of our most esteemed alumni. Our Chief Guest (title and name of chief guest) has embodied the values fostered by our prominent and respected college. (Enumerate the main accomplishments of the chief guest). We honor you for your contributions to society and our city, most especially, which future generations will surely benefit from. With your hard work, dedication, and charitable spirit, you have set the goalposts we aspire to reach in order to make the world a much better place than we’ve found it.

(Initiate a round of applause)

Welcome Speech for a Yearly Function

(General greeting, i.e. good morning/afternoon/evening to all)

Honorable Chief Guest (name of guest), our beloved Principal (name of principal), our amazing faculty and staff members, our dearest parents and fellow students, and to everyone present, I welcome you all to (name of school/college/university)’s annual function.

My name is Lakshmi Gupta, a student of the Information Technology Department, and also the president of our school’s Cultural Exchange Organization and founder of the Languages Club.

It is with tremendous pride that I announce our prestigious school’s Silver Jubilee anniversary. We’re gathered today to celebrate 25 years of estimable service and success. The remarkable accomplishments of our elite school since its foundation won’t be possible without its long history of dedicated and respected teachers and passionate students, its tireless staff, and the unconditional support from our parents.

It’s also a great honor to introduce our Chief guest and keynote speaker. Any introduction won’t do justice to the extraordinary achievements she/he has attained throughout her/his career. (Enumerate the main accomplishments of the chief guest). She/he is truly one of the most treasured and incredible alumni our school has produced. Without further ado, let’s give a round of applause to (title and name of chief guest).

Welcome Speech for the School Principal

Ladies and Gentlemen, good morning!

I’m truly pleased and honored to welcome our new principal (title and name of principal). He has previously worked for 5 years at Lumos International as principal and has succeeded in revitalizing their academic standing and programs, especially in English and Cultural Studies.

I have gotten to know her/him over the last few days during the transition phase and found her/him to be a brave and progressive intellectual, with a great ideology and vision for the future of (name of school), our beloved school.

On behalf of the current administration, our board of trustees, the faculty, the staff, and our student body, we wholeheartedly extend a great welcome to you (title and name of principal).

We hope that with your leadership, energy, and enthusiasm, we shall start a new era of learning and reach greater excellence.

Congratulations and welcome!

Welcome Speech for Teachers Day

Good morning! We welcome everyone today who is here to celebrate this annual event for their beloved teachers. We don’t always get to thank our teachers, but on this day, we pay tribute to our second parents.

They have provided guidance and given their light to educate and lead us to a journey of wonder, discovery, and knowledge. For their efforts, they deserve the greatest of honors and our utmost respect.

Our steadfast yet affectionate teachers should be our role models. They inspire us daily and motivate us to reach our greatest potential. They impart wisdom so that we don’t only excel academically, but as good people and responsible members of our society.

So on Teacher’s Day, it’s all about them and giving them the honor that many take for granted. Thank you, dear teachers!

Welcome Speech for Children’s Day

Good morning everybody!

Today we extend our appreciation and the warmest embrace to our beloved students to celebrate Children’s Day!

It’s been a blessing to be a part of nurturing children’s sense of wonder and imagination. These are qualities we often lose as we grow up, and it’s awesome to witness them happen every day.

Children’s innocence and love are incomparable and difficult to resist. Their smile is the closest thing to heaven that we can glimpse in the world.

School is your children’s second home, and we teachers are their second parents. We thank you for the opportunity to take care of and guide your little angels.

Join us to celebrate our students and make this day as eventful and fun as it can be!

Welcome Speech for Freshers Party

Welcome everyone to our Fresher’s party!

We’ve all gathered here today to celebrate the gift of possibilities and commence the experience of a new beginning.

It’s of utmost pleasure to welcome everyone, especially all my freshers to today’s festivities. I extend my deepest gratitude to all my teachers and everyone who helped make this event a reality. Look at this place, it’s amazing!

University or school life isn’t just about getting a higher education – brace yourself for the adventure of a lifetime! This is the period to create good memories and meet people who can be a permanent part of your academic and later professional lives. May you develop the relationships and acquire the necessary skills to succeed in life.

But for now, let’s leave our worries and cares out in the hall. Let’s celebrate your wise decision to matriculate in our institution. Our college has prepared special events and an entertainment program highlighting some of our talented students.

The next few hours will be memorable and exciting! Thank you for listening and let’s get on with it!

Have a good time!

Welcome Speech Samples for Business

Much like in academic settings, there are more formal events that happen in professional contexts. Some may need a welcome address to introduce special guests or welcome the attendees of a conference. Some are informal events that welcome those who are invited to special occasions at the office and the people they’re honoring. Note down the key phrases and objectives of the samples below and use the same structure in your own welcome or introduction speech in English.

Sample of Welcome Speech for a Goodbye Get-together

Good evening everyone!

Welcome to my farewell party. I know, I know. You all said you’re sorry to see me go, but that you all would need food and entertainment first to deal with your sadness. So here we are. I shall deliver.

As the Semisonic song goes “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” And so it is with great gratitude that the VP in Japan decided to retire early, so the end of his role can mark the beginning of mine. To Toni Takitani, thanks for deciding you’ve had enough!

Kidding aside, I’d like to thank my friends who made this very corporate event a huge success. Look at this, my goodness!

Most importantly, I want to impart my profound gratitude to my boss (name of the boss). Without you, this party won’t have a band. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor. Or I could, but none of them would have changed my life as positively as you have. It saddens me to leave you the most, but it comforts me that you were my biggest source of encouragement to go. Or it may have been your plan all along. Genius!

So to everyone who came, thank you. I’ll have time to thank you properly later, but for now, let’s eat!

Welcome Speech Sample for a Business Conference

Good morning to everyone who came out to join us here today. My name is Julius Kaizer and I’ll be hosting today’s events.

Before anything else, I’d like to take this moment to thank Merville & Posque Inc., their CEO Mr. Hyori Asano and his team for putting this event together in record time. It won’t be possible without your tireless dedication and contributions. I also want to thank everyone who came, our remarkable associates from Osaka, Chiang Rai, and Quezon, our wonderful clients who have stuck with us through thick and thin, and our amazing consultants in various fields of energy conservation. Your interest and patronage are very much appreciated.

A great welcome to all our extraordinary employees and staff members, some of whom have worked and grown along our company’s 23-year history. A big welcome, too, to our interns who have recently joined and brightened our corporate offices.

Today marks the 15th annual MPBC and it’s an honor to be a host in this glorious congress. I myself will be staying for the conference’s entirety to learn what I can about sustainable energy systems and their various implications and impact on the future of our planet.

The activities today will include an overview of all the forums, seminars, and exhibits around the MPBC complex. Second, we will have the inauguration of the new bio-dome on the grounds where we will also honor this year’s retirees. The afternoon’s seminars will kick off after lunch, and I encourage you to attend the discussions and learn about our future plans and projects. Finally, I’d like to encourage everyone to help yourselves to the snack stations in the hallway. Refreshments and sandwiches are on us for the duration of the conference.

I won’t keep you long and let’s begin the day. I wish all of you a valuable and wonderful time! Thank you.

Welcome Speech for a Business Workshop

Good afternoon everyone!

I am so pleased to see you all here. Welcome to my workshop, or should I say “our” workshop. I am truly overjoyed and excited about learning together and helping you reach a breakthrough in industry-scale coding practices.

This workshop aims to cover new software and the importance of earning certificates in several computer applications such as VM Suite, Landscape 5.0, and NF Tech.

I hope you’ll learn a lot in the next few hours and I promise to try to make our activities as engaging and hands-on as possible. Good luck and thanks again for participating in our workshop.

Welcome Speech for Office Events

My name is (your name), the (position in the company), and your host for this meeting. To our CEO (title and name of the CEO), (next are the dignitaries for the company hierarchy if any), all the staff members and their loved ones, and our beloved employees. I welcome you all to the (name of the event) of (name of company).

We are here today to honor our employees’ achievements in their respective fields and departments. Your efforts to attain and sustain the standards we keep aren’t unnoticed. This awarding ceremony seeks to remind us about the value and pride we should have in our accomplishments, and the significance of collaboration and teamwork. It is our spirit of community and faith in our abilities that represent the vision of (name of company). May we continue to grow through hard work, accountability, and cooperation.

To start off with our first award, let’s call up (title and position of the presenter), (name of the presenter).

Welcome Speech Samples for Family Functions

Huge family events often have speeches: weddings, birthdays, farewell parties, funerals, anniversaries, and so on. Some of these events normally have hosts and esteemed guests. Here are some tips and samples to inspire you.

Tips on Welcoming the Chief Guest?

If you’re searching for tips on how to make a welcome speech for guest, here are some things you can do:

  • When drafting your speech, do the research.
  • Highlight the key qualities that are worth mentioning in an opening welcome speech for event.
  • Take note of the welcome address speech sample in this article and create a framework from them.
  • Look up welcome speech quotes and choose the best one to use somewhere in your speech.
  • Greet the chief guest at the event personally and introduce yourself if you don’t know each other.
  • Extend your hard for a handshake and smile to express that they are honored and welcome to the event.
  • Smile and suggest they are being welcomed.
  • Address them formally with the usual Miss or Mr.
  • Escort the chief guest before you assume host duties.

Welcoming the Chief Guest with a Short Speech

It’s a great honor to welcome our Chief guest and tonight’s keynote speaker. I was worried at first about how to introduce (title and name of Chief guest) because any introduction would pale in comparison to the reality and immensity of her/his accomplishments.

(Enumerate the main accomplishments of the chief guest).

She/he is the ultimate inspiration for young professionals everywhere who want to succeed in the field of international trade. Here to inspire us with her career journey and all the experiences she accumulated along the day, join me in giving a round of applause to (title and name of chief guest).

Welcoming the Chief Guest (Longer Version of the Speech)

Introducing our next attendee is a great pleasure of mine. When she/he accepted our invitation to be tonight’s Chief guest and keynote speaker, I almost jumped for joy. Then I realized I would naturally receive the task of introducing her/him. At first, this gave me great anxiety. How would I be able to pull it off and deliver an introduction that would give her background justice? Then I thought, no introduction would ever compare, so it was foolish to aim for success when failure is guaranteed. So I decided to just do it. Our chief guest has accomplished the following, to name a few:

As I looked at her/his professional and personal successes, I realized here is a woman/man who was faced many times with the certainty of failure but had given her circumstances a grad twist by attaining success against all odds. Then I thought, perhaps I should aim for success in this speech, after all.

She/he is an inspiration to many, not only for all the fields of expertise she has earned and the extreme success that went with the process, but she/he has also set the benchmark for philanthropy and good deeds. She/he has done this quietly, too, and she/he might strangle me for revealing it to the public. I didn’t even know half of the wonderful things she/he has done for our community before my research.

Without further ado, and here to inspire us with her wisdom and grand skill, join me in welcoming our Chief guest (title and name of chief guest).

Welcome Speech for Parents

Hi everyone!

As host and brother of the groom, I’d like to take this time to introduce the parents of the bride. Without them, my brother wouldn’t be the lucky and happy man he is today. More than that, I have witnessed how they accepted my brother and treated him as a son long before the engagement. I often tag along on family trips and have spent hours of wonderful conversations with them. Apart from my own parents, they are two of the most affectionate and hospitable people I’ve ever met. If I could meet a woman whose parents are just like them, I’d consider myself half as lucky as my brother.

Let’s give a round of applause for (names of the bride’s parents). Thank you for embracing my brother into the fold.

Welcome Speech Samples for National Holidays

Below is a sample of a welcome speech typically delivered during Annual Day. Substitute the appropriate details to match your information and use the framework in other speeches reserved for national holidays.

Welcome Speech for Annual Day

I am overjoyed to have this chance to welcome all of you to our elite institution’s 25th Annual Day. Today’s children are the hope of the next generation. All these graduates we see today, receiving awards for their achievements will go on to lead successful lives. Let them live up to the expectations set before them.

I am very happy to be a member of such an elite school where we learned from such great professors who teach us beyond the boundaries of the ordinary classroom. They’re also the minds and hands behind such a big event every year. I’d like to use this chance to organize such a wonderful event this year. It’s also a great pleasure of mine to introduce our Chief Guest.

Welcome speeches are necessary at events. They usually set the tone or expectations of the people who attended or participated in the occasion. There are many ways in going about delivering a welcome address speech. Review the samples in this article and do your due diligence to craft an outline, framework, or skeleton from the contents that you can use in welcome speeches of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good welcome speech has the following qualities: * It is sincere. * It can hold the attention of the audience. * The ideas don’t ramble. * Welcome address quotes are used. One for a short welcome speech, and 2 for a longer one. Never 3, unless the speaker is trying to be funny. * The contents are relevant to the event. * It has an impressive anecdote. * The length doesn’t exceed 5 minutes.

The last segment of this article contains tips on welcoming chief guests, esteemed guests, or guests of honor. The tips contained here can be divided into things to consider while drafting the welcome speech, and things to do at the event itself when meeting the chief guest.

A simple thank you would suffice. Make sure you reiterate your gratitude. Some welcome speeches can end with a line that welcomes the guest of honor.

Depending on the context, a welcome speech doesn’t always need to be impressive. In some situations, a straightforward introduction is all you need. However, in some circumstances like commencement ceremonies, farewell parties, dinners, and some others, the audience is prepared to listen to long speeches. In this case, the speech needs to catch the attention of the attendees and maintain their interest. An impressive welcome speech often has an emotional element. Not just parroting big words to describe a person’s achievements or flatter them. Try to use humor if you’re funny by nature or if you can deliver the punchline well. Use popular quotes in your speech. Tell anecdotes relevant to the attendees. Or reveal an epiphany. These are how you should draft a welcome speech set to impress.

Make sure that it is relevant to the content of your welcome speech or the point you’re making. You can use phrases such as the following: * According to… * As the old saying goes… * There’s a quote that has always stuck with me… * Events like this always remind me of one of my favorite quotes… Try to find quotes that are unique and not cliche. You can find some in the lyrics of contemporary music, or lines and dialogues from books and movies, and so on.

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50+ different ways to say welcome to your guests

By:  Susan Dugdale  | Last modified: 04-08-2021

The challenge of a welcome speech is to find alternate ways to express yourself sincerely without resorting to a string of undifferentiated "same-old, same-old" words and phrases that have become meaningless through overuse to greet your guests with.

And there's an additional question to answer. Is the event formal or informal? Your response will guide the language choices you make.

What's on this page?

  • help to decide whether you need formal or informal language
  • examples of informal and formal welcome speech openings
  • 50+ different ways to say welcome 
  • 28 example sentences  

Do you need to use formal or informal language?

Is the welcome speech you're preparing formal or informal?  

There are major differences. The words you use in an informal speech will be entirely out of place in a formal one. You need to know what is right for the occasion if you want your speech to be a success.

The video below explains the difference and provides six example speech openings to illustrate: three formal and three informal.

How to avoid repetition making your speech boring!  

Repetition of a familiar word is easy to do and totally understandable.

Sometimes we can't find the words we want, and we get stuck in a vocabulary rut, using the same phrase or word over and over, and over again, trying to make it cover multiple and/or different situations.

Image: retro woman giving a welcome speech,and repeating the word "welcome" a lot.  Text: Repetition can be very boring! Text in s

And yet we know, words are just like clothes. One size does does not fit all.

What's the solution?

Here's three suggestions to individualize or tailor your words to fit your event a little better. And they'll be more interesting for the audience to listen to!

With care you'll find most will adapt either formal or informal use.

1. Add an adjective to the word welcome

Try working in an adjective to describe the quality of your welcome more fully.

I've provided an example sentence or two alongside each adjective to show how it could be used in context.

I know some examples are much more successful, (smooth to say and read), than others.

Some, quite frankly, clunk a little. (I say this with a wry smile ☺!) 

If you decide to use the feature word in those that do, perhaps you'll find a way to use it more eloquently!  

What sort of welcome are you offering?

It could be a(n):

  • warm  welcome " Luckily the weather is on our side today! The sun and I are pleased to offer you a warm welcome."
  • hearty  welcome  "Here's a hearty welcome, big and warm enough to encompass you all! To say we are thrilled to see you is an understatement."
  • cheerful  welcome "It's my pleasure to extend a cheerful welcome to you all! Your presence makes us very happy."
  • cordial  welcome "Fellow members, please join me in giving our guests the most cordial of welcomes."
  • sociable  welcome "Let's hear it for a sociable welcome! On the count of three, turn to your neighbor and say 'hello'. There are no strangers here, only  friends we are yet to meet."
  • genial  welcome "It's my pleasant duty to bid you all a genial welcome."
  • convivial  welcome "On behalf of my colleagues, I wish you all a convivial welcome. We are going to have a merry and enjoyable time together."
  • agreeable  welcome "The flags are flying. The balloons are ready for release. It's a great day, one we've been planning and waiting for. I'm sure you'll concur, this is an agreeable welcome."
  • pleasing  welcome "It's gratifying to look around and see so many familiar faces. That's a pleasing welcome to what I know is a going to be a great  conference ... "

Or maybe it's a(n):

  • glad  welcome "It's a glad welcome we bring to you this morning, filled with the desires, hopes and dreams we all share."
  • hospitable  welcome "We're delighted to offer the most hospitable welcome we can."
  • amiable  welcome "Dear guests, look around you! An amiable welcome full of friendship is yours."
  • gracious  welcome "Our desire is to extend a gracious and inclusive welcome to all of you. For now let's put aside our differences and instead celebrate what brings us together!"

What about a(n):

Image -young retro salesman. Text: What sort of welcome words  do you want? We've got cheerful, hearty, warm (the classic) and delighted.

Then there's a:

  • pleasant  welcome "You know what's great about these events? You are always assured of a pleasant welcome. This is feel-good central and we aim ..."
  • companionable  welcome "Looking around I can see many familiar faces - peers, past and present colleagues. What a companionable welcome! It's great to see you all here ..."
  • grateful  welcome "Many of you have made a huge effort to join us today. On behalf of us all, we are deeply appreciative and offer you our most grateful welcome."
  • friendly  welcome "Today is the day we begin to learn to look through the eyes of others; to find out and experience what the world is like for them. It is also the day we grow bigger than our differences and offer to everyone regardless of historical rights and wrongs, a friendly welcome, an outstretched hand."

Perhaps a(n):

  • appreciative  welcome "Wow, what a gathering we have here tonight. We've got dignitaries, celebrities, fans, and organizational members all brought together for one cause. Ours. Here's an appreciative welcome to you all."
  • superb  welcome "Ladies and gentlemen, the room is ready. The tables are set. The band is playing our theme song. And the waiting staff are preparing to take your orders. This is a superb welcome, fit for royalty, and that's what you are to us."
  • delighted  welcome "To our special guests; look around. See the smiles of everyone's faces? We are truly delighted to welcome you here today."
  • favored  welcome "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have stars in the sky, and on stage. We are favored to welcome some the brightest the world has seen."
  • honored  welcome "I look around the stage and am in awe with the collected expertise gathered here. We are deeply honored to welcome you."
  • big  welcome "Here's to a big welcome for our guests; Lady Amelia Thistledown and Sir Roger Godfrey!"
  • huge  welcome "Ladies and gentlemen, please give a huge welcome to ..."
  • rapturous  welcome "Do you hear the applause? The audience joins me in a rapturous welcome! We are thrilled to have you with us today."

2. What about the guests you want to welcome?

Think about the guests you want to welcome as part of your speech. What sort of guests are they?  Is there a word, or two, you could use to describe them more fully?

Accurate descriptions of the people coming to the event, either as especially invited guests, or as members of the audience, helps build credibility and trust.

The care you take to find the right words is an excellent investment for everybody involved.

Image: hand drawn crowd figures. Text: Honor your guests by using words to help them stand out from the crowd.

Could your guests be better described as:

  • esteemed  guests?
  • brilliant  guests?
  • celebrated  guests?
  • dear  guests?
  • admired  guests?
  • acclaimed  guests?
  • cherished  guests?
  • respected  guests?
  • revered  guests?
  • wonderful  guests?
  • popular  guests?
  • much-loved  guests?
  • famous  guests?
  • expert  guests?
  • distinguished  guests?
  • honored  guests?
  • valued  guests?
  • appreciated  guests?
  • remarkable  guests?
  • renowned  guests?
  • knowledgeable  guests?
  • treasured  guests?

3. What about the word "guests"?

Image: cross section of an audience. Text: Who, exactly, is your audience? Are these people your peers, colleagues, customers, work mates ...

Who are you talking to? Yes, everybody in the audience is a guest to your event but what could they be more accurately called? 

Are these people your:

  • colleagues?
  • associates?
  • classmates?
  • co-collaborators?
  • fellow-travelers, nurses, teachers ... ? (insert the appropriate descriptor)
  • affiliates?
  • conspirators?
  • companions?

And lastly, have fun experimenting!

Do try mixing and matching your words and phrases to fit the occasion. After all there are more flavors to "welcome" than vanilla!

Related pages:

  • How to write a welcome speech - with a sample speech
  • How to write a speech - step by step help - a good beginning point if you've never prepared a speech before.
  • Back to top of phrases for welcome speeches
  • Return to homepage

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write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company


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write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

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write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

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write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

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write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

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write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company


write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

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The Best Sample Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event

Best Sample Welcome Speech for Corporate Event

The welcome speech is the spine of any corporate event. It pulls or repels the audience to tune in or run away before any special events start. These opening remarks are what sets the tone for your special guests.

Here, learn the best practices to make your welcome speech, or future welcome speeches, for any corporate event successful. This guide will also work if you’re a special guest somewhere for a special occasion. 

Below, you will see a sample speech written under headers. Those headers serve as a guide on the order of what to say and when to say it. I did all the hard work for you so you can use this as a template.

Then, I’ll share even more beyond the best welcome speeches and get into becoming a better public speaker and what it can do for you, your brand, and your business.

But first, here is a link to one of my most talked-about speeches titled Fake News: It’s Your Fault .

Sample Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event

Don’t know where to start on a welcome speech that impresses your listeners? Use the welcome speech guide below and tweak it to make it your own to ensure you start off on the right foot and with the right tone.

This is written in a more formal language that I use personally, but feel free to take it and turn it into its own. For the sake of making the main points in a short speech, I threw in a variety of examples. So, if you’re speaking to church members, your best students, or at an annual group meeting, keep that in mind as you read.

Start with a Salutation

A very pleasant good morning friends, good afternoon gentlemen, or good evening ladies to one and all,

Welcome Speech Introduction

Thank you for being with us today. From our oldest members who’ve been diligently supporting us since the beginning as well as every new face to our 7 th annual get-together, we extend a very warm welcome.

Show Appreciation

On behalf of my staff members, I sincerely thank and acknowledge every one of you who extended help to us for making this event a grand success.

(Include names of who want to thank.)

Trust us, all of this would’ve been just a dream if not for your hard work and immense support.

write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

The Theme of the Event

Today, I would like to point your attention to our fresh faces in the volunteer category who are part of our Sunday service (include a date).

You are here today because we share a mutual passion. We are asking for your support and contributions to our organization to realize (specify the vision/mission of the company/association/firm).

We grow and scale successfully only with your dedication toward individual and group goals. You are an integral part of our success story and we need you as much as you need us.

In the coming months, you will learn and practice initiative programs via seminars and exclusive events designed to enhance your hands-on experience and professional skills.

The Conclusion

Lastly, without taking too much more of your time and without further ado, I call (insert the name of the first speaker) to introduce himself/herself to you as well as elaborate on the core details of ongoing and upcoming projects and contracts.

If you’re on the veranda, don’t hesitate to hit me up with a ‘Hi’ if you have any doubts. You’re all most welcome here (insert company name or a church name, for example).

The Best Sample Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event

Speaking on the main stage with Pat Flynn at Podcast Movement, 2019

5 Speech Writing and Giving Tips

This short welcome speech sample will help you create your own great welcome speech for the start of any special event.

What you just read is suited for formal events. When planning, it’s a good idea to have an overview of the event to determine if it’s a very formal event or if it’s laid back with more familiar faces.

You also need to know who will be there – new volunteers, new members, a chief guest, government officials, young children, etc. This way, you will keep in mind the different initiatives.

1. Outline the structure.

Obviously, this post is helpful in creating a structure, but I invite you to use what’s written above as an outline. Think of it as a helpful way to show what order to put things in. Then you can fill in the details, like a speech template for a welcome message or warm greeting.

When you’re doing this, remember the purpose of your speech as well as the tone of the event.

2. Flesh out the main ideas in your outline.

The main body of your speech is going to be different for every event and audience. Again, the example above is very formal.

Feel free to crack a joke or tell a story. (Jokes aren’t just for informal events!) Storytelling is what keeps people interested and it’s what they remember most in a speech. So, while you’re brainstorming, think of story examples for three to five points that can be made in your speech.

When you flesh out the main ideas, you get away from listeners thinking that the speech takes a long time because they’re enjoying the ride. Because storytelling is so important in having huge success as a speaker, I am including more strategies on how to incorporate this in your next talk after this section.

If you are allowed cue cards on the day of the event, this is where those new ideas would go. When I did my TEDx talk mentioned above, I wasn’t allowed cue cards but I used my slides as a reminder of what to say next and keep me on track.

You could do the same for things like remembering the names of individuals, ensuring you say the right words, calling out the name of the guest speaker, and other important information.

3. Edit and polish what you’ve written until you have a cohesive first draft of your speech.

A good welcome speech draft should live in your head. Don’t think of editing and polishing as something on paper. The last thing you want to see is a speaker reading from a piece of paper. The best way is to edit and polish in your mind so it becomes so familiar to you that you can speak off the cuff.

For my TEDx Talk shared above, I used an outline for the points I wanted to make in my talk. Then, I filled in the details with stories and added images to make it a bit more entertaining.

I never wrote what I was going to say word for word. When you do that and try to memorize it, you will end up either sounding like a robot (not conversational at all) or you’ll get lost after tripping up one word.

Remember, be conversational. It’s the best way to keep the audience’s attention.

sample speech for corporate event

Welcoming the audience at Together with the Royal, 2018

4. Practice.

While this can get repetitive, it’s so important to practice with notes to start, then without notes. For TEDx, my practice was to accomplish two things:

  • Stay within the 7-8 minute set time limit
  • Memorize the order of the points I wanted to make. As mentioned above, to make this easier, I used slides to remind me what point to make next. I also shared a few numbered points, like first, second, third, etc.

I would run through my talk a few times. Then the next day, I’d do it again. Wash, rinse, and repeat was my method for weeks.

5. Ask for Feedback.

If you want to give another effective welcome speech, it’s important to know what people did and did not like about the one you just presented.

Now, I’m one who does NOT like taking advice from the cheap seats. With that said, I’m not telling you to get professional speaking advice from someone who is not a professional speaker.

Instead, learn what people liked best, what was most exciting, where you lost them because things got boring, how they left feeling, etc.

The Best Sample Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event

Hosting The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV

How to Incorporate Storytelling in a Speech

While this post is about the best opening speech samples, it doubles as advice on becoming a great public speaker in general.

Public speaking is an art that requires skill, confidence, and the ability to captivate an audience. As mentioned above, one of the most powerful tools at a speaker’s disposal is storytelling. Stories have the unique ability to engage emotions, connect with people on a personal level, and leave a lasting impact.

Whether you’re trying to make a good first impression, giving a business presentation, a TED talk as I did, or a motivational speech, incorporating storytelling can elevate your speech to a whole new level.

Below are seven ways to effectively incorporate storytelling in a speech and unleash the power of narrative to engage and inspire your audience.

1. Start with a compelling opening.

To grab your audience’s attention from the beginning, begin your speech with a captivating story. This could be a personal anecdote, an intriguing historical event, or a relatable fictional tale.

The key is to choose a story that sets the tone for your speech and establishes a connection with your listeners. A strong opening story will pique curiosity and create anticipation for what’s to come.

write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

2. Use stories to illustrate key points.

Instead of relying solely on facts and data, use stories to illustrate your main points. Stories provide context, add depth to your message, and make your ideas more memorable.

Consider using real-life examples, case studies, or even fictional narratives that convey the essence of your topic. By painting a vivid picture through storytelling, you enable your audience to visualize and internalize your message.

3. Make it personal.

Sharing personal stories can be incredibly powerful in building rapport with your audience. When appropriate, open up about your own experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

Personal stories create a sense of authenticity and vulnerability, allowing your listeners to connect with you on a deeper level. It helps build trust and credibility, making your speech more relatable and impactful.

The Best Sample Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event

Acting as a spokesperson for a national commercial

4. Create emotional resonance.

Emotions are a fundamental aspect of storytelling. To make your speech memorable, aim to evoke emotions in your audience. Craft your stories in a way that elicits empathy, humor, or inspiration.

By tapping into the emotional landscape of your listeners, you forge a stronger bond and ensure that your message lingers in their minds long after the speech is over.

5. Maintain a narrative structure.

A well-structured narrative keeps your audience engaged and makes your speech flow smoothly. Begin by setting the stage, introducing the characters or situation, building up the tension, and concluding with a resolution or a call to action.

This storytelling framework helps maintain the audience’s interest throughout your speech and ensures a satisfying and impactful conclusion.

6. Use sensory details.

Incorporate sensory details to make your stories more vivid and engaging. Describe sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures to transport your audience into the world of your narrative.

Engaging multiple senses helps create a richer and more immersive experience, making your speech more memorable and captivating.

7. Practice and refine.

Storytelling in a speech requires practice and refinement. I’ve already mentioned this in this post, but let me get more specific about what you need to pay attention to.

Pay attention to the pacing, timing, and delivery of your stories. Practice in front of a mirror, record yourself, or seek feedback from trusted individuals. Refine your stories, eliminate unnecessary details, and ensure that each one contributes to your overall message.

With practice, your storytelling skills will improve, and you’ll become a more confident and effective speaker.

The Best Sample Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event

TEDx in Boca Raton, 2018

If you want to learn more about giving great speeches and speaking in public, check out this blog post about Toastmasters . It’s a great way to network and become a seasoned public speaker.

Have you heard a persuasive speech that gave you a moment of great pleasure? Is there a keynote speech that stands out to you?

Maybe it’s a specific speaker or a successful welcome speech you saw trending on TikTok. Find me on Instagram at @ChristinaAllDay and let me know.

That’s really helpful guide. Appreciated yours!

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write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

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write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

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write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company


write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company


write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

I'm a millennial mom here to inspire you to live your best life without feeling any    mom guilt .

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write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company


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How to Write a Welcome Speech

Last Updated: July 29, 2023 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Patrick Muñoz . Patrick is an internationally recognized Voice & Speech Coach, focusing on public speaking, vocal power, accent and dialects, accent reduction, voiceover, acting and speech therapy. He has worked with clients such as Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria, and Roselyn Sanchez. He was voted LA's Favorite Voice and Dialect Coach by BACKSTAGE, is the voice and speech coach for Disney and Turner Classic Movies, and is a member of Voice and Speech Trainers Association. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 1,593,504 times.

Are you on welcome speech duty for an upcoming program or event? You’ve got nothing to worry about—with the right format and tone, it’s super easy to write and present a welcome speech for just about any occasion. We’ve outlined everything you need to know, from your opening greetings and acknowledgments, to establishing the right tone and nailing your closing remarks. You’ve got this in the bag!

Greeting the Audience

Step 1 Welcome the audience using serious language for a formal occasion.

  • Keep the tone more serious if it's an important occasion. Use more formal language and don't crack any inappropriate jokes. For example, at a wake, you might say, "We're so glad to have you all here tonight. We appreciate your presence at this difficult time."

Step 2 Greet guests informally by using light-hearted language.

  • For an event with close friends and family, more informal language might be appropriate. Include a few jokes and keep your speech more lighthearted.

Patrick Muñoz

Patrick Muñoz

Grab your audience's attention with a strong opening. Start with a loud voice and a strong presence that welcomes everyone and gets them involved. Ask a question they can respond to or tell a joke — anything to connect with the audience. Do something that grabs their attention and excites them and makes them thrilled about the event.

Step 3 Add individual greetings for any special guests.

  • Special guests include any people of honor, those that may play a particularly important part in the event, or those who have traveled a long way to be there.
  • Make sure that you practice all of names, titles, and pronunciations of the special guests before your speech.
  • For example you could say, "We'd like to extend a special welcome to our guest of honor, Judge McHenry, who will be speaking later tonight."
  • Alternatively to welcome a group of people you might say, "While we're excited to have you all here tonight, we'd especially like to say welcome to the students from Johnson Middle School."

Step 4 Introduce the event itself.

  • For an informal event such as a birthday party, you could say, "We're so happy to have you here tonight to eat, drink, and celebrate another year of Jessica's life. Now, let's get to it."
  • For a more formal event such as one run by an organisation, you could say, “We are so excited to have you all here to participate in our 10th annual pet’s day, organised by the Animal Rescue Group.”

Forming the Body of the Speech

Step 1 Acknowledge those who have played an important part in the event.

  • An example of acknowledging individual people is saying, “We couldn’t have pulled off this fundraiser without the hard work and dedication of Grace and Sally, who worked tirelessly from day 1 to make today a reality.”
  • Avoid reading off a long list of people or sponsors, as your audience will begin to get bored. Stick to just a handful of highlights.

Step 2 Mention any parts of the event that are of special importance.

  • For instance, at a conference, you might point out when the dinner will be held, or where particular sessions will take place.
  • At a wedding reception, you might note when dancing will start or when the cake will be served.

Step 3 Reiterate your welcoming line.

  • Alternatively, you could end the body of your speech during an informal gathering by saying, “I can't wait to see you all out on the dancefloor!”

Ending the Speech

Step 1 Say that you hope the audience enjoys the event, if applicable.

  • You could also say that you hope that the audience takes something away from the event. For example, “I hope that today inspires ideas and discussions around the ways that we can make our city a better place!”

Step 2 Introduce the next speaker if necessary.

  • At a formal event, you might say, "Now, for our speaker. Rebecca Roberts comes here from Montreal, Canada, and she is a leading expert in the study of the human brain. She'll be speaking tonight on what drives humans to make decisions. Let's welcome her."
  • For a more informal event such as a party, you could say, “Next up is Sam, who has been Kyle’s best friend for 10 years strong. He has a decade of embarrassing stories about Kyle to share with us tonight!"

Step 3 Thank the audience for attending.

  • Alternatively you might say, “Thank you again to everyone for being here tonight to celebrate Joe and Kathleen’s 50th wedding anniversary! Let the celebrations begin!”

Step 4 Keep your speech within a suitable time limit.

  • If you are unsure, ask the organiser or host what an appropriate length of time for your speech will be.

Writing Help

write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

Community Q&A

wikiHow Staff Editor

  • Practice your speech in front of trusted friends and family in the days leading up to the event. [12] X Research source Thanks Helpful 1 Not Helpful 1

write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

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About This Article

Patrick Muñoz

To write a welcome speech, start with a greeting to your audience that’s appropriate to the situation. For example, you could try “Good evening ladies and gentlemen” if you’re introducing a formal event, or “Thank you everyone for coming on this sunny day” for a more relaxed occasion. After you’ve finished the greeting, introduce the event by talking about who organized it and what its purpose is. In the main body of your speech, acknowledge 2 or 3 people who played important parts in organizing the event. You should also emphasize special parts of the event that people should pay attention to, such as where dinner will be or where a conference session will take place. When you’re ready to conclude your speech, tell the audience to enjoy the event by saying something like “I hope you all enjoy the exciting speakers to come.” Finish your speech by thanking the audience for attending. For tips on how to introduce people at a special occasion, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

Make Your Welcome Speech A Verbal Handshake

Welcome speech - a verbal handshake

A welcome speech is a short speech that greets attendees and sets the tone for an event. It can be instructional, informative, persuasive, or inspirational, as the speaker gets the audience interested in the event, makes them feel welcome, and gives them an overview of what to expect.

Whether you attend a wedding, a conference, or the spring concert at your kid’s school, you can expect the first order of business to be a welcome speech. The host or their representative will kick off the event with opening remarks or a welcome address to make the audience feel at home.

The welcome speech should be the verbal equivalent of a handshake!

This speech serves a bigger purpose than simply welcoming people to the event, as there are often pieces of information about the schedule that those in attendance would want to know before the function starts. How do you write a great welcome speech? Let us help you!

Table of Contents

What Is A Typical Welcome Speech?

The basics of speech writing apply to a welcome speech. Like most speeches, it has three main components: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

  • Greeting:  First, greet everyone in attendance and then introduce yourself to the audience and begin setting the event’s tone.
  • Body:  In the body of the speech, provide important information, set the tone for the events, or warm up the audience. You might also introduce the first speaker, in which case you discuss that person’s credentials.
  • Conclusion:  Your welcome speech might send participants to various sessions or usher in the first speaker.

Welcome speech orients conference participants

What Is The Purpose Of A Welcome Speech?

Unlike most other speeches that have a life of their own with a topic, a welcome speech serves the rest of the program.

You want people to feel welcome attending an event. Telling people that it is with “great pleasure” that you welcome them to an event starts things off on a positive note.

An excellent welcome speech then warms up the audience for what is about to occur, whether that is a keynote speech, breakout sections for a conference, or a special event.

When Does The Welcome Speech Take Place?

Welcome speeches open up many events.

  • Annual Functions. At events such as   a church picnic, company annual meeting, or corporate data retreat, the opening speech would be a welcome and an explanation of what will occur at the event.

Annual functions like churc h picnics or family reunions may have welcome speeches

  • Award Ceremonies. At award shows such as the Oscars or other huge televised events or a collegiate sports award banquet, a master or mistress of ceremonies may welcome guests and tell the order of what’s to follow. and introduce the first presenter.
  • Church Welcome Speech.  Many churches welcome anyone to visit and see what they are all about. They may have an informal greeting for visitors and special guests. One church I visited invited all guests or new people to stop by a welcome table for a small gift of a coffee mug and devotional.

Welcom visitors at church

  • Commencement . Graduation ceremonies warmly welcome the graduates and attendees before diplomas are presented..
  • Conference. Welcome speeches set the right tone for a conference, lets attendees know what’s next and who the first speaker is.
  • Corporate events . A formal event such as a data retreat or an informal occasion like a yearly celebration picnic will include a short welcome speech.
  • Special Events .  Milestone birthdays, anniversaries, religious ceremonies, etc., may have a person welcoming guests.

How Do You Start A Welcome Speech?

A welcome speech starts by acknowledging the time of day by simply saying “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” or “Good evening.”

You then state how happy you are to be offering the welcome to whatever the event is. An example is to say, “My name is (name), and I am thrilled to have been given the honor of welcoming all of you distinguished guests who have assembled here today.”

When welcoming guests at a wedding, you could start out by saying, “We are so grateful to all of the friends, family members, and other loved ones who have come to share in (bride) and (groom’s) special day.”

Keeping it Warm

Sometimes, the opening speaker wants to ensure that people feel the environment is warm and inviting. In addition to choosing words that sound inviting and welcoming, such as “it is our pleasure” and “we are so thrilled that you all could make it today,” body language is essential.

Smiling is the first thing that will help ease anxiety and leave people feeling at ease. Also, avoid crossing your arms in front of your body, as that can make you appear closed off or angry. Making eye contact and focusing on smiling when you speak couple together to create a warm environment as you welcome guests.

Make your welcome speech warm

Tips For A Welcome Speech?

Some of these tips are specific to giving a welcome speech, and others are just good practice for any form of public speaking.

  • Eye Contact:  There are better ways to give a strong speech than reading right off of a piece of paper. Look up at the audience periodically to offer eye contact.
  • Practice:   The more you practice, the better your speech will sound. One can practice in front of a mirror, with friends, or even by making a video and watching it yourself.
  • Remember the Purpose:  Why are these particular people assembled on this day? Acknowledging why everyone is in the same room is a good way to help you frame your speech’s contents.
  • Time:  Talk to the person heading up the event to learn how long you should speak. Only talk as long as they have invited you to speak. Remember quality over quantity.
  • Word Choice:  Once you have given the purpose of the event thought, you can move on and decide what type of language is more appropriate. For a professional conference or commencement, formal language would fit in best. However, informal language would be preferred if you are welcoming wedding guests.

A former English teacher and currently an elementary principal in a rural school, Pam has honed her speaking skills in the classroom and before professional groups. Pam enjoys sharing her insights about public speaking almost as much as she enjoys running, which she does daily.

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Counteracting Fear Of Public Speaking With Coaching And Therapy

Nearly 75% of people experience the social phobia of fear of public speaking. The result may be nervousness before speaking or a full-blown panic attack. Practicing public speaking may lessen the...

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Sample Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event

If you’ve ever attended a corporate event , then you know the welcome speech gets all of the attention. The welcome speech is what allures the attendees to either listen and take interest… or not want to participate at all. Given that, welcome speeches are really important and should be long enough to address everyone properly but short enough to not bore everyone in the room.

If you’re wondering what a great welcome speech looks like, here’s a sample you can use as a guide or template to help create your very own welcome speech:


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

Thank you to each and every one of you for being here with us today. We are very pleased to be able to welcome those of you that have been with us for a long time now as well as those who are new to the (group/community/association etc.)

Today marks our 10 th annual group meeting and we are proud to be able to host it today here at this wonderful place with all of you.


Before we get started, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you who generously helped us make this event come together to become a success. (Include the names of the individuals you wish to thank here) We couldn’t have done it without you!

Purpose of the Event

In today’s gathering, I would like to focus on all our new volunteers who have joined us since (January 2013, for example).

You have all been chosen to be a part of our association due to a mutual passion for (company’s vision/mission). Your passions help us all to unite and the energy we create is what allows us to achieve our individual as well as group goals. We need you as much as you need us and that why we are grateful to have you join us here at (insert the name of the company).

During the next few months, you will be learning about the different initiatives through our planned activities, seminar, and special events where you will be able to join in and get hands on experiences. I hope these will help you grow to be more productive and smart.

Well, I don’t want to take too much of your time, I need to leave some time for (insert the name of the next person) to introduce himself to all of you and fill you in on some of our up coming activities/projects. Today will be fun and full of learning.

So a very warm welcome to each and every one of you, if youhave nay questions, suggestions, clarifications, or just want to say “hi”, you can find me in the lobby.

What’s next

Thank you very much for listening and let us welcome, (insert the name of the speaker or guest). Thank you!

If you need help planning your next corporate event, give us a call at (516) 354.7797 .

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write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

Resources: Blog | Polly

18 Examples of How to Say “Welcome to the Team”

A friendly “welcome to the team” message can make sure a new person knows you’re excited to have them. Find the right wording with these 18 examples.

Employee Experience

It pays to put effort into your onboarding experience. Recent research found that 70% of people who had an exceptional onboarding experience would say they have the “best possible job.” Making a great first impression on a new team member can help increase their engagement, investment level, and their excitement about their role. 

Knowing this, it’s worth investing in this new employee experience. A very simple way to make onboarding a more inviting experience is sending a brief “Welcome to the team” message. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at:

Why a welcome message makes perfect sense

  • What to include in your welcome message
  • Examples of great welcome messages from managers and coworkers

Let’s explore welcome messages in more detail and discover why they’re essential, how to create them, and what to say. 

A from-the-heart welcome message can be a great way to: 

  • Set the tone for future communications
  • Start building a relationship with your new team member
  • Introduce your new hire to your company culture
  • Showcase your values and approach to support
  • Encourage employee engagement from the start
  • Guide your new team member towards their next steps

Use your welcome message as part of your overall onboarding process. Weave in other elements like automated new employee check-ins , team meetings with get-to-know-you icebreakers , new employee survey s , and an open forum where they can ask questions. 

💡Discover these great ideas and more in our guide to using Polly to help onboard your new team members . 

What to say in your “welcome to the team” message

It’s not always easy to know what to say beyond “welcome to the team!” — especially if you’re new to this. Whether you send a more formal welcome letter or an informal welcome email or Slack message, use these themes to help you put together an effective welcome message. 

Celebrate that they’re here

Every great welcome message should focus on welcoming your team member to their new position, team, and company. Phrases like “welcome to the team”, “we’re so glad you’re here”, and “we can’t wait to get to know you” all let your new hire know you’re excited about their presence. 

Offer support and comfort

It can be daunting joining a new team or company, and even the most confident of new employees can find it hard to navigate the transition alone. Use your welcome message as an opportunity to highlight where your new team member can find information, offer support, and let them know you’re there for them at any time. 

Encourage them to be curious

Many people that enter a new role tend to stay quiet at the start as they figure out their surroundings and work environment. Encourage your new hires to be creative, curious, and ask questions right away. Let them know you welcome their thoughts, challenges, ideas, and debates — and that you embrace a culture of transparency and innovation. 

Introduce their new team

Now is a great time to introduce your new member of the team to everyone else. Include a note in your welcome message about how the entire team is excited to meet them, so they feel like part of the team right away. If it’d be helpful, you could also mention the name of the buddy or mentor you’re pairing them with, and tell your new team member that they’ll get to know each other soon. 

18 Welcome messages to celebrate your new team member’s arrival

Use these welcome message templates to help you put together your own version, or use them as they are and simply add in the new team member’s name.

Welcome messages from a manager

It’s time to welcome someone new to your team! Here’s what to say to help them settle in and find their way around. 

Welcome messages from a team member

Someone new is joining your team and you’re eager to get to know them and show them around. Here’s how to share that enthusiasm with your new colleague.

Before you hit send on your welcome message, it’s important to tailor it to your new team member’s needs and preferences. Talk about why you’re excited to welcome them, in particular, to the team. Or, or embrace someone’s love for a particular TV show. 

Make your new team member feel welcome from the start

Sending a thoughtful welcome message is only one part of the onboarding process . As you rework your welcome message, consider reflecting on other areas of your experience too. 

Use Polly to help you improve your onboarding process with automated check-ins, in-context insights, and fun ways to engage and grow as a team. Learn more about how Polly’s employee onboarding features can help you create an impressive experience.

Try Polly for free to instantly improve your employee engagement.

New call-to-action

Written by Nicola Scoon

Nicola Scoon is a freelance writer that's passionate about employee engagement and better workplace experiences. She draws on her experience in internal communications to help companies create content that empowers, encourages, and motivates people to create better experiences for all.

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11 Strategies to Help You Run More Interactive Meetings

Employee engagement strategies: HR manager interviewing an employee

10 of the Best Employee Engagement Strategies To Try in 2024

Employees happily answering would you rather questions for work

50 Unique and Intriguing Would You Rather Questions for Work

Team icebreakers: team participating in an icebreaker game

11 of the Best Team Icebreakers for Remote Teams

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How to Welcome Visitors to Your Office

They say that you only get one first impression, so make it count. The same can be said for when you welcome visitors into your office space, whether it be for a collaborative meeting with a business partner, an interview for a prospective hire, or a welcoming luncheon for the board of directors. There are certainly a few ways you can ensure that your first impression when bringing visitors into your office always hits the mark, and visitors feel welcomed, relaxed, and impressed by your office space.

Why welcoming visitors matters

We’ve talked a lot about what it takes to hold a successful meeting, and often what we’ve mentioned have to do with the preparation and execution of the meeting itself. But if you aren’t doing your best when welcoming visitors, and bringing them in to your space in an inviting way, it can set a negative tone for the meeting to follow. You definitely do not want to run your meeting off the rails before it even starts. 

How you can begin to welcome visitors

  • Make offerings and welcoming gestures - Offer to take the guests’ coat or umbrella if applicable. Offer them a glass of water or coffee or tea. Making offerings and these kinds of gestures can make visitors feel more relaxed, and can also make for a softer beginning to the meeting rather than just getting down to business.
  • Have a comfortable and inviting entrance - You of course by now know how important office layout can be to the overall feel and atmosphere of your office for your employees, but the same can be said for visitors. Plan your entrance area to include comfortable lounge furniture, rather than just a few stark chairs. If it’s on-brand, include warm and bright colors like yellow and orange, and place several plants around the area. All of these things can make people more comfortable going into your meeting.
  • Provide the visitor clear instructions on how to find your office - If it is difficult to find your entrance, or if there is a complicated sign-in needed, make sure your visitors know this ahead of time. Making a visitor feel stressed, or rushed, or panicked because they couldn’t find your office, is not setting your meeting up for success. Clearly describe these things via your correspondence ahead of time.
  • Ensure you have all the equipment you need - Nothing is worse than conducting a meeting and finding out in real-time that you don’t have the correct adapters for their computer and your projector, or other issues with compatibility. If they have a presentation, offer them to email it to you ahead of time in order to have a backup. Or bring a USB drive to the meeting in case files need to be quickly transferred between devices if you haven’t corresponded about their technical needs ahead of time.


Click on the button below to learn more about Meetio's solutions and how they could make your office more inviting.

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Discover Meetio's full range of solutions.

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Welcome Speech Samples

If you are looking for ideas for welcome speeches, this is where your search ends. In this article, we give you some samples and also tips on how to write these speeches.

Welcome Speech Samples

What is a welcome speech? It is a short and brief speech that is used during various events and functions, of both business and personal nature, to either introduce the event or in some situations to introduce a person and welcome him or her. If the speech serves to introduce an event or an occasion, then it needs to be a pleasant mix of formal and informal, so that it sets the right mood. In case the speech serves to introduce a person, then you will need to add personal information to the speech and ensure that you refer to how the person’s experience in his various capacities is relevant, to the event he is presiding over. An important thing to be kept in mind about a welcome speech is that it should be informative, complementary, and positive. Samples and tips on how to write these speeches will help you understand this better.

How to Write Welcome Speeches

Given below are some tips that will help you draft speeches and come up with some ideas for the same. While writing them, the basic aim remains the same, which is to welcome and introduce the audience to the event and the reason for the event.

  • The opening to your speech, as is evident, should begin by welcoming the audience to the event that has been organized. If there are any special guests at the event, then they should be welcomed and thanked for gracing the occasion with their presence.
  • An important decision that you will need to make is to decide what the tone of your speech is going to be. Is it going to be a funny speech, an entertaining speech or do you want your speech to inspire? Depending on this you will need to draft your speech.
  • The most important focus of the speech has to be your audience and your aim should be to make them look forward to what you have planned for the event. This will make your audience enthusiastic about the event at hand.
  • While you do not have any speech topics you need to decide on, it may be a good idea to carry forward some sort of a theme, that matches the theme of the event or function.
  • If there is going to be another speaker at the event after you, then it is important that you introduce him or her before concluding the speech.
  • While concluding the speech, try and end with a quote or saying of some sort that has an impact on the audience, so that the audience carries home memories of your address to them.
  • Before delivering the speech on the final day, it is of utmost importance to read out the speech in front of a few people, so that you know there is nothing inappropriate about the speech and that it is not offensive in any manner. If you are nervous about the speech, practice it in front of the mirror. This will help reduce your nervousness.
  • Before you end the speech it is absolutely mandatory to thank all those people who have made the event possible.

While there are many websites and books that will offer you the use of templates for welcome speeches and samples of the same, resist using these. The speech should be heartfelt and drafting it is not difficult at all, as long as you include the key and essential pointers that you feel will bring out the essence of what you want to say.

There are many famous speeches that were drafted as welcome speeches but are now oft quoted as parts of speeches for graduation and other such events, due to the sheer motivational power of these speeches. In this article, we have not given any such famous speeches but we have given you one example that will help elucidate how these speeches should be drafted.

This is just one example from many speech samples that you could refer to. Now that you know what is expected from a welcome speech and how to draft it, you should have absolutely no issues in writing the same. At the end of the day, giving the speech is all about making your guests feel at home and also the ensure that they now what the celebration is about.

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Further insights.

Simple Tips For Creating An Engaging Online Dating Profile

Privacy Overview

Visitors Welcome Letters: 4 Templates

Are you preparing to extend a warm welcome to visitors at your establishment? Composing an inviting and informative welcome letter is a wonderful way to ensure guests feel valued and well-informed.

In this guide, we’ll embark on a journey together, providing you with steps and tips to create a letter that exudes warmth, professionalism, and helpfulness.

Let’s set the stage for a positive and memorable experience for your visitors.

Table of Contents

What to Write in a Visitors Welcome Letter

Drafting a Visitors Welcome Letter allows you to convey important information, offer a warm greeting, and ensure visitors feel comfortable and well-guided. Here’s how you can structure it:

  • Warm Greeting: Begin by extending a heartfelt welcome to your visitors. Make them feel appreciated and valued for choosing to visit your establishment.
  • Introduction to Your Establishment: Briefly introduce your establishment or organization. Share key information about its purpose, values, and any unique features that visitors may find interesting.
  • Provide Important Details: Offer essential information such as operating hours, points of interest within your establishment, amenities available, and any safety or security measures they should be aware of.
  • Contact Information: Include contact details for inquiries or assistance. Ensure they know who to reach out to if they have any questions or need further guidance during their visit.
  • Offer Guidance for a Positive Experience: Suggest any recommended routes or areas to explore. Mention any must-see attractions or experiences that can enhance their visit.
  • Express Gratitude for Their Visit: Let your visitors know how much you appreciate their presence. Encourage them to enjoy their time and make the most of their experience.

Tips for Writing a Visitors Welcome Letter

Consider the following tips to ensure your letter is warm, informative, and conducive to a positive visitor experience:

  • Personalize the Experience: Tailor the letter to the specific type of visitors you expect, whether they are first-time guests, returning visitors, or attending a special event.
  • Maintain a Professional Tone: Keep the tone of your letter professional and courteous. Ensure that it aligns with the image and values of your establishment.
  • Highlight Unique Features: If applicable, showcase any distinctive aspects or offerings that set your establishment apart and make it a special place to visit.
  • Proofread for Clarity: Review the letter to ensure that all information is clear, accurate, and easy to understand. Correct any typos or grammatical errors.

By following these steps and tips, you’ll be well-equipped to craft a Visitors Welcome Letter that creates a positive first impression and sets the stage for an enjoyable and memorable visit. Your letter will leave a lasting impact on your visitors and help them make the most of their time at your establishment.

Template: 1

Welcome Letter for Visitors

(Your name)

(Your address)

(Your contact information)

(Name of the Recipient)

(Address of the Recipient)

(Contact Information of the Recipient)

Sub: Letter to Welcome Visitors

Dear (Name of the Recipient),

We are greatly pleased to welcome you, as one of the respectable visitors of our organization (mention the name of the institution).  On behalf of our entire institution, I am conveying my thanks to you to choose our institution for your visit.

We hope you will surely collect happy memories by visiting here. Our staff will always be eager to help you with any problem and also to make your visit memorable.

We are waiting with eagerness to meet you and we can assure you that we are very attentive to your needs. We will surely try our best to exceed your expectations and needs. 

You are requested to see our (mention the post) for any further information related to your visit. You are requested to bring the documents (mention details) with you for your good visiting experiences. We hope we will be able to satisfy you and your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time for any information or assistance you need related to our service. We are always eager to help you as per our capacity.

Feel free to contact me at any time for any information you need. 

We wish for your better experience with us.

With regards,

(Hand-written Signature)

(Notary or witness if required)

Download Template : ( pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc )

Template: 2

Letter to Welcome Hotel guests Visitors

(Mention the name of the sender)

(Designation of the sender)

(Name of the organization)

 (Mention the detailed address)

(Designation of the recipient)

(Name of the institution)

 (Address of the Recipient)

Sub: Letter to Welcome Visitors (hotel Guests)

Respected sir/madam,

On behalf of the entire staff of (Mention the name and details of the hotel), we would like to heartily welcome you to our property.

We feel honored that you have chosen our hotel for your stay and look forward to providing you with a great and memorable experience.

For your convenience, we offer several on-site amenities like (Mention the details) and dining options like (Mention the details). If you are thinking of exploring something new,

our hotel is located conveniently, within a few minutes walking distance you can find various local attractions to please you.

If you need anything during your stay at our hotel, our staff will be very pleased to assist you 24X7. Just give us a call at the reception desk (Mention the number) and we will be at your service.

You can also reach us through a text message at (Mention the contact details) or Facebook.

We once again thank you sincerely for choosing our hotel (Mention the name and details of the hotel) for your vacation and hope that you will have a pleasant and comfortable stay with us.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration and gesture.

 (Mention the name of the sender)

Template: 3

Welcome letter to Church Visitors

Sub: Letter to Welcome Visitors (church Visitors)

Dear (Mention the name of the recipient),

I am writing this letter as the (Mention the details) of our church (Mention the name and details) to welcome you as our respectable visitors. We believe that we are very lucky to be able to serve Jesus and want to continue our services.

I am very pleased that you are willing to join us this (Mention the date or day) on the occasion of (Mention the occasion in detail). I hope that you will find our time together meaningful, inspiring, and also full of fun. We all will enjoy our time together.

Some opportunities come and go quickly and many times never return. Hence, it will be a great chance to lead to many more opportunities to get to know each other and have a great day full of enjoyment and happiness.

If there is anything we can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me (Mention the contact details).  I will be waiting to receive your reply very soon.

Thanking you,

A recipient of God’s grace,

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12 Successful Welcome Message Examples for Customer Onboarding

write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

  • Updated Jan 31, 2024
  • Estimated Reading Time: 0

write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

“Users who receive a welcome message show 33% more engagement with the brand.”

A warm welcome message for the customers gives a sense of caring and makes them feel appreciated.

Nurturing customer relationships is a crucial part of a successful business. Because how you leave customers feeling after having an experience with your business becomes your trademark. But, how to do that? Find here resources needed for customer service .

Customers tend to share both good and bad experiences that influence others. Hence, it is more important than ever to create a welcoming and friendly experience for your customers by following the welcome message templates.

What is a Welcome Message?

A welcome message or welcome email is defined as the form of communication with your target audiences such as website visitors or customers to greet, onboard, or connect them with you.

The main purpose of welcome messages or emails is to encourage users to carry out certain actions depending on your product such as make a purchase, download content, sign up for a trial, etc. 

Why are Welcome Messages Important?

Welcome messages play an important role to help customers to learn more about your brand or guide them through the customer journey. Well crafted welcome emails can be a great way to engage your audience and deliver a better experience.

Welcome emails or messages not only create a perfect first impression but also witness other significant benefits such as:

  • Higher open rate – Welcome emails have 86% higher open rates and engagement than other marketing emails.  They give better clarity about the brand to the users and reassure the impression they hold about your business.
  • Successful onboarding – Welcome messages are vital for educating customers and motivate them to take the right actions. It helps as a stepwise guide to proceed to use the product or service in the proper way. 
  • Increase engagement – Using a chatbot template for w elcome greeting messages for customers is a great way to increase product engagement, open up conversations, and engage users to use the product in the right way to get significant benefits.

Best Welcome Messages Examples for Customer Onboarding

A good welcome message acts as a strong foundation for long-lasting customer relationships. In fact, the power of positive words and phrases for customer service  is matchless as it builds loyalty and wins trust. We have compiled welcome message templates and examples used by the real brands that can help you to craft your messages effectively. 

Here is a list of use cases and templates where welcome messages for customers play a vital role in improving the brand experience.

  • Onboard new customers with a welcome message
  • Website welcome greeting message for online visitors
  • Welcome message for a new subscription
  • Onboard your users with in-app messages 
  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Re-engage with the customers
  • Business referral messages 
  • Order confirmation messages
  • Welcome emails for customer feedback
  • Greeting messages for special days 
  • Subscribe to newsletter 
  • Messages to extend the offer period

Let us discuss how welcome messages can be a part of your  customer retention strategy for your business and helps you to express gratitude to customers and how valuable they are.

#1. Onboard New Customers With Welcome Messages

Here are some classic examples of onboarding new customers with welcome messages. You can copy these messages and use them for your purposes:

We are happy to have you join our online community!

For the most recent information, advice, and deals, follow us. We appreciate your visit and are here to make it pleasant and memorable.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to drop us a message or leave a comment below. Our team is always here to help. Stay tuned for exciting content and surprises! Let’s make this journey together.

Best wishes

REVE Chat .

Greetings from REVE Chat

We appreciate you selecting REVE Chat. We are happy to welcome you as a new client!

We want you to have the best [product/service] experience we can give you. Contact us over WhatsApp or give us a call at [customer service number] if you need any help or have any questions.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

The success of your customer onboarding greatly relies on the first few actions you take, and it starts with your welcome message or email. Welcome messages for websites are a great way to convey the core messaging of your brand by using welcome videos that showcase the powerful features.

Onboarding messages have three major goals. 

  • Welcome the customer and guide them to learn about the next set of actions 
  • Give them a touchpoint if they have any questions. 
  • Provide customers with self service options to learn themselves.

You can briefly define the steps that educate the users as per their expectations with your product or service. 

Onboarding customers - welcome messages for customers

REVE Chat gives the perfect website welcome message example. Once the visitor signs up with REVE Chat, a welcome message is sent immediately to the new users thanking them and provide instructions to get started successfully. You can also include the introductory video to guide customers to use the product.

  • Set up a nice tone for your brand in the welcome messages for customers. A friendly conversational tone encourages users to read all your messages.
  • You can define a call to action in your email templates you are following such as sign up to a webinar, update their profile page, etc.
  • Build an emotional connection with your customers by introducing yourself to show new customers there’s a real person behind your product.

#2. Website Welcome Greeting Message For Online Visitors

For inspiration while writing an excellent website welcome message, check out the samples below:

Hello, and warm welcome to our website! 

We are thrilled to have you here. 

Whether you are a first time visitor or a returning friend, we are excited to share our world with you. Our website is a treasure trove of interesting content, new items, and priceless information. Explore at your leisure and see what we have to offer. Everyone can find something here thanks to our wide selection of goods and services and our wealth of useful resources.

We appreciate your comments since they enable us to improve your experience. Please let us know if you have any recommendations, remarks, or thoughts for how we may do better. Your advice is very important to us.

Thank you for visiting!

Happy Browsing!

Welcome to REVE Chat’s website! We are excited to introduce you to the world of intelligent virtual assistants.

We specialize in building cutting-edge AI-powered chatbots at REVE Chat that can completely change how you interact with your audiences. Our chatbots are built to be intelligent, effective, and user-friendly, enabling frictionless interactions between businesses and their clients.

Want to explore the various applications of our chatbot?

Click here to start a free trial!

Greetings message is one of the most prominent elements on the website, and if it doesn’t appeal to users within those precious few seconds, they’re going to bounce. Hence, if you want to captivate your website visitor, nothing is more important than nailing your homepage messaging. 

With a warm welcome message for a website, you can win your visitors and convince them to explore your website. So, you need to focus on creating a message that compels users to stay on your site longer than a few seconds. 

REVE Chat welcome greetings - welcome message examples

Here is how REVE Chat sends a well informed, personalized, and timely proactive triggered message to its website visitors. can pour in sales opportunities and boost customer satisfaction. 

You can try out your hands signing up REVE Chat, that empowers you to set a customized welcome message based on your types of visitors. It will help to to initiate a conversations that will be productive and help covert your visitor into customer.

  • You can trigger proactive messages if your visitors are stuck at any specific pages to guide them in the right direction.
  • Send chat greeting messages based on demography. For example, France – Bonjour “name of the customer” Comment puis-je vous aider means  Hello ‘customer name’ how may I help you)

#3. Welcome Messages For A New Subscription

Here are a few of the most effective examples that you could use:

Thank you for subscribing!

Congratulations on becoming a valued member of our community.

We want to thank you for deciding to sign up for our subscription service, and we are pleased to welcome you. Stay tuned for special offers, early access to new products and services, and exciting promotions that we have in store just for you. 

We are excited to embark on this journey together!

Best Regards,

[You company name]

Hello There!

Welcome to our academic community! We’re overjoyed to have you as a new subscriber and are eager to start learning alongside you.

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Once customers make a final purchase of your product or service, you can welcome them with chat greeting messages. 

Targeting subscribers when they are most engaged (like when they signed up) has been known to increase long-term engagement with a brand by 33%, and welcome emails have transaction rates ringing the register 9 times more than other transactional emails.  

In short, welcome messages for customers are winners. 

Messages for returning customers - welcome messages

Asos, the popular online clothing store, welcomes its new users with the message “Oh, hey girl!”, which creates a carefree attitude towards the business. A warm welcome, a brief outline of what you are going to get as a subscriber, and an invitation to explore further – what else one needs.

  • Welcome messages for customers is an opportunity to build a strong relationship as it is the initial interaction and eventually make them more receptive in the future.
  • As it is the first exchange between your business and a new subscriber, setting up a tone is vital for future communications and encourages new members to engage with your business.

#4. Onboard Your Users With In-app Messages 

Some examples of onboard your users with in-app messages:

Greetings from [Your App Name]! 

  We appreciate you joining our community of learners. Prepare to go out on a voyage of learning and exploration. 

Let’s start by creating your profile so that we can customize your educational experience. To begin, tap ‘Complete Profile’.

“Have you heard? You can quickly bookmark your favorite articles for subsequent viewing with [Your App Name]. Any article can be saved to your ‘Saved’ list for quick access by simply tapping the bookmark symbol next to it. 

Good luck with your reading.

Welcome messages are the perfect way to solidify a person’s first impression. By reaching users on multiple channels, they’ll have an easier time remembering your app and the onboarding experience.

In-app messaging notification is displayed within the app via popups, yes/no prompts, interstitial, etc. These messages enhance the user experience by giving them a rundown of the latest updates or reminding them of a limited time offer. 

Whatever the use case may be, the main purpose of in-app messages is to add value to the app, not just reminding people that the app exists.

In app messages - welcome message examples

Flipp is a good example that uses in-app messaging to help shoppers find coupons and discounts for everyday products . The app delivers the welcome text message for the new users to scroll to the shopping tab for the first time. 

The message acts as a tutorial screen as it explains how combined shopping lists work. But on another level, it is a CTA to drive more app installs via invites. It also gives new users a good reason to invite a friend, a smart strategy for increasing acquisitions.

  • Allow users to opt into in-app messages so that you can engage and grow your user base by communicating with them whenever they have your app open.
  • Keep your in-app messages highly targeted so that your messages are delivered to the right person at the right time based on their latest context. 

#5. Cart Abandonment Emails

Some classic examples of cart abandonment emails that you can use on your website are:

OPPS! Did you forget something in your cart?

You recently visited our website, and while you were there, you added some great products to your shopping cart. It appears that you abandoned your purchase, though. We know that life may get busy and that we might forget things, but don’t worry—we’re here to help!

To go back to your shopping cart and complete your order, just click the link below. Keep in mind that these things won’t be available for much longer, so be sure to move swiftly before they sell out!

Hurry Back to complete your order!

Opps! Your chatbot is still waiting!

We see that you recently came to our website and began the process of building your own chatbot using AI. But it appears that you were unable to complete the setup. We’re here to help, so don’t worry!

You are one step away from improving your customer support and engagement using AI. Complete your setup now, and let’s embark on the journey together!

Cart abandonment is a big challenge for eCommerce retailers. More than 70% of shoppers abandon carts at the check out process. This is why marketers usually turn towards abandonment cart email strategy to combat the phenomenon that will help to recover these abandoned sales. 

The main reason behind implementing email strategy is high conversion rates and 50% of the users who open have made the purchase successfully.

Discount code - cart abandonment messages - welcome message examples

Let us take the successful example of Evil Queen , who took immediate action to send the email. They used an appealing discount code in the cart abandonment email message sent to the customers. They used good subject lines and discount codes to get their email message to be noticed over the cascade of emails in the inbox.

  • Focus on the right time – The timing of your cart abandonment email is essential. Make sure to send your first email after an hour of abandonment.
  • Easy to identify call to action – Bold and attractive CTA can really grab the attention of the shopper and push them towards an action you want them to take.
  • Appealing subject line –  Create a subject line that can grab customers’ attention to open the email. You need to make your message instantly understandable. 

#6. Re-Engage With The Customers

Here’s a list of several examples of different types of re-engagement emails:

Hello Rifa!

It’s been a while since we talked. Are you still thinking about using our services?

To reactivate your account, click here!

Do you still worry about hackers accessing your personal devices? Our anti-malware program can be useful. To find out more, Click Here!

For every business, there might be some users in their email lists who do not show any interest in their messages. You must put efforts to wake the sleeping contacts in your mailing list and try to re-activate them back again with re-engagement email campaigns.

Invesp says, “Turning an inactive subscriber into a customer costs 5 times cheaper than acquiring a completely new customer, where inactive subscribers generate 7% of overall business revenue.”

With effective welcome back messages, you can revive your customers’ back, and it costs cheaper than acquiring new ones.

Re-engagement email - welcome messages for customers

Userlist for example sends targeted in-app messages to engage customers instantly when they are using the product. Userlist considers it as a better way to provide useful information at the right time when your users need it.

  • You can now share actionable tips, link to help articles, promote upgrades and coupon codes, announce new features, or broadcast company news.
  • Providing the right information to the users at the moment when they need helps them to navigate your product easily, and reduces your support workload.
  • Using the in-app messages are a great way to re-engage customers and motivate them to be your active users. 

#7. Welcome Message For The Referral Customers

Let’s illustrate some examples of welcome messages for the referral customers, as mentioned below:

Hey Richard!

It’s important to spread the good news. Refer a friend if you like your most recent purchase, and you’ll both get 25% off. To learn more, visit this page.

Sharing is caring.  You can get a 15% discount by bringing a friend and a 30% discount by bringing two friends. As time is limited for this offer, hurry up! And start referring.

For more information, click here!

As per Heinz research , “70% of companies with referral programs were on pace to meet or exceed their revenue goals.”

A referral program acts as a way to give a customer back in favor of recommending their products to their friends and family.  One of the good ways is to start it from your existing customers so that they can use it among their friends.

Referred customers are more valuable as they have a 16% higher customer lifetime value (CLV) than others.

Referral marketing - welcome messages for websites

Dropbox followed the same technique for their referral program. They rewarded their customers with additional storage space. The program benefited customers to earn 500 MB of space for each successful referral. The strategy fueled their growth from 100,000 to 4 million users in just about a year. 

  • Ensure that your referral messages should have a clear call to action (CTA) to grab the attention.
  • Make your value proposition prominent and convey the benefit the customers are going to get.

#8.Order Confirmation Messages

Some examples of order confirmation messages are:

Thank you for shopping us!

It was successful placing your order. Order #12345. Once your things have been shipped, we will notify you. Contacting our customer care is always welcome if you have any inquiries.

Your order has been accepted by Pizza Delight!

Order id:67890. 30 minutes is the estimated delivery time. Once the driver is on the way, we’ll let you know.

Order confirmation emails or messages can help to create awareness around other products or services and build customer loyalty. The confirmation email messages have the highest average click rates of all email types. It provides a great opportunity to engage with your customers.

You can guide your customers in the right direction with an engaging order confirmation email example. This is how you get an order confirmation email when you purchase something from Cult Beauty .

Order confirmation email - Cult Beauty - Welcome messages

Cult Beauty captures users’ excitement with its headline followed by the details of your transaction. Within the email, Cult Beauty invites you back to its site, but with three different options i.e. (i) Update your preferences and get a discount on your next order (ii) Check out what’s new on the website for promoting new arrivals (iii) Learn beauty tips and trends. 

This is how the leading cosmetic brand sets a welcome message example of engaging order confirmation emails. 

  • Not every customer is the same. You can guide them, providing different options to engage them at different levels. 
  • Timing plays a critical role in converting buyers into repeat customers. You can encourage your customers to shop again by sending post-purchase emails.

#9. Welcome Emails For Customer Feedback

We’ve gathered some outstanding welcome email samples from both large and small brands:

Dear Customer,

We sincerely hope you are doing well. We wanted to take a minute to express how appreciative we are that you chose [Your Company Name] and that you shared your ideas with us.

We believe that customer feedback is the backbone of our growth and improvement.  Your suggestions are extremely valuable in helping us develop new goods and services and improve the overall user experience for all of our devoted customers. 

We want to show you how much we appreciate you by giving you early access to new features, exclusive deals, and unique sneak peaks. You’ll be kept informed of all the interesting happenings at [Your Company Name].

Thank You! And we are excited to have you.

Thank you for purchasing our product!

We’ve added you to our membership newsletter according to your request. You’re among the first to learn about [explain special offers, discounts, and promotions your business runs].

Please take advantage of [explain the discount or offer you’re offering] as our way of saying thanks for joining up. When making your order, use the code [list coupon code if available].

Click to read the next newsletter [link to newsletter] now.

[Your Company’s Name]

One of the good ways to re-connect with customers is to ask for feedback to know what customers think about you. Feedback email messages gather qualitative opinions from customers after the end of a chat session, ticket resolution, product demo, or a successful checkout. 

Feedbacks helps marketers with valuable insights that can be used to improve the product.

Feedback emails - welcome message examples

Here is a feedback request email example from Shopify. It tells the receiver why the survey is useful and specifies the deadline for the activity.

  • You have to segment your audience to ask the right feedback from the right customers.
  • Incentivize your customers with discount coupons for their time to provide feedback.
  • Ask feedback at the right time via the right channel to acquire the most honest feedback.

#10. Greeting Messages For Special Days 

Some examples of greeting messages for special days are mentioned here:


We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all of our guests as we embark on a new year that is full of opportunity and promise. We appreciate your support and involvement with us over the years. 

In the coming year, we look forward to providing you with more insightful articles and intriguing developments. Don’t miss our new year’s special offer. Get 35% off every purchase!

Wish you an amazing year ahead!

Happy Birthday Richel!

Wishing you a day filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments. To make your day more special, we have many discounts and offers for every purchase. You can enjoy a 10% discount on our premium services.

[Your Company Name]

A sincere greeting message to your premium customers shows how much you value the relationship. It encourages them to be loyal to your brand and buy more. 

A simple and genuine message goes a long way.

Taking out time to wish customers on their birthdays can mean the world to them.

  • Birthday emails are triggered messages that are easy to implement and offer excellent results, both in terms of brand reputation and conversions.
  • Sending personalized messages strengthens their bond and can increase brand loyalty and build stronger relationships with your customers. 
  • They share their experience with their family and friends, which might influence them to connect with your brand. 

Greeting customers on special days - Welcome messages for customers

Let us take WooCommerce birthday emails as an example. They found sending such emails is worthy of their business and proves to be effective emails when compared to regular promotional emails. They also included an irresistible coupon code and customized the emails to increase the impact. 

  • You can reinforce customer delight by pampering your recipients and making them feel special. Who doesn’t like to receive kind wishes on their special day?
  • With emails for special days, you can engage inactive users with unusual, personalized, and non-routine content. Even the least active users will be pleased to receive a personal email and intrigued by the promise of a gift.

#11. Subscribe To Newsletter 

Some Examples of  subscribe to newsletter messages are:

Dear [Name of Recipient],

By signing up for our newsletter, you can stay up to date on all the latest information, wonderful deals, and special content. Don’t pass up on insightful tips and exclusive offers created exclusively for you.

Simply click the link below to sign up:

[Get Subscription]

We appreciate your joining our community. We’re excited to keep you informed and involved.

[Your Business Name]

Are you prepared to expand your relationship with [Your Company Name]? You can get a huge range of advantages by signing up for our newsletter, including:

Early sales access and special prices

  • Insider advice on how to utilize our goods and services to the fullest
  • Exciting changes and new product debuts
  • Inspirational materials to make your day better

Don’t pass up the benefits! Immediately sign up by clicking the following link:

Welcome to the community of our newsletter! We are overjoyed to have you join us.

Sincere regards,

When a person subscribes to your newsletter, it indicates that the person wants to hear from you. They are showing interest in your brand, want to know your domain expertise, and be a part of your community. 

Building a strong subscriber list and engaging them helps to know why they are important and communicate effectively. With welcome messages for customers, you give the best opportunity to make them part of your industry.

Newsletter signup - welcome message examples

Here is the example of a welcome message for customers that are sent after users subscribe to the newsletter .  They followed the listen-first approach instead of product-focused message or product-specific call-to-action. They asked their subscribers questions such as Why did you sign up?  What do you need help with?, or What problem are you trying to solve? Or simply ask people to share a little bit about who they are.

  • Mention clearly what they can expect from these emails.
  • Ask the right type of questions to initiate healthy conversation.
  • You can share the best resources based on their interests to keep them engaged and immediately delivering the value.

#12. Messages To Extend The Offer Period

Let’s see some examples of  messages to extend the offer period:

We sincerely hope you are doing well. We’ve decided to extend the offer period by another day due to overwhelmingly high demand! Don’t pass up this wonderful chance to benefit from our special offer.

Extension of the Offer: [New End Time]

Grab your preferred goods and services quickly before they are gone. To begin shopping, click on the following link:

[Purchase Now]

Act quickly because we don’t want you to lose out on this fantastic offer!

Good day, [Recipient’s Name]

You should know some fantastic news! After considering your suggestions, we have decided to extend the offer’s validity by an extra [Number of Days]. You now have more time to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

Extension of Offer: [New End Date]

You have the opportunity to save a ton on our excellent goods and services. Don’t allow it to disappear! To take advantage of the extended promotion, click the link below:

We appreciate your participation in our community. Happy shopping, and enjoy this extended chance!

When you provide a trial period for the customers to use the product, that particular time period may not be sufficient for them to understand the potential features of the product. Hence, you can extend the offer period for the customers to evaluate the product thoroughly before the final purchase.

You can provide the extension message inside the dashboard or convey it by sending an email. Here is how you can use an email template to communicate the message. When users receive such unexpected emails, it surprises them and you get a chance to strengthen customer trust in your brand.

Extend offer period emails - welcome message examples

Aweber is a good example of sending a trial period extension email. They placed their CTA at the center of the email to grab the user’s attention. Below that, they explained how to take advantage of the extra time. If users have any problem, they can contact the team for help

  • You can get users excited about the step they have already taken by using the trial period. Emphasize the importance of taking the next action.
  • You can show them how to use your product effectively (video tutorial, step by step guide, images, etc.)

Final thoughts

The importance of a welcome message for customers cannot be understated. It is a form of personalization that is valuable for lasting customer relationships. Rightly using the welcome messages across websites, in-app and emails can help you to hold on to your customers for a lifetime. 

By using the welcome message examples, you can deliver a better experience from the starting of the customer’s journey till the end. And signup with REVE Chat will help to set exclusive welcome messages for your differed audiences, which will showcase your value towards your customers, deliver personalized service, and positively impact sales.

Start a 14-day free trial, no credit card required!

Snigdha Patel

Snigdha Patel

Snigdha Patel is a customer experience researcher, author, and blogger. As part of REVE Chat, she focuses on helping organizations maximize customer experience using omnichannel messaging and conversational AI.

She creates contextual, insightful, and conversational content for business audiences across a broad range of industries and categories like Customer Service, Customer Experience (CX), Chatbots, and more.

Serving as the lead content strategist, Snigdha helps the customer service teams to leverage the right technology along with AI to deliver exceptional and memorable customer experiences.

Being a customer service adherent, her goal is to show that organizations can use customer experience as a competitive advantage and win customer loyalty.

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write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

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Business Basics: Greeting a visitor

By Rosemary Richey

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In this lesson by Rosemary Richey, students practise greeting a visitor. Exercises include: completing a gap-fill, listening to a conversation, putting the stages of greeting a visitor into the correct order and devising a welcoming procedure.

Business Basics: Greeting a visitor: Lesson plan

Greeting a visitor a, greeting a visitor b.

  • British English
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  • Lesson Plan / Teacher's Notes
  • Printable Worksheet
  • Up to 60 mins

Business Basics: Entertaining a business visitor

Photo of professionals having an informal conversation.

Business Basics: Socializing with clients

Business basics: asking for help around the office, business basics: office procedures.

Photo of a job interview.

Business Basics: A job interview

Business basics: comparing products and services, business basics: taking an order, business basics: making suggestions, business basics: ordering a service or product, related articles.

In this lesson by Rosemary Richey, students practise language for entertaining a business visitor. Exercises include: completing emails with the correct vocabulary, listening to a phone call, writing an itinerary, and role-playing questions and answers.


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Business News Lessons: Active listening? We’re all ears.

By Engeli Haupt

Discuss with your students the importance of active listening in business and how to practise it.

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Business woman and man negotiating.

Live from London: Business—Negotiations

By Pete Clements

Watch authentic London office workers describe the ways to conduct successful negotiations and the skills good negotiators need. Now Interactive!

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Live from London: Business — Dress codes

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10+ Welcome Speech for Guest Examples [ Seminar, Lecture, Speaker ]

Welcome Speech for Guest Examples

Have you ever been to a seminar or a lecture wherein you get to be the guest of honor? Better yet, were you given the opportunity to welcome a guest speaker for a seminar? How did it go and what did you do? Welcome speeches are used to simply welcome a guest speaker to an event. To introduce the agenda and to simply draw the attention of the audience to the person talking. Let’s say you were given the opportunity to do the speech, are you excited or nervous? If both, that’s okay. This article is here to help you to write a good welcome speech for a seminar, a lecture and to introduce the speaker.

10+ Welcome Speech for Guest Examples

1. opening ceremony welcome speech for guest.

opening ceremony welcome speech for guest

Size: 11 KB

2. Formal Welcome Speech for Guest

formal welcome speech for guest

Size: 39 KB

3. Project Management Welcome Speech for Guest

project management welcome speech for guest

Size: 49 KB

4. Sample Welcome Speech for Guest

sample welcome speech for guest

Size: 273 KB

5. Welcome Meeting Speech for Guest

welcome meeting speech for guest

Size: 898 KB

6. Welcome Speech for Guest in Seminar

welcome speech for guest in seminar

Size: 144 KB

7. Welcome Speech for Guest Lecture

welcome speech for guest lecture

Size: 422 KB

8. Welcome Speech for Guest on Occasion

welcome speech for guest on occasion

Size: 499 KB

9. Welcome Speech for Guest Speaker

welcome speech for guest speaker

Size: 69 KB

10. Welcome Speech for Guest Vice Chairman

welcome speech for guest vice chairman

11. Professional Welcome Speech for Guest

professional welcome speech for guest

Size: 63 KB

Definition of Seminar

A seminar is an event where people gather to listen, study and discuss a particular topic. They would listen to a speaker or an expert discussing a topic, and would welcome discussions later.

Definition of Lecture

A lecture is a formal discussion on a serious topic given by an individual or a group of people. Lectures are often given at a university or college and their audiences are usually college students.

Tips on Giving Welcome Speeches

Anyone who has ever given a speech would most likely understand stage fright can be a big issue. But there is a way to stop that as well as to present a good welcome speech like a pro. Here are some tips to help you succeed in delivering that carefully written welcome speech.

  • Practice makes perfect – We all heard the old saying “practice makes perfect”. This can be true for this type of situation. Doing some practice before you deliver your speech can actually help you. Start off by asking a friend to help you. Let your friend give you some feedback and go from there.
  • Breathe – Once you are done practicing and you are about to deliver your speech, breathe. Without getting enough oxygen, you may feel dizzy and most likely would you feel stage fright. People get nervous when they feel they are out of breath, so breathe in and out before you go and say that welcome speech.
  • Voice – Your voice should reach the last row of the audience. Make sure you can be heard clearly and correctly. We would not want any misunderstandings when presenting the speech.
  • Maintain eye contact – If you want to draw attention from your listeners, maintain eye contact at all times. Avoiding eye contact would make your listeners believe that you are not interested in getting their attention. In addition to that, it is also polite to look at the audience when you are speaking.

Why are welcome speeches necessary?

A welcome speech is necessary as this is a way of welcoming people who attended the ceremony. This is also a way of introducing the speaker, the agenda and the people in charge of the event. Without all this, the listeners or the audience would feel lost. Think of a welcome speech as a guide for the people who are attending the event.

Do all events need a welcome speech?

Most events like wedding receptions , lectures, awards ceremonies, and church events often use welcome speeches before starting the actual event.

Is it expected to mix a thank you speech with a welcome speech?

You may also add a thank you speech alongside your welcome speech. As it is usually mixed or closed together. But a welcome speech’s use is to draw your audience attention in. While a thank you speech is to simply show your gratitude towards them for attending the event. 

Writing and presenting a welcome speech can be both terrifying and exciting. Terrifying if you have bouts of stage fright. Exciting since you also feel the importance of introducing a speaker to a good seminar. Presenting a welcome speech can be a bit scary but if you follow the tips given, you will do just fine. Remember to simply practice before you get up on stage and talk.

write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

AI Generator

Text prompt

  • Instructive
  • Professional

10 Examples of Public speaking

20 Examples of Gas lighting

▶️ Phrasal Verbs in Context - ebook

Sample Tour Guide Speech in English

Listen to a tour guide on a shuttle bus from the airport to the resort. You can listen first, and then read. After that, test your understanding with the quick check.

[Welcoming tourists]

Hello everyone. My name is Luca. On behalf of Suntan Tours I'd like to welcome you all to Los Cabos. The bus ride to your hotel will take about fifteen minutes. Right now I'd like to take a minute to familiarize you with the area and discuss some brief safety precautions. Firstly, I ask that you remain seated until we reach our destination and that you not eat or drink while on the bus. Secondly, please realize that it is against the law to get drunk in public. Enjoy your vacation, but do drink responsibly and do not drink and drive.

[Describing the location]

I promise you are going to enjoy your stay here in San Jose, Los Cabos. This is a beautiful, quiet city where you can relax, sit by the beach, enjoy great meals and feel very safe. You can walk into town and enjoy the fountains or take a moonlit walk along the water. Please do not swim here. This is not a safe place to swim because there is a strong undertow. Cabos San Lucas is the place to go if you want to enjoy swimming in the ocean. You can take a short bus ride from your hotel. There you will also enjoy entertainment and dancing.

[Introducing special events and offers]

Suntan tours offers a variety of special discounts depending on your travel plans. We have golf packages, as well as guided whale boat tours, and fishing charters. There will be a short information session at 1pm in the lobby of the hotel tomorrow where you can learn all about these offers. We recommend that you do not purchase packages from street vendors as they are not always 100 percent reliable. They also may charge you more than what they say. Please take my advice and allow Suntan tours to book all of your day trips and activities while you are here.

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[Offering advice]

If you need to exchange your dollars into pesos, please use a bank or money exchange. We don't recommend exchanging your money at the hotel because you won't get a fair rate. Some restaurants will accept American or Canadian money, but you are better off to exchange your money and pay with pesos. Or, if you prefer, you can always use your credit cards. Also, if you want to get around the city, or travel to Cabos San Lucas, we recommend that you take the local bus rather than a taxi. The bus costs about one American dollar, and the driver can give you change if you don't have the exact amount. If you do decide to take a taxi make sure that you negotiate a price before you go.

[Closing remarks]

We're going to be pulling up to the hotel in just a few minutes. Please sit back and enjoy the view of the ocean on the left hand side of the bus as we enter the city. I ask that you remain in your seats until we have come to a complete stop. Javier will be meeting us at the bus to help you with your bags. Please double check to make sure your bag has been taken off the bus. On behalf of Suntan Tours, have a wonderful vacation in San Jose and I hope to see you tomorrow at the information session.

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How to give a welcome speech at a corporate event

write a welcome speech when receiving a large group visiting a company

Businesses, organizations, and multinational companies organize corporate events for various reasons. It’s the host’s duty to thank the visitors and address the entire crowd for attending the event.

Thus, the speeches should be effectively crafted, addressing the occasion appropriately. It should illuminate the key moments and occurrences depending on the event’s purpose.

The way you greet people in person establishes the tone for what happens afterward and influences how the audience will feel about the event.

A dull welcome speech might destroy the excitement, but an engaging event opening speech would greatly increase the involvement of the audience.

So, here in this article, we will help you craft one of the best welcome speeches at corporate events and make you the star of the occasion. So, go ahead and check it out!

What Is Included In A Welcome Speech For Corporate Events?

First, let’s take a quick look at a corporate speech.

Below is the most basic structure of a welcome speech for corporate events that you can refer to organize your thoughts and create your draft.

Later, we will discuss how you can make your speech more effective and engaging.

So, the following are the fundamental elements of a good executive welcome speech .

  • Salutation And Greeting

Your speech must begin with a salutation and greeting for the audience. Then, you can use simple words and address everyone present at the event.

Depending on the time of the event, you can say Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening. In addition, you can use different versions of the same phrase to make the speech more engaging, which can quickly grab your audience’s attention.

However, don’t make it too bold and friendly that it comes out rude or informal.

  • Introduction

This part should begin by thanking everyone for being a part of the event. It must include welcoming the audience to the event.

You should highlight the event’s name, like the 25 th Annual Jubilee, Get Together, or whatever the event is for. However, keep the introduction short and move on to the next part.

  • Acknowledge

It involves showing appreciation to the audience for joining the event on behalf of your team, group, community, company, or organization.

You should include words that show your gratitude towards the audience and request them to make it a big event with their participation.

Also, you can give special thanks to those who played a bigger part by mentioning their names.

  • Purpose Of The Event

This is where you need to elaborate a bit, but not too much. Keep it short enough to get the audience’s attention and long enough to make it worth it.

Tell the purpose of the event, why the event has been organized, and appreciate the involvement of everyone present in the audience in making the event happen.

Also, include how important their contribution was to make it successful and how you would want them to continue their support. In addition, include the plans for the future, if any.

The wrap section should merge with the ending of your purpose by asking your audience to keep up with their support or help in the company’s growth. Then, you can continue by giving a hint of handing it over to someone else who will give their speech after you.

Also, you should mention how the event will unwrap and expect everyone to participate cordially and make the event a grand success. You can even add some additional aspects depending on the event.

Here, you will thank everyone for listening to you . And then, hand it over to someone else if there is anyone to continue.

Otherwise, you can ask your audience to go on and enjoy the event. Therefore, the conclusion should be very small. However, do not forget to add a positive note!

How To Make Your Welcome Speech For A Corporate Event Effective

A well-structured speech is a key to a successful one. No one wants to hear you blabber at a big event in front of many people.

A structured speech is more effective in delivering the message you want to convey. In addition, it enhances engagement and makes it more intriguing for the audience. Hence, you must follow a specific order while preparing for your speech.

While the structure is an essential aspect of every speech, you need to consider the wording of it too.

Not everyone is good at choosing the right words. But you can make it a success without the use of fancy words. Keeping it simple is even better since everyone at the event can easily understand what you are trying to say.

Besides, you should also keep some other aspects of the welcome speech in mind, which are stated below.

  • The greatest method to establish the mood for an event is to start with a strong welcome speech. Then, refer to the event while making the welcome speech.
  • Include comments along with the overview of the event.
  • Do not go over the board with the length of the speech. Don’t bore your audience; keep it short while mentioning key points.
  • Add acknowledges that it touches the emotions of the audience. For instance, “We couldn’t have done it without you,” “You played a bigger support system for us that helped us reach this far,” or other variations. You can also add some stories to it. However, keep it short.
  • Conclude the speech by introducing the following speaker and expressing gratitude to the audience once again for coming to the event. Then, it will be simpler to transition efficiently from the speech to the subsequent program.

Final Words

Welcome speeches are the heart of a corporate event that sets the mood and decides its success. But, of course, you can always use a sample welcome speech for an event, which might be a declaration that marks the start of an assembly, celebration, or any other occasion.

It formally welcomes each person to the event and acknowledges their presence. However, use a definite structure to keep your welcome speech organized. Add some fun facts and stories to spice up the speech. But ensure to keep it short and simple!

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