1. Synopsys VCS Basic tutorial

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  2. Synopsys VCS basic tutorial

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  3. Synopsys VCS Functional Verification

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  4. Achieve 2X Faster Waveform Dumping in Synopsys Verdi with VCS

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  5. synopsys vcs教程1 VCS simulation basic

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  6. Synopsys Verification Continuum

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  1. synopsys vcs教程3 debugging with DVE

  2. Synopsys VCS Part 1

  3. synopsys vcs教程4 post processing with VCD files

  4. synopsys vcs教程5 debugging with mismatch

  5. VCS tutorial for beginners part1

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  1. Distributed Simulation for Multi-Die Chip Design

    Achieve 2X Performance When Verifying Multi-Die Systems in Synopsys VCS | Synopsys. Watch on. This spring, at SNUG Silicon Valley 2023, NVIDIA discussed its use of distributed simulation on a multi-chip GPU system. The legacy approach involved multiple steps and required substantial time and memory resources.

  2. VCS®/VCSi™ User Guide

    Comments? E-mail your comments about Synopsys documentation to [email protected] VCS®/VCSi™ User Guide Version Y-2006.06-SP2 March 2008

  3. VCS AMS

    Synopsys’ VCS® AMS mixed-signal verification solution, incorporating VCS functional verification and the CustomSimTM FastSPICE simulator, delivers advanced functional and low-power verification technologies combined with class-leading performance and capacity for faster mixed-signal SoC regression testing. Introduction

  4. Synopsys

    Learn how to use the VCS functional verification solution with the latest user guide for the Q-2020.03 release. This guide covers the features, commands, options, and examples of VCS simulation, debug, and analysis.

  5. Synopsys Extends VCS With Full-Featured Built-In Testbench

    PRNewswire-FirstCall. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS), the world leader in semiconductor design software, today announced the latest release of the VCS® RTL verification solution. VCS, a key component of the Discovery™ Verification Platform, extends its built-in testbench capabilities to include a rich set of advanced ...