to tackle the problem meaning

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It means the same as dealing with a problem or solving a problem

to tackle the problem meaning

"To tackle the problem" is another way of saying "to solve the problem." Specifically, it means to begin solving a problem. When you tackle a problem, you haven't necessarily solved it yet, but you're working on creating a solution.

to tackle the problem meaning

It means you are about to start handling the problem. "the police were tackling the city's drug problem" Can also be said as: "the police were working on the city's drug problem" "the police were handling the city's drug problem"

to tackle the problem meaning

"Tackle the problem " means.. "Deal with the problem"... or " face the problem and try to solve it".

to tackle the problem meaning

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to tackle the problem meaning

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Example sentences tackle an issue

So how do you begin to tackle the issue ?
We must tackle this issue head-on, and not shy away from difficult decisions.
Now he has decided to seek outside help to tackle the issue .
He believes football's authorities must act quickly, both in terms of funding research and reducing the amount of heading in training, to tackle the issue .
Despite this, he said that there were no plans to legislate to tackle the issue .

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Definition of 'tackle' tackle


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to tackle a problem - meaning scope

  • Thread starter Arcy12
  • Start date Oct 26, 2016
  • Oct 26, 2016

Hello there! If someone says "I have tackled the problem", does it necessarily mean that this person has solved this problem? Can it mean, as well, that they tried but did not succeed? Thank you in advance.  



"I have tackled the problem" says neither that the problem has been solved nor that the attempt to solve the problem has failed. All it says is that someone has undertaken to address the problem.  


Senior Member

  • Oct 27, 2016

It means they have spent time and effort on figuring out solutions to the problem.  


Tackle the problem {verb}.

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to tackle the problem meaning

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"tackle a problem" Meaning

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to tackle the problem meaning

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