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Recruitment Strategies to Attract and Retain Talent Case Study | How To Attract Talent

Contact us left, improving access to skills, improving access to skills.

A woolly mammoth. A dodo. A software engineer. Sometimes recruitment can feel like an impossible quest for what you can only assume is now an extinct beast.

Whilst this alone may not lead you to outsource your recruitment, having an outsourcer than can help you conquer these conundrums is essential. You can have the fastest, cheapest resourcing processes in the world, but if at the end of all that you’re just putting bums on seats or finding you world leading experts that upset everyone around them, you’re not really solving anything.

Finding you better quality talent, whilst saving you time and money. That’s what Hays Talent Solutions does. Putting the right person, in the right job, at the right time.

Building new talent pools within a shrinking sea of skills

When one of our sourcing partners noted that job boards results were beginning to dwindle and salaries were on the up 10-15% over 18 months, in an area was going to be a continued area of focus for our client, he didn’t just wait for war for talent to come to him, he took matters into his own hands.

Having noted the financial services giant had demonstrable commitment towards progressing internal professionals from one area into this skills shortage waiting to happen, he began to explore how the external market for these people compared to their internal team and if the business would entertain applications from these external candidates into this area too.

The sourcing expert began by mapping the external market, to find out how many of these professionals were present and active across the various recruiting channels, from referrals to social media and other online communities, using as many different relevant job titles as he could.

A list of where the most relevant external talent was, not to mention the identification of 219 candidates in the right area. This new talent pipeline began to deliver for the client straight away, with three hires as a direct result, and the beginnings of a talent pool that the sourcing partner now maintains, keeping our client one step ahead of the competition.

We’ve achieved similar results with talent pools for clients around the world. Our talent pooling efforts for an RPO across 17 countries have seen direct hire fill rates rise from 80% after one year to 93% at the end of the second year, reaching 96% by the third year, whilst others have reached 98% as a result of pipelining, talent pooling and internal mobility support.

An example of the talent pool in action in a specific team was within the Finance division who were looking to engage an experienced intake of fresh talent to support their succession planning by bridging the gap between graduate programme hires and senior management.

Mobilising the internal workforce

Everyone knows the existing workforce and referrals are the most effective source for candidates. However, when you’re a global company with over 50,000 employees split across a multiple product lines and functions just communicating all the different opportunities available is no easy task, let alone asking your workforce if they know anyone suitable.

However, when a multinational corporation came to Hays with just that challenge, help us mobilise our existing workforce and their networks, to reduce the need to source, we set to work. We used the workforce from the start, canvassing their opinion to uncover what they thought would help. We found their employees would actually really the value the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the different lines of business, and understand more clearly what types of career options exist. However, taking it one step further than this there was desire for a career network that would allow them to make connections with leaders in other areas.

In response Hays worked with the internal HR team to plan and develop a career development day, which included:

  • A series of presentations from four business areas, showcasing what they do, the transferable skills and experience they look for, and what a career in their team looks like
  • Promotion of open roles, existing career development tools and resources and referral schemes
  • Live demonstrations of how to use the tools and resources
  • Advice on how to secure a new role internally, from how handle potentially awkward conversations with line managers and approaching other business areas, as well as advice on who to introduce to the business and how
  • Dedicated networking opportunities with leaders from across the business  

99% of the 340 attendees rated the day as valuable and worth the time they invested, with 78% stating they’d do something differently or take action as a result.

Going global for the best talent

Poor quality recruitment and retention of staff quality would be an issue for any business, but when you’re suffering from external brand issues, and striving for large scale change to address this, it becomes an even more complex concern.

This was exactly the situation Hays Talent Solutions was bought in to support when one of our UK public sector clients asked us to design and deliver an innovative recruitment campaign to attract high-caliber social work candidates. We worked closely with both the relevant operational department as well as the HR team to create an engaging package that would attract candidates, but most importantly retain them for the future. Targeted with employing 12 qualified senior social workers from New York to work in the UK the Hays Account Manager became an extension of the council, bringing together the HR department and the hiring team to enable a smooth delivery of the project.

The interview process was critical as it needed to be very thorough to ensure the right calibre of candidate. Therefore, using our UK and US presence combined the dedicated Hays Account Manager carried out a comprehensive process prior to the final interview and written assessment in New York.

From an original response of over 80 candidates, Skype interviews were undertaken and a shortlist of 30 candidates was produced. Hays travelled to New York alongside the Director of Children’s Services, the Head of Safeguarding and the Policy and Performance Manager to ensure the recruiting process went smoothly.

Compliance and safeguarding is a fundamental principle that underpins all recruitment activity at Hays, which was vital in this situation due to the nature of the work the social workers would be dealing with combined with the international complexities at play here.

From face-to-face interviews, 13 offers of employment were made, supporting the council on an exciting journey, shaping and transforming the services they offer to make a visible difference to the community.

Reducing external reliance

As testament to our performance with payrolling and then our success running an MSP, in February 2015 we added an RPO arm to our work with one of Australia's largest financial services brands. This originated from the business realising that the internal recruitment team was struggling to cover all of the roles they were required to deliver and agency spend was very high. With Hays Talent Solutions coming on site, the business was able to utilise its internal team to be more niche in their focus while our team manages all volume recruitment. This involves all administration and secretarial roles as well as a majority of their customer-centric roles, whether this is branch or phone based.

Utilising our centre of excellence model to scale up our RPO recruitment capacity has allowed us to ensure time to hire remains under 25 calendar days - within KPIs from the start of the service, whilst delivering 100% direct sourcing within the RPO model, ensuring cost savings directly to the business.

Contact us to discuss how we could help you access the best talent

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Top 06 Creative Recruitment Strategies To Transform Your Next Recruiting Program

/blog/creative-recruitment-06-essential-strategies-case-studies/ - 09-12-2019

We’re living in the digital era and information is more than abundant, job searchers are inundated with endless data. But that equals intense competition for companies, whose information, if not memorable, is easily lost in the hassle.

The paradigm has shifted, companies no longer hold the power, candidates do . They have infinite choices nowadays and recruiters have to actively search for them, instead of waiting for them to find you.

With the advent of social media and popular platforms like the late Vines, the average attention span has shortened considerably. Regular ads are easily skipped, and companies are faced with a new challenge of capturing the potential candidates’ attention. So if you’re looking for applicants, it’s time to be creative with your recruiting campaigns.

Promote Employee's Experience

Millennials and Gen Z are notoriously idealistic. A good income isn’t their priority anymore, lifestyle quality is.

They pay a lot of attention to the work they do and whether they enjoy it or not. This surely has something to do with philosophies. Candidates at that age are usually contemplating their purposes in life and doing whatever it takes to figure it out. And once they do, they are willing to take measures to fulfill that lifelong mission.

And after they have chosen the field of work that they aspire to do, they will focus on the workplace culture which you need to focus on as well. Happiness is a most sought-after commodity. So one of the best creative recruitment approaches you can use to capture their attention is to showcase your employees’ experience. Show them what it’s like to work for you, and if they’re interested, you’re in.

How do you implement this creative recruitment strategy?

  • First things first, hold induction seminars where you establish what it’s like to work in your company.
  • Ask your candidates what their values are and what culture they would like to see as an employee.
  • Overtly promote that specific details that your applicants love and which makes you stand out from the other recruiters.
  • Realize their wishes. Stay true to your promise.

Case in point: Fiverr - a freelance service market - has adapted this strategy and made a recruitment video to tackle the generic concept of such a video. In the clip, the narrator speaks directly to the candidates, giving the ad a personal touch. By mocking the conventional workplace, they emphasize the freedom freelancers have, thus attracting more applicants looking to do freelance work.


Create An Employee's Referral Program

No one knows what’s going on in your business and understands your workplace culture better than your own employees. If there’s someone your potential candidates should consult, it’s your employees. Your employees can offer the best insights for those interested in applying for a position at your company.

Recruit your own people to be your ambassadors. Before letting them roam, equip them with the necessary knowledge, values, visions of your company. Hold briefing sessions on how to communicate with people about your business.

To motivate them, create an intricate rewarding system. You can start with basic incentives like a raise, a promotion, a gift for every certain number of candidates they successfully refer. After that, develop the referral into a whole program.

Here is an outline of how you can incorporate this creative recruitment method:

  • Create a referral program, communicate with your employees about the basics of it.
  • Equip them with the right mindset, have them learn your company’s values by heart. Remember, Millennials and Gen Z are idealistic.
  • Instruct them on how to approach people and start talking about your company. And do tell them who to approach, you might want to be selective.
  • Give your employees incentives, preferably commissions. Reward them based on the number of successful referrals.

Take Accenture as an example.

Accenture really turned the table with their referral program by giving the power of referral to their candidates. During the application process, candidates can pick the “Get Referred!” option - by connecting via their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, the Accenture website scans through their acquaintances and comes up with a list of people who work at the company. After that, a candidate can send a referral request to the employee and submit the request with their application.


Build Your Brand's Image On Social Media

Everything is shifting towards social media these days and everyone is using it. This is without a doubt one of the most influential inventions of humankind’s history. It’s a waste of creativity if you are not taking advantage of it.

The Millennials and Gen Z are active netizens. They spend a fair amount of their lives on the Internet, not just socially, but also as a way to search for career opportunities. Moreover, who wouldn’t love to work for a tech savvy employer who is up to date with the latest trends?

That said, social media is a hard to wield sword. You’re going to need to carefully sketch out a plan if you want to utilize it properly. Here are some basic guidelines to start with:

  • Build a reputation for your company. Regularly update what is going on in your workplace. This is both a way of showcasing your culture and also a way of making an impression with familiarity.
  • Involve your employees/ employers in sharing posts on social media. This is also an implementation of the employee referral program, so you’re killing two birds with one stone.
  • Promote your upcoming events. Share them on Facebook, on Twitter, create stories on Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Host online Q&A sessions. This does wonder to enhance your credibility and transparency.

And with the help of virality, you can create content like this recruiting video from SodaStream . Take notice of how effectively they promote their culture:

  • First, they boldly tread the path almost no corporation has ever taken before - to hilariously mock the overpositism often seen in corporate recruiting videos where everyone can be a rainmaker. In just 1 minutes into the clip, they are able to show humor, honesty and creativity - factors that are strongly resonant with Millennials and Gen Z.
  • Second, they chose the right champion - The Mountain from Game of Thrones! Not only he is one of the most recognizable actors from the cast of the most popular show in the world, his personal branding has also been heavily associated with eco-friendly brands.
  • Last, they ended the video on a heart-warming note about diversity and inclusion, by showing the real employees who work at Sodastream. By being so down-to-earth and human-centered, Sodastream successfully conveyed their core value to potential candidates in just over 2 minutes!


Leverage Technology

With the advent of a myriad of new inventions, convenience is more accessible than ever. Doing manual work is now considered time consuming and not as effective as can be.

Let’s say you’re representing your company at a campus recruiting event. You would show up with printed sign-in papers and have undergraduates fill in their contact information. After such an event, your team would have to squint at multiple hand-ins just to make out what the prospects have written, then manually enter those data into a computer-based format (and this doesn’t guarantee 100% precision) and again, manually send emails to follow-up with students post-event.

All of that could be done with the help of technology leveraging. At its core, technology leverage is the ability to gain value by automating everything, leading to more efficient time and expense management. Better yet, technology, especially mobile technology can significantly boost candidates’ experience.

Case Study An exemplary case study is National Grid. Previously, when attending campus recruiting events, the team would show up with printed sign-in paper and had prospects note down their contact information. Unfortunately, due to compliance issues and following the Legal Team’s policies, the team couldn’t collect resumes to bring back to the office, meaning all the data-collecting work had to be done right at the events. The manual processing approach and the follow-up after each event was inefficient and frustrating to National Grid Recruiting team. They know they have to find a right recruiting software to help with all manual tasks.

When National Grid adopted a recruiting platform, they immediately saw concrete results:

  • Save 50-60 hours of administrative and manual work per semester
  • Increase 10% in the number of student applying to National Grid every year since 2017
  • Increase the company branding by appearing to the millennials and gen Z in that they, too, are a tech-savy companies

So how do they do it, exactly?

At offline recruitment events, the team utilizes both their smart mobile phones to collect the prospects’ information and iPads to have students manually input their data in case they forget to bring their resumes. This way, the team avoids missing out on any potential candidates. “The students’ reactions to us and themselves using the app have been really positive,” they love seeing a tech-savvy company who is committed to implement cutting edge technology solution into the daily work practices.


Read more about National Grid Case Study

Organize Competitions

This is a really good way to pick who’s best at their field. An obvious perk of this method is that you can save a lot of money spent on head hunting. Just inform the public of a contest going on, and it will attract just the right talents.

Remember that scene in “The social network” where Zuckerberg held a small competition to see who is the first to debug a software while also taking shots periodically, and the winner gets to join the Facebook team? The process is just as simple as that.

One famous example of this method is when the MGM Grand, one of Las Vegas’s biggest casinos, took inspiration from the TV show Iron Chef when looking for a new head chef for one of their Asian restaurants. Contestants are handed a secret ingredient and asked to put together a 4 course meal in under 1 hour.

Create Out-of-the-box Advertisements

You’re looking for a creative recruitment strategy, why not consider making creative ads? If done right, each ad can go viral, promoting your values and workplace culture in a fun way that is sure to make people notice. Now you’re hogging all the attention, well done!

Choose the most creative team, let them roam. Advertising is an art, you can create hidden ads, viral videos, viral photos, and God forbid, memes. Meme videos are part of the Internet culture now, it would be such a shame to pass on this gold mine.

Each of the above creative recruitment strategies comes with an example of a good ad. There are many more to see and to learn from. Be creative, that’s what creative recruiting is about. If you need any inspiration, here are some examples:


If you want your recruiting campaign to succeed, you need to come up with out of the box recruiting strategies. We’re living in a fast paced world where it takes people less than 10 seconds to decide whether they want to read an article or watch a video or not. So be bold, be decisive, be assertive, and most of all, be over the top.

To sum up, when you think of creative recruitment, think about:

  • Focus on showcasing your company culture, after all, that’s what your potential candidates care about.
  • Put emphasis on the characteristics of the work they are expected to do.
  • Actively hunt for candidates but at the same time, make them come to you, be it out of curiosity or of a predetermined goal. You don’t have to take control over them, let them have the variety of choice, you just have to be the best choice for them.
  • Make technology an ally. Boost your results with technology leverage.
  • And last but not least, take advantage of the power of social media, and the virality it brings about. Attention to small details really helps you reach a massive amount of audience, therefore giving you a myriad of choices, just like that of the candidates.

ALERT: We have been made aware of instances where individuals/businesses are misrepresenting themselves as being associated with Hays U.S. Please note that we do not post job advertisements in local marketplace groups on Facebook, we do not contact applicants or conduct interviews via WhatsApp, and we will never ask for credit card or banking information for equipment purchase, nor do we charge fees to jobseekers.

If you are unsure an advertisement or contact is legitimate, please check Hays.com for job postings and local office contact information.

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Workforce Strategy & Recruitment Case Studies | Hays US

Case studies.

Understanding and navigating the complexities of your workforce strategy is what we do best. Explore how we’ve helped our clients solve critical workforce challenges. 

strategy case study recruitment

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5.20 Case Study: Zendesk Recruitment: A Fictional Example

Case study: recruiting at zendesk.

Over the last few years, Zendesk , the company where Melinda works as an HR manager, has seen plenty of growth. Zendesk builds software designed to improve customer relationships. The company has a strong culture that encourages employees to grow and innovate. At the beginning, Zendesk recruited simply on the basis of the applications they received, rather than actively searching for the right person for the job. The first thing Melinda did when arriving at the company was to develop a job analysis questionnaire, which she had all employees fill out.

The goal was to complete a job analysis for each position that existed at the company. This happened to be at the point where the organization started seeing rapid growth, as a result of increased demand from their client base of small and medium businesses. Luckily, since Melinda followed the industry closely and worked closely with management, part of her strategic outline planned for the hiring of several new positions. Keeping in mind the employment laws and the company’s position on a diverse workforce, Melinda set out to write new job descriptions from the job analysis she had performed. She also used a significant part of her budget to produce a slick recruiting video that emphasized the strong culture of Zendesk.

Video: “ This is Zendesk ” By Zendesk [1:40]

She aggressively pushed this video through Twitter and Instagram. After a three-week period, Melinda had 345 applications for the different positions, a 146% increase from last year. Pleased with the way recruiting had gone, she started reviewing the resumes to continue with the selection process.

  • Do you think Melinda’s approach was the best one? Why?  Why not?
  • What other social media advertising could the company have included?

“ Chapter 4: Recruitment- Recruiting or the search for talent at Zendesk ” from   Human Resources Management – 2nd Ontario Edition  by Elizabeth Cameron is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License , except where otherwise noted.

Human Resources Management - 3rd Edition Copyright © 2023 by Debra Patterson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License , except where otherwise noted.

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And one of my responsibilities was recruitment . It reminded me of a comment that a senior vice president made to me years ago when I was responsible for airline recruitment . Organizations rely heavily on recruitment because they need employees to deliver their products and services. What’s a reasonable response time?”

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Children’s Mercy Hospital Case Study

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Want this case study as a PDF? How Children’s Mercy is Using Content to Drive Recruiting Efforts. For example , nursing job descriptions now start with a call to action, not to apply, but to watch a video to hear the experiences of their nursing staff. Reading Time: 6 minutes. Find it here !

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Case Study: Diverseco


SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

Quick comments: There has been many an occasion on this journey, where we have looked to EmployeeConnect for guidance, advice and support – outside of their scope – for example ; there was a situation where the payroll integration advice did not appear correct from the payroll vendor, and EmployeeConnect were able to recommend a solution.

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Using Talent Sourcing Platforms To Save Recruiter Time

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How To Apply Design Thinking in HR (+ 3 Case Studies)

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13+ HR Case Studies: Recruiting, Learning, Analytics, and More


As someone who has worked in the HR profession, I know well the full value of stories, examples , and case studies . While much of the work we do at Lighthouse Research & Advisory focuses on quantitative research studies , we do a fair amount of qualitative research as well. How to Lead a Hiring Team.

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What is flextime? Types, benefits, and examples of flextime schedules

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Types of flextime with use case examples Flextime is an umbrella term that covers different types of work arrangements. Here are some of the most common types with a typical use case example to show it’s application: Variable day schedule Staggered hours Split shift Condensed workweek 1.

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Recruiting Feedback Case Study: The Recruiting Revenue Connection

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In our latest recruiting feedback case study , Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) demonstrates that asking the right questions at the right time can dramatically affect overall recruiting effectiveness AND uncover powerful connections between recruiting and revenue generation. Recruiting and Revenue.

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Case study: Executing a recruitment marketing video plan

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Executing a recruitment marketing video plan sometimes requires research and buy-in. This case study is an excerpt from our new ebook, Getting Buy-In for Your Employee Story Project: The Ultimate Guide to Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing ROI. Reading Time: 7 minutes. Brittni says, “I knew Stories Inc.

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Case Study: MarketGap’s Innovative Strategy for Agile Workforce Evolution

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Partnering with organizations and agencies that focus on promoting minority talents, such as minority professional associations and diversity-focused recruitment firms. The post Case Study : MarketGap’s Innovative Strategy for Agile Workforce Evolution appeared first on Hppy.

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OKR Examples: How to Write OKRs that Drive Impact

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In this article, we’ll break down the framework for writing impactful objectives and key results and share some OKR examples you can use as a guide when crafting your own. Example of a poorly-written objective: Provide better customer service. Example of poorly-written key results: Treat our customers well every day.

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Develop Your Talent Acquisition Strategy With 6 Practical Examples

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In this article, we’ll explore what a talent acquisition strategy looks like, how to develop a talent acquisition strategy, along with some best practices and examples to help you move your company forward. Software and applicant tracking systems can help you sort through your talent pool, assess candidates, and recruit .

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Simplifying the Hiring Process with Recruitment Automation

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How AI Can Enhance the Personal Touch in Candidate Recruitment . Recruitment automation is giving hiring teams a much-needed advantage in a highly competitive market. Inside this complete guide to recruiting automation, you will find: In this article: How a recruitment automation process streamlines hiring.

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Recruit Better: Employee Discount Programs and Taxes

APRIL 16, 2017

Examples of de minimis perks include occasional tickets to theatres and sporting events, as well as invitations to company-hosted parties and picnics. That helps strengthen relationships and increase engagement with employees, and it can serve as a competitive differentiator and recruitment tool.

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Creating Employment Opportunities With Flex Manufacturing (i4cp login required)

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This case study represents one of the submissions for i4cp's 2023 Next Practice Awards, winners will be honored at the i4cp 2023 Next Practices Now Conference. You can also view other Next Practice Award case studies . A cross-functional team formed to include the Director of Manufacturing, his HRBP and Recruiting .

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How to Identify Bottlenecks in Your Recruitment Process

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Take recruiting for example . When the recruiting process is broken, everybody knows it. And in my experience, everyone blames everything on recruiting being broken. “We Problems (or contraints) in recruiting isn’t something to ignore because finding top talent is essential to the business.

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20 Must-Read Recruitment Blogs for Successful Recruiters

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Healthcare HR and Nursing Leaders: Partnering for Improved Outcomes

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Recruitment Analytics: The 3 Levels to Optimize Recruiting

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

Recruitment analytics, also known as recruiting analytics, plays an increasingly important role for recruiters and recruitment managers. Recruitment analytics can help to make better, data-driven choices when it comes to sourcing, selection, and hiring. What is recruitment analytics? A definition.

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13 Great Employer Branding Examples To Inspire You in 2024

SEPTEMBER 15, 2023

In this article, we’ll share 13 exceptional employer branding examples and what we like about them to inspire you in building your employer branding strategy. Types of employer branding content Employer branding examples 1. Now, let’s dive into the best employer branding examples ! Contents What is employer branding?

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How to master recruitment in media

DECEMBER 13, 2020

Case study : HubSpot. When you’re searching to recruit talent with media experience, you should place your ads in niche job boards, not only Indeed or Glassdoor. Recruiters who target journalists agree that it isn’t enough to review a writer’s work samples. Case study : HubSpot. HubSpot leads by example .

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Case Study: Credit Union

OCTOBER 1, 2020

Today’s case study explains how TimeSimplicity can help a typical small credit union maintain quality customer service while controlling operating expenses through automated credit union employee scheduling. Our example organization is Springfield Community Credit Union. How much can you save? ArticleID 7414.

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10 Awesome Video Job Description Creation Tools

NOVEMBER 5, 2019

A recruitment video production app that allows companies to make video in-house. VideoMyJob has 5 great recruitment video case studies published on their website that show off the results they’ve got for their clients. The digital recruitment technology that utilizes video to candidate volume and quality.

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Trend: Candidate Feedback for Recruiter Reviews and Managing Recruiters

JANUARY 13, 2023

Using candidate feedback for recruiter reviews and managing recruiters is fast becoming standard practice these days. In fact MOST Survale clients use some form of candidate and/or hiring manager feedback in quarterly or annual recruiter reviews, incentive compensation or other systems for managing recruiters ’ performance.

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If You’re Not Listening for These 4 Phrases When Hiring Teachers, You’re Missing Out

OCTOBER 8, 2018

Finding and hiring top teachers is one of the most important recruiting jobs. Today’s youth, for example , are dealing with complicated, multifaceted challenges due to various cultural and social aspects. According to a 2018 case study , the opportunity for learning is limited by these cultural and social differences.

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What is HR Automation? A Guide with Practical Examples

APRIL 8, 2021

HR is responsible for recruiting , onboarding and offboarding employees, training and development, payroll and timekeeping, tracking vacation and sick days, and employees’ general well-being within the organization. Benefits of HR automation Examples of HR automation in action The best HR automation tools currently on offer.

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Best Applicant Tracking Systems in 2022 | ClearCompany

APRIL 19, 2022

Think of a few things you would consider “the best,” for example , the best restaurants in your city or the best route to take to work. While ATS requirements differ, there are still many features and qualities that an ATS needs in order to remain a top competitor and help you reach your recruiting and hiring goals.

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People Analytics and HR-Tech Reading List

Littal Shemer

OCTOBER 11, 2022

“The book helps professionals, researchers, employers, and everybody interested in the world of work to understand the past, present, and future of recruitment . . “The book helps professionals, researchers, employers, and everybody interested in the world of work to understand the past, present, and future of recruitment .

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strategy case study recruitment

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