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Make an Impact: The Benefits of Adding Music to Your PowerPoint Slideshows

PowerPoint presentations are a powerful tool for communicating information, whether it’s for business meetings, educational purposes, or personal projects. While the content and visuals of your slideshow are crucial, adding music can take your presentation to the next level. In this article, we will explore the benefits of adding music to your PowerPoint slideshows and how it can make a lasting impact on your audience.

Enhances Emotional Connection

When you incorporate music into your PowerPoint slideshows, you have the opportunity to create an emotional connection with your audience. Music has a unique ability to evoke feelings and emotions in individuals, and by choosing the right soundtrack, you can set the tone for your presentation. Whether you want to inspire, motivate or create a sense of nostalgia, music can help you achieve that emotional connection with your listeners.

For example, if you’re giving a presentation on environmental conservation efforts, incorporating soft and soothing instrumental music in the background can evoke feelings of calmness and serenity. On the other hand, if you’re presenting on a topic related to innovation and progress, using upbeat and energetic music can create excitement among your audience.

Captivates Attention

In today’s fast-paced world where people are constantly bombarded with information, it’s important to capture and hold their attention throughout your presentation. Adding music to your PowerPoint slideshows can help in this regard by creating a captivating atmosphere that keeps your audience engaged.

By carefully selecting appropriate music that aligns with the message or theme of each slide or section of your presentation, you can maintain interest and prevent boredom. The right choice of background music not only grabs attention but also helps retain information better since our brains tend to associate memories with emotions.

Reinforces Key Messages

Using music strategically in your PowerPoint slideshows allows you to reinforce key messages within your presentation effectively. By carefully timing the music to match specific slides or transitions, you can emphasize important points and make them more memorable.

For instance, if you’re discussing the benefits of a new product, incorporating upbeat and lively music during the slide that highlights its features can create a positive association in the minds of your audience. Similarly, using soft and gentle music when discussing sensitive topics or serious issues can help convey empathy and compassion.

Sets a Professional Tone

Adding music to your PowerPoint slideshows not only adds an element of professionalism but also helps in setting the desired tone for your presentation. The choice of music should align with the nature of your topic and the overall tone you want to portray.

For example, if you’re delivering a business presentation, using instrumental tracks or classical music can create an atmosphere of sophistication and credibility. On the other hand, if your slideshow is meant for a more casual or creative audience, incorporating contemporary or genre-specific music may be more appropriate.

In conclusion, adding music to your PowerPoint slideshows offers numerous benefits that can enhance your overall presentation. It creates an emotional connection with your audience, captivates attention, reinforces key messages, and sets a professional tone. However, it’s important to choose appropriate music that complements your content and conveys the desired message effectively. With careful consideration and strategic use of background music, you can make a lasting impact on your audience and deliver an engaging presentation that stands out from the rest.

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slideshow presentation zoom

Sharing slides as a Virtual Background

While you can share PowerPoint presentations or share Keynote presentations in meetings, you can also share your presentation as a Virtual Background  for an immersive sharing experience. Sharing your slides as a Virtual Background allows your participants to view your video imposed directly on the screen share. It also allows you to manage your presentation directly from within the Zoom meeting controls. 

Note : Sound, transitions, or animations embedded in slides are not supported. 

If the presenter records the meeting locally , the recording will also have the video embedded on top of the slides. If the host or another participant records the meeting locally, they must be on at least 5.2.0 or higher for the video to be embedded on the slides. If they are on any version older than  5.2.0 or record to the cloud ,  the recording will record the slides and video as a normal screen share recording. 

This article covers:

Sharing a presentation as your background

Changing slides, changing video size and position, remove your video from slides, prerequisites, presenter requirements.

  • Windows: 5.2.0 (42619.0804) or higher
  • macOS: 5.2.0 (42634.0805) ] or higher
  • System meets the requirements for Virtual Background
  • PowerPoint or Keynote (macOS only) installed locally

Viewer requirements

  • Windows: 5.2.0 (42619.0804)  or higher
  • macOS: 5.2.0 (42634.0805)  or higher
  • Linux: 5.2.0 (440215.0803)  or higher
  • Android: 5.2.0 (42588.0803)  or higher
  • iOS:  5.2.0 or higher

Note : If a participant is on a version lower than what is stated above or joining from the Web client, a Zoom Room, or 3rd party endpoint, they will view the slides as a normal screen share, and the presenter's video will not be imposed over the slides. 

slideshow presentation zoom

  • Click Advanced .

slideshow presentation zoom

  • Click Open .

slideshow presentation zoom

Managing slides and video

slideshow presentation zoom

To reposition or change the size of your video:

slideshow presentation zoom

  • Click Resize My Video .

slideshow presentation zoom

If you want to stop imposing your video on top of the slides and have it sent as a separate video feed:

slideshow presentation zoom

slideshow presentation zoom

Magnify a slide in Slide Show view

While delivering your PowerPoint presentation using Presenter view, you can magnify slide content on the screen.

Note: The process steps below replace the previous zoom method which used the magnifying glass cursor and bright rectangle selection. Additionally, zooming out does not open the see-all-slides view. To see all slides, use the shortcut 'G'.  


In the lower-left corner of the screen, select the magnifying glass icon. Note that your slide has been centrally zoomed by 200% and the cursor is now a hand.

Click and drag with the hand to move the zoom effect to a different area of the slide.

To exit zoom mode and return to standard view, press Esc or re-click the magnifying glass icon.


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slideshow presentation zoom

Microsoft 365 subscription benefits

slideshow presentation zoom

Microsoft 365 training

slideshow presentation zoom

Microsoft security

slideshow presentation zoom

Accessibility center

Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

slideshow presentation zoom

Ask the Microsoft Community

slideshow presentation zoom

Microsoft Tech Community

slideshow presentation zoom

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Sharing a powerpoint presentation in zoom.

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For: Staff Application: Zoom Tagged: web conferencing , zoom

To share a presentation using Zoom, the Share Screen feature must be used to display content from your PC. Unlike some alternative video conferencing software, which may allow you to upload presentation files directly into a meeting, Zoom only allows you to stream content from your device.

However, there are several options for screen sharing and configuring your PowerPoint files to display an online presentation. You can choose to share your entire desktop or just a specific application on your PC. You can also configure Zoom to utilise multiple displays when hosting a presentation (where multiple monitors are available).

This guide covers:

Share your screen in zoom, zoom interface during screen sharing, advanced sharing settings, powerpoint presentations with multiple displays.

During a Zoom meeting, select the Share Screen button at the bottom of the window to initiate screen sharing.

slideshow presentation zoom

You will be presented with a window displaying all the available options for sharing. Typically, this screen will show any displays connected to your device (i.e., Desktop 1, Desktop 2) which will broadcast everything on the selected screen . This option may be best if you intend to switch between applications during your presentation.

Zoom will also display options for sharing any applications currently open on your PC , allowing you to only broadcast a specific application and hiding the rest of your desktop from view. If you want to only display your presentation file, ensure the PowerPoint presentation is open prior to clicking the Share Screen button .

Note: If your presentation has audio or a video clip, tick the options Share sound and Optimize for video clip to ensure the best possible experience for participants.

The Zoom meeting interface will change once you begin screen sharing. This is to provide you with the best possible view of your content, whilst allowing you to control and manage the meeting. Please note, any elements of the Zoom interface (i.e., Settings bar, Chat, Participants panel, etc.) open on your screen when sharing will not be visible to participants, even when sharing your full desktop.

Participant cameras can still be viewed when screen sharing in a compact view . You can click and drag this window to move it around your screen. Use the ‘square’ icons at the top of the window to customise how many participant cameras are visible or to hide the window.

slideshow presentation zoom

Screen sharing can be paused at any time using the Pause Share button or stopped entirely by selecting the red Stop Share button on the Settings bar.

slideshow presentation zoom

All meeting control options are available during screen sharing. However, a number of settings will only be available under the More button on the Settings bar. From this menu you can pause or resume the recording, open the Chat window, and manage Breakout rooms.

slideshow presentation zoom

Selecting the Annotate button will allow you to draw and place text anywhere on the screen. (Note: Drawing functionality may be easier to manage on touch-enabled devices) Annotation features can also be made available for participants for collaborative editing. The Spotlight tool can turn your mouse cursor into an arrow or laser pointer, which can be helpful for drawing the audience’s attention to specific areas of your screen during presentations.

slideshow presentation zoom

For additional sharing options, select the ‘arrow’ icon beside the Share Screen button and select Advanced Sharing Options… from the menu.

slideshow presentation zoom

This will allow you to adjust how many people can share at once, which roles can utilise screen sharing (only the Host or all Participants), and which roles can share when another user has screen sharing enabled.

slideshow presentation zoom

When delivering a Zoom presentation with multiple displays (i.e., two monitors connected to a PC or a laptop with external monitor), you may want to take advantage of the second display to monitor participants. By adjusting your PowerPoint settings to disable ‘Presenter View’ , you can utilise your additional display to open the Chat and Participants windows, or to organise Polls and Breakout Rooms.

To disable presenter view, open PowerPoint presentation, select the Slide Show tab, and click Set Up Slide Show .

slideshow presentation zoom

In the options window, under Show type , select Browsed by an individual (window) , and click OK . When ready to present, click Play from Start to expand your presentation view. Rather than taking over both displays, your presentation will now display in a window that can be expanded and moved between your screens.

slideshow presentation zoom

Select Share Screen in Zoom and select your PowerPoint presentation from the list of applications. You can now select features such as the Chat and Participants panels and drag them to your second display. These can also be expanded to better suit your requirements when presenting. This method is useful when you need to view your PowerPoint slides without being obstructed by the Zoom interface, whilst still monitoring the meeting Chat, managing Polls, or viewing participant video feeds.

slideshow presentation zoom

(Example of second display with expanded Chat, Polling, and Participant panels)

Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: [email protected] . Alternatively you can also request a particular guide or highlight an error in this guide using our guides request tracker.

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Zoom: Share PowerPoint Presentation Slides While Using Presenter View on the Presenter Device

Sharing your presentation, alternate method (windows or mac).

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for how to wirelessly share PowerPoint presentation slides within a Zoom meeting while using presenter view on your laptop to access presenter notes.

This guide assumes that you already are hosting an active Zoom meeting on your laptop, have a PowerPoint presentation open, and you have no external displays connected.

  • Zoom Support: Screen sharing a PowerPoint presentation

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Zoom: Signing In to Your UNC Zoom Account in the Zoom App on Your Device

Technical Help EdIT

Zoom Screen Share Button

  • Proceed based on your computer operating system:
  • Go to Slide Show tab and click From Beginning or From Current Slide . The presentation slide will display full screen.
  • Right-click on anywhere on the presentation slide and choose Show Presenter View . The presenter view for the presentation will display on your laptop screen and the full slide view will persist in the Zoom meeting room.

NOTE: This feature works inconsistently on the Mac. If you are unable to achieve the desired results following these steps, use the alternate method outlined below.

Power Point Presenter View Button

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Teaching with Technology

Information Technology

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Recording a video lecture of yourself with Zoom and PowerPoint slidedeck

There are two different ways to record a video lecture of yourself and your PowerPoint slidedeck using Zoom.


Picture-in-picture View instructions

zoom powerpoint image

Video overlay View instructions

If you want to record your screen and PowerPoint without your video image (similar to an audio podcast, but with a visual component of your slides), follow these instructions .

Note: Before doing any recording, make sure to prepare your slidedeck to make room for the video image of yourself, so that your video image won't be overlaid on top of any text or images. Sometimes drawing a rectangular box on each slide helps to "save" a space for your video to go. 

  • Open the Zoom app and your PowerPoint file. Close all other files and applications.
  • In Zoom, click “New Meeting” (orange icon); make sure your microphone and camera are on.

zoom share powerpoint

  • Go to PowerPoint and launch your slideshow.
  • At the bottom Zoom toolbar, choose Record, then choose “Record on this Computer” from the menu that pops up. Your lecture is now recording. Note: if you don't see the Record button, you may need to click on the "More" button in the Zoom toolbar, and then choose the "Record on this Computer" option.
  • Start your lecture. Advance your slides with the right arrow key; return to a previous slide with the left arrow key.
  • When you are finished, click on the "Stop Recording" button in the bottom Zoom toolbar.  Note: if you don't see the Stop Recording button, you may need to click on the "More" button in the Zoom toolbar, and choose the "Stop Recording" option there.

zoom end recording

  • Trim the beginning and ending of your video (if needed) using QuickTime or another video editing tool, then upload your video to Ensemble, Reed’s media server.

Want to do more? Read how to annotate your PowerPoint slides with Zoom .


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    slideshow presentation zoom


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