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At our school the hallway is the jungle gym. It's a pole down, a ladder up, monkey bars from the ceilings, balancing beam on the floor, slides and cargo nets. Why walk from A to B when you can have healthy adrenaline highs and a bit of muscle work? When we leave one room we have a million fun ways to get to the next door... now that's the kind of puzzle everyone loves! We are all born to play and it's when we add play to learning that we get better results. Our school is ace.
The school hallway had the greatest of echos, and within it we were all cheeseball tap-dancers.
The school hallway was light and bright, even upon the stormy days its grand windows let in a bouquet of rays.
The hallways are dark marble floors and white walls, not a hand print or scuff mark anywhere. The doors are a glossy black, numbered with silver digits that match the globe shaped handles. It isn't just the materials though, it's the dimensions, the width being at least twice that of Brampton High.
The school hallway was all bright paints and neat trimmed pinboards. Our school was great that way, they really embraced colour.
Once a bustle of chatter and a flowing of friends, the hallways had become a steady stream of order, each of us a careful two meters apart.

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Writing Tips Oasis

Writing Tips Oasis

How to Describe a School Building in a Story

By A.W. Naves

how to describe a school building in a story

Are you writing a children’s book in which there are chapters set in a school? Do you need some inspiration? Find out how to describe a school building in a story by the use of the following 10 words.

1. Welcoming

Inviting, and friendly ; creating a hospitable environment.

“The welcoming school building had bright, open spaces that made students feel at ease.”

“The staff gave her a tour of the welcoming campus, showing her the features and amenities.”

How it Adds Description

Describing the building as “welcoming” suggests an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. It illustrates that the school is designed to be friendly and inclusive, allowing common spaces for students to mingle and open-style classrooms where students will feel comfortable. It can be useful in a story where the school setting stands in contrast to conflicts that may arise.

2. Dilapidated

Run-down, in disrepair ; in a state of neglect.

“The dilapidated school building had crumbling walls and a leaky roof, but would have to do.”

“The classroom was dilapidated , with broken furniture and a horribly scratched blackboard.”

Using the word “dilapidated” to describe a school building conveys a sense of decay, neglect, and abandonment. It sets the tone for the story, suggesting that the school has seen better days and creating a sense of foreboding or unease. It also implies that the school may not be safe or suitable for use, adding possible pitfalls or dangers for the characters.

Comfortable, secure ; Providing warmth or relaxation.

“The cozy school building had soft lighting and soft seating.”

“The school’s classrooms were filled with books and throw cushions, creating a cozy space to learn and explore.”

Using the word “cozy” indicates warmth and familiarity, suggesting that a school is an inviting place for students. It can portray the school as a haven for an otherwise chaotic life for a character who sees it as a place of relief and safety. This may motivate them to persevere through their difficulties outside of school or reach out to friends when their life is otherwise lonely.

4. Sprawling

Extensive, expansive ; covering a large area or spreading out over a wide space.

“The sprawling multiple wings and floors of the school building spread out across the vast expanse of the property.”

“It was a sprawling campus with lush gardens and winding paths that connected the buildings.”

Describing a school building as “sprawling” portrays it as large, extensive, and perhaps a little disorganized. It can create a mental image in the reader’s mind of a campus that feels overwhelming or difficult to navigate. A protagonist may feel lost or out of place in a school such as this.

Rural, pastoral ; having a plain design.

“The rustic school building was made of rough-hewn wood and fieldstone.”

“The school had a rustic feel with handmade quilts and paintings created by locals hung on the walls.”

Using the word “rustic” to describe a school building creates a visual image in the reader’s mind of a quaint, old-fashioned structure that may not have all the modern amenities that are typically found in schools today. It can illustrate the idea that the school is a central part of the community focused on core educational content rather than aesthetics.

Dull, bleak ; depressing, and gloomy.

“The dreary school building had peeling paint and flickering fluorescent lights.”

“The classroom felt dreary with its outdated textbooks and broken equipment.”

The description of the building as “dreary” can provide a sense of gloom and sadness, suggesting that the school is a depressing and uninviting place. This can help to create a feeling of tension or conflict between the protagonist and their environment, highlighting the challenges they may face as they navigate the school.

Lively, colorful ; full of energy and activity.

“The vibrant school building was decorated with murals and mosaics.”

“The classrooms were vibrant , fostering enthusiasm and engagement among the students.”

The word “vibrant” conveys a sense of energy, liveliness, and colorfulness. If a story is about a group of students who are happy and excited to be in school, describing the building as vibrant can reinforce this positive mood. It can also show a keen sense of community, which can be an essential plot point for a story about a school or educational experience.

8. Antiquated

Outdated, old-fashioned ; no longer useful or relevant.

“The school building was antiquated , with outdated technology and tattered textbooks.”

“The antiquated architecture of the school building placed it on the list for potential closure.”

The word “antiquated” creates an image in the reader’s mind of a school building that is old, outdated, and in disrepair. This not only helps to set the scene, but can also provide insight into the socioeconomic status of the characters or the community in which they live.

Contemporary, up-to-date ; Utilizing current technology and design.

“The modern school building was equipped with smartboards and a computer lab.”

“The design of the school was modern , featuring sleek lines and minimalist architecture.”

Using the word “modern” implies a certain style, architecture, and design that can help readers envision the school building in a more specific manner. It can help establish the period in which the story takes place, as architecture and technology have evolved over time. The modern school building can serve as a visual backdrop that sets the tone for the story.

10. Oppressive

Suffocating, overbearing ; a feeling of being weighed down.

“The school was oppressive , with dark, musty classrooms that made it difficult to breathe.”

“The teachers were strict and unforgiving, adding to the oppressive structure of the school.”

Using the word “oppressive” suggests that the building itself may be contributing to the negative experiences of the characters within it. This can lead readers to better understand and empathize with the struggles of the characters. It can lead to the characters feeling increasingly trapped and isolated, potentially leading to a pivotal moment of conflict or realization.


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