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Free vs Premium: Choosing the Right AI Presentation Maker for Your Needs

In today’s fast-paced digital world, presentations have become an integral part of professional communication. Whether you’re pitching a new idea to your team or delivering a keynote speech at a conference, having a visually appealing and engaging presentation is crucial. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), presentation making has been revolutionized, making it easier than ever to create stunning slideshows. If you’re in search of an AI presentation maker, you’ve probably come across the options of free and premium tools. But how do you choose between them? In this article, we’ll explore the benefits and limitations of both free and premium AI presentation makers to help you make an informed decision.

The Advantages of Free AI Presentation Makers

Free AI presentation makers offer several advantages that make them attractive to many users. One of the most significant benefits is cost-saving. As the name suggests, these tools are available at no cost, making them ideal for individuals or organizations with budget constraints. Moreover, free AI presentation makers often come with basic features that can meet the needs of casual users who don’t require advanced functionalities.

Another advantage of free AI presentation makers is ease of use. These tools are designed with simplicity in mind, allowing even those with limited technical skills to create professional-looking presentations effortlessly. Templates and pre-designed layouts are usually available for quick customization, saving time and effort.

Furthermore, free AI presentation makers often provide cloud storage options where users can save their work online. This feature ensures easy access from any device with an internet connection and eliminates worries about losing data due to hardware failures or other mishaps.

The Limitations of Free AI Presentation Makers

While there are many benefits to using free AI presentation makers, it’s important to consider their limitations as well. One common drawback is limited functionality compared to premium options. Free tools may lack advanced features like custom animations, advanced image editing, or access to premium templates. This can restrict creative options and result in less visually appealing presentations.

Another limitation of free AI presentation makers is branding. Free tools often include watermarks or logos on the final presentations, which can be distracting and unprofessional. Some free versions also limit the export options, making it difficult to share or present your slideshows outside of the tool’s platform.

Additionally, free AI presentation makers may have restrictions on storage space and file size. If you’re working with large files or need to store a considerable number of presentations, you may quickly hit these limitations. This could require constant deletion or compromise on the quality of your work.

The Benefits of Premium AI Presentation Makers

Premium AI presentation makers offer a range of advantages that cater to users who require more advanced features and professional results. One significant benefit is increased functionality. Premium tools provide access to a wide array of design options, including customizable animations, transitions, and special effects. These features allow users to create dynamic and engaging presentations that captivate their audience.

Another advantage of premium AI presentation makers is the absence of watermarks or branding on final presentations. This gives your slideshows a polished and professional look without any distractions. Premium tools also offer more flexibility in terms of exporting options, allowing you to save your work in various formats for easy sharing or presenting on different platforms.

Furthermore, premium AI presentation makers often provide additional support and customer service. Whether it’s through live chat assistance or comprehensive tutorials, these tools ensure that users can navigate any challenges they may encounter during the creation process effectively.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Option

When deciding between free and premium AI presentation makers, it’s crucial to consider your specific needs and requirements. If you’re looking for a simple tool for basic presentations without advanced functionalities or customization options, a free option may be sufficient. However, if you need a more professional and sophisticated tool with advanced features and design flexibility, a premium option would be worth the investment.

Additionally, consider your long-term goals and growth potential. If presentations play a significant role in your work or business, investing in a premium AI presentation maker can provide you with the tools necessary to create visually stunning slideshows that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

In conclusion, both free and premium AI presentation makers have their advantages and limitations. Understanding these differences and considering your specific needs will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your goals. Whether you choose a free or premium option, embracing AI technology for presentation making will undoubtedly enhance your communication skills and elevate your presentations to the next level.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


professional keynote presentation

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10 Expert Tips to Create and Deliver a Killer Keynote Presentation

So you’ve got a keynote presentation coming up, and you’re hitting the books to make sure you’re armed with the best plan possible. Besides taking notes from all the greats on TED, you’re reading up about a message structure that works, and looking for the perfect template.

While it seems like you’ve got your bases covered, like all things in life, there’s always a way to streamline the planning process.

According to Aaron Weyenberg , the UX Lead for TED and a self-professed “master of slide decks,” and the wizards behind Apple’s presentation slides , there are a number of tricks of the trade that you can rely on to create a rocking keynote presentation .

Below are some of our favorites. And to easily create a professional-looking presentation , sign up for Piktochart . It’s free and it allows you to make beautiful visuals without being a graphic designer.

1. Do your slides last

While most keynote speakers will typically build their presentation around the structure of a template, Weyenberg says that “building your slides should be the tail end of developing your presentation.” Before working on your slides, you should put together your main message, structure, supporting points – then practice and time your presentation. The reason for this, he says, is that the presentation needs to be strong enough to stand on its own. Approaching a keynote like this requires a shift in thinking.

While a beautiful set of slides is imperative to your presentation, it should not be central to it.

Weyenberg said it best: “The slides are just something you layer over [the presentation] to enhance the listener experience.”

Observe these 2017 Google I/O keynotes, especially CEO Sundar Pichai’s – the role of the slides are to support what the speaker is saying – not the other way around.

2. Get creative with photos

Often times, presenters will be far too literal or cheesy with their image choice. Weyenberg suggests to use images that are simple, yet punchy – and pairs nicely with your spoken words. He says to look for photos that are:

  • Related to your keynote’s concept
  • Are not complex in terms of composition

how to make inspiring keynote presentations

3. Simplify charts and graphs

While most presenters will simply drop an image of their charts and graphs into their deck, Weyenberg points out that it might be a bit “unsightly.” If you need to use data to back a point that you’re making, you should make the extra effort to make it more attractive – and this can be done by recreating it in your presentation maker .

There are a couple benefits to doing this:

  • It will make your presentation seem consistent and well-thought out
  • You’ll have control over colors, typography, and more.

weyenberg graph, typography in charts examples

4. One theme per slide

According to the designers of Apple presentation slides, less is certainly more. Trying to cram too many ideas on one slide can only work to your detriment. Beyond ideas, the same goes for statistics.

Let’s play a little game: For the following idea, how many slides would you use? “The developer program is incredibly vibrant. We have over six million registered developers. Demand for this show has never been greater. We sold out in just over a minute [71 seconds].”

While the average person might think that 6 million and 71 seconds would belong on the same slide and be short and sweet enough, let’s compare it with what Apple’s CEO Tim Cook did.

He only leveraged two slides: The first said “6 million,” and the second: “71 seconds. Sold out.”

how to make presentation attractive

5. Create a visual experience with data

Taking a leaf again from Apple’s presentation book, once you’ve gotten the hang of having just one stat per slide – you should also make it as visual as possible.

visual presentations

One data point per slide, combined with it being visually interesting – is sure to be memorable.

6. Practice Really Makes Perfect

Imagine the late Steve Jobs, a legendary keynote presenter, still rehearsed for months before a presentation. According to Brent Schlender , one of the co-authors behind the Steve Jobs biography “Becoming Steve Jobs,” Jobs would rehearse and prepare “exhaustively” for all of his public appearances.

Despite being a natural on the stage, Jobs never would wing it, he came to the show well prepared.

“I once spent an entire day watching him run through multiple rehearsals of a single presentation, tweaking everything from the color and angle of certain spotlights, to editing and rearranging the order of the keynote presentation slides to improve his pacing,” remembers Schlender.

While you may not be a perfectionist like Jobs, you are likely also not nearly as good of a presenter as he is – so practice really makes perfect in this case.

7. Tell A Consistent Story

Circling back to Weyenberg’s tips – he suggests that in a good slide deck, every slide should feel “like part of the same story.” Think of your deck like a story – every slide should feel cohesive to the big picture message you’re trying to communicate – as opposed to random ideas juxtaposed together.

You can do this by:

  • Using the same or similar typography, colors, and imagery across all slides
  • Using presentation templates can help with maintaining the same look and feel

8. Less is more

We explored the less is more concept earlier in the article by suggesting you keep to one idea per slide. The same can be applied to text.

When it comes to creating slides for your next keynote, the cardinal sin is a slide with ample text that is verbatim of your spoken presentation.

What this does is encourage people to keep their eyes on your slides instead of listening to you.

Weyenberg also points out that a text-heavy slide forces the brain to multitask between focusing on what it’s reading and hearing – which is quite difficult and will compromise your presentation.

bad presentation example

9. Consider topic transitions

While you want to make your slides look like a cohesive unit, you want to also keep in mind that making every slide look the same may be boring. Weyenberg suggests to:

  • Create one style for the slides that are the “meat” of the message
  • Then create another style for the slides that are transitioning between topics

For example, if your overall slides have a dark background with light text, you can use transitional slides that have a light background with dark text. This way, they’ll still feel like they’re from the same presentation family without being completely uniform.

10. Tell a captivating story

It is fitting that our final tip comes from likely the greatest keynote presenter of all time. The late and great Steve Jobs had the ability to captivate and inspire his audience with his talks, and that’s because he was a very good storyteller. And that’s the golden leaf that you can take from Jobs’ book today.

Always aim to tell a captivating story.

One example is perhaps when he introduced the iPod: “In 2001, we introduced the first iPod. It didn’t just change the way we all listen to music. It changed the entire music industry.” Listen to Steve Jobs weave a story about the digital music revolution when unveiling the iPod.

Bonus Round: Tips From Piktochart Designers  

keynote slide templates

  • Always remember that your audience is sitting far away . So ensure that your title font size is large enough to be seen from a distance, and that your body text is no smaller than 20px.
  • Use only two colors for your entire presentation – a primary and secondary color. If you must use a large color palette, your maximum choice should be up to five colors.
  • Make sure that there is enough white space throughout your presentation . This will give your content room to breathe. Less is definitely more in this case.
  • Emphasize only one object per slide – whether it’s an image, statistic, quote. This will make sure your audience stays focused.

Time to Make Your Own!

business keynote templates

Create presentations, reports, and infographics in minutes.

Watch this demo to learn about the benefits of Piktochart.

demo Piktochart

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Keynote Presentation-web

Keynote Presentation Template

Use the Keynote Presentation Template to create impactful presentations that will keep audiences intrigued and engaged.

About the Keynote Presentation Template

The Keynote Presentation Template gives you the perfect framework to create a professional presentation that will capture your audience’s attention and keep them intrigued and inspired throughout your speech.

With tons of customizable elements, it’s the perfect choice if you’re planning on creating an effective keynote address that people will remember.  

What is a keynote presentation?

A keynote presentation is a speech that’s given around a specific theme that sets an overall tone for the event. These speeches aim to reinforce, rally, or inspire the audience around a particular topic. 

Often, keynote speeches are given by well-known figures, celebrities, or people who are very accomplished in a particular field. While mostly used at political or industry conventions, this type of presentation is excellent for other events such as expositions and academic conferences as well.  

What should be included in a keynote presentation?

A keynote presentation should include: 

One main theme: The best keynote speeches are created with one main idea or theme in mind. Everything else in your speech is going to relate to this one theme. For example, your theme may be “Business in the Age of AI.” 

Content relevant to the audience: It’s vital that you know exactly who your audience is. What are their interests, views, and behaviors? Even more importantly, how can you connect with them and fulfill their expectations through your speech? 

Stories and experiences: Use the fact-story-fact method to keep your audience intrigued throughout. Stories and experiences are an excellent way to connect with your audience and make them feel like you understand them and their struggles. 

Interactive elements: Include interactive elements in your presentation to engage your audience. Ask them questions that stimulate their thinking and help them figure out how they’re going to apply the information you’re giving. 

A call to action: Simplify the keynote message into a CTA. A good keynote speaker will leave the audience with actionable methods to incorporate the message into their businesses or personal lives. 

How long should a keynote presentation be?

The best keynote presentations are between 15 and 45 minutes long. However, it all depends on the speaker and the type of event. 

Generally, the shorter the keynote speech, the better. This is especially true when the speech is given after lunch or dinner when your audience is tired and has a shorter attention span. It’s important that the keynote speaker stays within the time parameters — even if the event is running late and requires you to shave a few minutes off your speech. 

How to use the Keynote Presentation Template

Download Miro’s Keynote Presentation Template, to get instant access. Here are the steps you can follow to get the most out of the Keynote Presentation Template.

Step 1: Introduce yourself and the main theme/idea

You need to introduce yourself and the main theme of your presentation in the first few frames or slides. It’s important that you pre-frame your audience in this section. Get them to adopt a particular outlook or attitude so that they’re receptive to the rest of your speech. 

Step 2: Break down your content

You can divide your content into different segments to make it easily digestible. One way to do this is to have one slide per fact and a subsequent story. Keep the information on your slides minimal and concise.  

Step 3: Customize your slides

Design creative slides by customizing them with supportive images, vector graphics, infographic elements, color schemes, and other visual elements to suit your message. Creating a beautiful presentation and adding a personal touch to it can go a long way in connecting with your audience. It’s your choice whether a stylish or simple design suits your topic and brand best. 

Step 4: Deliver the presentation

Once you’re done including the information on your frames, you can use presentation mode for different slide options where you can move, remove, or add slides to suit the timeframe of your speech. Once you click “present,” you’ll enter the widescreen format where your frames will be shown full-screen. You’ll be able to easily move between slides by using the arrow icons or keys. 

What makes a good keynote presentation?

Here are a few tips you can follow to give a good keynote presentation: 

Rehearse your speech in advance

Don’t write an entire script. Rather, focus on giving yourself a few key points that you can flesh out during the presentation. This will help you stay focused and avoid any memory lapses while you’re on stage. 

Keep the slides simple

Use bullet points in your slides to limit the amount of time the audience spends reading them. This will keep the audience focused on you as opposed to your slides. 

Create a clear speech structure

Does your speech have a beginning, middle, and end? Each of your speech sections will include different segments or information that should have a specific aim. You need to:

Establish authority and grab your audience’s attention in the introduction . 

Make your arguments and show examples in the body of your speech. 

Sum your entire speech up and give a clear CTA in your conclusion . 

What makes a keynote speech different from other presentations?

A keynote speech is the principal presentation that introduces and sets the tone for an event. Instead of teaching the audience skills and concepts on a deep, experiential level — like you would in most training sessions and presentations — the audience is only required to become inspired and ingest the lessons of a keynote presentation.

How many keynote speeches are in a conference?

Most events have a single keynote speaker at the beginning of the event. However, sometimes there may be two keynote speakers — one at the beginning and one at the end.

Do keynote speakers take questions?

Keynote speakers do take questions. However, instead of taking questions at the end of the speech, they’ll usually weave in a moment for questions toward the end of the presentation and only then summarize and conclude their keynote with a final thought or story.

Get started with this template right now.

Strategy Presentation-thumb-web

Strategy Presentation Template

Works best for:.

Presentations, Strategic Planning

Presenting your strategies is the best way to allow people to understand what the business will be focusing on in the future. Use this Strategy Presentation Template to communicate your strategic thinking and encourage collaboration.

Product Roadmap-thumb-web

Product Roadmap Presentation Template

Presentations, Roadmaps

Use the Product Roadmap Presentation Template to outline your plan for product development. Whether starting from scratch with a new product or updating an existing product, delivering a roadmap presentation aligns your team and keeps partners in the loop.

Training Presentation-thumb-web

Training Presentation Template

Presentations, Education

Creating an engaging training presentation that effectively helps your employees level up is no easy feat. With the Training Presentation Template, you can slash presentation development time and spend more energy on the transformative elements of your training. Plus, it’s so easy to collaborate with other training staff when you develop your training slides in Miro.

Consulting Proposal Template-thumb-web

Consulting Proposal Template

Presentations, Business Management

Use this Consulting Proposal Template to develop an active working relationship with your prospects. Show them what you do, what you can deliver for them, and why they should work with you.

QBR Presentation-thumb-web

QBR Presentation Template

Presentations, Meetings

Use Miro’s QBR Presentation Template to give clients an overview of their business performance and show where you can add more value. Review your successes over the past 90 days and create a plan of action for the next quarter.

Critical Design Review-thumb-web

Critical Design Review Presentation Template

Presentations, UX Design

Use this template to finalize the design phase of a project. Keep all team members on the same page and ensure that your team’s technical efforts are on track.


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