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presentation video hand drawn

Want to create videos that grab viewers, pull them in, and captivate them for every second? 

Use animated hands.

Whiteboard videos —the kind where a hand draws out text and cartoons—make excellent educational tools.

Take this one, for example:

They simplify complex messages and make them more engaging.

But before making a whiteboard video, you need to find hand animations.

Today, we’re showing you where to find free animated hands, and walk you through a step-by-step process to help you put together your first animated hand video ( no experience required )!

Where to find free hand animations

Animation libraries.

The first place to find hand animations for free is in animation libraries like Turbosquid .

A screenshot of different 3D hand models.

  Find 3D hand animation through libraries like Turbosquid. Image via Turbosquid

But these 3D models are pricey—upwards of $100. Plus after downloading them, you need to use 3D modelling software to manipulate and move the hands so they drag objects and write text in your videos.

With both a steep learning curve and price tag, this method is for professional animators. It’s far from ideal for beginners or someone with no animation experience.

But there is an easier way to incorporate animated hands in your videos even if you have no prior animation experience and have a tight budget. 

Using Moovly

Moovly (that’s us!) is a video maker for people who want to make professional hand animation videos without any hassle.

In Moovly’s editor, we have a variety of hand animations available for you to use. You can customize the look of each hand based on gender and color, and can apply different animations to the hands.

We’ll show you exactly how to make your next hand animation video using Moovly and our library of hand animations.

How to create animated hand videos using Moovly

Take a look at our below video to see our hand animations in action. 

To get started, make sure you sign up for your free Moovly account .

Step 1: Choose your template or start from scratch

After creating your account, head to your dashboard and click Create project .

An arrow pointing to Moovly’s “Create project” button.

You’ll have three options:

  • Start from scratch
  • Use a template
  • Import PowerPoint file

If you prefer to plug-and-play, browse our template library and start using one of Moovly’s professional templates.

Different video templates

Use templates to jump-start your hands animation

But for the rest of this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a one-of-a-kind video from scratch.

After choosing your option, Moovly’s Studio will open. It’s time to create your animated hand video!

Step 2: Browse Moovly's animated hands library

Moovly has millions of graphics, illustrations, photos, videos, and sounds in the library, but for now, we’ll focus strictly on the animated hands.

To see which types of hand animations we have, search “hands” in the library search bar:

Moovly’s video editor

Search “hands” to pull up our hand animations.

Here’s a taste of a few different hand animations you can find and use. First, we have a variety of hand animations that use chroma key where you can insert other media.

In the example below, add your own images so it looks like the person is scrolling through something of yours. Think things like products from your ecommerce shop or pages on your website.

And here are two hands waving:

And this hand is counting:

That’s just a taste, and Moovly’s library has many more hand movements to use in your videos. You can also customize your hand animations to write text or move objects.

Take a look at the below three examples to move the object—in this case, a star. 

Here, the hand is dragging the star in and out:

Your hand can also present objects, like so:

Or shift them in and out of the frame:

Aside from moving your objects around the screen, Moovly has different writing and doodling hand animations:

You can find different drawing hand animations in Moovly’s Doodle Library to use in your videos.

After choosing your hand animations, customize the look of each hand through:

  • The skin tone of the hand : white or black
  • Different styles : male, female, or classic
  • Where it enters : left, right, top, or bottom
  • Speed : how fast or slow the hand moves

Step 3: Export your video

After completing and polishing your video, it’s time to export it. Upload it straight to video hosting platforms—like YouTube—or download it to publish on your website for your audience to enjoy.

And that’s all there is to it. With Moovly’s drag-and-drop video editor, it’s easy to make custom hand animation videos.

Why are animated hands so effective?

1. storytelling is captivating.

Let’s be honest: nobody can resist a well-told story. 

Storytelling activates certain parts of the brain , meaning when you tell a good story, your customers can’t help but stop and listen. 

To be successful in your storytelling, stay focused on your audience and their needs rather than your product features. This helps your audience immerse themselves in the story.

2. Educational Power is Certain

A strong advantage of a whiteboard video is that it deals with a powerful memory element: our associations. 

Every time we look at a whiteboard, we travel back in time to when we were in school, and our mind automatically connects the moment to when a teacher explains a topic.

It all boils down to the educational association, and thus, it will unconsciously draw the attention of the audience interested in learning something new. 

It significantly saves you when you need to explain a highly complex concept.

What could be more educational than scribbling on a whiteboard, right?

3. Science: Viewers Feel Good & Take Action

Science explainers why whiteboard animation videos make viewers feel good. 

The answer is mirror neurons . You might know what I’m talking about by remembering those contagious yawns. Thanks to mirror neurons, we react in a similar way to people we are watching. 

This means that we can experience the same emotion as those we see. 

So, how does this related to whiteboard videos?

When you watch a hand drawing on a whiteboard, your brain reacts as if you’re doing the drawing . Completion of a drawing brings happy dopamine to your brain, as you think it’s you who finished drawing. 

Pretty nifty, hey?

This adds to the viewers’ desire to keep watching, as well as to the viewer’s drive to complete the call-to-action at the end of the video.

The only limit to your campaigns is your imagination. And luckily for you, we have plenty of templates to help you out if you ever feel stuck.

Dazzle your audience with Moovly

Whiteboard-style hand animations are just as fun to make as they are to watch. They are an essential tool for marketers trying to communicate complex concepts and ideas in a compelling way. 

Through its simplicity, a whiteboard video manages to grab and retain attention till the end. 

With Moovly, you don’t need to be a movie editor or cartoonist to make your own hand animation video that your customers will love .

See how easy it is and use Moovly to make your next whiteboard video. Sign up for free here !

Create your own whiteboard video now

Uses for moovly.

  • Announcement video
  • Automotive video
  • Business video
  • Business consulting video
  • Branded video
  • Corporate video
  • Custom video
  • Explainer video
  • Facebook video ads
  • Government video
  • Healthcare video
  • Hobby video
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  • Learning & Development video
  • Marketing video
  • Personal video
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  • Promo video
  • Real Estate video
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  • Video ads video
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presentation video hand drawn

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Privacy Overview

presentation video hand drawn

Large Hand Collection

Make use of a tried and true method of getting persons to retain the information you share with them. Drawing information on a whiteboard allows those watching to follow the idea from beginning to end. Hand-drawn videos make it easier to grasp and recall. The hand-drawn presentation software contains numerous hand types that can be used to write or draw information on the whiteboard. You can also upload custom hands or use images of any object you’d like to use as the drawing hand.

Captivating Effects

A message with high entertainment value is more likely to stay in the minds of its recipients and get them to take desired actions. Mango Animate Whiteboard Video Software features numerous effects that make hand-drawn videos appealing. Stage and camera effects let you focus on single aspects of your stage or include the entire scene. The hand drawing effect can be applied to any image and it will appear as if it’s being drawn as the audience watches. Stunning animation and transition effects add life to your message and you can add custom effects as well.

Lifelike Characters

Adding illustrations to a story helps readers visualize the action by presenting the characters in their various roles. In the same way, the characters in the hand-drawn presentation software help your audience to absorb your message more easily. Give your chosen characters various occupations, actions, and expressions that will portray your meaning effectively. Upload custom characters to enhance your presentation.

Magical Media in Hand-Drawn Presentation Software

A fully stocked library of free media items and a handy image editor makes it easy to add a touch of magic to whatever you’re trying to communicate. Use the SVG images, shapes, icons, and other media included in the whiteboard presentation software or import media from your local computer. Customize colors, add filters, crop, rotate, and flip images with the image editor.

Create Inspiring Whiteboard Explainer Videos with Hand-Drawn Presentation Software

Start with expert help, make it dynamic, get a move on, share your creation, make hand-drawn videos with hand-drawn presentation software free, fast & fun.

presentation video hand drawn

Free animation maker to make explainer videos, promo videos, training videos, whiteboard videos, character videos, and text videos.

  • Animation Maker
  • Whiteboard Animation Maker
  • Character Maker
  • Text Video Maker
  • Presentation Maker
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Support Center

Lifetime Deal

Mango Animate Bundle


Table of Contents

Top 5 Whiteboard Drawing Animation Examples & How to Make a Great One!

When it comes to explainer video styles, there are a lot of types to choose from. Motion graphic videos , cartoon videos… they all work well for different marketing goals. But when you need a video style with a high synthesis power and a highly engaging nature , then whiteboard presentations are the best option!

These types of videos are famous for turning any kind of complex message into a simple and entertaining one . Why? Because they’ve got an aesthetic style that puts people in an ‘educational mood’ – what could be more educational than scribbling over a whiteboard with a marker?

spigit explainer video by yum yu 10

Whiteboard drawing animation has the power to make any topic really interesting. And that’s why we love it so much! This style is one of our favorite ones to make, because it’s fun and looks great – but also because it’s very effective for educational purposes.

Today, we want to share with you this treasure: five of the best whiteboard animated videos , so you can get inspired to make your own! Let’s get to it!

1.  The Best Hand Drawing Videos Out There

1.1. McKesson Corporation

1.2. Changing Education Paradigms

1.3. The Story of Stuff

1.4. Where Good Ideas Come From

1.5. Elevations Credit Union

2. How to Make Whiteboard Drawing Videos for Your Business ?

3. Why Make Your Whiteboard Presentation with Yum Yum Videos?

4. Let’s wrap it up!

The Best Hand Drawing Videos Out There

1. mckesson corporation .

Yes, it’s a little bit narcissistic to start with one of our own videos, right? 😉 But don’t worry, to be fair, we truly believe that this is one of the best whiteboard presentations out there.

We created this video for McKesson , which is one of the most important companies in the world – it ranks #5 in the Fortune 500 rank.

It’s a digital hand drawing video, which is a growing trend : not only because it looks nicer and of higher quality , but also because it’s very difficult and expensive to create a traditional whiteboard presentation (and it’s also very hard to correct any mistakes on it after it’s recorded!).

health mart mckesson corporation

2. Changing Education Paradigms 

Just like the first one, this is a digitally-animated hand drawing video. RSA (Royal Society of Arts) is a charity committed to solving social challenges, and they created this video to speak about the reform of education.

It’s a very complex topic, and it’s very probable that not all viewers are familiar with it! So they chose whiteboard drawing animation, as it’s the video style that’s best suited for educational purposes.

A little bit of context for this video: around the time YouTube started, in early 2005, whiteboard presentations started to be ‘a thing’. RSA was one of the first big organizations to get on board with it, and they began to convert selected lectures into compelling hand-drawing videos.

Just like this one!

rsa animate changing education p

3. The Story of Stuff 

Another complex topic made simple with the power of whiteboard animation! The Story of Stuff was one of the first hand drawing videos to get viral, and right now it has more than 5 million views on YouTube alone .

It’s a little bit longer, but that’s fine for some kinds of videos, like purely informational ones ( if you’re making a whiteboard drawing animation that’s a bit more commercial, then you should stick to 3-4 minutes).

This whiteboard presentation tells the story of production and consumption, and their connections to environmental issues. It’s truly fascinating!

the story of stuff

4. Where Good Ideas Come From

This one is a strictly informational whiteboard animation video that helps us understand where good ideas come from. One of the things that makes it really interesting (for us, video makers) is that it looks like a traditional hand drawing video (even though it’s probably edited on video software afterward).

It’s only four minutes long – which makes it perfect in order to hold the audience’s attention – and it’s interesting enough to keep you hooked.

where good ideas come from by st 1

5. Elevations Credit Union 

Again, we come back to the complicated topics made simple: rising energy costs! This is a fun hand drawing video that’s very well-aimed to a target audience: homeowners everywhere can relate to this message.

It also tells a lot of information in a short period of time, so that makes it great for commercial purposes!

how to save energy money with el 2

2. How to Make Whiteboard Drawing Videos for Your Business

There are a couple of elements that are essential in order to make a whiteboard presentation that works correctly. So, if you want to create one of these videos to include in your marketing strategy, let’s take a quick look at their basic elements!

2.1. The Hand Drawing Video Triad: White Background, a Continuous Black Drawing, and a Drawing Hand!

As you’ve seen in all of these videos, there are three things that are essential in whiteboard animation: a white background (posing for the whiteboard itself), a continuous black line, and a drawing hand.

Those are the basic characteristics of this kind of video: it’s what gives it a recognizable style , and even though you’re allowed to add some personal details (we’ll talk about that in a minute), you should really try to keep things traditional.

So don’t forget any of them! And please, don’t forget the drawing hand: it’s what ties it all together – the point of a whiteboard presentation is that there is an ‘artist’ drawing the story as it unfolds. If you have no hand, it’s not you’ve got no whiteboard drawing video.

viglobal explainer video by yum 1 5

2.2. Remember to Use Interconnected Whiteboard Drawings

A high-quality video made with whiteboard drawing animation will keep your audience wondering what comes next, at every moment. Why? Because they’re watching how the story is being drawn (in ‘real-time’, or at least, synchronized with the narration), so there’s a spark of interest in your viewers that will only create excitement and anticipation for what comes next.

So, for this particular style of video, the best thing to do is to use interconnected drawings instead of individual ones!

2.3. Use Emotional References

One of the great things about whiteboard presentations is that they’ve got the possibility to deliver a complex message in a simple way. Of course, you already know that! But the greatest part of it is that because of its simplicity, you can also add emotional cues without overwhelming your audience!

So, you could make a hand drawing video that’s informative, but also happy, light, funny; nostalgic, empathetic, or emotional . If your video is simple to understand, it can be whatever you want it to be!

Storytelling is powerful, so take advantage of this tool to use your audience’s emotions in your favor. This could be done, for example, by adding elements to your story that connects your audience to things of their past (references to classic movies, music, or whatever your target audience is interested in!). It will make your video much more memorable!

Appeal to your audience’s emotions to generate identification.

2.4. Always Customize Your Hand Drawing Video!

Even though it’s important to keep the whiteboard drawing animation triad (white background, black interconnected drawings, and the drawing hand), you can always customize your video’s colors and style, so it fits more with your brand.

Think about including characters that look and behave like your target audience (which can be done by modeling them after your buyer personas). This will make your audience feel identified with your message!

You can also include some color in your whiteboard drawing animation – you get extra points if you use your brand colors, of course!

lurie childrens hospital of chic 3

Don’t get crazy, though. It’s not about making a full-color video; it’s more about accentuating key parts of your message with the use of color. (If you’re looking for a full-color video, maybe you should try cartoon animation instead!).

Don’t be fooled by these videos’ simple facade: behind every great hand-drawn video, there are several hours of thorough work. Trying to cut corners in the production process can lead to a poorly made video that fails to engage and educate the audience.

So, if you are thinking of creating a whiteboard drawing animation, make sure you leave it in good hands ― a.k.a.: professional hands.

At Yum Yum Videos , we make every one of our projects with a detail-oriented approach, taking extreme care of meeting our clients’ needs. But that’s not all we bring to the table:

  • We offer the best price-quality guarantee.
  • Our production process is outstanding.
  • Our quality is, no doubt, one of the best in the market .
  • We ensure a continuous communication flow , keeping our clients informed during the whole process.

On top of that, we have many years of experience behind our backs, having worked with renowned international companies such as Fox, Red Bull, Wal-Mart, DocuSign, and Heinz, among many others.

explainer video reel 2023 yum yu 68

Remember the first video in this article? That’s a whiteboard presentation we made for Spigit! See how they felt about partnering with us:

mckesson testimonial video 23

So, if you want a top-rated hand drawing video that meets your marketing goals and fascinates your audience, feel free to drop us a line !

4. Let’s Wrap It Up!

Whiteboard drawing animation turns messages that could be very boring or complex, into fun and simple ones. That’s their magic!

If you’re interested in creating one for your brand, remember that it should always have the highest quality possible . Even though sometimes, homemade whiteboard presentations could look quirky and kind of cute, it’s not really high-quality content – and a poorly made video will only make your company seem unreliable.

High-quality content sparks trust in your audience. It means that your brand is a reliable one, and this is why they will trust your message. And the best way to create high-quality content is to have a great team of professionals working on it (whether it’s in-house if you’ve got a design team in your company; or by hiring a professional video production company ).

If you decide to hire a whiteboard video production company , make sure that they can meet your needs correctly! Take a look at their portfolio , testimonials, and reviews.

Now, you know everything there is to know about whiteboard presentations. Are you ready to make your own? If you need any help, you can always write to us – we’ll be happy to help you!

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  1. Free Hand Animations

    You can find different drawing hand animations in Moovly’s Doodle Library to use in your videos. After choosing your hand animations, customize the look of each hand through: The skin tone of the hand: white or black. Different styles: male, female, or classic. Where it enters: left, right, top, or bottom.

  2. Hand-Drawn Presentation Software You Must Have

    Hand-drawn videos make it easier to grasp and recall. The hand-drawn presentation software contains numerous hand types that can be used to write or draw information on the whiteboard. You can also upload custom hands or use images of any object you’d like to use as the drawing hand.

  3. Best 5 Hand Drawing Videos Out There!

    The Best Hand Drawing Videos Out There 1.1. McKesson Corporation 1.2. Changing Education Paradigms 1.3. The Story of Stuff Need a hand drawing video? Get inspired by these great whiteboard drawing animation examples and find out how to make your own!

  4. Doodly

    Whether you’re looking to create a video to inspire someone to take an action such as donating to an important cause, or you’re designing a birthday video for a loved one, or you just want to impress your friends with a hand-drawn doodle sketch video (without needing to actually learn how to draw), Doodly is the perfect choice.