Elevate your marketing and SEO-friendly content game

AI-generated brand logos and brand kits

Instant videos for multi platform campaigns

Stunning visual content with dynamic templates

Natural-sounding voices from text script

Use AI to match colors for the perfect palette

Free SVG vectors with in-browser editor

Generate stunning font combinations with AI

A collection of social holidays and events

Quick simple tutorials to get started

Learn more about AI, design and marketing

Help us expand our growing community

Scale your creative production with AI

Design captivating presentation slides easily with Designs.ai

Design captivating presentation slides easily with Designs.ai

Creating a good presentation slide can be a daunting task even for the most professional designers. But don't worry, Designs.ai comes equipped with A.I. technology that will helps you design stunning presentations easily. Whether it is a group assignment, sales pitch or business project, Designs.ai has it all. The best part is, it's free!

Endless supply of presentation templates

Supercharge your slides with Plus AI

presentation maker ai free

Try our AI presentation copilot

presentation maker ai free

Edit presentations with AI

presentation maker ai free

Custom presentation themes in a snap

presentation maker ai free

Empower your team with AI

Use Plus AI to create presentations from any text document. Copy and paste content from your existing documents, Wikipedia, papers, news, and more

Get a sample AI presentation

presentation maker ai free

Get more with Plus AI for Enterprise

What our users say.

presentation maker ai free

How do I use the Plus AI presentation maker for Google Slides?

Install the Plus AI add-on and then open a Google Slides presentation. From there, click Extensions → Plus AI → New Presentation.

Is the Plus AI presentation software free?

Yes, anyone can try Plus AI for free! By subscribing to our premium plans , you can unlock more slide layouts, AI editing tools, and custom themes for your presentations.

Does Plus AI make presentations from text?

Yes, you can use Text-to-Presentation mode in Plus AI to create presentations from documents. All you have to do is copy and paste the text into the Text-to-Presentation option to convert blog posts, articles, and PDFs into presentations.

Can I use Plus AI to create one slide at a time?

Yes, Plus is an AI slide maker that can create individual slides or entire presentations. Click the "Insert" tab in Plus to create one slide at a time using a prompt or longer piece of text like a blog post or article.

Can I use Plus AI to format my existing slide decks?

Yes, you can use the "Remix" feature in Plus to reformat or convert existing slides into new formats and layouts using Plus AI.

What is the best AI presentation tool for Google Slides?

We think Plus is the best AI tool for users who want to build professional presentations in Google Slides. You can see how Plus compares to other AI presentation tools in this roundup.

Can I use Plus AI with PowerPoint?

Sort of. Today, you can use Plus AI to create a Google Slides presentation and export it to PowerPoint. If you'd like to sign up for the waitlist for our native PowerPoint add-in, send us a note .

Can I use Plus AI with my team?

Yes! When you invite your team to Plus AI, you can share themes and custom instructions to ensure your team creates presentations with a consistent look and feel.

Can I use a custom template with Plus AI?

We train Plus to work with custom templates for our Enterprise customers. Get in touch if you're interested.

How does security work for Plus AI?

We follow enterprise-grade security practices and have achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance. You can read more about our security policies and procedures on our security page .


AI Interactive Presentation Maker

No AI will get you results making same-old static PowerPoints. But this one will.

Take your slide decks from static to interactive, from blind to measured - instantly

presentation maker ai free

Create a presentation like the one you just saw

Create interactive slide decks that will amaze your customers. Make your business stand out. Effortlessly.

Create a presentation like the one you just saw [Company]

Used daily by top companies

presentation maker ai free

Grab a template   & let AI do its thing ✨

Point our AI presentation generator in the right direction and it will do the rest.

Their presentations are getting attention

( Now faster than ever with the use of Storydoc's AI slide generator)


"We were looking for a tool that would make us stand out , look better in the eyes of clients, and help generate more engagement. And that’s why we chose to work with Storydoc."


Tomer Magal Head of Global Sales


"When I present a Storydoc deck, people assume that there’s a powerhouse behind it : a fancy agency or a fully-staffed Web team. No. It’s a great tool that anybody can use. It takes an hour to put together a presentation!"


Tovi Cohen Head of Customer Relations


"If your reports look as good as the ones we make with Storydoc, you automatically get investors’ attention . It literally does half of the job for you."


Ido Hart Partner


The presentation we made with Storydoc allowed us to present our assets in the best possible way. The layout is dynamic, clear and easy to follow . Our prospects are genuinely curious about the assets!


Dirk Hannapel VP Sales & Business Development


Check out similar Storydoc tools

How Storydoc AI works

1. tell us what you need, tell our ai assistant what you'd like to make.

It will structure your presentation, write your content, assign a design template for your industry or niche, and optimize for performance based on real-world data.

Once you're satisfied with your deck you can send, share, or present with a click.

Keep anything you make forever.

pitch deck maker responsive sli

2. AI design

Provide your company website and sit back as our AI presentation generator automatically applies your branding to the most appropriate design layout.

pitch deck creator with automated design

3. AI writing assistant

Ai writing assistant.

Generate any text, rephrase to perfection, and brainstorm ideas with our AI writing assistant waiting for you on every slide.

pitch deck maker responsive sli

4. AI visual assistant

Ai visual assistant.

Instantly generate any image you can imagine directly in your slides.


5. Automatic analytics insights

Automatic analytics insights.

Get instant tracking for all your presentations. Sit back and let our AI collect and deliver timely engagement insights directly to your mailbox.

Get answers PowerPoint can’t give you.

Did they read the deck? How long? Which slides? Did they share it with others?

AI presentation generator - how it works

Make unignorable presentations in an instant

Stop boring and start impressing.

Nobody likes PowerPoints . Make content that people love reading with animated, interactive, scrollitelling, not yet another dry PowerPonit.

presentation generated with AI

Make presentations you can’t break

Storydoc is built to make beautiful presentations easy.

Just add your content and the design will follow. You couldn’t make it ugly even if you tried.

AI automated design

Are you missing out on mobile readers?

32% of business presentations are opened on mobile - don’t disappoint them.

Storydoc is optimized for a 100% flawless experience on any device.

responsive ai presentation templates

Make presentations on steroids

Take advantage of our superpower-like integrations.

Bring your favorite tools into your decks, like your calendar, lead-capturing form, live chat, Vidyard videos, and more.

AI presentation tool addons

Don’t you wanna know if they love or hate your deck?

Get full visibility into how people are using your decks from day 1.

Storydoc comes with out-of-the-box presentation analytics. No need to set up anything.

AI automated insights and instant tracking

Is it worth it to keep doing presentations the old way?

When Storydoc can give you all this...


increase in new customers


more demos booked


faster closing time


lead engagement uplift

What is the Storydoc presentation maker?

Stroydoc presentation maker is an intuitive interactive slide editor. It lets you create beautiful interactive designs with no code or design skills needed. Storydoc comes with a wide range of business slides that let you easily and quickly tailor your presentation to your vision and needs.

Is Storydoc AI Presentation generator safe?

Yes, the Storydoc AI presentation maker app is safe and secure. Your personal details are protected and encrypted.

We take your data security very seriously. We process all your data in accordance with strict security policies and best practices. Don’t take it from us, take it from Meta, Nice, and Yotpo that trust us enough to use Storydoc daily.

For more information see Our Story page , Terms and Conditions , and Privacy Policy .

What’s so great about AI-generated presentations?

An artificial intelligence presentation reduces hours and even days of work for you and your team. Though there’s a catch - if you're using an AI PPT maker then you’re saving all that time for nothing because no one likes PowerPoints. Even those made with AI.

No PowerPoint AI generator will make you a presentation that moves the needle. But Storydoc will. Our AI makes more than presentations, we give you content worth sharing.

Is the Storydoc presentation maker free?

Storydoc AI slide generator offers a 14-day free trial. Check it out and see if it's right for you. We know based on hundreds of thousands of presentation sessions that your readers will love it. Every interactive presentation you make during your trial is yours to keep forever completely free!

For learning about our paid plans see our Pricing .

Can I trust Storydoc?

This AI presentation maker is an intuitive interactive AI slide generator that lets you create beautiful interactive designs with no coding or design skills needed.

Storydoc comes with a wide range of business slides that let you easily and quickly tailor your presentation to your vision and needs.

Who is Storydoc for?

Storydoc is primarily a tool for business professionals. It’s the perfect presentation maker for sales and marketing teams. That said, Storydocs can be used across all business roles and industries, whenever you need a great presentation.

How do I send or share Stroydoc presentations?

Storydocs work like web pages, every presentation you make comes with an individual link you can send and track.

When you’re done making a storydoc you just hit publish. Once published, Stroydoc presentations are instantly available for viewing in any browser.

To send the presentation to anyone just click the Share button and grab the link.

Viewing the presentation is much like you would an interactive webpage and much more engaging than a static PowerPoint or PDF.

Can I print Stroydoc presentations?

Yes, but right now we only provide this service for Pro and Enterprise paying customers. That said, this option will be available soon as a feature for all Storydoc users from within the editor.

Keep in mind that a printed storydoc loses all its interactivity, which gives it its charm and ability to get high engagement.

Makes memorable presentations that stand out.

Try Storydoc free for 14 days (keep any presentation you make forever!)

The first presentation maker with design AI.

Trusted by over 1 million users worldwide.

presentation maker ai free

How to make presentations in Beautiful.ai

Start inspired with smart slide templates.

Never stare at a blank slide again. We filled our presentation maker with tons of smart templates for you to choose from, so it’s easy to start, finish and impress in no time.

Add your content and watch our slides adapt like magic.

The perfect presentation maker should have the designer built-in. This one does. So just add your notes, data, anything and snap!–messy ideas turn into stunning slides.

Make edits easily with simple, intuitive controls

Need to resize an image? A simple drag handle does the trick. Change any value, number or size of elements on your slide with easy to use edit controls so your productivity takes off.

Stay on brand with customizable themes

Add your brand colors, fonts and logos to make every presentation consistent—and consistently creative. Get access to millions of stock photos, icons and videos to make an impact.

Present your best work ever

Whether you are sharing a link, presenting live, or offline, you’ll always make an impact with stunning animations that capture your audience’s attention.

Scale presentations quickly with our AI presentation maker

presentation maker ai free

Never start from scratch

presentation maker ai free

Go from idea to editing in seconds

presentation maker ai free

Get creative with images

Key features of our presentation maker, world-class presentation templates, millions of stock photos and videos, customizable style themes, searchable slide library, voice narration over slides, secured sharing and collaboration, inspiring templates for your next presentation, coinbase pitch deck, startup pitch deck, b2b marketing plan template, tesla pitch deck, social media report template, reddit presentation template, beyond just a presentation maker.

presentation maker ai free

Free Stock Photos & Videos

presentation maker ai free

Engaging Animations

presentation maker ai free

Advanced Analytics

The best presentation maker for teams.

presentation maker ai free

Collaborate easily

presentation maker ai free

Share securely

presentation maker ai free

Present anywhere

Make your team look brilliant.

Control slides, branding, and updates across your company. Beautiful.ai’s Team Plan has all the tools that make life easier–so you can make all the brilliant presentations you need.

presentation maker ai free

Designed my first slides today with Beautiful.ai and it was easy, gorgeous, and made my work look amazing. I hope to never use anything else forever.

Beautiful.ai has made creating presentations so simple and saved a ton of our team's time.

With absolutely no design experience, I can still deliver professional, creative and engaging presentations.

Love how easy it is. If I know the type of presentation I want to do it literally takes me minutes to put together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i sign up for beautiful.ai.


Go to www.beautiful.ai/pricing . Select the plan that suits your needs and click on 'Start Your Free Trial'.

Can I create animated presentations?

Yes. Beautiful.ai's Smart Slide templates have built-in smooth animations that will bring your story to life. The animation controls allow you to adjust the timing and sequence of elements on your slide.

Is it free to create a presentation in Beautiful.ai?

Yes. Beautiful.ai's Basic plan allows you to create unlimited presentations for free. To created branded presentations, you can start a 14 day free trial for either the Pro plan or Team plan .

How does this presentation maker work?

Beautiful.ai is the only presentation maker with a slide designer built-in. You simply have to add your content, and it will automatically adapt it to every slide. Learn More

What are Smart Slide templates?

Smart Slide templates are intelligent slide layout templates that have rules of good design built-in. They are designed to adapt to your content automatically as you add text, images, charts or anything else.

Can I share my presentation offline?

Yes. Beautiful.ai's desktop player allows you to present downloaded presentations offline. You can download the offline player from the app.

The only presentation maker that’s beautiful.

Transform your ideas into visual stories in minutes. No design skills required.

presentation maker ai free

We'd love to hear about your team.

Thank you for your interest in our new team plan..

We are excited about the offer and we’ll be in touch shortly. In the meantime, if you’d like to share feedback or specific product and feature requests, please email [email protected].

How to start

What you can do, fast presentation design, easy to change, customization and branding, friendly interaction, export .pptx, ready to get started, how it works, for users who can't spend much time on design.

  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Marketing Associate
  • Account Executive
  • Administrative Assistant
  • 7 days trial period
  • unlimited draft file processing
  • unlimited preview of designs
  • up to 30 slides in one file

Plan for a year

Plan for a month, enterprise plan.

  • Add your corporate colors
  • Build your own library of images and objects
  • Add your branded fonts
  • Private accounts for employees
  • Upload your corporate templates
  • Personal support manager
  • Create exclusive corporate-styled templates
  • The ability to disable ChatGPT functions

What's in the future

Wonderslide AI Designer uses cutting-edge technology powered by our proprietary neural network, which we continuously train and improve.

  • better composition for slides with tables, charts, and schemes;
  • make impressive graphs and charts from your data.


AI Presentation Maker: Create presentations 10x faster

Sendsteps.ai does the writing, design and storytelling, leaving you with nothing to do but present

Trusted by over 1,000,000 users & leading companies

ai generated presentations

  • +150,000 new users per month

sendsteps ai users

  • +230K AI presentations created per month

sendsteps global

  • Active in more than 125 countries

AI Presentation maker: Cartoon of someone generating a presentation using Sendsteps.ai

Using Sendsteps.ai is simple:

Describe your topic or upload a document

Enter presentation & audience details

AI generates interactivity, design and content

We’re the best AI interactive presentation maker!

Save time graphic

  • Save time when creating presentations

Get inspired graphic

  • Get inspired thinking about your message

Get interaction with your audience graphic

  • Interact with your audience while presenting

How Sendsteps.ai works

Instead of taking a few hours, all is ready in 1 minute!

Create your AI presentation

You can create a presentation in one of four ways:

Use our AI presentation maker

Start from scratch

Upload document

Import PowerPoint

Homepage of Sendsteps.ai

Define and approve lay-out

Specify what your presentation is about, in which language, to whom you’re presenting, title, length, etc.

Wait for creation

Now wait a few seconds and your presentation will be created.

An image of a presentation being created using the AI presentation maker Sendsteps.ai

Presentation ready

Design, content, pictures and interactive elements are created for you!

Time to present

You’re presentation is ready! There will be speaker notes so you can practice your presentation or you can start presenting right away!

An image of a presentation made using the AI presentation maker Sendsteps.ai

Two ways to generate an AI presentation

Icon Document Upload Sendsteps.ai

Document to presentation

With the document upload feature, you can simply upload a document and our AI will summarise it and generate an entire interactive presentation for you. So whether you have an informative document, an academic paper or a product brochure, you can easily upload it to our platform and let us take care of the rest.

We support the following document types:

  • Word document
  • PowerPoint file

Icon hand with a pen

Text to presentation

Sendsteps.ai also offers the option to describe your topic to us. This feature is perfect for those times when you need to give a presentation but are out of ideas regarding the content. Simply provide us with a brief description of your topic, and we will create an interactive presentation for you.

It's an excellent option for those who only have a subject and want to make their presentation engaging and interactive. With our interactive presentation templates, you can easily engage your audience and make your presentation a success.

Enhance your existing presentation using our AI Content Creator

If you've already generated or created a presentation and are looking to add that extra touch, our AI-powered tool is here to assist you in creating captivating content. With our AI Content Creator , you can effortlessly generate compelling text, visually stunning word clouds, or interactive quiz questions to amplify audience engagement. No more hours spent brainstorming or searching for the perfect content.

Sendsteps' AI Content Creator

Why Sendsteps.ai?

Let our artificial intelligence generate presentations, so you can save time and money to bring along your message.

Graphic AI robot holding a lightbulb

Our machine learning model is learning every day and provides awesome presentations.

Save time graphic

Up to 10x faster than manual presentation creation.


Unique content

The generated content by Sendsteps.ai is unique and doesn’t repeat itself.

Sendsteps.ai is plagiarism free

Plagiarism free

Our AI presentation maker pass plagiarism tests with 99,9%.

Interactivity included

Our presentations always include interactive questions to engage your audience.

Graphic of a globe with two conversation clouds

Multiple languages

Create presentations in 86 different languages, including English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian and French.

GDPR & Data Protection Sendsteps

GDPR & Data Protection

By adhering to EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all other applicable regulations, we provide optimal protection for your data.

Exclusive Server Illustration

ISO 27001 Certified

We are audited annually by an independent certification body. Sendsteps is ISO 27001 Certified.


Sendsteps.ai is joy!

AI is an exciting, new technology that can unlock your imagination to create amazing things.

Sendsteps.ai helps 100,000+ people like you to create interactive presentations 10x faster!

No credit card required | 2 Free AI presentations

Be part of a revolution! Use AI to generate your presentation!

Frequently asked questions.

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, please ask us via live-chat and we'll get back to you ASAP.

What type of documents does Sendsteps.ai support?

Can i use sendsteps.ai for free.

Yes, you can use our AI presentation maker for free!

Is Sendsteps.ai easy to use?

Yes, Sendsteps.ai is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a simple drag-and-drop interface and helpful AI-powered suggestions and prompts.

What are the benefits of using an AI presentation maker?

Sendsteps.ai helps users save time and effort by automating many of the tasks involved in creating a presentation. It also makes presentations more engaging and interactive, which can help keep audiences interested and attentive.

How does AI presentation maker Sendsteps.ai work?

Sendsteps.ai uses AI algorithms to help users create visually appealing and interactive presentations. It offers features such as automatic slide creation, content suggestions, and real-time audience engagement tools.

How does Sendsteps.ai's AI technology help users create better presentations?

Sendsteps.ai's AI algorithms analyze the user's content and automatically generates slides and creates interactive elements to keep audiences engaged.

How does Sendsteps.ai help presenters interact with their audiences during a presentation?

Sendsteps.ai provides a variety of real-time audience engagement tools, such as live polls, quizzes, and surveys. These tools allow presenters to gather feedback and adjust their presentations in real-time based on audience responses.

How does AI presentation maker Sendsteps.ai save time for presenters?

Sendsteps.ai automates many of the time-consuming tasks involved in creating a presentation, such as slide design and content formatting. The AI presentation maker has the ability to extract the most essential information from a document and generate an interactive presentation based on that.

A new medium for presenting ideas.

Powered by ai..

Just start writing. Beautiful, engaging content with none of the formatting and design work.

Meet your new design partner

Create polished content with one-click templates and no-code editing

presentation maker ai free

...up in the sky.

Faster than a slide of bullets.

More powerful than a wall of text.

Oh, my! It’s a Gamma

presentation maker ai free

How it works

See Gamma in action

Generate docs, decks & webpages in seconds.

Create a working presentation , document or webpage you can refine and customize in under a minute, using our powerful AI generator .

Gamma allows me to package up information in ways I can't with slides , while still creating good flow for my presentations.

Ann Marie, Director of Product at Koalafi

Make it polished and ready in one click

No more slide masters or template lock-in

Restyle your entire deck in just one click

Use a flexible template to work faster

Creating polished slides gets really tedious, especially aligning boxes and keeping things on-brand. With Gamma, I can get things done so much faster .

John, Co-founder & CEO at Stotles

Present live, or send a webpage

Get your point across with present mode

Drill into the details using nested cards

Share online with publishing + analytics

Notion x Canva is the best way to think about Gamma. It's just so nice to use !

Matthias, Senior Strategy Consultant at ODALINE

Bring your ideas to life

Move beyond walls of text and boring clipart. Embed anything:

Your audience will pay more attention and stay engaged with your content.

We've avoided PowerPoint decks at all costs at our agency, but Gamma offered us a fresh alternative that we love to share with potential clients. Polished and adaptable. We love it!

Emilie, Founder & Principal at Six Eastern

Read anywhere

Measure engagement with built-in analytics

Get more feedback with quick reactions

Comments make collaboration straightforward

Share on any device — laptop, tablet, or phone

I'm not a slide deck artist - Gamma makes it super easy for me to convert my documents into engaging presentations for company all hands, and takes me 10x less time than fiddling about with pixels on slides. Such a time saver.

Amelia, Co-founder & CEO at Honeycomb

presentation maker ai free

Write stuff & chill

Stop the monologue, start a conversation.

Simply write, guide & show

Break down walls of text into a beautiful deck of cards ..

presentation maker ai free

Bite-sized by design.

Stick inside people’s heads, unforgettably

Gamma helps you break things down into bite-sized , interactive combos of words, visuals, video and embeds that aid in comprehension. It’s not rocket science — just basic neuroscience — when you break ideas down they become easier to consume and remember.

presentation maker ai free

Memos originated back in ancient Rome.

Introducing the Modern Memo

Memorandum actually stems from the Latin for “ worthy of remembrance, noteworthy .” And, we’ve built Gamma around that core principle.

presentation maker ai free

Woooo... this is fun!

presentation maker ai free

Professional design without pushing pixels.

Building blocks that match your brand

Gamma’s beautiful card layouts help your content shine — while the design aligns automatically with your brand.

presentation maker ai free

Mix images, video, and interactive apps.

Showing is far better than telling

Drag anything onto a card. Gamma cards are infinitely adaptable. Get creative with narrations or recordings.

presentation maker ai free

Presentable. Readable. Leave Behindable.

presentation maker ai free

Keep it simple

Make it easy

Break it up

Docs Bloat, Memos Don’t Docs are time consuming, requiring a significant amount of cognitive load to absorb. Gamma memos help your readers understand the point quickly, gathering more context as needed.

presentation maker ai free

What is this about?

Hello... is anyone flying this deck?

Decks Are Not Self-Guided Slides are confusing leave behinds. The context is lost without the presenter. Gamma memos are built to be presented while retaining their ability to stand alone.

presentation maker ai free

Never write a doc then build slides to match again.

Open the door to a new universe

More visual than a doc. More collaborative than a slide deck. More interactive than a video.

presentation maker ai free

  • Change log*
  • Inspiration
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy

What’s it for?

  • Why Genially

Make interactive presentations

Create show-stopping presentations and clickable slide decks with Genially’s free online presentation builder. Leave boring behind and tell a story that’s interactive, animated, and beautifully engaging.

Logo of the company Aon, client of Genially


A presentation that works like a website

Engage your audience with interactive slides that they can click on and explore. Add music, video, hotspots, popup windows, quiz games and interactive data visualizations in a couple of clicks. No coding required!


Make your slides pop with animation

Bring a touch of movie magic to the screen with incredible visual effects and animated page transitions. Add click-trigger and timed animations to make any topic easy to understand and captivating to watch.

Image of the Genially tool showing the insertion of multimedia elements from Spotify, Google Maps and Youtube


Live from the world wide web

Embed online content directly in your slides for a media-rich interactive experience. From YouTube and Spotify to Google Maps and Sheets, Genially works seamlessly with over 100 popular apps and websites.

Image of the Genially tool showing free libraries of backgrounds, color palettes, vector graphics, images, charts, graphs, maps and smartblocks.


Genius design tools

With Genially, anyone can create a polished and professional presentation. Choose from over 2000 pre-built templates, or create your own design using the drag-and-drop resources, color palettes, icons, maps and vector graphics.

Image of a Genially interactive presentation


Safe and sound in the cloud

Because Genially is online, you can relax knowing that your slides are always up-to-date. There’s no risk of forgetting to save changes or accessing the wrong file. Log in from anywhere, collaborate with your team, and make edits in real time.

All-in-one interactive presentation maker

Real-time collaboration.

Co-edit slide decks with others in real time and organize all of your team projects in shared spaces.

Multi format

Present live, share the link, or download as an interactive PDF, MP4 video, JPG, HTML, or SCORM package.

Engagement Analytics

See how many people have viewed and clicked on your slides and keep tabs on learner progress with User Tracking.

Import from PPTX

Give your old decks a new lease of life by importing PowerPoint slides and transforming them with a little Genially magic.

Keep content on-brand with your logo, fonts, colors, brand assets, and team templates at your fingertips.

Quiz & Survey Builder

Use the Interactive Questions feature to add a fun quiz to your slides or gather feedback from your audience.

Beautiful templates

Make your next deck in a flash with Genially’s ready-to-use slides.

Interactive OKR Presentation template

OKR Presentation

Interactive School Notebook Presentation template

School Notebook Presentation

Interactive Animated Sketch Presentation template

Animated Sketch Presentation

Interactive Minimal presentation template

Minimal presentation

Interactive Land Of Magic Presentation template

Land Of Magic Presentation

Interactive Onboarding presentation template

Onboarding presentation

Interactive Visual Presentation template

Visual Presentation

Interactive Animated Chalkboard Presentation template

Animated Chalkboard Presentation

Interactive Online Education Guide template

Online Education Guide

Interactive Terrazzo Presentation template

Terrazzo Presentation

Interactive STARTUP PITCH template


Interactive History Presentation template

History Presentation


Interactive presentation ideas

From classroom materials to business pitches, make an impact every day with Genially.

A photograph with 7 children of different nationalities in a school classroom with a laptop making a presentation

Education presentations

Photograph of 3 people gathered together talking about a report with a tablet

Pitch decks

Photograph of 4 people in an office using a laptop to make a company presentation

Business presentations

Photo of 1 girl with a mac computer doing a slideshow

Thesis defense

Reviews from people rating the tool genially

Share anywhere

Present live

From the front of the room or behind a screen, you’ll wow your audience with Genially. Heading off grid? Download in HTML to present dynamic slides without WiFi.

Share the link

Every Genially slide deck has its own unique url, just like a website! Share the link so that others can explore at their own pace, or download an MP4 video slideshow or PDF.

Post online

Embed the slides on your website or post them on social media. Upload to Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Moodle or any other platform.

Composition of an eye surrounded by image icons to illustrate the Genially method; interactive visual communication

The benefits of interactive slides

🗣️ Active participation An interactive slide deck gives your audience cool things to click on and discover, boosting learning and engagement.

👂 Multi-sensory experience Audio, video, animations, and mouse interactions make your content immersive, entertaining and accessible.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 People-friendly format Pop-ups and embeds condense more material into fewer slides so you can break information down into digestible chunks.

🎮 Gamification Games, quizzes and puzzles make information more memorable and enable you to gather feedback and check understanding.

How to make an interactive presentation

With Genially’s easy-to-use presentation platform, anyone can make incredible visual content in moments.

Choose a template or a blank canvas

Create content starting from a Genially template

Get stunning results in less time with a ready-made template. Feeling creative? Design your own slides from scratch.

Customize the design

Add animations and interactions

Resources to become a pro presentation creator

Image showing the interactivity of the Genially tool

How to create an interactive presentation: Get started in Genially.

Image showing a presentation about the Genially tool

How to present data without sending your audience to sleep.

Image showing how the Genially tool is no-code

No-code animation: Bring your slides to life with cinematic visual effects.

Neon image talking about storytelling in Genially

The art of digital storytelling: Engage and thrill on screen.

Genially in a nutshell

How do I make a presentation interactive and how does Genially work? Find the answers to all of your slide-related questions here!

What’s an interactive presentation?

Interactive slides contain clickable hotspots, links, buttons, and animations that are activated at the touch of a button. Instead of reading or watching passively, your audience can actively interact with the content.  

Genially’s interaction presentation software allows you to combine text, photos, video clips, audio and other content in one deck. It’s a great way to condense more information into fewer slides. 

If you’re a teacher, you can share multiple materials in one single learning resource. Students can create their own projects using digital media and online maps. For business or training, try embedding spreadsheet data, PDFs, and online content directly in your slides. 

An interactive slide deck is more user-friendly than a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or Google Slides document. That’s because you can break information down into chunks with pop-ups, labels, voiceovers and annotated infographics.  

The other benefit of interactive content is increased engagement. It’s easier to keep your audience’s attention when they’re actively participating. Try Genially’s presentation software and free slideshow maker to see how it’s better than other presentation websites. You won’t go back to standard presentation apps!

How do you make a clickable slide?

The best way to make slides clickable is to use Genially’s free interactive presentation program. Design your slide then apply an interaction. In a couple of clicks, you can add popup windows, hyperlinks, close-up images, games, animations, multimedia and other content. 

Choose from the library of hotspot buttons and icons to show people what to click on. Go to Presenter View to get a preview and see how your content will appear to your audience.

What are good interactive activities in a presentation?

The best interactive activities get your audience interested in the topic and help them understand your points. When you want to go into detail, try adding a tooltip or close-up image. These options are great for explaining complex diagrams and charts. 

Text overload is a common problem that is solved if you make slides interactive. Long pages of text are boring and difficult to read, leading people to switch off and lose concentration. Record a voiceover or try adding audio and video explainers.

Interactive images are another useful format for presenting information. By annotating maps, photos or diagrams with interactive hotspots you can provide a lot of contextual information on one single screen.

Looking for ways to make dull topics exciting? Try including a game, challenge or quiz. 

As well as injecting a bit of fun, gamification makes information memorable. To get your audience involved and gather feedback, add questions to your slides. Everyone loves sharing their opinion!

How do I create presentations that look professional?

You’ve got a deadline looming and you’re staring at the screen with a blank presentation. We’ve all been there! Starting a presentation design from scratch is tricky, especially if you’re short on time. 

Genially’s free online presentation maker has over 2000 ready-to-use templates for professional slide presentations, photos slideshows, and more. Each slide design has been created by our team of top graphic designers. No need to worry about fonts, centering images, or designing a matching color scheme. It’s all done for you. 

Start by browsing our layouts and themes for education, business and then customize with your own text and images.

How do I share or download my slides?

Because Genially is a cloud based presentation software, you can simply share the link to your slides. Like other online presentation tools, there are no files to download or store on your computer. Everything is saved online.  

When you publish your slide deck, it gets its own unique url, just like a website. Share the link with others to let them explore the content in their own time. If you’re presenting live, just click the Present button. 

You can also embed your presentation on your website, company wiki, or social media. Genially is compatible with WordPress, Moodle, Google Classroom, and other platforms. If you use an LMS, you can also download your interactive design slides in SCORM format.

For slideshow videos and slideshows with music, share online or download as an MP4 video. Check out our free slideshow templates for ideas.

Can I make a free presentation in Genially?

You bet! Genially is an easy-to-use slide maker, with a free version and paid plans. The free plan allows you to create unlimited slides with interactions and animations. Subscribe to one of our paid plans for more advanced features.

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Join the 25 million people designing incredible interactive experiences with Genially.

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New! New! Make quick presentations with AI

Free online presentation maker

Try our new tool to edit this selection of templates for people that want to let their creativity run free. create interactive resources easily, quickly and without the need for any software. a really useful tool for teachers and students. move the content, add images, change colors and fonts or, if you prefer, start from scratch..

Rosa Parks Minitheme presentation template

Premium template

Unlock this template and gain unlimited access

Rosa Parks Minitheme

Somebody had to do it. We cannot take everything for granted. Rosa Parks fought for civil rights in the United States of America. She is called the mother of the freedom movement. Tell everything about her life, her achievement, the movement and so much more with this sky blue colored...

Pregnancy Breakthrough presentation template

Pregnancy Breakthrough

Giving birth to a baby is a beautiful occasion, a manifestation of love between two people. Obstetrics are key during pregnancy, so how about giving a presentation about the latest breakthrough in this field? Our free medical template will come in handy.

Sketchnotes Lesson presentation template

Sketchnotes Lesson

There’s an increasing trend in education regarding visual techniques to help students learn concepts, and it’s called sketchnotes. This free presentation template focuses on this design, so you can turn a lesson into an easy teaching experience.

Science Education Center presentation template

Science Education Center

Albert Einstein believed that “the important thing is to never stop questioning.” When it comes to science and research, we need to investigate and to ask for answers. Teach your students about the value of questioning in your Science Education Center!

Technology Consulting presentation template

Technology Consulting

If you want to attract new clients to your technology company and to keep them satisfied, design your own consulting sales pitch with these minimalistic slides.

Livine Meeting presentation template

Livine Meeting

Organize your monthly meeting and share the most important points of it with the rest of your team thanks to this presentation. It combines white with green and yellow! Review the agenda, product schedule, project timeline and status report employing these slides. Make use of tables, timelines and many other...

Magical Wizard World Minitheme presentation template

Magical Wizard World Minitheme

I solemnly swear I’m up to no boring presentations! Use this Slidesgo template that looks like a magical map to give a magical speech and surprise your audience. You don’t need be a wizard to be able to edit the resources on these slides, you only need to open Google...

Black History Month Minitheme presentation template

Black History Month Minitheme

Celebrate Black History Month in a unique way this year: with knowledge! The euro centrist way in which we have learned history for the last decades has silenced the voices, cultures, and developments of black people, but not anymore. Speak about the most important people in the movements for black...

Travel Guide: Paris presentation template

Travel Guide: Paris

Hello there, fellow globetrotter! If you're as fond of traveling as we do, then you're love this presentation, because we've designed it as a travel guide for Paris. The illustrations are related to France, its landmarks and its culture. To inspire your creativity, we've added some sections as an example,...

Roses and Poetry Minitheme presentation template

Roses and Poetry Minitheme

Roses? Poetry? Roses AND Poetry? This minitheme combines both and creates a template for an enchanting presentation on the history of poetry created on old parchment by candlelight. Except in Google Slides or PowerPoint, your template will be a lot easier to edit than on parchment: It already comes with...

Pastel Portfolio presentation template

Pastel Portfolio

Having a very creative portfolio opens a lot of doors, more than you think. We've created this template for those who want to showcase their work and skills. As always, the Memphis graphic style will help you grab attention, and the pastel colors too! Mention your studies, add images of...

Geometric Cafe Menu presentation template

Geometric Cafe Menu

What would a café do without its customers? In order to make them come back, a good-looking menu is just like an appetizer. Download our new template with some geometric motifs and list your desserts, coffees, teas and bakery! Edit the slide about allergens and benefit from the linear icons...

Generation of '27 presentation template

Generation of '27

Generation of '27 is a group of avant-garde poets and artists who began to publish their work in the 20s of the 20th century. To help you explain this interesting part of Spanish literature to your students, we propose you this old-style brown template, with different illustrations of books, pens,...

Art History Thesis presentation template

Art History Thesis

One of the fields of study that makes you connect with the beauty and the aesthetic objects is Art History. Use this customizable template to prepare a presentation for your thesis defense so that your speech and the data shown go hand in hand. It contains illustrations of busts, sculptures...

Aquatic and Physical Therapy Center presentation template

Aquatic and Physical Therapy Center

The way we present our company says a lot about it. This time we bring you a perfect template for aquatic therapy centers. Its background is white, which contrasts with the waves in blue and gray tones, simulating the movement of water. Edit the graphics, show your milestones and explain...

ESULP IG Newsletter presentation template

ESULP IG Newsletter

Nowadays we all have social networks, and we spend a lot of time on them, so why not take advantage of your company's Instagram to let people know what's new in your company? We invite you to create a corporate newsletter in stories format with this editable template. It is...

Doodle Blackboard Minitheme presentation template

Doodle Blackboard Minitheme

Show off your ideas in a truly unique and creative way with this minitheme. This 20-slide template has all the bells and whistles you need to create an awesome presentation. Plus, it comes with a special icon pack to make your slides look even more eye-catching. Unleash your inner doodler...

Simple East Asian Landscape Campaign presentation template

Simple East Asian Landscape Campaign

If you are fascinated by everything related to the eastern Asian world and want to incorporate it into your presentations as well, you will love this proposal. It has an elegant design, focused on the development of a marketing campaign. It illustrates different landscapes in pastel tones that bring serenity....

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