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    precision 9 vs point 1

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    precision 9 vs point 1

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    precision 9 vs point 1

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    precision 9 vs point 1

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    precision 9 vs point 1

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    precision 9 vs point 1


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  1. Point 1 vs Precision 9 Heading Sensor

    2 Display Modes # 1 12-24-2016, 09:29 AM markb11 Keeper Join Date: Mar 2012 Posts: 200 Point 1 vs Precision 9 Heading Sensor Does Precision 9 allow you to mount inside the hull vs point 1 which needs clear access to sky? Also, I assume the Precision 9 does everything the point 1 does plus smooths out roll and waves for improved accuracy?

  2. Point 1 or Precision 9

    Hawker Charter Member Join Date: Nov 2003 Location: Sapulpa, Oklahoma, USA. Posts: 3,997 Highly doubtful you would discern enough of a difference on a Walleye boat to justify the extra $$'s. IMOPO, purely as a heading sensor, the Point-1 does every bit as good of a job as the Precision-9.

  3. which Lowrance Auto Pilot? Drive Pilot or Precision.

    Has anyone tried the Precision 9 unit while in 3' waves? I cannot decide which one I will get. So I do hope to get some input from my fellow pullers! Precision 9 unit: Drive Pilot unit: Logged Advertisement

  4. Point-1 Variants???

    Does anyone know what the differences between the Point-1 variants? Baja GPS Antenna with Built-in Compass (Off-road Precision GPS/Glonass Receiver) SKU: 000-11045-002 $279.99 Autopilot GPS/Heading Antenna with Integrated Compass SKU: 000-12930-001 $199.99 Evinrude GPS Antenna Kit (Point-1) SKU: 000-11153-001 Variable prices

  5. Point 1 vs Precision 9 Heading Sensor

    seaotter Wallhanger Join Date: Jul 2002 Location: Warsaw, IN, USA. Posts: 974 Hawker, My Simrad is the GS25. I understood it was the same as the Point 1 except Simrad sticker on it. Cabela's ran a special of $99.95 on it so I got it. I had the Lowrance 4000 on before and was hoping for a bit quicker update speed.

  6. Point-1 Autopilot GPS/Heading Antenna

    000-12930-001 Point-1 GPS Antenna with Integrated Compass $199199.000000000USD Find a dealer Product details What's in the box? Product details The Lowrance Point-1 is the ideal position and heading device for the Lowrance AutoPilot. The Point-1 provides extremely accurate and rapid boat position and speed updates.

  7. Point-1 GPS Antenna and Heading Sensor

    Precision 9 Rate Compass $699.99 Overview Specs Point-1 provides extremely accurate and rapid boat position and speed and heading updates, for accurate boat direction at any speed and for radar/chart overlay. A precision GPS receiver with integrated electronic compass, Point-1 delivers extremely accurate, rapid boat position and speed updates.

  8. Precision-9 Compass

    The Precision-9 measures motion on nine separate axes in order to calculate the most accurate heading and rate-of-turn information possible. Its sophisticated solid-state design avoids many common limitations of conventional fluxgate electronic compasses, and delivers heading accuracy of ±2 degrees after calibration. Mount Almost Anywhere

  9. Simrad Precision 9 Calibration and Go 9 Settings

    Install a precision 9 rate compass to replace the point-1ap receiver on my Simrad Go9 Autopilot setup. Here's how you should calibrate it.

  10. Simrad Precision-9 Compass & Heave Sensor

    Anyway - the Simrad Precision-9 connects via NMEA-2000 (R) - and outputs ROT (Rate of Turn), Roll, Pitch and Heave. Accuracy is ±2° after calibration. It mounts like the "old" Airmar G2183 sensor - so with an adjustable base plate you can attach to bulkheads or up-mast. It is IPX7 waterproof as well so it can be installed externally.

  11. Precision-9 Compass

    The Precision-9 Compass supplies accurate heading and rate-of-turn information to Lowrance autopilot, radar and navigation systems over an NMEA 2000 connection. With an internal array of solid-state sensors constantly measuring motion and orientation on nine axes, the Precision-9 also provides pitch and roll data to compatible equipment.

  12. Optimal angle of heel

    3,531. 1988 Catalina 22 North Florida. Dec 19, 2018. #25. Ron20324 said: You will trim the sails, and the boat will spring forward and heel over to an angle it likes, and you are "in the groove". That's the answer! With the correct sails up, you will feel her lunge forward, and heel over smartly, to precisely where she wants to be.

  13. The Hull Truth

    I am not sure if precision 9 got a software update to support heave. V2.0 Oct last year added heave output for the precision 9. It outputs PGN127252 over NMEA2000. I don't have any first hand experience with how accurate it is for heave or how it compares to the HS60 in that regard. Sarasota Line X.

  14. PDF Precision-9 Installation Guide

    General The Precision-9 compass is designed to output magnetic heading for sail and power boats. It connects to the boat's NMEA 2000 network, which will allow setup and control from units on the network. The Precision-9 compass outputs magnetic heading data suitable for autopilot steering, and also rate of turn, pitch, roll and heave. Installation

  15. B&G Precision 9 rate compass

    compass « Chart Plotter Standard Horizon CP300 and Radar JRC 1500 for Sale | Weather apps: Am I alone in distrusting them? » I had a RC 42 rate compass that died. My autopilot and CP seem to work fine, but thought I would contact Navico before purchasing a Precision 9. The RC 42 is no longer made. I didn't have any luck

  16. Precision-9 Compass, Navico, Simrad, Lowrance, B&G

    Advertisement Gear Navico Releases Precision-9 Compass The compass is designed to work with Simrad, Lowrance and B&G systems. By Yachting Staff Updated: April 14, 2016 Precision-9 The Precision-9 provides accurate and reliable solid-state sensor technology. Courtesy Lowrance

  17. SIMRAD Precision 9 Rate Compass

    Point-1 GPS Antenna and Heading Sensor. $279.99 REBATE UP TO $4,000 SIMRAD IS42 Digital Display. $599.99 Overview ... The Precision-9 Compass supplies accurate heading and rate-of-turn information to Simrad autopilot, radar and navigation systems over an NMEA 2000 connection. With an internal array of solid-state sensors constantly measuring ...

  18. PRECISION1® for Astigmatism

    PRECISION1®, with SMARTSURFACE® Technology, delivers superior lens-surface moisture stability. In in vitro studies, PRECISION1® (sphere) contact lenses demonstrated superior lens-surface moisture stability vs INFUSE, ACUVUE OASYS 1-Day, BioTrue ONEday, 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST, clariti 1 day and MyDay contact lenses.8-10*.

  19. New York Third Congressional District Special Election Results

    Tom Suozzi, a former Democratic congressman, won a closely watched special House election to replace George Santos in New York. He defeated Mazi Pilip, a little-known local legislator who served ...

  20. Precision1 vs Dailies Total 1 for Keratoconus and Oxygen ...

    Yes, there is an upper limit, but it also has some individual variability. Honest answer, either should be fine. No upper limit and as long as you attend for check ups any signs of lack of oxygen will be spotted early, but it's very rare with these lenses. I have mild kc and use dailies total 1 for astigmatism.

  21. Design Accuracy Comparison 0.9° vs. 1.8° Stepper Motors

    470T. Looking further at the rotor design of 1.8° and 0.9° motors, it can be seen that a 1.8° motor has 50 rotor teeth whereas a 0.9° step motor has 100 rotor teeth. This alone gives 0.9° motors higher torque stiffness and thus, higher accuracy. In comparison, with low torque stiffness, the 1.8 motor is more likely to spring back and forth ...


    Point 1 vs Precision 9 Heading Sensor Electronics

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    San Francisco is a two-point favorite, while the over/under, or total number of points Vegas thinks will be scored, is 47.5 in the latest Chiefs vs. 49ers odds. ... Chiefs are 12-7-1 against the ...


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