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Responsible Use of Technology: The Microsoft Case Study

microsoft case study

In collaboration with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University, USA

The World Economic Forum Responsible Use of Technology project aims to provide practical resources for organizations to operationalize ethics in technology. This White Paper, with its focus on Microsoft Corporation, highlights tools and processes that facilitate responsible technology product design and development. The document is the first in a series that seeks to investigate how companies have begun to incorporate ethical thinking into the development of technology. Its lessons can help organizations advance their own responsible innovation practices, and may even inspire others that have created new methods in pursuit of ethical technology to share their work, either in this series or elsewhere.

World Economic Forum reports may be republished in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License , and in accordance with our Terms of Use .

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microsoft case study

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microsoft case study

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Food services company automates complex supply and pricing processes

Utility provider reduces vegetation risk and inspect assets using drone, cloud, and machine learning

Utility provider unifies digital infrastructure to better serve customers during outages

Automotive Captive Finance Provider modernizes cloud platform to streamline financial operations

Nestlé modernizes infrastructure and creates centralized data lake

A nationally recognized hospital expands its cloud footprint

CDC Center for Global Health modernizes infrastructure and kickstarts cloud migration

Daimler Trucks utilizes data-driven insights to change the course of their organization

Deloitte helps WAEPA build trust and results with customer-centric and cloud-enabled insights

Global chemical company deploys a cloud integration

Loudon Water turns to Deloitte for SAP on Azure expertise

Oil and gas company centralizes data and standardizes finance business processes on a single cloud platform

Regional health care organization remediates cyber issues

Retail Multinational powers its supply chain through Deloitte's AI solution on Azure

State of Idaho transforms child welfare case management


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With an accurate, comprehensive assessment of its customers’ IT environments, Crayon has found tremendous success mapping out the future of those environments.

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microsoft case study

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microsoft case study

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  • October 2017
  • HBS Case Collection

The Transformation of Microsoft

  • Format: Print
  • | Language: English
  • | Pages: 15

About The Authors

microsoft case study

C. Fritz Foley

microsoft case study

E. Scott Mayfield

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  • The Transformation of Microsoft  By: C. Fritz Foley and F. Katelynn Boland


  1. Microsoft case study

    microsoft case study

  2. Microsoft case study

    microsoft case study

  3. Microsoft case study

    microsoft case study

  4. Microsoft case study

    microsoft case study

  5. A case study On Microsoft

    microsoft case study

  6. Microsoft Case Study

    microsoft case study


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