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  • How do I improve writing skills and write a novel?

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Game Help:Sims 3 Skills/Writing

Writing skill.

The Writing skill is a skill career , so your sims can register as a Self-Employed writers, earning special rewards for selling their work.

It starts out with the options to Practice Writing, start Fiction Novel and start Non-Fiction Novel. As your level progress you have the added options of additional Novel types, and the royalties paid for these also increase.

  • Bookworm Trait can write and read books faster.
  • Perfectionist Trait writes book slower, but royalties will be greater.
  • Artistic Trait writes books faster and with higher royalties.

Writing Speed

There are several factors that influence a Sim's writing speed.

  • Standard Writing Rate .12 ppm
  • Book Worm Bonus Rate Adds .03 ppm
  • Level 10 Writing Skill Bonus Adds .25 ppm
  • Read 50 Books Bonus Adds .15 ppm
  • Speed Writer Bonus Multiplies total ppm by 1.4

For example, a Sim with the Book Worm trait, maximum writing skill, who has read 50 books, and who has completed the Speed Writer skill challenge would have a writing rate of 0.77 page per minute: (0.12 + 0.03 + 0.25 + 0.15) * 1.4

Such a Sim could complete an average Masterpiece in under 44 hours of total work. However, if that Sim had not yet read 50 books, their page per minute rate would be 0.56 and an average Masterpiece would require closer to 60 hours.

Quality of Book

Each level brings the chance of the book to be a flop, a hit or a Best Seller.

These are relative chances. So at level 10, you have a 15 in 29 chance to write a hit.

Note that there are several significant factors that can alter these odds.

  • Completing the Specialist Writer challenge improves your chances in your genre of specialization even further!
  • The Prolific Writer challenge increases your chances in all genres.
  • There is a skill opportunity available (write a book with royalties of §100 or more) that will also improve your chances from then on.

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The Sims 3/Skills

Table of Contents

  • Gameplay Differences
  • Create-A-Sim
  • Create-A-Style
  • Create-A-Pattern
  • Wall Coverings
  • Stairs & Railings
  • Foundations & Decks
  • Terrain Plants
  • Terrain Tools
  • Sunset Valley
  • Relationships
  • Opportunities
  • Inventories
  • Showers & Tubs
  • Large Appliances
  • Small Appliances
  • Miscellaneous
  • Dining Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • Dining Chairs
  • Living Chairs
  • Sofas & Loveseats
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Sporting Goods
  • Hobbies & Skill Items
  • Party Items
  • Table Lamps
  • Floor Lamps
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Outdoor Lights
  • Wall Decorations
  • Curtains & Blinds
  • Bookshelves
  • Kids' Furniture
  • Custom Content

The Sims 3 logo

  • 1.1 Athletic Skill Levels
  • 1.2 Athletic Tones
  • 1.3 Athletic Skill Challenges
  • 2.1 Charisma Socials
  • 2.2 Charisma Skill Challenges
  • 3.1 Meal Times
  • 3.2 Cooking Skill Challenges
  • 4.1 Fish list
  • 4.2 Fishing Skill Challenges
  • 5.1 Gardening Skill Interactions
  • 5.2 Fertilizers
  • 5.3 Gardening Challenges
  • 6.1 Guitar Skill Levels
  • 6.2 Guitar Skill Challenges
  • 7.1 Upgrading Objects
  • 7.2 Handiness Skill Challenges
  • 8.1 Logic Skill Levels
  • 8.2 Logic Skill Challenges
  • 9.1 Painting Interactions
  • 10.1 Novels unlocked
  • 10.2 Writing Skill Challenges
  • 10.3 Traits and Genres

In the Sims 3 there are a variety of different skills. Athletic, Charisma, Cooking, Fishing, Gardening, Guitar, Handiness, Logic, Painting and Writing. Sims can learn new skills in The Sims 3 by taking a class, buying skill related books from the local bookstore in town, going to the library, using buyable objects; such as exercise equipment or on the computer, and learning from other Sims. Some skills can be used as part-time jobs, like writing novels and gardening. If a Sim is in a good mood they will build skills faster than if they are in a bad mood.

Some skills and personality traits go hand in hand. A Sim that has the Natural Cook trait and practices the cooking skill will do really well in the Cooking career. Higher skills help Sims advance in their careers. To see how well your Sim is doing in his or her skills, go to the Skill Panel and look at the Skill Journal. There is a journal next to every skill so you can keep track of your Sim's progress in each skill they have learned. The Skill Journals also hold Skill Challenges which are specific titles a Sim gains after completing certain requirements.

Athletic [ edit ]

  • Who : Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Elders
  • Equipment Needed : Treadmill, Exercise Queen, TV, Stereo, Swimming Pool
  • Ways to Earn Athletic Skill : Use Exercise Equipment, Read Athletic Books, Take Athletic Class, Workout with TV or Stereo
  • Where to take Athletic Class : Stadium

Sims can use the gyms in town to workout for free. Athletic Sims are more likely to win fights – such as with a robber who breaks into their home. Massage takes away Sore moodlet. Body Builder Skill unlocks Flex social which impresses romantic interests during conversations.

Athletic Skill Levels [ edit ]

  • Level 1 : Sims can jog for exercise.
  • Level 3 : Sims earn Pumped moodlet.
  • Level 5 : Sims can run faster wherever they are directed to go.
  • Level 6 : Sims learn "Train" Interaction. Requires an exercise machine.

Athletic Tones [ edit ]

  • "Don't Break A Sweat" : No heavy hygiene decay.
  • "Good Pacing" : Exercise longer before receiving Fatigued moodlet.
  • "Push Self" : Increases speed muscle is gained, weight is lost and skill is gained. Sims gain Sore moodlet with this tone upon waking up.
  • "Quick Burst" : Sim gains body shape change and athletic skill faster.

Athletic Skill Challenges [ edit ]

  • "Body Builder" : 60 hours strength workouts. Never fatigued after strength workouts.
  • "Marathon Runner" : Run 500 kilometers. Sims will have a longer, healthier life.
  • "Fitness Nut" : 75 hours cardio workouts. Never fatigued after cardio workouts.

Charisma [ edit ]

  • Tools Needed : Mirrors, Books, Socials, Parties
  • Ways to Earn Charisma Skill : Read Books on Charisma, Practice Speech in Mirror, Take Charisma Class
  • Where to take Charisma Class : City Hall

Charisma Socials [ edit ]

  • "Charming Introduction" : Charming Introduction.
  • "Get To Know" : Helps Sims discover traits and interests of other Sims.
  • "Smooth Recovery" : Sims can revive a conversation.

Charisma Skill Challenges [ edit ]

  • "Celebrity" : Have at least 25 local Sim acquaintances. Celebrities build relationships faster.
  • "Personable" : Learned at least 50 traits of friends and neighbors.
  • "Super Friendly" : Have at least 20 friends. Friendships never decay.

Cooking [ edit ]

  • Who : Children (Toy Stove only), Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Elders
  • Tools Needed : (Toy Stove - Children) Books, Cook Meals, Recipes, Foodstuffs
  • Ways to Earn Cooking Skill : (Toy Stove only- Children), Prepare Meals, Read Cookbook, Take Cooking Class
  • Where to take Cooking Class : Bistro or Diner

Children can't read cook books or learn recipes, but they can learn the cooking skill by cooking with the toy stove. Children can't cook full meals until they are teens, but they can take snacks and quick meals out of the fridge. Quick meals and snacks are free. If a Sim does not have the required ingredients for a meal, the amount the ingredients cost shows up next to the dish in the menu. The better the fruits and veggies used to make a meal, the higher quality the meal. Feeding meat to a Vegetarian Sim makes them sick.

Meal Times [ edit ]

  • 3 AM- 10 AM: Breakfast
  • 9 AM- 3 PM: Brunch (On Weekends)
  • 12 PM-5 PM: Dinner
  • Dessert- Anytime

Cooking Skill Challenges [ edit ]

  • "Star Chef" : Prepare at least 50 meals. Star Chefs prepare higher quality meals.
  • "World Class Chef" : Prepare at least 75 dishes. World Class Chefs prepare meals faster.
  • "Menu Maven" : Learn to prepare all recipes. Menu Mavens prepare higher quality food.

Fishing [ edit ]

  • Who : Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Elders
  • Equipment Needed : Bait (optional), Sim has fishing pole, must be near lake, ocean or fish hatchery
  • Ways to Earn Fishing Skill : Books, Take Fishing Class, Go Fishing
  • Where to take Fishing Class : Grocery Store

Deathfish can be found in the Graveyard between 12 AM and 5 AM. Need Level 10 Fishing Skill to catch Deathfish. "Love the Outdoors" trait makes a better fisherman.

Fish list [ edit ]

Fishing skill challenges [ edit ].

  • "Amateur Icythyologist" : Caught at least one type of every fish.
  • "Commercial Fisherman" : Caught at least 350 fish. Can catch fish in less time.

Gardening [ edit ]

  • Tools : Gardening Books, Seeds, Empty land to grow plants
  • Ways to Earn Garden Skills : Read Gardening Book, Take Gardening Class, Garden
  • Where to take Gardening Class : Science Lab

Omni Plant will grow into whatever you give it. Use a sprinkler (Found under Hobbies) to water the garden. You can upgrade the sprinkler so it waters the garden automatically. If you grow a money tree and don't care for it – it will turn into a tree full of bills that have to be paid. Rare and uncommon seeds can be found the farther away from community lots and houses you go. Sims with Insane and Green Thumb traits can "Talk To" plants to help them grow. Do not use Deathfish as a fertilizer. It will kill the plant you put it on.

Gardening Skill Interactions [ edit ]

  • Weed : Pull weeds. (Level 2)
  • Fertilize : Fertilize plants. (Level 3)
  • Uncommon Seeds : Plant Uncommon seeds. (Level 5)
  • Revive Plant : (Green Thumb trait) Rescue dying plants. (Level 6)
  • Rare Seeds : Plant rare seeds (Level 7)
  • Special Plants : One opportunity in Levels 8,9,& 10 of Gardening Skill. Complete all three opportunities and Sim will receive Omni Plant in the mail and can plant them.

Fertilizers [ edit ]

Gardening challenges [ edit ].

  • "Master Planter" : Must plant every plant at least once.
  • "Botanical Boss" : Harvest 75 perfect fruits and veggies. Plants almost never die from neglect.
  • "Master Planter" : Harvest at least 650 fruits and veggies. Plants remain watered and fertilized longer.

Guitar [ edit ]

  • Who : Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Elders (Toddlers get a hidden skill boost for the Guitar along with Logic skill points if they play with the xylophone toy.)
  • Equipment Needed : Guitar
  • Ways to Earn Guitar Skills : Take Guitar Class, Play Guitar
  • Where to take Guitar Class : Theatre

Playing a guitar at a party can help make the party great. Buy sheet music from the Bookstore. Sheet music disappears once used.

Guitar Skill Levels [ edit ]

  • Level 1-4 : Learn 2 basic practice songs per level.
  • Level 5 : Learn 3 new songs.
  • Level6-10 : Learn 1 new song per level and can perform songs without fail.

Guitar Skill Challenges [ edit ]

  • Master Guitarist : Learn to play every song awarded and available at the Bookstore. They will receive a special master track.
  • Guitar Star : Play at 10 parties and venues in tow. Guitar Stars earn more tips for performances.
  • Money Maker : Earn $25,000 through tips or by completing Opportunities to earn a new master track to perform.

Handiness [ edit ]

  • Who : Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Elders, (Children can learn this by having them play with Genesis building blocks)
  • Tools : Handiness Skill Books, Repairing, Upgrading, and Tinkering with Objects
  • Ways to Gain Handiness Skills : Repair an Object, Read Handiness Skill Book, Take Handiness Class
  • Where to take Handiness Class : Military Base

Upgrading Objects [ edit ]

Handiness skill challenges [ edit ].

  • Electrician : Repair at least 10 electrical objects. Never electrocuted by electrical objects.
  • Plumber : Repair at least 10 plumbing objects. Repaired objects never break again.
  • Tinkerer : Finish at least 10 unique upgrades. Tinkerers never fail when upgrading objects.

Each object can only have one upgrade at time. Channels that help with certain skills aren't available on all TVs. An object that has been repaired and breaks time and again will eventually stop working. Objects that have stopped working need to be replaced by new ones.

Logic [ edit ]

  • Who : Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Elders (Toddlers that play with the Baby Braniac Peg Toy Box get a jump start in the logic skill. This will help later on when they become children. As children they can play chess on the computer and do their homework faster.)
  • Tools : Chess Table, Telescope, Computer, Logic Books
  • Ways to Gain Logic Skill : Play Chess on computer or at Chess table, Read Logic books, Look through Telescope, Take Logic Class
  • Where to take Logic Class : Science Lab

Logic Skill Levels [ edit ]

  • Level 3 : Sims can "Search the Galaxy" through the telescope.
  • Level 5 : Sims can Tutor other younger Sims (Children and Teens). Sims can talk about things they've found through the telescope.
  • Level 10 : Sims can tutor any other Sim (from Teen to Elder) in any skill except for Charisma and Athletic.

Logic Skill Challenges [ edit ]

  • Grand Master : Reached Level 5 of competitive chess circuit. Sims who engage Chess masters improve in Logic and Chess twice as quickly.
  • Celestial Explorer : Discovered 20 celestial bodies through the telescope. They can discuss stars with their friends and neighbors.
  • Teacher Extraordinaire : Spent 20 hours tutoring other Sims. They are twice as effective when tutoring others.
  • Skill Professor : Spent 30 hours tutoring other Sims. They are twice as effective when tutoring others.

There's a hidden Chess Skill. The better a Sim gets at playing chess, the more they win chess matches and games. At level 5 logic a Sim can tell another Sim they have named a star after them, which will increase the two Sims' relationship and even help a developing a romantic relationship.

Painting [ edit ]

  • Tools : Art Easel
  • Ways to Gain Painting Skills : Take Painting Class, Practice Painting
  • Where to take Painting Class : School

Painting Interactions [ edit ]

  • (Level 5) Paint Still Life : Direct Sim to paint from surrounding area. Use a small frame to select the subject of the painting.
  • (Level 7) Paint Portrait : Paint portrait of Sim on lot. The painting frame zeroes in on the Sim subject and you can manipulate it to decide the angle. Portraits take longer than still life paintings.
  • (Level 8) Paint Memorized Scene : Use the cellphone to take a picture of a scene somewhere in the neighborhood. That scene becomes the memorized scene. The Sim will paint that memorized scene.

At level 5 a Sim's paintings increase in value over time. The best way to make a nice painting is to set the scene. Put some nice flowers or decorations on an end table and what not to paint a still life. Set up a nice backdrop or background scene before painting a Portrait of another Sim. Have them sit in a chair or rest on a couch with nice surroundings before painting them. You can add flowers and what not to the backdrop, too to make the picture even nicer.

Writing [ edit ]

  • Tools : Books, Computer
  • Ways to Gain Writing Skills : Practice Writing at Computer, Take Writing Class, Read Writing Book
  • Where to take Writing Class : Business/ Journalism Office

Novels unlocked [ edit ]

Writing skill challenges [ edit ].

  • Speed Writer : Earned $15,000 in Royalties. Write faster than normal writers.
  • Prolific Writer :Written 20 books. Write more Best-Sellers and Hits.
  • Specialist Writer : Written 5 novels in a specific genre. Write more Best-Sellers and Hits in a specific genre.

Sims receive Royalties once they have written their first novel. Royalty amounts depend on a Sim's level of writing skill, desirability of the genre – which can be found in the Writing Skill Journal – randomness, and a Sim's traits. Listed below are the genres a Sim will do well in relation to that trait.

Traits and Genres [ edit ]

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The Sims Wiki


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This is the list of Writing skill opportunities .

  • 1.1 By value
  • 1.2 By genre
  • 2 Weekly royalty
  • 3 Miscellaneous

Writing [ ]

By value [ ], by genre [ ], weekly royalty [ ], miscellaneous [ ].

  • 1 Trait (The Sims 4)
  • 2 Career tracks
  • 3 The Sims 4

improve writing skills sims 3

The Sims™ 3

improve writing skills sims 3

  • Bookworm: the more books you read, the better your writing will be. As your school teachers probably told you, "good readers aren't always good writers, but good writers are always good readers" (and if they didn't tell you that, they should have).
  • Artisitic: helps the Writing skill develop faster
  • Perfectionist: makes it take longer to finish a book, but the final quality is better
  • Loner: cuts down on the need for socialization
  • Hates the Outdoors (requires Seasons): eliminates the "Stir Crazy" moodlet from staying in the house for too long
  • Computer Whiz: reduces the rate at which writing causes the Fun need to decay (you're on a computer, remember?)
  • Couch Potato: doubles the "Comfy" mood boost
  • Neurotic: the "Freak Out" interaction gives you several hours of stress-free writing
  • Computer Whiz: opens Science Fiction from the start
  • Brooding (requires Supernatural): opens Poetry from the start
  • Supernatural Fan (requires Supernatural): opens Horror at Level 2 rather than Level 4
  • Good Sense of Humor: opens Humor at Level 2 rather than Level 5
  • Avant Garde (requires University Life): opens Poetry at Level 2 rather than Level 7
  • Avant Garde (requires University Life): opens Satire at Level 4
  • Hopeless Romantic: opens Romance at Level 5 rather than Level 10
  • Genius: Science Fiction and Mystery
  • Flirty: Trashy
  • Commitment Issues: Drama
  • Diva: Drama
  • Childish: Children's
  • Family-Oriented: Children's
  • Athletic: Sports
  • Loser: Humor
  • Inappropriate: Humor
  • Mean-Spirited: Humor
  • No Sense of Humor: Historical (also available upon reaching the Elder life state)
  • Fantasy: write 3 Science Fiction books
  • Autobiography: write 3 Biographies
  • Satire: write 3 Humor books
  • Masterpiece: write 25 books (any genre or combination of genres)
  • Vaudeville: write 2 Science Fiction, 2 Humor, 2 Mystery, and 2 Romance (Level 10 required)
  • Comics: reach Level 1 in Painting or Street Art AND Level 1 in Writing
  • Sports: reach Level 3 of the Sports Agent career
  • Article: Level 3 in the Journalism career
  • Children's: reach Level 4 in the Painting skill AND Level 3 in Writing
  • Political Memoir: opens via an opportunity in the Political career
  • Life Story: reach the top of any career field
  • Computer Whiz
  • Perfectionist
  • Neurotic (Freak Out to eliminate stress for several hours)
  • Couch Potato (double the mood boost from sitting in a Comfy chair)
  • Can't Stand the Outdoors (requires Seasons, but prevents the Stir Crazy moodlet)
  • Athletic (boosts Sports book quality if University Life is installed)
  • Hopeless Romantic (boost Romance book quality)
  • Green Thumb or Insane (talk to plants or talk to self to fulfill social needs)
  • Steel Bladder (10,000 points) - never have to go pee again
  • Dirt Defiant (15,000 points) - cuts the Hygiene decay rate by 75% - the Squeaky Clean moodlet will last for 28 hours rather than its normal 7
  • Hardly Hungry (25,000 points) - cuts the Hunger decay rate by 75%
  • Moodlet Manager (60,000 points) - lets you remove negative moodlets, some of which will completely refill needs bars when they are removed
  • Carefree (20,000 points; requires World Adventures) - fills your Fun need 25% faster
  • Science Fiction
  • Children's (may actually require six books to change the specialization)
  • Autobiography
  • Masterpiece
  • Political Memoir
  • Non-fiction
  • go back and write one additional book in those three genres and then write five Sports books (the challenge will complete after the last Sports book AND our Sim will be specialized in that genre).
  • write four Trashy books, and then start cranking out the Sports books (the challenge will complete after the fourth Sports book and specialization will happen on the fifth)
  • write four Trashy books and four Sports books (completing the challenge, but not specializing), and then start cranking out your preferred genre where you'll specialize on the fifth book.

improve writing skills sims 3


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    A few traits will make it easier to develop the Writing skill: Bookworm: the more books you read, the better your writing will be. As your school teachers probably told you, "good readers aren't always good writers, but good writers are always good readers" (and if they didn't tell you that, they should have).