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Search for books with AR Quizzes.

Searching for books with a corresponding ar quiz is easy with ar bookfinder..

Students, teachers, parents, and librarians can search using criteria such as ATOS book level, interest level, title, author, fiction/non-fiction, subject, award-winners and more. There is no easier way to find books that are both appropriate and interesting to individual students. With more than 40,000 AR quizzes, students will never run out of books to read.

You can also take myON quizzes on Accelerated Reader. Learn more.

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Accelerated Reader (AR) Book Finding Guide

Accelerated Reader (AR) is used by many schools to track students’ reading comprehension. Each number range represents the reading level for each grade. For example, 3.0 represents a 3rd grade reading level. However, each child will have a reading level range determined by testing what is appropriate for them. This means that a child may be reading well beyond their grade level or still honing their skills. Everyone learns at their own pace.

How to Find AR Information at the Dover Public Library

Check the AR stickers on the book spines in the Children’s Department to see if the book is the right level for you. Each level has a different color to make it easy to spot the appropriate level. For the exact level and amount of points the book is worth, open the book to the first page and check the sticker in the top right corner.

Find AR levels online by searching titles, topics, and authors at Accelerated Reader Bookfinder .

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  1. What Are the AR Book Reading Levels?

    The Accelerated Reader book reading levels represent the difficulty of the text in a book and are equal to grade levels from one to 11. Additionally, the decimal numerals of an AR reading level pinpoint the number of months into a grade, to...

  2. What Book Offers the Most AR Points?

    The book that offers the most AR points is “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy, which offers a total of 118 points. AR points refer to the Accelerated Reader program for primary and secondary schools, which was created by Renaissance Learning, I...

  3. How Can I Earn More AR Points?

    Accelerated Reader (AR) points are awarded based on performance on the AR quizzes and the level of the book read, says It’s possible to earn more AR points by reading more books, reading more difficult or lengthy books and perfor...

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    Students, teachers, parents, and librarians can search in English or Spanish using criteria such as ATOS book level or a Lexile™ measure, interest level, title

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    ... to search the most relevant books for your child. Quick Search · Advanced Search · Collections. AR Bookfinder. Resources. Accelerated Reader Quizzes. Reading

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    Searching for books with a corresponding AR quiz is easy with AR BookFinder. There is no easier way to find books that are both appropriate and interesting

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    There are two ways of searching: Basic Search and Advanced Search. Use search to: find book and quiz information determine if you have a...

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    AR BookFinder is a search tool that enables you and your students to locate AR books in your library or to search for all available AR books that might be

  9. Accelerated Reader (AR) Book Finding Guide

    How to Find AR Information at the Dover Public Library. Check the AR stickers on the book spines in the Children's Department to see if the book is the right

  10. About Accelerated Reader Bookfinder

    Accelerated Reader Bookfinder ( is a web-based search tool that was created for parents, guardians, students, teachers

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    Accelerated Reader Book Accelerated Reader Book Finder. You can conveniently use barcode scanning and book title search. The AR Index is a program used to

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    The AR BookBag is a place to create your own book list. This list can be

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    AR Books. Collection Created by:Mrs. Morton, an Epic Teacher. These books have been found on the AR Book Finder. Start Reading. share on email.

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    will find interesting and enjoyable. Sincerely,. Page 2. 2. Find Books and Create Book Lists in Seconds! Quick Search. The Quick Search