Professional Pilot Cover Letter Example for 2023

Read for inspiration or use it as a base to improve your own Pilot cover letter. Just replace personal information, company application data and achievements with your own.

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How to write a pilot cover letter to be proud of.

According to 83% of hiring managers, cover letters are an important part of every recruiter’s decision-making process .

What’s more, 72% of them will expect you to hand in a great cover letter, even if this part is listed as ‘optional’ on the job advert.

And if you ask our experts, cover letters are an amazing opportunity to tell a personal story and make the right first impression.

But what exactly is a cover letter and how to write a good one? Let’s see…

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Let’s begin by discussing the difference between a cover letter and a resume . The resume is the place where you should list all your hard skills, achievements, and talents.

The cover letter, on the other hand, is your chance to share more about yourself and show who you are .

But what’s the way to grab the reader’s attention? How can you make the hiring manager want to meet you and learn more about you?

Choose the right salutation and show your eagerness for the job

In general, the salutation you use depends on the tone of voice you’ve decided to go for but also on the company culture.

However, it’s always a good idea to address your letter to the person responsible for the recruitment process . If you don’t know their name, try to find it out. And only if that proves to be impossible, choose a generic salutation.

Here are some phrases you can use (note that some of them require you to know the hiring manager's name):

  • To the [team you're applying for] Department,
  • Dear Paul Black,
  • Dear Hiring Manager,
  • Dear Ms. Stone

A noteworthy introduction is what will grab the reader by the collar and make them want to get to know you better.

But what’s the best way to begin your cover letter? Highlight your excitement about the position!

Be honest and original – this will get you remembered. You can even link your excitement to the reasons why you’d like to grow in this exact field.

Don't skip on your Pilot soft and hard skills

When it comes to listing skills on a cover letter , there’s only one thing that could be said about it – do it in a well-thought-out way!

We mean, don’t just plainly list all your skills on your cover letter. Instead, link them to achievements and goals. Share how your expertise can add value to the team. Maybe even tell a personal story. It’s up to you.

Just make sure to include both soft and hard skills – especially the ones listed in the requirements section of the job advert. This will help you pass applicant tracking systems that screen documents for certain keywords.

Show that you know the company and its problems well

Adding a line or two about the company can help you prove your excitement and readiness to become a valuable team member.

You might also choose to link your previous work-related tasks and achievements to current industry or even company issues and how you think they can be resolved.

End in an actionable way

While a strong introduction makes a great first impression, a confident, yet the considerate conclusion is essentially what will get you a callback.

There are different ways to end your cover letter. But remember – the closing line you choose should match the company culture.

Your safest bet would be going for traditional phrases like “Looking forward to hearing from you” or “Looking forward to your reply”. For bonus points, add a simple “Thank you for your time and consideration”.

Pilot cover letter

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9 mistakes to avoid on your pilot cover letter

9 mistakes to avoid on your pilot cover letter

You’ve seen the perfect pilot job and you’ve subsequently spent a great deal of time creating the perfect CV or candidate profile. Job done, right? Wrong – you also need to create the perfect cover letter to accompany it.

ATR 42/72 First Officer - Type Rated

Posted 8 hours ago

ATR 42/72 Captain - Type Rated

Posted 15 hours ago

CRJ 900 First Officer

Posted 18 hours ago

CRJ-900 Captain

Posted 3 days ago

Challenger 3500 Captain

Even before a hiring manager will review your CV, they will read your cover letter to get a sense of who you are and determine if you appear to be a good fit for their position. They will also be looking for clues on your personality, attention to detail and written communication skills, to see whether you'd be a good fit for their pilot jobs .

While it can be a chore to create a tailored cover letter for every position which you apply for, it is time well spent – a good cover letter will make you stand out in a sea of applications.

To help you craft the perfect cover letter, here’s 9 mistakes which are commonly made – and which you need to avoid – when writing your pilot cover letter.

Putting Too Much Focus On Yourself

The airline or company which you’re applying to is hiring because they need someone to fill a gap which they have. The most important thing which they want to know is what you can do for them.

While it’s important to explain why you’re a great pilot, you need to put more emphasis on why you’d be a great pilot for the position you’re applying to.

Not Tailoring It to the Airline

One of the biggest mistakes pilots make when writing a cover letter is not tailoring it to the airline which they’re applying to. Most employers want to see that you’re excited at the prospect of joining their airline and that starts with a strong cover letter, tailored to them.

While it’s fine to recycle a few strong sentences or phrases from previous cover letters, each cover letter should be unique. A good starting point is to research the airline – find out what they’re about, their mission, who they currently employ and who their competitors are.

By doing your research, you can really hone in on why you’d be a great fit for their airline.

Not Tailoring It to the Job Description

While different pilot job adverts will have common themes and requirements within them, each job advert is unique and your cover letter should reflect that. Read the job description closely and think of examples from your past which fit those requirements. Choose one or two examples and highlight them in short, concise sentences.

By doing so, the hiring manager will be able to clearly see that you have the requirements to execute their job well – they’ll also be impressed that you tailored your cover letter accordingly.

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Sharing Too Many Details About Previous Positions

Depending on how long you’ve been a pilot, sharing details about every previous job will make for a very cluttered and headache-inducing cover letter.

Previous experience can be listed on your CV or candidate profile, so there’s no need to go into too much detail about that in your cover letter. Instead, you should be focusing on what experience you learnt from previous positions which is relevant to the role you are applying to.

Writing Too Much

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your cover letter is detailing your life story. Include too much information and you run the risk of the hiring manager switching off or skipping your cover letter.

Your cover letter should be to the point, focused, and never longer than one page.

Repeating Your CV

Your cover letter is not a place to regurgitate everything that’s in your CV or candidate profile – if the hiring manager is reading your cover letter, they already have your CV.

Your cover letter is an opportunity to paint a bigger picture about who you are and highlight your experiences and accomplishments. The interviewer is not only looking for someone that can do the job, but for someone that will fit in well with their existing team.

Not Being Enthusiastic

A good hiring manager will be looking for candidates who are passionate, upbeat and enthusiastic about their career. At the end of the day, the most exciting people to hire are the people who are the most excited about what they do.

A good cover letter should convey these emotions and make the hiring manager want to read more about you in your CV or candidate profile.

That being said, make sure you don’t go too over the top as overly embellished language might come across as disingenuous.

Using  Clichés

Avoid using clichés, buzzwords and obvious sentences such as “I’m a hard worker” or “I believe I am the perfect fit for the job”, because they won’t carry any weight with the hiring manager – how many times do you think they will have read these phrases?

Every word on your cover letter counts, so take the time to make yours work hard for you. Your words should reinforce the point that you have what it takes to be successful in the role you are applying for.

Not Proofreading

Even though a pilot’s job doesn’t revolve around spelling, the majority of hiring managers will eliminate any applications with typos because they lack professionalism.

If you didn’t take the care and attention to spell check your own cover letter, would you exercise the same level of carelessness when flying an aircraft? That’s not a risk a hiring manager would want to take.

Article submitted by Ellie Coverdale and edited by Aviation Job Search. 

Ellie is a technical and recruitment writer at Essay roo and UK Writings , is involved in helping individuals in their job search as well as assisting companies streamline their hiring processes. She also teaches writing skills at Boom Essays .

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B777 Pilot DHL

  • August 1, 2021
  • Flight Deck Wingman

dhl pilot cover letter

The following text appears at this link . Please note that we are not acting on behalf of DHL Air – this opportunity is merely posted to make pilots aware of this opportunity.

“DHL Air Ltd is DHL’s only wholly owned UK airline and provides DHL Express with an intercontinental air network to achieve time definite, day definite and same day delivery options for its customers. DHL Air Ltd has a mixed fleet of B757 and B767 aircraft, operating throughout the world. Soon to join us will be a fleet of B777 aircraft to supplement the network and provide global reach. We therefore have an exciting opportunity for type rated B777 pilots to join our team. The successful applicants will be joining an airline that belongs to one of the world’s most international companies with over 500,000 employees worldwide.  “

Hours:  Full Time

The requirements of the role

Applicants must;

  • Be Type Rated on the B777.
  • Hold a UK ATPL or CPL with ATPL theory credits (an EASA licence may initially be held as long as the individual is able to obtain a UK licence within 12 months of joining).
  • Hold a current Class One Medical.
  • Have the right to work and reside in the United Kingdom.
  • For Captains; have a minimum of 5000 hrs TT and 1000 hrs in Command of a B777. First Officers must have 1000 hrs on type.
  • Hold an ICAO level 4 (or greater) English proficiency certificate.
  • Hold a valid LPC with recency on the aircraft no greater than 90 days.
  • Have a Passion for Aviation, a desire to get it “Right First Time” and a “Can Do” spirit towards work.

Flight Deck Wingman can help with your application & assessment!

Get in touch here to discuss your requirements!

dhl pilot cover letter

Direct Entry Pilot – A320 First Officer Heathrow

Direct Entry Pilot – A320 First Officer Flight Deck Wingman can help with your Pilot application & assessment! We have extensive experience assisting future pilots

dhl pilot cover letter

flyBe First Officer Non Type-Rated

flyBe First Officer Non Type-Rated Flight Deck Wingman can help with your Cadet Pilot application & assessment! We have extensive experience assisting future pilots apply

dhl pilot cover letter

TUI Pilot Cadet Programme

TUI Pilot Cadet Programme Flight Deck Wingman can help with your Cadet Pilot application & assessment! We have extensive experience assisting future pilots apply to

dhl pilot cover letter

West Atlantic Pilot Recruitment

West Atlantic ATR Recruitment Flight Deck Wingman can help with your application & assessment! We have extensive experience assisting future pilots, current commercial pilots and

dhl pilot cover letter

Spring Airline Co. Japan is currently recruiting A320 rated Captains.

Spring Airline Co. Japan is currently recruiting A320 rated Captains. The Spring Airline Pilot Recruitment team will be attending  Pilot Careers Live event this SATURDAY,

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Flight Deck Wingman Ltd is company registered in England and Wales Company No 14621843. Registered office: 167-169 Great Portland Street, 5th Floor, London, W1W 5PF

dhl pilot cover letter

Ready to book?

If no availability shows please check back regularly when new slots will be added.

dhl pilot cover letter

Sample cover letter for Internship position at Deutsche Post DHL

in an ever changing logistical environment continuously major improvements and strategic advancements are necessary. Several driving forces like technological breakthroughs, e.g. drones or 3D-printers, will lead to a revolution of the sector for parcel services and logistics within the next decades. Technological developments and both operational and organizational improvements promise an efficient and accelerated future of parcel logistics. Though not very affordable yet, same-day delivery is already practiced by the Deutsche Post DHL Group in selected metropolitan areas.

Your company is always at the very forefront, what appears very attractive to me and proofs your progressive spirit and the excellence of the employees working with Deutsche Post DHL. To anticipate and prepare for upcoming fundamental shifts a strategic and out-of-the-box point of view and a long-sighted input is urgently needed. At this point I would like to join you to support Deutsche Post DHL to continue and boost the successful history by developing innovative and appropriate strategic solutions for the company’s future.

I bring relevant experience from a previous internship within a restructuring consulting project on qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as optimization of sourcing and logistics processes at a German Automotive manufacturer. Therefore I know on the importance of an efficient management of the internal and external interfaces within a company. In xxxx I had the unique experience of studying abroad in China for half a year. By taking this opportunity, I improved my intercultural skills as well as my English skills.

I demonstrated my strong communication skills within several coordination processes with the representatives of the customers’ management. Besides I independently implemented, by working autonomously and structured, smaller projects, e.g. supplier benchmarking analysis with subsequent management presentation. I never give up but decisively accept and solve upcoming challenges with my strong analytical skills and my exceptional enthusiasm. Team orientation is not an empty phrase to me, but mutual reliability and a mentality to achieve goals together are extremely important to me.

Preferably I like to join your team in December xxxx for 4 Months. I am strongly convinced that with my passion and abilities I do perfectly fit for the vacancy and I am look forward to get to know you and your company.

Best regards,

dhl pilot cover letter

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Pilot cover letter

View this sample cover letter for a pilot, or download the pilot cover letter template in word..

Having trouble getting your career to take flight? To be considered for top pilot jobs, your cover letter must demonstrate your skills and experience, as well as your passion for your work. For writing tips, view this sample cover letter for a pilot, or download the pilot cover letter template in Word.

Jobs for pilots are projected to grow by 4% (or 4,400 jobs) from 2016 through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). You'll find the highest level of employment for commercial pilots in the following states: Texas , California , Florida , Ohio , and Arizona ; and in the following metropolitan areas: Dallas , Houston , Phoenix , Los Angeles , and Fort Worth, TX .

As a pilot, you can expect to earn a median wage of $111,930 per year, according to the BLS.

Additionally, you can learn about travel service careers and look for pilot jobs on Monster.

Pilot cover letter template

Molly Peters Sometown, FL 55555 | (555) 555-5555 | [email protected]

December 8, 2017

Mr. Sam Stevens HR Director ABC Company 5 West Ave. Sometown, GA 55555

Re: Charter Pilot o Advertised on Monster

Dear Mr. Stevens:

I read your ad for a charter pilot with great interest. As a pilot with experience in military, charter and company settings, I offer 5,500 hours of flight time and credentials that include:

  • Commercial Pilot License, Airplane Single & Multi-Engine Land with Instrument Rating
  • FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Single and Multi-Engine Airplane
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Instrument Airplane
  • FAA Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI)
  • FAA First-Class Medical Certificate

I completed my flight training through the U.S. Air Force, graduating in the top 5% of my class. During my military career, I amassed 2,000 flight hours in the U.S. and overseas. I flew surveillance, reconnaissance and warfare missions, and served as an instructor pilot and chief test pilot of elite aircraft.

My service was distinguished through commendations and awards, including “Top Pilot” honors and the “Distinguished Flying Cross” medal for heroic acts during aerial missions.

After an honorable discharge, I served as a contract pilot for several companies, and have received repeated praise for my aviation knowledge and safety record. Aircraft include:

  • Gulfstream G450 and G550 | Embraer E170 and E175 | Learjet 35 and 60
  • Beechcraft King Air B200 | Hawker 800XP | Piaggio P-180 Avanti II

With a focus on delivering outstanding customer service and “wowing” passengers, I would serve your clients with excellence. You may call me at (555) 555-5555 to set up an interview.

Sincerely, Molly Peters

Enclosure: Résumé

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