Free cover letter generator.

Save time and stand out with a quick and easy custom cover letter made in Adobe Express. No experience required.

create a cover letter for resume free

Land your dream job with a cover letter made in Adobe Express.

Cover letters are a great opportunity to go beyond the bullet point format of your resume and provide a deep dive of your experiences and achievements in a more personal way. Capture your potential employer’s attention and give them a taste of what you have to offer with Adobe Express free cover letter templates at your side. Explore the many styles we have to offer, from modern to traditional style templates, then customize your letter with your favorite color schemes and add icons or sub out the font. Stand out even more when you upload your personal brand logo. Make as many cover letters as you’d like, for free.

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Stand out with Adobe Express.

A cover letter is one of the best opportunities to create a standout statement from your peers in the job application process. While your resume follows a somewhat strict structure, your cover letter offers much more space for you to let your personality and experience shine. Let this be the letter that drives the message home – you are the best candidate, and your enthusiasm for this role is unrivaled. Give them a taste of what you have to offer, show off previous accomplishments, and craft it in a way that is unique to you. That’s where Adobe Express comes in.

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How to make a cover letter.

create a cover letter for resume free

Land your dream job with an eye-catching cover letter.

No editing know-how is necessary to make an impressive cover letter in Adobe Express, so you can focus your time on making something that represents who you are in minutes. Go beyond the traditional Times New Roman, black-and-white cover letters with the Color Theme tool on your side. Search by color, mood, or style to find tons of unique color combos to apply in a snap. Duplicate and edit as many cover letters as you’d like.

create a cover letter for resume free

Add your own personal flair with the easy-to-use cover letter builder.

Save time and showcase your professional background and personality with free, fully customizable cover letter templates to get you started. Settle on one that suits your style then drag and drop icons, shapes, and more. Apply unique borders, add images, and even choose from thousands of professional-looking Adobe Fonts to communicate your message in a stylish way. When you’re done, print and send it off to hiring managers or save it as a PDF to share online.

Stand out with a custom cover letter design.

Your cover letter is your chance to stand out and share your professional story with an authentic, personal touch. With free, fully customizable templates at your side, it’s easy to make a sleek cover letter design whether you’re a beginner or seasoned design expert. Have fun with all the customization options you have at your fingertips. Weave in action-oriented words to discuss the impact you’ve made in organizations and highlight areas of expertise to tell your story succinctly to hiring managers. Make your interview a breeze with Adobe Express on your side.

Showcase who you are in a visually appealing way.

Adobe Express takes out all the guesswork of creating a visually appealing cover letter, so you can focus on the job hunt instead. Say goodbye to the complicated process of making sure your text and spacing align on one page. With Adobe Express, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping elements exactly where you need them to be without technical constraints. Spend more time writing a compelling cover letter for your readers and let Adobe Express take care of the rest.

Go beyond cover letters with Adobe Express at your side.

Give hiring managers something to reference visually as you walk them through your professional background and achievements in your cover letter. Once you’ve settled on a theme in your file, duplicate your cover letter and start customizing your resume in the same place for a consistent look and feel. You can even add additional pages to the same project to start building your portfolio, too.

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