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How to Write a Job Application Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is essential when applying for jobs. This is the perfect way to express how your specific skills are relevant to the open position. Wow your future employer with this simple cover letter example format.

Write a First Draft

Writing a first draft makes your letter concise and professional, states The Balance Careers. Organize your thoughts by making a list of what you’re trying to convey. Make sure you prioritize certain aspects like your previous job experience and why you would be a good fit for the position. Clearly state what position you’re interested in and why. Think about why you’re applying and what caught your eye about this specific position. Your cover letter will be easier to write after your thoughts are collected and organized.

Customize Your Salutation

When writing a salutation, make sure you know who you are writing to. Is this person the owner of the company or a Human Resources administrator? If you’re not sure, research the company to find out. Addressing your cover letter to a specific person shows initiative and attention to detail. After your salutation, start your letter with a short introduction of yourself. This gives future employers insight into who you are and the purpose of your cover letter.

Write Intentionally

Your cover letter should be no more than one page, so keep your points brief. Clearly state what position you are interested in and why. Explain why you are a good fit for the company because of your past job experience. If you have no similar job experience, let the employer know why you are changing career paths. Expand on your skills and give specific examples of how that skill set helped you at your last position. Name projects you’ve worked on and show results.

Close Your Letter

End your cover letter with a brief sentence and sign off. Thank the employer for their time and express your interest towards the job again. Let them know you’ll follow up with them if you do not hear back within a week and leave your contact information. Sign off with a professional farewell and leave room for a signature if sending a hard copy.

Edit and Proofread

As you finish writing your cover letter, make sure you take time to edit and proofread your document. Make sure it’s structured in a professional format with the company’s information, the salutation and introduction, the body of the letter, a brief closing sentence and farewell. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes to ensure a formal result. Make sure all names are spelled correctly, as well.


cover letter for job application for project manager

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Project Manager Cover Letter: Example and Tips

Cover letters are an opportunity to showcase your experiences and accomplishments as a project manager, and share your professional goals.

Candidate writing a cover letter for a project manager position in a cafe

Cover letters are often the first thing that hiring managers see in your application. Though some might argue that cover letters are obsolete, employers still use cover letters to learn more about candidates. Plus, it can indicate that you’re serious about the job, and give yourself another chance to convey who you are. It’s a good idea to take them seriously, especially if a job application asks for one.

For a project management position , a cover letter can be an opportunity to expand on the skills, motivations, and past successes you have under your belt that didn’t fit into your resume. Let’s take a look at what that might look like.

Project manager cover letter example

Reading through a sample cover letter can be a good way to jog your creativity and inspire your own.

Project management cover letter

Here's the cover letter in text format:

October 4, 2021

Harland Sanders

123 Animal St

Chicago, IL 60290

Dear Mr. Harland Sanders,

My name is George Lee, and I am excited to be applying to the Junior Project Manager position at Animax. I am currently a Project Coordinator at Square Paws, where I have supported several projects successfully to completion. I have long admired Animax’s work to improve animal adoption processes and would be delighted to contribute my skills to the team.

At Square Paws, I oversaw multiple aspects of running numerous projects. I worked closely with the project manager to develop project schedules, ensure team members had the resources they needed to complete their tasks, and coordinated communication with stakeholders on project updates. I am particularly proud of a project to roll out a feature on our app that users could use to book appointments with veterinarians. As a complex project that involved multiple stakeholders, it was important to be mindful of the details and listen continuously to feedback from users. My efforts to coordinate an early feedback system in a trial period led to the discovery of several bugs and pain points that we fixed for the launch. We were able to reduce customer concerns by 80% and ultimately completed the project under budget by $3,000.

I have long been familiar with animal adoption centers and believe wholeheartedly in Animax’s mission. I have volunteered consistently at animal shelters since high school and am familiar with their processes. In college, I took several courses that I believe can be useful to the project manager role, including zoology and business administration. Working as a project manager in this field will allow me to expand my knowledge of the industry, and assist in my ultimate goal to make the world a more livable place for shelter animals.

I believe that my past experience, skillset, and passions make me a strong candidate for Animax’s team. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time.


How to write a good project manager cover letter

1. start with your qualifications..

Hiring managers might be inundated with job applications. You’ll want to give the hiring manager a reason to keep reading right away by stating your qualifications in the introductory paragraph. State who you are, and what relevant experience you bring in opening your cover letter.

What if I haven’t worked as a project manager before?

Even if you haven’t held the title of project manager before, chances are you’ve done some elements of project management. Have you led meetings, assembled a team, or helped improve a process on your team? Those are project management skills. If you’re still hoping to build out your project management skills, you can consider applying to more entry-level project management jobs like project coordinator or assistant project manager. Learn more about how to become a project manager .

2. Tailor each cover letter to the job.

Templates or old cover letters you’ve used in the past can help get your cover letter started. But don’t forget to tailor them specifically to each job. Companies like to see that you’re genuinely interested in the job and company, and that you’ve done your research.

Look over the job description to see what kinds of qualities and skills the organization is looking for. If you’re applying to a large organization, think about what keywords an automated system might scan for. In project management roles, these might include Agile, mitigation, change management, or risk management. The job description is usually a good way to gauge what qualities and skills might be keywords.

Read more: How to Address a Cover Letter

3. Think beyond your resume.

A cover letter can be a place to expand on your resume , and then some. You can elaborate on one or more of your accomplishments, but don’t simply rehash what your resume already says.

Think about what you can include that showcases your value beyond the accomplishments listed in your resume. How can you connect the cover letter to your personal experiences, or your personal story? What made you interested in this field? What in particular excites you about the job or company, and why? How does this job fit into your goals for the future? Your cover letter should both connect your experiences to the qualities the company is looking for, and show why you, as a person, are good for the job.

Read more: 12 Project Management Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

4. Use numbers. 

Concrete numbers can help illustrate your success in past jobs. If you worked on projects, what metrics made them successful? Did customer satisfaction improve by a percentage, or did you complete the project under budget? 

5. Proofread.

Project management is a profession that demands big-picture understanding and a keen awareness of the details. Make sure your cover letter is formatted correctly and free of spelling and grammatical errors. If you can, have a trusted friend or colleague look through your cover letter to catch anything you may have missed.

Need more structure in your job search process? Try creating a job search plan. Learn what they are in the video below.

Getting started in project management

When starting a cover letter, you might consider pulling up a template or past cover letter you’ve used and tweaking it until it feels right. You might also start by making a list of qualities the job description asks for, and building your letter around those.

Need a refresher on project management concepts? Online courses can help you review the basics, or get you up to speed with the latest project management practices. If you're looking for a place to start, take a look at the Google Project Management: Professional Certificate. The first week is free.

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Project Manager Cover Letter: Examples and Tips 2023

Table of Contents

Adding a persuasive project manager cover letter can enhance the value of your application and make it stand out from the competitors. Besides giving you extra space to include what you couldn't fit on your resume, a cover letter convinces the hiring manager that you are serious about the position. A stellar project manager cover letter has the power to intrigue the reader and urges them to look into the resume for further details. Learn how to write a project manager cover letter the right way and beat your competition!

Earn 60 PDUs: Pick from 6 Courses

Earn 60 PDUs: Pick from 6 Courses

Project Manager Cover Letter Examples

A cover letter is a perfect chance to introduce yourself to the hiring manager more personally. However, not all cover letters serve their purpose right. To boost your chances of getting hired, you must tailor your project manager cover letter with the utmost attention. 

Entry Level Project Manager Resume Cover Letter Example 1 

Experienced project manager resume cover letter example 2 , 6% growth in pm jobs by 2024 - upskill now.

6% Growth in PM Jobs By 2024 - Upskill Now

Tips to Write a Project Manager Cover Letter 

A good project manager resume can take you to the top, but when it is accompanied by your customized cover letter, it can move your application to the top of the stack. A cover letter is not mandatory. So, if you are including one, ensure that it is well-written and relevant to the position you are applying for. Learn how to write a project manager cover letter that gets you noticed.

Tip 1: Don't Restate Your Resume

Refrain from repeating the phrases from your project manager's resume. A cover letter is a place to highlight those additional details you could not squeeze onto the single-page resume. Unlike resume bullet points, you can be more detailed and use full sentences. 

Tip 2: Don't Stick to Praising the Company

A common cover letter mistake– we begin to talk about how great the positions and the company would be for us. Remember, the hiring manager knows that part well. They are looking forward to discovering substantial information about you. Emphasizing what skills and benefits you can bring to the position and company is more important than any other detail. 

Tip 3: Elaborate on Your Relevant Capabilities

Undoubtedly, all that you have accomplished so far in your career is important but what you can do in your future is more important to the recruiters. You must include their key requirements and priorities for the job to present the reviewer with significant details on what you can do to optimize their growth. If you possess several relevant capabilities, consider adding a section that says, 'Here is all that I can deliver in this role.'

Tip 4: Scan the Job Description For Discovering What's Relevant 

Customizing your resume and project manager cover letter is the key to getting past ATS and humans who shortlist applications. A general cover letter or resume you would use for all job opportunities significantly declines your chances of getting hired. Here is how to tailor your application every time you apply for a new position:

  • Thoroughly scan the job advertisement/description for the position you are applying for. 
  • Create a list of words or phrases mentioned as they must have qualifications or skills for the role. 
  • Include the same words/ phrases on your resume and cover letter to get past ATS and manual scans. 

Tip 5: Your Skills Catch Attention

When you find a job that perfectly matches your skills, but your past experience fails to sell you as the perfect option for the position, you must highlight your relevant skills. Present your relevant skills along with action verbs wherever they fit on your cover letter.   

Tip 6: Academic Qualification is Not Necessary

It is imperative for freshers and undergraduates to over-focus on their educational backgrounds. You must remember that the recruiter cares the most about your work experience. If you do not have a professional work history, add your volunteer or internship experience. Recruiters value them too. 

Tip 7: Quantify Whenever Possible 

Numbers often speak louder than words. Include statistics to illustrate your impact on the business growth of the companies you have worked for in the past. Numbers show recruiters that you speak their language. 

Tip 8: Cut Down Formal Statements

You don't want to sound robotic. Rather, it is best to choose a statement that projects you as an approachable, amiable, and wonderful-to-work-with person, especially in the project management sector. Avoid formalities like-‘I am glad to express my interest in filling the available position at your esteemed establishment.' Such a formal attitude is not appreciable. However, you must be cautious of not sounding way too casual.


Create an eye-catching project manager cover letter to bag the most lucrative opportunities. Consider the shared project manager cover letter examples for inspiration. Start by making a list of qualities the job description demands and building your cover letter around them.

Want to add more charm to the application? Enroll for Simplilearn's UMass PGP Project Management and PMP certification. It will not only refresh your project management concepts but also bear testimony to your proven skills before a recruiter. Skill up to outperform the competition!

Find our Post Graduate Program in Project Management Online Bootcamp in top cities:

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Tips To Write a Good Cover Letter in 2022

Tips To Write a Good Cover Letter in 2022

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Sample Cover Letter for a Project Management Resume

Edwin Richards 462 Home St. New York, NY 25435 (123) 456-0987 [email protected]

Mr. Ronald Smith Senior Human Resources Manager International Company Corp. 1 ICC Ln. Houston, TX 78682

Dear Mr. Smith,

It is with great interest that I write directly to you about the advertised opening in your company for the position of Project Manager at International Company Corp. The prospect of working with such a celebrated industry leader as International Company Corp is extremely exciting, and it would be an honor to contribute the myriad skills I’ve gathered and honed throughout my six accomplished years of experience to your organization.

For the past four years, I have been working as a project manager at Domestic Business Co. with a tremendous amount of success in all aspects of project management, from detailed budget analyses, performance reviews, and overseeing and approving resource allocation, to coordinating directly with clients on behalf of the company. My success at DBC has been recognized on a number of occasions, including being awarded the ‘Most Productive Project Manager of the Year’ distinction in 2012 as well as 2013.

According to my research, International Company Corp. has consistently managed to increase its project load each quarter and strengthen its already laudable position in the industry. Moreover, an increasing number of those projects focus on two areas in particular: renewable energy and the economic revitalization of low-income urban areas. I have overseen a number of projects from inception to completion that deal directly with both of those endeavors, about which I am very passionate. In fact, I have direct experience with two specific projects wherein renewable energy and urban revitalization efforts intersected. In light of both my expertise and ICC’s recent endeavors, I strongly feel I would be quite an asset to International Company Corp.—a highly respectable company wherein I feel my particular skillset will make a real difference in keeping ICC ahead of its competitors for years to come!

Thank you, Mr. Smith, for taking the time to consider my qualifications and the potential value I would bring to ICC. I look forward to speaking with you further, and am available at (123) 456-0987 for any additional information or to discuss anything specific.

Once again, thank you for your time and consideration.


Edwin Richards

According to most hiring managers, cover letters are just as important as resumes. This isn’t because most hiring managers read them (they’ll admit they often don’t), but they do remember who didn’t bother to send a cover letter.

Cover letters should not be condensed resumes, they are an opportunity for you to write directly to the hiring manager overseeing the position you desire and to capture his or her attention. Your goal is to demonstrate that you are not only qualified for the job and a potentially valuable contributor, but that you are also aware of the company, its values, aims, and recent projects, and that you would be excited to be a part of the team.

This sample resume is part of the Resume Writing Center .

3 Project Manager Cover Letter Examples Created in 2023

Stephen Greet

  • Project Manager Cover Letter
  • Technical Project Manager Cover Letter
  • Senior Project Manager Cover Letter
  • Write a Project Management Job Cover Letter
  • Project Manager Cover Letter FAQs

Project managers are integral in achieving company objectives, communicating, budgeting, and delegating to lead teams to complete projects on time with excellent deliverables. Project managers like you often need to collaborate with other project teams while serving as a liaison who shares team questions, concerns, and ideas. 

Your  job skillset  brings people together to get things done and surpass new company goals. To advance your project manager career, you’ll need to create a  project manager resume  and cover letter that’s as well-rounded, cohesive, and detail-oriented as you. 

Almost everyone dreads writing cover letters! But luckily, we’re here to inspire and guide you with three project manager cover letter samples, a few useful tips, and an outline to get you on your way!

Project Manager Cover Letter Example


Microsoft Word

Google Docs

Block Format

Project manager cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Besides ensuring that the company will remember your project manager cover letter, nab the opportunity to show your past and present alignment with the company’s focus and values.
  • If you’re struggling to pick which experiences, examples, or metrics to reference, revisit the  project manager job description . Even if you don’t have an exact match, sometimes parallel qualifications will work if they align strongly with the company vision. 

Technical Project Manager Cover Letter Example

cover letter for job application for project manager

  • Connecting on a personal level is a great move! In your technical project manager cover letter, seize the opportunity to offer skills from the job description and tie in background information that aligns you with the company’s mission statement.
  • Never hesitate to research more. The job description should give you a wealth of information—and if the job ad is vague, the company’s website ought to be more lucrative. 

Senior Project Manager Cover Letter Example

Senior project manager cover letter template

  • A relevant anecdote can be effective if you keep it brief. Provide qualifications that relate to the job role, too, as this is your senior project manager cover letter—and not material for your next slam poetry event!
  • Observe the company culture and job description’s tone, and work a similar feel into your letter. Look through the company’s “about” section online for ways to show that you, as a senior project manager, have spent years overcoming obstacles like the very ones they currently face.

Project Manager Resume

Need a resume to pair with your project manager cover letter?

or download as PDF

Project manager resume template

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Project Management Job

Coworker gives presentation to another coworker to show how to write a project manager cover letter

While you’re contemplating the above examples and outlining your own project manager cover letter, remember these three tips for an outstanding final piece: Always learn about the company and job you’re applying for, spotlight your best achievements, and polish your tone.

cover letter for job application for project manager

Write to the project management role and company

So many cover letters get pushed into the abyss for being generic. You don’t want your cover letter to be like everyone elses! So, look for details in the  job description  and “about” sections on the company website that other candidates will overlook. Research the company and role thoroughly, seeking out specific and unique needs that resonate with you.

Project managers are sought after for their ability to bring innovative ideas and prioritized information together for a streamlined game plan, so your cover letter should demonstrate you’ve done this! Research the company’s objectives and use their previous projects as grounds to establish a connection when possible. Look on the company site for specific mission statements or values, and spotlight them when you discuss your qualifications called for by the job ad.

cover letter for job application for project manager

Share your best project management success

You’ll have limited space to work with since your project management cover letter must remain under a page. But on the flip side, don’t simply repeat the bullet points from your resume, either! Pull one or two of your most incredible accomplishments from your resume and then go beyond the bullet points to show the positive impact you made.

For instance, how did you lead a software development project that wound up increasing sales or customer retention rates? Did you meet an impressively high percentage of your team’s project deadlines—er even exceed expectations? What about the time you collaborated with other project managers on a cross-departmental SaaS project that dramatically boosted company profits? 

Find possible opportunities where you can highlight how your experience as a project manager has benefitted others in ways that parallel what the job description and company need.

cover letter for job application for project manager

Mimic the tone of the company

Many hopeful applicants struggle with polishing their cover letters; you’ve described your accomplishments in-depth with eye-catching details and tailored your skills to the job ad after researching the company—and all in under a page! But what now? Next up, you’ll perfect your cover letter’s tone and resulting overall message.

If you’ve checked all the boxes but still don’t feel like you’ve nailed it, revisit the job listing and company website with fresh eyes. This time, now that you’ve got all your ducks in a row in terms of your qualifications and background, focus on the personality that’s demonstrated in the job description—and especially on the company site. What’s the company culture like?

Study the tone of the organization: Do they sound more corporate, sticking with formal terms and efficient wording? Or do they cultivate a more laid-back atmosphere with a conversational tone and occasional touches of humor? 

Focus on the personality that’s demonstrated in the job description—and especially on the company site .

Whatever tone the company uses, revise your cover letter to match it and show that you’re the one who gets it! You may spend a little extra time editing and revising, but it’ll be well worth it to showcase what a stand-out candidate you are.

A Cover Letter Outline for Project Managers

Woman at board with checklist and outline shows how to outline project manager cover letter

Let’s break things down so that your letter will be downright incredible! If you find a  resume outline  helpful, we dare say that this handy outline—complete with examples from the letters you read earlier—will be vital for understanding the nuances and taking your next steps with confidence.

cover letter for job application for project manager

How to start a project manager cover letter

Your contact info:  Include your name, address, phone number, and email address (plus your LinkedIn or other professional social media) if you’re using a cover letter template. 

  • Formatting : Leave your name out of your address if you’re using a block format.

513 Made-up Street Upland, CA 91784 (123) 456-7890

Date:  This should reflect the exact submission date of your application materials, e.g., January 5, 2023.

  • Formatting : Write out the full date—it’ll look more professional than the shortened version. 

Inside address:  This is just the address of the person receiving your application materials. Always look up and include their name, company and role, and address. 

Isabelle Brody, Hiring Manager PharmaCord  150 Hilton Dr. Jeffersonville, IN 47130

  • Formatting : Each part of the address should be on a new line. Remember to double-space between the inside address and greeting, too.

Greeting:  Your greeting, also known as your salutation, is the first impression you’ll make in your cover letter—and first impressions are critical! Hunt down the name of the person you’re writing to (LinkedIn is your friend here), always avoiding generic terms like “Dear Sir/Madam.”

  • Formatting : You can follow your greeting with a comma if the overall company tone is more casual. When in doubt, use a colon.

Dear Mr. Iglesias,  Dear Ms. Brody:

cover letter for job application for project manager

How to write your project manager cover letter

Body:  The body of your cover letter is the stage for your career highlights and qualifications to shine. Write three to four paragraphs that develop your interest, credentials, and enthusiasm for future contact and discussion.

Opening paragraph:  To put it bluntly, most cover letters are terribly boring and unenthusiastic—and the company will be just as unenthusiastic about a candidate with a bland cover letter, regardless of how qualified they might be. Compare the following examples to see how you can write an eye-catching opening paragraph for your project manager cover letter.

I didn’t really like having to use Zoom at first, but now I like it. I’d like to work for the company too and I’m great at organizing stuff so I’m a great choice.

Why It’s Bad:  Oh no—what was that?! It should go without saying to never reference the company in a negative way—there’s no redemption after that. Besides, this opening paragraph is much too informal and lacks examples of how the candidate is supposedly “great at organizing stuff” that could connect them with the company’s goals.

Like countless others across the globe, I experienced difficulties adjusting to a new lifestyle after 2020, but Zoom saved the day with a platform for everything from work-at-home meetings to connecting with my family for occasions that I otherwise would have missed. And thanks to my adaptability, SaaS experience, and PMP certification, I now hope to provide my coordination, organizational, and management skills to help Zoom deliver happiness to other folks as well.

Why It’s Good:  While the candidate with the sketchy opener probably meant that they disliked having to use Zoom because of its association with the pandemic, this much-better opener is crystal-clear about how Zoom actually helped alleviate stress in a difficult situation. Then, we see a smooth transition into skills and experience that reference Zoom’s mission statement of improving communication.   

Paragraphs 2-3:  Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is! These body paragraphs are meant to substantiate and expound upon the claims made in your opening paragraph. Think of when you revolutionized a company app’s infrastructure or brought various departments together to improve customer feedback—but stick to one achievement per paragraph since you don’t have much room.

While I thrive in creative environments, I never hesitate to take ownership of the technical aspects of project management as well. Etsy afforded a unique view into customer fulfillment infrastructures and key components like monitoring competitive bids and value engineering for the sake of maintaining profitability. By using Google Analytics to gauge and proactively improve the success of new product features, I boosted daily engagement by 21 percent.

Why It’s Good:  This candidate draws compelling parallels between their experience at Etsy and their present potential to further Spotify’s goals. The two companies are quite different, but the applicant finds soft and hard skills coupled with metrics that translate beautifully between the two. The abilities mentioned in this paragraph also reference specific challenges and skills from the job description. Two thumbs up!

Closing paragraph:  Your closing paragraph should summarize the highlights that make you the perfect candidate who’s ready to make the company’s needs and vision your own. Finally, end with a call to action that further emphasizes your interest.

Spotify’s great, I listen to it all the time. As you already saw, I’ve got all kinds of qualifications that would help your company. If you’re interested in more information, just ask.

Why It’s Bad:  Well, this could be worse, but it’s still too informal and vague—not to mention a tad presumptuous. The candidate misses opportunities to work in specifics from the job description or company mission statement. The tone needs work, too: This reads more like a text than the conclusion of a cover letter.

Thinking analytically, communicating proactively, and building trusting relationships that would drive Spotify’s initiative to create more meaningful connections between artists and fans excites me for the future. Music has been core to some of the most special moments in my life, and I am eager to create equally beautiful moments for millions of others by acting as Spotify’s project manager. I’d love to connect with you soon on how I can improve your reach. 

Why It’s Good:  This candidate leads with more relevant skills and an enthusiastic description of how they’ll further Spotify’s goals. Before the call to action, the applicant’s personal connection makes a return appearance and elegantly reinforces their reference to the company’s initiative.

  • Formatting : Single-space your body text, but double-space between paragraphs for better readability.

Signature:  Thank the reader for their time if you didn’t already do so in your closing paragraph. Otherwise, use a brief and professional closing phrase followed by your real name.

Cynthia Anderson

  • Formatting : If you’re giving out hard copies of your project manager cover letter, quadruple space after your name, so you can sign by hand in blue/black ink.

Enclosure(s):  This important piece tells the reader that there’s more good stuff to review after your cover letter. Project managers should include their resume, application, and any professional recommendation letters or required certifications.

Enclosures: Resume Application ACP certification

  • Formatting : Check that you’re using the singular or plural form of “enclosure” correctly depending on the number of materials you attach.

Build Your Best Project Management Resume Next

Big monitor on a desk surrounded by builders & helpers shows how to build project manager resume

Congratulations! You’re on the fast track to writing a superb project manager cover letter! But, we gotta ask—is your resume just as cohesive and spectacular? 

In fact, it’s easier to start writing your cover letter once your  project manager resume  is done! That way, all your bullet points are laid out, making it simple to pick the most outstanding achievements to spotlight in your cover letter. 

We’ll help you  make a resume , and you can choose a  modern Word resume template , a  creative Google Docs resume template , or one of our own  resume examples  to edit like the one below. Building from the ground up is daunting, but we’re committed to getting you the right tools to ease the frustration of the job hunt.

IT Project Manager Resume

Need a resume to pair with your IT project manager cover letter?

IT Project Manager Resume Template

You can use the same principles we’ve outlined for your cover letter to make a glowing resume, too: Tailor your resume to the job description’s specific skills and key company values. Before you know it, you’ll have hooked a potential employer’s attention—and they won’t forget you anytime soon!

Rely on the project manager job ad to guide your way here. For instance, if the company requires knowledge of project management methodologies like Agile or Lean Six Sigma, try to incorporate this into your cover letter. It also helps to make your career-defining achievement something that was achieved under your leadership, such as restructuring the marketing department or improving customer satisfaction.

Your cover letter gives you a unique chance to highlight why this can be a good thing. Let’s say you’re transitioning from a role where you were part of a team—highlight that you know the day-to-day life of an entry-level employee and that helps you create a project management strategy that aligns with high employee satisfaction and retention. Make sure to lean into other transferable skills, too, such as time management.

Yes! This is a powerful way to prove that you’ve done your homework and that you care about this company in particular. Don’t force it, though; if the company culture or mission doesn’t really resonate with you, try to instead express how your background in project management can bring things like more revenue, efficiency, or customer retention.

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    cover letter for job application for project manager

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    cover letter for job application for project manager


  1. How to Write an Effective Job Cover Letter


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  1. Unleashing the Power of Keywords in Your Cover Letter for Job Applications

    In today’s competitive job market, it is crucial to make your application stand out from the crowd. One effective way to do this is by incorporating keywords into your cover letter.

  2. How to Write a Job Application Cover Letter

    Writing a cover letter is essential when applying for jobs. This is the perfect way to express how your specific skills are relevant to the open position. Wow your future employer with this simple cover letter example format.

  3. What Is a Solicited Application Letter?

    A solicited application letter is a letter that a person writes requesting for an interview for a particular job position. It may be used to introduce the applicant to the manager and to highlight the information provided on the resume.

  4. Project Manager Cover Letter Example and Template for 2023

    Thank you for your time and consideration regarding my application. I look forward to learning more about the Senior Project Manager position at

  5. Project Manager Cover Letter: Example and Tips

    Hiring managers might be inundated with job applications. You'll want to give the hiring manager a reason to keep reading right away by stating

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    How to Create an Outline for a Project Manager Cover Letter · Heading, including your name and contact information · Date · The Hiring Manager's name and title

  7. How To Write A Project Manager Cover Letter In 6 Steps + Expert

    Greeting/Introduction · Qualifications & Skills · Relevant Experience & Accomplishments · Why You Applied/Want the Job · Closing Statement & Call to

  8. Project Manager Cover Letter: Examples and Tips 2023

    When I discovered the (exact title of the project management position) position at XYZ company, I was immediately drawn to this opportunity of

  9. Project Manager Cover Letter Examples

    The cover letter is essentially a more polite version of a candidate's resume because it lists all of his or her accomplishments and experience while also

  10. Sample Cover Letter for an Project Manager Resume

    In light of both my expertise and ICC's recent endeavors, I strongly feel I would be quite an asset to International Company Corp.—a highly respectable company

  11. 3 Project Manager Cover Letter Examples Created in 2023

    How to Write a Cover Letter for a Project Management Job · Write to the project management role and company · Share your best project management success · Mimic

  12. Project Manager Cover Letter Example & Writing Tips

    I am writing to apply for the IT Project Manager position at Systems+, as advertised on [Website Name]. I am confident that my 12 years of solid

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    A solid project has clear organization – the same goes for your project management cover letter. Your application letter should be concise, while still

  14. Project Manager Cover Letter Examples and Templates for 2023

    The first needs to express your admiration for the organization that's hiring and your interest in the job. Be specific to show the hiring