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Borders Books & Music West Village

3600 Mckinney Ave. Dallas , TX 75204-1404

Uptown/Oak Lawn


Hours: Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 am to 11:00 pm Saturday 09:00 am to 11:00 pm Sunday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

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borders books dallas

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Best Bookstore

Borders in West Village

Tags: Shopping & Services , Borders Books & Music West Village

borders books dallas

Best Bookstore (New)

Borders Books & Music Uptown

borders books dallas

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Borders Books Music & Cafe

Photo of Borders Books Music & Cafe - Dallas, TX, US. Borders

Yelpers report this location has closed. Find a similar spot .

Location & Hours

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5500 Greenville Ave

Dallas, TX 75206

Upper Greenville

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Photo of Dena F.

Let's go ahead and get this out in the open...I do not like Barnes and Nobel. It's too quiet. It looks like a library. I feel like everyone there is smarter than I am...hey wait...maybe they are! Either way that's one of the many reasons I love Borders on Greenville. When I walk in and go up the to the customer service box and say "I need this book. I don't know who wrote it. I don't know the title. I know it's blue and orange on the front and there's a part about a cat," they do not look at me like I'm an idiot. They usually go "Yes, it's the Cat In the Hat. We told you that last week when you asked." Or they check the magic computer and find out for me. No taunting. No rolling of the eyes. I love this place. Also, lets not forget that they have everything you could want...books, snacks, stickers, cd's, dvd's, manga, funky gifts, pink Christmas trees, shiny glittery Jesus banks, magazines, candy coated sesame seeds in holiday colors, ear muffs...yeah, they are running the gamut here. When I go in the return a book, they don't say, "This might have been read." They say "Oky dok," and then sell me ten more items I didn't know I needed until I got there. I will find stocking stuffers, major cool gifts (like Planet Earth which I could only find at Border's last year and it was on sale), and gazillions of things I want for ME! Dear Borders: Do you love me as much as I love you? _____Yes _____No _____Maybe Yours always, Denorama


They are closing down and have some sales. Nothing too amazing but the 40% off magazines was a good deal. Most other things are 10-20% off. I think they will likely increase their sales as the week goes on. They still have a good amount of their inventory and more than I thought would be there.

borders books dallas

Confession time! I was a long-time Borders employee at the Greenville/Lovers & the West Village location. I have since then, got a real job. So of course, I have certain biases and such. Keep that in mind... This location is kind of low tech/ the ugly sister of the Dallas Border locations even though it has been renovated more recently. A good thunderstorm will knock out the whole Old Town Center. (Employees still come into work.. and shelve in the dark.. hehe) Anyways, this store as the Digital Music Center. Not many places have this feature. You can make your own mix CDs! Of course the files are low tech, but this works well for people that don't have access to computers and the internet. Music selection sucks... they are pushing this center. The Papyrus secton! All the little odd purple color do-dads you never wanted, but secretly want to buy... You will get bombarded (like any Borders) with greetings and panhandling-esque customer service... And the cashiers will talk your ear off about specials, focus items and rewards that they are being evalated by. Anyways, I get side tracked... If you wanna homey feel, go to this Borders... a more corporate/Hallmark one, go to B&N or Borders West Village.

Photo of CarmenW.Jones W.

I am not big on paying full price for books. I mean, I know they cost a good bit to make sometimes, but I don't care! If it's not A collectors keepsake, make it cheap please! I like this Borders because they have a good clearance section. I don't know what the deal is, but they have a ton of stuff to get rid of! I go in to new book stores to see what's current, and check out all the cool etc. the sell. this one has a download station, and lots of fun pens and office supplies. They also have Magazines galore. I like to sit a read a magazine before I deem it worthy of take home and keep. usually I don't buy, but if I do, I go to Walmart or Sam's because that have 10 or 20% off cover. Otherwise I swap with friends when they are done. I have room for a full price Retail bookstore in my heart, as long as they keep making a place for me, the frugal Mom, and put markdown tags on some stuff I'd buy! Congrats Borders on reaching another type of customer!

Photo of C T.

Basically, a Borders is a Borders is a Borders. I'd be hard-pressed to find a difference between them aside from size. Between the two chains, I'll take Barnes & Noble any day. However, what makes this location worthy of a review is that it is within walking distance of many places I frequent for lunch: Central Market, Freebirds (yes, yes, even), Subway. It's a wonderful way to spend the rest of my lunch break, treating the entire place like a library, before venturing back to work to deal with the knuckleheads I share an office with.

Photo of Stephen W.

I usually am not a fan of the big box book stores, but I enjoy going to this location very much. We always take advantage of their coupon offers so that books are a good deal. Really like their selection of travel books and magazines. I would not, however, buy a CD here as the prices are really high. I'm not really a fan of coffee and deserts so I don't partake of the coffee shop, but the wife likes it so that is what is important.

Photo of Patty J.

I could not ask for a better book store, but I'm so sad that they're closing! Hurry up for the great sale while you can! Everyone here is willing to help you whenever you look slightly confused, and I've found that they're that way at every store. This is such a great store/place, and I wouldn't buy my (new) books from anyone else!

Photo of Mykie D.

if you are a book and coffee lover at the same time, and you are forced to decide between borders and barnes and noble.....make sure you make a conscious decision to choose borders. i am a coffee connisseur (self-proclaimed) and i am all about book exploring with a latte in my hand at the same time. borders offers a great experience in these regards. the coffee at borders is unique and far better than starbucks. get a maple latte (seasonal) with a splash of white chocolate....add some whipped cream and go search the store for James Patterson books. You won't be disappointed.

Photo of M L.

Ok, ok ... Borders as a chain - yeah, no brainer: five stars. Giveaway prices on their bargain bins, coupons/rewards programs best I've come across for a brick-n-mortar, a cafe that's NOT Starbux regardless of your taste in coffee. So what's left to complain about? Well, I lived not-too-far from this neighborhood years ago. Close enough to walk my dog. Everyday. I'd tie up the dog, zip in, zip out. Bam: I had an entire Sandman (Neil Gaiman) collection by the end of a summer. The dog was so socialized, it knew how to open up the house door, seat the guest and make small talk. So why'd this Borders lose it's soul? In a word: Pod People. Its not that I'm being all passive / aggressive or nuttin' but: they're nice but not nice at the same time. OK... HEAR ME OUT: there are a couple of good ones left but last night (yes ... wow ... a fresh review) it all coalesced to that one word: Pod People. A friend of mine wanted to check out their 75% off stuff ... and the Pod People just hovered around with the same sentence: Can I Help You Find Anything? Fine great. Until after about 665 times ... one more time would be a little ... Damien Thorn-ish. C'mon, people ... it's a recession. We're all losing our shirts. We're all losing it. But ... dammit ... Damien Thorn, you will not get my soul. I'll be laughing all the way to the West Village Borders.

Photo of Andy P.

This is actually one of my favorite Borders locations. It is smaller than other locations so it feels a little less corporate. We would usually grab dinner at Royal Thai and shop at World Market before stopping by here. The selection is limited but the staff is always friendly and helpful. Aside from the Holiday season, I've never been here when it's too busy, so you can enjoy a cup of joe while browsing through books/mags. Perhaps it's a good place to hang out before heading to the bars because of location. "Let's go to Border's and read some mags before we get trashed on Lower Greenville! Woot!"

DRG Custom RC

DRG Custom RC

7.5 miles away from Borders Books Music & Cafe

We specialize in custom carbon fiber goodies like chassis' for ARRMA and HOBAO products. We also carry Cordova Research , TP Motors, BSR's and lots of upgrades!! read more

in Hobby Shops


Uncable yourself. Get faster speed with Frontier, the first and only major internet provider with network-wide Fiber 5 Gig Internet. Switch now for blazing fast uploads up to 125x faster than cable, plus a Wi-Fi router included. Add… read more

in Office Equipment, Television Service Providers, Internet Service Providers

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Bankrupt Borders to close seven North Texas bookstores

A passer-by walked in front of sales racks full of books outside the West Village Borders on...

By dallasnews Administrator

7:37 AM on Feb 16, 2011 CST

A passerby walks in front of the West Village Borders in Dallas.

Borders Group Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Wednesday and said it will close about 30 percent of its 650 locations nationwide in the coming weeks, including seven bookstores in North Texas.

The struggling operator of the Borders and Waldenbooks chains sought protection from its creditors in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan a month after it warned it may have to restructure the company.

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Among the local outlets closing is the store at Preston Road and Royal Lane where 4,000 people showed up in November to a book signing by former President George W. Bush.

That Borders was one of the chain’s strongest stores until it had to share the upscale neighborhood’s business with Barnes & Noble when it opened across the street several years ago.

The only other Dallas store closing is in West Village. Lewisville, Plano, Burleson, Colleyville and Mesquite will lose their stores. Three more Texas stores are also closing, all in Austin.

The proximity of a Barnes & Noble didn’t necessarily dictate the Borders store closings, local real estate experts said. Some high-volume stores just may not be profitable, said Fort Worth-based Trademark Property Co. chief executive Terry Montesi. “These decisions are based on profits, and sometimes a high-volume store may be a high-rent store. They may keep a store open with lower rent.”

Trademark Property owns and operates the center at Preston and Royal where Borders will soon leave and at Watters Creek in Allen, where Borders isn’t closing.

Montesi said Wednesday that he has already heard from several possible tenants. The 30,000-square-foot space at Preston and Royal could be carved into smaller stores or may work for a smaller grocer, he said. “It’s a great trade area. It’s going to work for someone.”

Kathy Doyle Thomas, senior vice president of Dallas-based Half Price Books, said she has heard from several real estate brokers running centers that soon will be without Borders. “This opens up some centers for us that we previously couldn’t get into because of exclusive agreements prohibiting another bookstore from moving in,” Thomas said.

But like many people, she hates to see the major bookseller fall. “We don’t want fewer stores leading more people to e-books,” she said.

Details of the filing

The Chapter 11 filing will allow Borders access to new capital and a chance to reorganize, Borders Group president Mike Edwards said in a prepared statement.

The Ann Arbor, Mich., company also said it has lined up a $505 million loan from GE Capital to fund its operations while in bankruptcy. Access to such a loan is subject to court approval.

In its bankruptcy petition, Borders listed assets of $1.28 billion and liabilities of $1.29 billion as of Dec. 25. The company employs nearly 19,500.

On its website Wednesday, Borders told customers that it will continue business operations “as normal.” All reward programs and gift cards will be honored, the company says.

Stephen Annis of Irving works in the area near West Village and enjoys taking his breaks at the Borders on McKinney Avenue. He said a couple of times a week he grabs a bite to eat and visits the Borders on his lunch break.

“It’s a great place to stop and get the paper,” said Annis.

He said the store’s selection was unmatched. During the first days George W. Bush’s book hit the racks, every store was sold out except the McKinney Avenue location.

“They always have what you want,” he said.

Garland playwright Vicki Cheatwood frequently visits the location to work on her projects. She said it’s sad to see it go.

“This is a great store and has a great vibe,” Cheatwood said. “It’s great for the neighborhood.”

Shirley Wallace of Dallas didn’t want to think about finding another place to relax with a book.

“I guess I have to now,” Wallace said. “I don’t know where I would go.”

Borders sought to avoid bankruptcy by striking a tentative deal with GE Capital for a new $550 million secured line of credit. But the retailer first had to hit certain benchmarks, such as negotiating more favorable store leases with its landlords and finding other lenders to take on $175 million of the credit line.

Brick-and-mortar booksellers like Borders, second in size only to Barnes & Noble, have battled competition from Internet-only retailers such as Inc. and the advent of digital books and e-readers.

Recent efforts

In the past year, Borders has tried to shift its focus away from its physical presence by halting expansion plans and identifying unproductive stores for closure. At the same time, the company reworked its customer loyalty program, overhauled its website and introduced a digital bookstore.

Borders got its start in 1971, when two brothers, Tom and Louis Borders, launched a used bookstore in Ann Arbor. Eventually they expanded the business into new books, and began to expand the number of stores.

The Borders brothers sold their company in 1992 to Kmart Corp., which already owned the Waldenbooks mall bookstore chain. Three years later, Kmart spun off Borders Group Inc. at $14.50 per share at a time when book superstores were beginning to dominate the bookselling landscape.

A decade ago, Borders was neck-and-neck with Barnes & Noble. But in 2001, it made a crucial mistake: It transferred its online business to, surrendering the opportunity to build long-term relationships with millions of customers who increasingly favored shopping via the Web. The bookseller got back into the online business in 2008 with, but by then Amazon was the dominant Web retailer for books.

Borders made other mistakes as well, including an aggressive stock buyback program, plus overseas expansion. Both contributed to growing debt levels that hobbled later efforts to turn the retailer around. That Borders signed long-term leases for many stores also proved problematic. Borders, citing potential financial concerns, put itself up for sale in March 2008 but didn’t find a buyer.

Digital issue

Perhaps most worrisome now is that Borders has failed to develop a successful digital strategy at a time when e-books are the fastest-growing segment of the publishing business. Although Borders launched its own e-book store last summer, it is powered by Kobo Inc., a Toronto-based e-book retailer in which Borders has an investment stake. Borders sells Kobo’s e-book reader, but Borders lacks its own proprietary device.

By contrast, Barnes & Noble has captured an estimated 20 percent of the e-book market today, in large part by successfully promoting its own Nook e-book readers in its stores. The devices have proved to be a significant advantage for the nation’s largest bookstore chain as measured by revenue as it adjusts to the ongoing digital transformation. Barnes & Noble put itself up for sale last August, a process still under way.

The Wall Street Journal,

staff writers Maria Halkias and Jon Nielsen

dallasnews Administrator

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Photo taken at Borders by Terrence C. on 5/6/2011

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borders books dallas

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borders books dallas

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Jeffrey M.

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Edgar E.

3085 N President George Bush Hwy (at Firewheel Plaza)

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ᴡ B.

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borders books dallas

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Grocery Store

5750 E Lovers Ln (at Greenville Ave)

"Check out the awesome cheese and bread section. I suggest ordering the Adult Macaroni and Cheese from the cafe."



5809 E Lovers Ln (at Matilda St.)

"Nice and friendly local grocery store. Double coupons."

Dean E.

Big Box Store

212 Medallion Shopping Ctr. (at E Northwest Hwy)

"Smaller store. Quieter than others. Good starbucks in a coffee desert."

Chris P.

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borders books dallas

Dallas Uptown Guide

Borders Books

Address : 3600 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204 Phone : 214.219.0512 Operating Hours : Monday – Friday: 10 am – 11 pm Saturday: 9 am – 11 pm Sunday: 10 am – 10 pm Web site : Yahoo Map

Yes, there is a Borders just around the corner! The national chain carries books, music, and music…and features a cafe. Book readings and signings are held on a regular basis, so check the Uptown Dallas location’s Special Events Calendar for authors who are lined up.

One neat feature Borders offers on its Web site is a handy Inventory Search tool specific to the Uptown store. Before you make the trip, see if that novel or CD you’re after is in stock!

Share your review in the comments section!

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5600 W. Lovers Lane #142 , Dallas, Texas 75209 214-484-4289

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borders books dallas

Available November 6th

Iron Flame (The Empyrean #2) By Rebecca Yarros Click here to preorder

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Same Bed Different Dreams: A Novel By Ed Park Click here to preorder

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To Free the Captives: A Plea for the American Soul By Tracy K. Smith Click here to preorder

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Available November 13th

Gator Country: Deception, Danger, and Alligators in the Everglades By Rebecca Renner Click here to preorder

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in discussion on the Don DeLillo novel, led by Lori Feathers

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Ann Patchett and Elizabeth McCracken in conversation at Saint Michael & All Angels Church. This ticketed event is sold out.

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with author Max Marshall

with author Alexa Martin, in conversation with Kate Shepard

Come On In!

Staff Picks

Lisa recommends:.

borders books dallas

From acclaimed author Dave Eggers, THE EYES & THE IMPOSSIBLE is an extraordinary tale of a wild dog but it is also so much more: a glimpse into the consciousness of the wild creatures around us and within us. Both profound and funny, this tale takes us into a place where we could perhaps coexist and raise each other up to dream of a more beautiful world. I recommend this book for kids and adults alike, and it would make a thoughtful graduation gift.

borders books dallas


borders books dallas

This true story reads better than fiction! The most successful art thief that ever lived stole almost $2 billion worth of art over a period of 6 years. Find out how the Bonnie and Clyde style duo did it, why they did it and what finally led to their downfall. You will not be disappointed by this fast paced and exciting book.

borders books dallas


borders books dallas

The fraught political history of contemporary Haiti is the subject of Ben Fountain’s exhilarating second novel, Devil Makes Three . Fountain delves into the societal problems that plague post-Aristide Haiti through the conflicted private lives of his carefully drawn characters—citizens of the island nation, US expats, and ostensible American aid workers. The narrative is propelled by an exciting plot involving the race to find a sunken Spanish galleon (perhaps one of Columbus’s) and Washington’s machinations in Haitian politics. But it is Fountain’s descriptive power in unspooling the perceptions and motivations of his characters that elevates this novel from compelling suspense to a fascinating psychological study as his actors struggle to identify their place in modern-day Haiti. A rich, immersive, and unforgettable novel.

borders books dallas

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Across the pond: ep. 70 - adam biles, "beasts of england".

AI's Vesuvius Challenge; are reports of the death of our attentions greatly exaggerated?; and, we talk to author Adam Biles about his novel Beasts of England , a clever and amusing sequel to Animal Farm .

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  13. Borders books hi-res stock photography and images

    ... Borders Bookshop in Singapore under a financial cloud. Borders Book store in the Uptown area of Dallas Texas ca. 2009 Stock Photo. RM 2JCPC6P–Borders Book

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